Opening duplicate copies of the same File in CS4

I have recently upgraded some of my customers from CS3 to CS4 and I have noticed that when I open a document that was last opened in CS3 i can open the file more than once and they get listed as tabs. If i make changes to the the first open document and save it, the changes do not effect the other open copies of the file.
however once i have saved the file in CS4, if i try and open the document again it simple brings up the already open file in Indesign.
Is their any way I can make this the default behaviour for all documents, as a number of my clients have complained that they have accidentally opened the file more than once and they save the document and close it down and when they close the duplicate copies down and click save it overwrites all the work previously done.

I'm not sure what you want to change the default behavior to, but I'm pretty sure there's no way to change it. This is no different than the way previous versions opened old-version files, except that CS4 shows you the multiple, same-named files as tabs instead of as separate windows. If you want ID to behave exactly as it did in previous versions, you can turn off the tabs in preferences (Edit > Preferences > Interface > Open documents as tabs).
Why do you want to open multiple copies of the same file? If you're converting from CS3 to CS4, why not just open the CS3 file and Save As to a new name?
Keep in mind that CS4 H&Js slightly differently than CS3. You can expect to see some minor text re-wrap going from CS3 to CS4 (but not until you start editing a story). It's always a good idea to finish CS3 jobs in CS3, start new jobs in CS4.

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    I used to be able to print multiple copies of the same picture on one page using iphoto. There was a customise button when you went through to print and it was there somewhere. I can't see it anymore - maybe since an upgrade.
    It's gone. But as a work-around, duplicate your photo (⌘D) to create as many versions as you want copies and select all at once. Then use the "Custom" print layout and set the photo size you want.
    After printing, trash the added versions.

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    Hi. I'd try to put all my music files at the same place. iTunes should do this, but doesn't work. After several times, I could delete all files outside iTunes folder. But a lot of songs remain duplicated in the playlist. When I click to show it in finder, I see the SAME FOLDER, in other words, is the same file listed twice. I'm out of ideas, any suggestions?

    If nobody answers your post within a few days (or hours on the busier forums) then it will get buried under all the new topics and gets less likely to be answered as time moves on. A timely bump is often all that is required.
    I'm not sure I understand your original question. There are a number of ways to get duplicates in iTunes. You can import the same file more than once so iTunes may make two copies, typically as Song.ext and *Song 2.ext* in the same folder. Under certain circumstances, e.g. with a disconnected external drive, it may be possible to add the same physical file more than once to the database. In this case two entires point to the same file. Regular (not smart) playlists are an ordered list of pointers to files and may contain the same pointer more than once. Normally there is a warning (but you may choose to disable it) that says when the list of files that you are about to drop onto a playlist includes some that are already in it and asks you to confirm if you want to create duplicate entries.
    Whatever the cause, iTunes dones't provide a simple tool for deduping your library or your playlists. You might find Show Duplicates or Show Exact Duplicates useful, but you will still have to manually select and remove duplicate entries while taking care not to accidentally remove original files you want to keep.
    These problems are nothing special to iTunes and can affect any media player. Keeping your data clean is a matter of housekeeping.

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    When I download a book (Book A), it opens in iBooks correctly. If I download a second book (Book B),  instead of opening  Book B, iBooks re-opens Book A. This also happens vice-versa if I delete Book A and then upload Book B. Essentially, both books cannot be loaded in iBooks at the same time, and iBooks treats the second download/open attempt as the second book being opened, when in actuality it opens the wrong book.
    When I looked at the authoring files, I saw they had the same title listed in the Book Pane in iBA. Even when this title is changed, the books fail to open correctly in iBooks.
    Has anyone run into a similar problem? Also, I am wondering if legacy meta data is a possible reason for iBooks to open the same book twice instead of loading and opening the new book? (if this is the case, is there a way that this legacy meta data can be deleted)?
    Thanks in advance for your help/support.

    Update: Solved.
    Either creating a new file or saving the old as a template file & renaming it solved my problem.
    Here is the discussion where I found that information:

  • I am getting dozens of copies of the same file

    Ever since I changed my iMac, I am getting dozens of duplicate iTunes files showing in my library, but when I check my iTunes Media folder, there are none! I've run a duplicate doctor app a couple of times, and found more than 1,500 duplicates, but then the next day they are back.
    I don't know whether this stems from having to back up my iTunes library from a separate hard drive, or whether it is down to the Audio Normalisation app I've being trying.
    Can anyone help?

    Hey rszabo,
    Have you looked at the article [[No sound in Firefox]]? There is some useful information in there and links to a few other articles that might help. It might be that you've inadvertently muted Firefox. It should be an easy fix!
    Hopefully this helps!

  • Firefox opens duplicate windows performing the same actions microseconds apart. I noticed it because videos had an echo. Then I made an online donation--triggered 2 email confirms and 2 charges to my credit card. Help?

    This has been going on for a week or two.

    Does this still happen if you restart Firefox in safe mode? For instructions, see '''[[Troubleshooting extensions and themes]]'''.

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    Is there anyway to stop or warn two people that accidentally open and work on the same file on a Xserve RAID. Some applications like Quark and Word have this feature built in. If I open and work on a Freehand MX or Photoshop CS file there is no warning to say that someone may also have this file open. Obviously the last save by either party will overstrike the other person work.
    Many thanks

    The Xserve RAID is connected to a Xserve via Apple Fibre Channel card, which is connected to a AIT-3 tape library for backup. This is all running off of a APC smart UPS. The studio workstations are connected via gigabit copper switch. I share the RAID via AFP, but it does not seem to have any options in the sharing section of workgroup manager to enable locking of files when they are open. Two people had the same Freehand MXa file open and were both working on the file independently, one must have saved closed the file down and the other person carried on working. Of the course the first person opened the file again and was shocked to see it was totally different to how he had left it.
    I'm running Panther server and most of the studio workstations are still on panther. I'm aware that Freehand MXa is a carbonized application therefore it has not been natively written for MAC OS X.
    Hope I have explained myself and it makes some sort of sense.
    Many thanks

  • Why is a color print from CS5 so different from the same image in CS4?

    I have made prints from the same file using CS4 and CS5, and the prints from CS4  are showing what I think is good color.  My monitor is calibrated, and I have always been quite happy with prints from CS4.  When I make prints of the same files using CS5, the color is terrible compared to the CS4  print.  I am using the same printer, same sRGB color space and all the settings in the "Print" dialog windows.  I make sure the Color Handling box is set to "Photoshop Manages Colors" and I then go to the "Page Setup" box and make sure Color Settings is set to Off (No Color Adjustments).  I am using a New MacPro Quad-Core Intel Xeon with 16 GB ram.  I did notice that Apple Software Update did install Epson drivers after I installed CS5 Creative Suite 5 Design Premium. The color using CS5 looks the same starting in either 32 bit or in 64 bit.   Another thing I notice is that printing on an Epson 2200 Stylus and using their 13x19 paper that the prints are being cropped to 5/8 inch into the full screen size of the images. I.E. The prints are losing 5/8 inch of what I see on the 30" Apple monitor. in both dimensions of the screen image. This cropping effect is showing now using CS4 and CS5.  I have "Position" checked for Center Image, and Scale to Fit Media is also checked.  I've been using PS since version 2 and have always been quite happy with the prints from my Epson printers and the prints from my Photo Lab, but the prints I am getting using CS5 are terrible. All the settings are the same in both the CS4 and CS5 "PRINT" windows.
    HELP!!!!  :-)

    I have tried all of these things. I have checked and double-checked the print dialog. Sheet after sheet of paper goes by. Ink, at $40 per tank, is wasted. Results are still wrong. I followed your video. You use an Epson printer. I use an HP. Different print dialogs. different results. Whatever worked in previous PS versions does not work now. PS CS5 requires new settings to get the results that match what was determined by years of evolution and fine-tuning.
    I set up all of those print dialog parameters but it required an adjustment layer or two to get the results I got using previous Photoshop. So I could do that with every image I printed with good results using previous versions. There is nothing out of gamut in these images, so I don't have unrealistic expectations about more saturation in the prints. Anyway, it's an 8-color printer that can handle a pretty wide gamut compared to a 4-color.
    Wade, I know you are trying to help but this finger-wagging "error in your ways" and "you need to change your ways" stuff is patronizing. I did "change my ways" and try everything in your video. All was not well on the paper. I'm glad it worked out for you but it didn't for me. Accept it. I'm not some novice hobbyist still getting the hang of Photoshop. I've been using Photoshop since version 2. Adobe changed something in CS5. I haven't seen Chis Cox or any Adobe staffer jump into this discussion and say otherwise. Maybe there are no answers from the folks who should know the most about it. Maybe they're working on it.
    It's not the first time Adobe has broken a tool. Anyone remember what happened to Outline Stroke in Illustrator CS2? It had previously made a path that could be edited by selecting points but after CS2, it was broken. Illustrator made a filled path that was nearly impossible to edit with all of the overlapping points. It was finally fixed in CS4. It's hard to understand how a useful tool that functioned properly in every version since it was introduced became an unusable mess. Maybe that's the case with PS CS5 and printing.
    With 4,300+ posts in 14 months, maybe Wade has more time to tinker and tell us about it. I don't.
    Or I could just print in CS4. At this point it's not that important to spend several days of testing to be able to say that CS5 can print my legacy stuff that was created and printed with various color profiles over a 12 year period. Maybe a more disciplined approach to color management would be a good way to work in the future when creating images, I'm dealing with tried-and-true printable images that were not done that way.
    As long as Adobe doesn't make me give up CS4 to use CS5, I'll use it for printing.

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    How can I print multiple copies of the same photo onto one sheet of paper?  Do I have to Duplicate the photo in iPhoto and then select them all?

    no - you simply have to select the option to print mucliples of a photo on a page
    select the photo and go to the file menu ==> print - select the printer, paper size and print size and click customize - in the tool bar click on the settings icon (the gear looking thingy) and select "multiple of the same photo per page" and the preview will reflect this option showing a full page of the selected size photos

  • Get Info sees different "Open With" for the same file on different computer

    I've got a laptop (17") and a desktop, both with OSX 10.4.3. I had a disk problem with the laptop, but was able to get everything off the disk, reformat it, and put it all back. Everything's been working fine until today, when I tried to use the Equation Editor in Office. It wouldn't work. As I tried to chase down the problem, including reinstalling Office, I realized that my laptop was seeing certain Office files using GetInfo as "Open With" Netscape. I compared this with the settings on the desktop, and they were different. Different applications, different icons, even.
    Then I noticed that when I have the CD in the laptop and do GetInfo on a file there, or even look at the icon, it's different from what appears when I look at the same file on the desktop. So it appears to be an OSX issue, not a Microsoft issue.
    I've rebuilt permissions several times. I changed the OpenWith settings, but that didn't solve the problem. But I think it's because other Office files are being misread by the OS, too.
    If anyone has a diagnosis (and hopefully, a cure), I'd really appreciate it.

    Hi, Jim.
    You wrote: " I realized that my laptop was seeing certain Office files using GetInfo as "Open With" Netscape."If you are seeing more than just Office documents displaying the incorrect default application, this could indicate a corrupted Launch Services cache or preferences on the affected Mac.
    In associating documents with applications, Finder employs Launch Services. Launch Services employs several files to associate documents with applications and vice versa. When these files become corrupted, this can result in problems including:
    - The wrong applications being launched when double-clicking a file.
    - Multiple copies of a single application appearing in the Open With menu for a given document.
    - Incorrect icons appearing on files, folders, or other objects.
    The following steps will remove all of the files used by Launch Services. Be sure to read these instructions entirely, including the Notes, before proceeding.
    1. Quit all running applications.
    2. Trash the following two files in the Computer > Macintosh HD > Library > Caches folder:
    where xxx is the uid number for the affected account in the NetInfo database. Type your Admin password when prompted to authenticate the deletion of the first file. See Notes [1] and [2].
    3. Trash the file in your Home > Library > Preferences folder. See Note [3].
    4. Restart your Mac.
    5. Log in to your account.
    6. Empty the Trash.
    Do not empty the Trash until after you have restarted your Mac.
    [1] Step 2 will result in you being prompted to approve the launch of the application associated with a document the first time you double-click a document. These alerts are a result of the security feature in Mac OS X. The list of applications which you have previously approved are saved in the caches deleted in step 2.
    [2] The first user account defined on your Mac is generally uid 501, the second uid 502, and so forth. For example, the second file ID for the first account would can find the uid number for any account as follows:1. Launch NetInfo Manager, which is in the Computer > Macintosh HD > Applications > Utilities folder.
    2. Select users in the middle column of the NetInfo Manager window.
    3. Select the desired user account in the right column of NetInfo Manager.
    4. The data for the selected user, including uid, is displayed in the lower pane of the NetInfo Manager window.[3] Step 3 will reset to default values all associations you have created between specific file types and applications. For example, if you set PDFs to open in Adobe Acrobat instead of Preview, they would now open in Preview again until the association of PDFs with Acrobat is reset. You may want to skip step 3 to see if the other steps resolve the problem. However, if skipping step 3 does not resolve the problem, running steps 1-6 again, including step 3, should resolve the problem.
    Note that some of the information above is from the "Applications" chapter of my book, Troubleshooting Mac® OS X, Tiger Edition.
    Dr. Smoke
    Author: Troubleshooting Mac® OS X
    Note: The information provided in the link(s) above is freely available. However, because I own The X Lab™, a commercial Web site to which some of these links point, the Apple Discussions Terms of Use require I include the following disclosure statement with this post:
    I may receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, from my recommendation or link.

  • CRVS2010 - open multiple rpts at the same time, like sheets in a xls file ?

    Hi all,
    is that possible to open multiple reports at the same time, like sheets in a excell file ?
    Is that possible create tabs beside the MainReport tab ? or include reports in the Group Tree ? how can I do it ?
    The application is in with VS2010 and CR2010.
    The reports used to be in excell with three sheets and now we are migrating them to crystal reports, how can I create the report with those three sheets ?
    thanks !
    Subject modified as per the sticky post at the top of this forum; [Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 Beta - read before posting|Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 Beta - read before posting;
    Edited by: Ludek Uher on Aug 31, 2010 7:33 AM

    I'll make the suggestion to the Program Management group.
    You may want to do a post to the [Crystal Reports Design|SAP Crystal Reports; forum and ask them how they's fake that sort of a requirement. E.g.; there may be some way to make this report look the way you want, but it will be best to ask the experts. Don't mention CRVS2010 as they don't support it and most likely you will not get an answer.

  • How do I stop more than one user opening the same file?

    I'm about to install Lion Server and we're concerned that more than one person will be able to open the same file at the same time. Can this be prevented? If not it seems to make the concept of a server pointless?
    Any help appreciated. Already annoyed I have to phone and order 10.7 Server as it's no longer on the App Store. Can't run 10.8 as the Mac Pro is too old and Apple have cut us off.

    The file server software supports file locking, but multiple file access is application-dependent. In some cases it's entirely valid for multiple users to access the same file. It's up to the application to allow or deny this.
    Ordinarily, if an application requires exclusive access it should flag the file accordingly when it opens the file. This will prevent other users from opening the file. However, it's not up to the server to do this.

  • Two users opened the same file at the same time with file on Win2K Server

    I just had a problem with a file that could not be saved. After a little investigation I discovered that two users had the same file open at the same time. This is with both users using InDesign CS2 and saving to a Windows 2000 Server. Any ideas how this even happened? The only thing I can think of is if they both opened the file at the exact same time but even that I doubt. I guess the more likely possibility is that the user on 10.5 (which we have had a lot of problems with, it's hard to tell how many of them are CS3 problems (yes CS3) and how many are Windows 2003 Server problems) had InDesign CS2 flake out and not tell her the file was open. Has anybody else seen this? The other user was using 10.4. Both computers have the most recent updates for the OS and for their various adobe products.

    I have videos on mov file and my quick time player does not play them.
    The MOV file container is the generic QT file container. Any audio and video data compatible with the computer system used to create the file can be placed in the MOV file container. Unfortunate, other systems cannot play the file unless they too are configured with the same components as those used to create the file. The normal procedure here is to use the Finder "Info" or alternative media play "Inspector" window to determine what codecs were used to create the original file and, if they are available for your Mac, install them on your system for playback use. Also be advised that some "legacy" codecs may require playback in the QT 7 Player for proper QT support.
    I opened with other players, there is no sound. Then I opened the same file on my windows 7, it plays perfectly with the sound and everything? What is the problem?
    This would indicate these players either access your QT codec component configuration which does not include the required codec or the app has its own built-in codec support which does not include the required audio codec but you Windows 7 media player is configured with the required codec support. This may incidate the use of a really old codecs that may or may not be available/supported on a Mac any longer.

  • Firefox when saving a "complete html" file is downloading a folder and "2" copies of the html file not one. One of these has the same name but "0" kb content

    Hi. The only save options for a full html type file on Firefox is as "web page, complete" and as I say when saving with Firefox the program is saving the usual yellow folder with links and artwork files etc, but is saving 2 copies of the HTML file where on of these files is empty, won't open and gets locked to the destination it was saved to. This empty file can't be moved, and can't be deleted. When this is attempted it gives message "cannot delete (or "move" if this is the case) : Cannot read from the source file or disc."
    To overcome this I now use Internet Explorer, dut prefer not to. I have also deleted Firefox from my system and re-installed it, but this did not help. How can I stop this doubling of saved files? and how can I delete the ones that are now fixed to my desktop? can you lease help?

    You said, ''Would like to sort this one out...any clues?''
    Maybe something here will help:

  • HT4796 I have made a file using the Pages app.I mailed it to a friend.When she tried opening the same file on her pc at home , It did not open.Please help me as to how to open the file in the Microsoft word format on her pc.

    I have made a file using the Pages app.I mailed it to a friend.When she tried opening the same file on her pc at home , It did not open.Please help me as to how to open the file in the Microsoft word format on her pc.

    Send it as a PDF.

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