Optimal Camcorder/Device Advice for Mac Interface

I would like to take feed from my TV/VCR and get it onto my Mac. I'm running iMovie 4 on a 15" G4 PowerBook and using OSX 10.4.2. What research I've done suggests the way to do this is by getting a camcorder and directing the output from the VCR into the camcorder and then routing the output from the camcorder into my Mac via FireWire.
Is this really the best way to do this? And, if I should go with a camcorder, which are the best for Macs? Do I have to get one with a FireWire connection? Are there any that let you take feed straight from the TV into the Mac?
Any advice and/or direction would be much appreciated!
PowerBook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.2)  

From VHS to DVD
Give New Life to Old Movies
Do I have to get one with a FireWire connection?
Note that it may also be called i.Link or IEEE1394, but its' the same thing.

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    Since you are using MacWord, you may want to repost in the MacWord forum in the Microsoft Community:
    Stefan Blom, Microsoft Word MVP

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    That attribute was deprecated in iOS 4, and has been removed in iOS 5. There is no replacement for it.

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    If what you say is true, then it would be a question of hardware support capabilities in Win 7, not a near-sighted policy. In any event, these are user forums. You aren't speaking to Apple, so I suggest you speak to Apple. Don't complain here. It's inappropriate and violates the Terms of Use.

  • Upgrade advice for Mac Pro early 2008 needed

    I've upgraded to 14 GB ram but my old 2008 Mac Pro (2 x 2.8 GHz Quad-core) now definitely needs replacing. As I want to keep my high end NEC monitor (I work with print design and don't like glossy screens) I wonder if a new Mac Pro is the only realistic option? They're a bit above my budget really but not sure that the top end Mac mini (2.3GHz quad-core Intel Core i7) will be a lot more powerful than what I have now.
    I'm working mainly in the Adobe creative suite. Any advice much appreciated.

    Just canceled the order. However I finally got to speak to a tech support guy that seemed a bit more knowledgeable. For less money, and (he said) a better way to go, he recommended the Mercury Accelsior_E2
    PCI Express SSD. The 120 GB is $299.
    Specs here:
    I'll look into the Tempo Pro and compare. Grant mentions that some users have been having trouble getting a PCIe SSD mounted strategy to boot consistently - that concerns me. Grant, can you point me to reports? How have you come by this info?
    Hatter - I probably will only use one SSD to get me through the next year or two. Then I'll upgrade. Hatter, the Tempo Pro appears to only be a card adapter, and the SSDs are addtional, correct? The card itself runs $234.
    I am looking at the MacRumors review of the OWC and Tempo products too.

  • Advice for Mac n00b. Gigabit Ethernet

    Hey guys and girls. Im new to the Mac OS so I apologise if these questions are a bit thick!
    My mate gave me an old G4 tower as a christmas present. As far as I can make out its a G4 400Mhz Gigabit Ethernet model. It has been upgraded with 2 20gig hard drives and 512MB (4x128 sticks) of ram. It has been completely wiped and is now running 10.3.9.
    I was thinking of upgrading to tiger and have a couple of questions
    Is it worth it on this machine? Is 10.4 different enough to warrent an upgrade?
    I have seen some posts that recommend making sure that the firmware is up to date. Checking system profilier it seems mine is quite old, version 3.xxx . Will this have to be upgraded? Its running panther fine at the moment. Also i have heard the some DIMMs can be disabled after the upgrade is there an easy way to check if my memory will work?
    If the firmware should be updated I need advice on how best to install OS9. I have the 2 grey cds that came with the mac. Software install and software restore. Could I install os 9 onto my empty second hard drive?
    sorry for the long post and thanks for any help
    P4 3.2GHz/512MB Ram/160GB SATA HD   Windows XP  
    P4 3.2GHz/512MB Ram/160GB SATA HD   Windows XP  

    thanks, yeah i know where the firmware updates are. Just wanted to know if its necessary. Still away from mac but the boot rom is def reported as 3.something and from this page
    its definately a gigabit ethernet. looks identical. Well its either agp or gigabit ethernet, but as it has an adc connector i guessed gigabit.
    cheers anyway

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    Inability to open multiple windows in iTunes 11 is a deal breaker for me. I've seen multitudinous (a lot of) threads on making the downgrade, but it looks like those running OS10.7 and those on Windows have different issues than those running OS10.6.8. I am on a MacPro 4,1 -- 2.66 GHz Quad-Core INtel Xeon.
    (It is unfortunate that the old iTunes is "10.7" because searching for "10.7"mixes in OS 10.7, increasing the frustration. It is also unfortunate that Apple messed up this iTunes upgrade with decreased functionality, but enough of the gripe, which is rampant. On some level it is good to know I'm not the only one. Sure wish I still had the Apple Care Protection, but it just ran out last month on my ol' faithful machine so here I am, relying on the community.)
    I have time machine available. Thanks in advance for your help!

    Not meaning to be flippant, but I acknowledged there are a lot of threads out there on downgrading, most of which address a situation that is different from mine. A link to one that you thought was best for my situation would have been helpful.
    So I'll take it one step further.
    Do you think this advice by DungHofits my situation? -
    1. Back up your itunes folder in "My Music" in case anything goes wrong (this folder can be quite big because it caches album artworks,mine is over 2 gb)
    2. Uninstall the horrible version of Itunes 11
    3. Go to "My music > Itunes " and delete the file "Itunes Library.itl"
    4. Then Go to "My music > Itunes>Previous iTunes Libraries" and find the one with the most recent date. This is your library before you upgraded to POS Itunes 11.
    5. Copy that file out to "My music > Itunes " and rename it "Itunes Library.itl"
    6. Then Install Itunes 10.7
    7. Once you finish installation. Your library should be back to the way it was before you install Itunes 11, and uncheck "auto update" or notification update or whatever related to Itunes updates... hahah

  • BOOT DRIVE ADVICE for MAC PRO.   How Big and Partition Size

    So new new Mac Pro (Quad) arrives this week.
    I'm doing a drive just for BOOT and another drive (or drives) for data.
    The big question is, what size drive should I buy for just BOOT/OS/APPLICATIONS and how much of it should I partition. I want to install everything on the boot drive to be on the outside area of the disc and ignore the inside.... So, do I get a 300GB drive and partition 100GB to use as the boot partition and ignore the rest?
    Any advise would be helpful!

    If you have Final Cut, X-Plane and such, you'll find even 150GB to be small. You want to have plenty of free space for burning DVD-DL, temp space for programs and files, and so that free space never gets too highly fragmented.
    A 200GB partition on a 640GB drive seems to be a good choice and it will still maintain 80MB/sec. Still use the rest as an alternate for your data (put it on a sparse disk image).
    10K Raptor 300GB (Amazon, $229) is a nice, fast boot drive if you really need it, though most 640GB drives are more than adequate for most people.
    If you plan to install Windows, I'd dedicate a drive just for that purpose and not use your boot drive. Not sure if "BOOT" meant just OS/Apps or more.

  • Optimal USB HDD Format for MAC + PC Network

    Hello, longtime PC user finally converted to Mac.
    I have a new 13" MB and the new Airport Extreme. I have a Western Digital USB HDD that I would like to set up over the Airport Network so that it is accessible by the primary computer (Mac) as well as the PC (XP).
    The question is, what is the most usefull way to format the WD drive, so that the Mac can read write, and the PC can at least read, hopefully write? HFS+? FAT? A combination with partitions?
    And, I plan on using Bootcamp for several existing applications, storing the files etc. on the WD drive (as opposed to the Mac internal drive). So the second question is how to best incorporate Bootcamp functionality.
    Thanks in advance, I have scoured the forums and no concise answer for how to optimize this type of network (Mac primary, best functionality of PCs secondary) could be found.

    Len D wrote:
    I believe that if you are going to have this HDD plugged into the USB port of the Airport Extreme, then you must format it HFS+. The Windows machine can still read and write to it because the Airport Extreme makes the drive appear to Windows as a friendly format.
    Wouldn't it just treat it as a network drive that's essentially format "agnostic" (i.e. it doesn't really care)? That's what you've got with internet servers that could have storage in any drive format that's compatible with the server, but the data is transmitted as TCP/IP.
    Just as an aside, FAT32 has the limitations of a 4 GB single file size limit. This can easily be reached with things such as DVD images or large archive files.

  • Advice for mac compatible webcam that is wideangled enough for conferencing

    I am working with a company who is currently using a Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro for one of their conference rooms, the quality is okay but it is only able to capture half of the room. There is no way to reposition it to capture more of the room so I was wondering if anyone knew of a webcam that might be better suited for wider views. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Maybe ...
    G5 DP 1.8GHz w/Mac OS X (10.5.6) PowerBook 1.67GHz (10.4.11)   iBookSE 366MHz (10.3.9)  External iSight

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    Why does the interface for InDesign 6 downloaded from cloud today, look no different from my 5.5, (unlike the Photoshop and Illustrator updates), and options for creating QR codes is not available?

    It looks like InDesign CS6 because it IS CS6.
    The QR code feature and the dark interface are coming in InDesign CC, due approximately June 17.

  • Advice for Mac re: hacking

    Is there any recommendation for Mavericks users on Macs until the fix comes from Apple for the problem?  I thought I read we should stay away from Safari?  And/or avoid wifi.

    The security flaw does not have anything to do with hacking...the flaw permits man-in-the-middle eavesdropping on communications.  Generally this is only an issue over unsecure public wireless networks.  It is much less of a problem on a wired or home, secured, network.
    If you are using Mac OS X 10.6.8 this has not been shown to be an issue with any Mac OS X before 10.9.

  • Advice for PCo beginner

    We are beginning to look at PCo to gather some results from our shop floor.  Does anybody have experience getting info from an Asymtek Axiomu2122 X-1000 Series Dispensing System?
    Is OCP the only way to do this, or can PCo talk to the DriverLINX software which comes with the machine?
    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Doing a bit of Bing searching, I found that the device driver for the interface card (DrvLINX4) is developed by Keithley Instruments.  I am not aware of any PCo-specific connectors for the driver, but I would recommend you contact both Asymtek and Keithley about options for retrieving data from the driver.  PCo primarily uses OPC for shop floor devices like Programmable Controllers and related devices, and depends on the OPC Server to implement the driver communications to and from the device hardware.  If the Keithley driver has any OPC capabilities that would be the ideal solution.
    If LabView is incorporated into the Asymtek machine, that may also provide an OPC interface to which PCo can connect for data.
    - Steve Stubbs

  • Is MS exchange the only way to keep mail synced across all devices? Can Mac mail do this without exchange? I have iPhone,iPad and new MacBook Pro, and looking for advice please.

    Is MS exchange the only way to keep mail synced across all devices? Can Mac mail do this without exchange? I have iPhone,iPad and new MacBook Pro, and looking for advice please.

    As Bob says, any iMap service can do this. GMail can, iCLoud mail can too.
    Both of these can be used with Mail on any device.

  • Advice on External HDD for Mac & Windows

    I am looking for advice regarding using a external HHD for Mac & Windows.
    I searched the forum, but failed to find a updated thread on this subject matter.
    I will be using the drive on both platforms regularly.
    Should i use HFS+ with a small FAT32 partition to keep MacDrive on?
    What is a good way to approach this?
    Im not sure what would be optimal for both platforms.
    Thanks in advance for your input.

    Why just one?
    Shopping list I can think of:
    Vista: NTFS for backups and storage. Can be read by, but not written, Mac OS.
    MacDrive 7: can access HFS+ from within Windows (but not x64 versions)
    WinClone 1.5: to make backups of Windows from within Mac OS (requires disk image or partition to hold volume image)
    SuperDuper: essential for OS X backups and bootable clone.
    A drive that is used for emergency only and maybe backup partition, separate from your OS X and windows clone drive.
    You can create large partitions with Disk Utility to be FAT32. Read and write in both, but not the best file system and limited to files less than 4GB.
    FW800 would be fast and efficient interface. Also, eSATA if possible.

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