Order Process Sequence Problem

Currently I have a FM that does data from an incoming PO IDoc, makes some conversions, changes, etc.  It saves these changes into a new IDoc structure and then uses IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCHRONOUS FM to post them to create orders.  The problem is if I have 5 IDocs (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and I bring them in like normal, the results IDocs will sometimes come out out of sequence (5, 2, 3, 4, 1) or some other sequence.  Currently I have the partner profiles for the customer's setup so that it goes directly to my FM.  I'm trying to learn as much as I can about the process flow and how it all works.  If anyone can point me to some good documentation or knows of a better way to do this, please let me know.

Go to SNRO t-code.
In this t-code enter AUFTRAG object.
This object is for Order type.
Here you will get option No. of Numbers in buffer check it. This is the field which is responsible for number range buffering

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  • Processing Sequence issue of FTP protocol

    Hi,we are using the standard SAP MDM data syndication mode which using SAP XI to publish the data to client system.In this sceanrio,we think the data files generated by MDM Syndication Server should be processed according to their time stamp in the file system, starting with the oldest file.I saw the Processing Sequence parameters of transport protocol File System (NFS) in XI file adapter,but not in the FTP protocol.It seems if we want to sure the processing sequence by date,we have to use NFS.
           In the Notes 821267,it mentioned "The File Adapter allows you to configure the Processing Sequence of files for the Transport Protocol "File System (NFS)", which also determines the order for EOIO processing. Files can either be processed in ascending alphabetical order (Processing Sequence "By Name") or by their last modification time stamp (Processing Sequence "By Date"), where the oldest file is processed first. For the Transport Protocol "File Transfer Protocol (FTP)" files are always processed in ascending alphabetical order." 
           My question is if the file name is consisted of the timestamp,such as "data20081116122345.xml"  "data20081117122040.xml",will the files be processed by the "timestamp" name ascending in the Transport Protocol FTP? For example "data20081116122345.xml" first, "data20081117122040.xml" second.Thanks.

    Yes, if the file consist of timestamp then with alphabetical order, it will execute in the sequence you described.

  • Problem in Back Order Processing

    Hi Gurus,
    I am not able to process Back order Processing when the order is created in CRM & replicated to R3.
    (Error: please select a line item which can be changed)
    But I am able to process a Back order processing in R3  when order is directly created in R/3,  for the same article, same ship to party and same site (plant).
    Can you please suggest as to what could be the problem.
    Sridhar Reddy.
    Edited by: sreedhar reddy on Aug 11, 2008 1:41 PM

    can anybody please help us out.
    we need to solve this problem urgently.

  • Error while executing action SMCO in VMS Build-to-Order process.

    Hello All,
    When I execute the Action 'SMCO' for service order confirmation, the system says that the action cannot be executed due to the error: "Actual date(s) is in the future (check parameters)". Also the Actual start & End Dates are blank in the service order. This is creating a problem such that the Action 'SMIO'-Create Billing request for service order cannot be executed for completion of the Build-to-Order process.
    Is there any customizing setting in ECC - Customer Service (CS) component which is causing this error?
    Thanks in Advance,

    HI Kaustubh,
    Thank you for the response.
    The Action matrices I use are ECMM (Primary) and ECSD (Secondary) and the set up is perfect. I was able to do it earlier and we also had a detailed system walkthrough but it seems to be different now may be due to some customizing changes.
    It seems to be an issue with the setup in customer service (CS) which is controlling our  VMS. I am executing the actions in the sequence SMNO (service notification) then SMOR (service order) and then SMCO (service order confirmation). Now the issue seems to be with service order confirmation where my Actual Start and End dates are blank which should not be the case to confirm the service order (SMCO).
    Pleaes let me know if you need more information on this.
    Edited by: Pramod Puttam on Sep 10, 2009 11:25 AM

  • Ordered processing required from Oracle 11g on Linux to BizTalk Server

    Need a viable solution enabling ordered processing (OP) of messages from Oracle 11g on Linux allowing for ordered delivery to subscribers in BizTalk over MSMQ.
    We are currently running BizTalk 2010 (with Adapter Pack 2010) and are using ordered delivery for inbound messages to Oracle (received from msmq) but not for outbound messages since the Wcf-adapters doesn't support Ordered Processing in a receive port/location
    (except for msmq). However, we do need to implement ordered processing for outbound messages also. It's a major drawback that the Wcf-adapters does not support ordered processing not even with restricted or limited functionality.
    Our current implementation is polling Oracle using the Wcf-adapter calling PLSQL-package functions that handles all logic and returns a pre-built XML in a CLOB/string to BizTalk.
    Since Oracle is hosted on Linux we can't switch the PLSQL-logic to use Oracle COM-automation and post XML directly into MSMQ which otherwise would have been a quick solution. Also no WebSphere MQ (MQSeries) exists on the premises ruling out that adapter.
    - Stable and reliable message transfer with ordered processing from Oracle to BizTalk
    - Messaging only pattern (generic) preferred over custom Orchestations (such as re-sequencing pattern)
    - Products preferred over custom development (within reasonable price limits).
    - Follow Microsoft best practices if possible
    In-house development of a custom BizTalk adapter or a nt-service bridging from Oracle to MSMQ could be considered as an option.

    Thanks for the reply but it's not that easy I'm afraid, if it had then this post would never have been written.
    We're retrieving one message at the time and with pollWhileDataFound=true so that's all good.
    The problem is that the inner workings of the wcf-adapters are multithreaded and can not guarantee ordered delivery (which also has proven itself).
    The answer why can be found in this post
    Here's the crucial part: "The WCF Adapters create a separate ServiceHost and singleton service object of this class for each receive location to handle client requests for the lifetime of the BizTalk Host instance running WCF receive locations. The service
    object uses multiple threads to process messages concurrently unless the WCF-NetMsmq receive locations are used with the Ordered processing property being selected"
    (this is also why I'm wondering why Microsoft doesn't provide the option to run ordered delivery with other wcf-bindings than NetMsmq...)
    The search for ordered processing out of Oracle continues...

  • Third party order process- tolerances

    our client is facing a problem.
    Normally a SO will be issued and then the PO is created with ref. to
    SO (and with same quantity). GR and IR-L will be booked, then SO will appear
    in billing due list  and customer
    invoice will be created.
    But now If PO quantity and GR quantity are not identical, SO is not appearing in billing due
    list. do we set up any tolerances for these in custozmizing.
    what would be the probable reason for this
    can any one please throw some light on this.

    Hi GP,
    Check the billing relevant of Item category used in Sales order item  . This should tell you what is happeneing in your scenario.
    If PO qty and GR qty missmatch occurs , MM config has to be checked to see if any tolerance has been set.
    If SO is not appearing for billing , then you need to check is SO dependent on your GR or IV for billing.
    Assuming it as TAS item category and BANS item category group and third party ordering process.
    Billing Relevance:
    F     Order-related billing doc. - status according to invoice qty  ( Bill after IV done with IV qty)
    G     Order-related billing of the delivery quantity       ( Bill after GR with GR Qty)      

  • Third-party order processing issue

    In the Third-party order processing,i have finished  SO-PR--PO successfully.
    But when i  Posted Invoice Receipt  for the Purchase Order using T-CODE:MIRO after finishing  Posting the Goods Receipt,it could't work.
    It showed the message'Invoice document still contains messages'.
    I can't find the problem.
    Buy the way it is just in the IDES system,and the data is the std.
    How can i resolve it ?

    When doing Miro , There is Tab on top named  Messages. Click on it and assigned to your output type and enter communication method.
    You ll be able to complete your MIRO.
    Revert if not resolved
    Amit Gupta

  • Order Prints: A Problem With Your Order...

    Does iPhoto store your order somewhere so you can order again?
    After my wife spent hours cropping and ordering 290 pictures from the last year, we received an email saying we had A Problem With Your Order. We found a movie, AVI brand, that was included in the order and must have cause the problem.
    It says to fix the problem, which we did, and resubmit. Does that mean we start the order process all over again?

    It says to fix the problem, which we did, and resubmit. Does that mean we start the order process all over again?
    Yes - you can ask Apple for final verification - http://www.apple.com/support/photoservices/orderstatus/

  • SAP R/3 to External System RFC issue during Sales Order Processing

    Hi Experts,
    We have one Peculiar issue in our SAP R/3. Request you to help me in resolving this.
    Order Processing:
    During Sales Orders Processing, for every line item a RFC is being initiated from SAP R/3 to an external system called Trilogy Pricer to get the Pricing data. 
    Trilogy Pricer sends the Pricing data to SAP R/3 and the respective Orders are being processed in SAP R/3.
    Current Issue:
    The issue we are facing is that, once the Pricing data is sent to SAP R/3, Trilogy Pricer expects an acknowledgement (RFC_OK) from SAP R/3 in order to release the RFC connection.  Intermittently, Trilogy Pricer is not receiving this or any kind of acknowledgement from SAP R/3 causing the connection to hang which is causing several problems.
    For example:
    On every business day, there will be 50,000 Sales orders.
    So, 5 or 10 sales orders are getting hanged every day.
    We tried to simulate this issue in Dev and Stage environments by processing 30,000 to 40,000 sales orders.
    But we were unsuccessful, which means all the RFC connections were being closed as the external system is able to get the acknowledgements for all those orders from SAP R/3.
    We are having this problem only in Prod.
    Any thoughts to solve this issue is highly appreciated.
    Advance thanks for your great help.
    Thanks and Regards,

    Hi I am not sure if it was similar issue, but I once had a kindaa problem I solved using
                  [DESTINATION {dest}]
                  [{PERFORMING subr}|ON END OF TASK].

  • Third party sales Order processing

    Hi gurus,
    During Third party sales order processing, Purchase requision has been generated with account assignemnt category 'X',
    While converting the Purchase requisition to Purchase order the system is not allowing me to save the purchase order,
    As soon as i hit the save button the Pricing conditions are being deleted in purchase order ?
    When i hit the save button again System is throwing me out giving a message
    System error (error in method PO_CHECK)
    Message no. ME816
    This is happening only when a purchase order is being created for third party sales order processing.
    Has any one faced this issue before, if yes please advise gurus,
    Thanks in advance,
    Kind regards,

    The account assignment category X has been maintained in
    schedule line category CS and it is recommended by SAP
    Yes perfectly right
    SAP recommends only X as account assignment category for CS
    If the PR is created successfully then there is no problem with  related to SD configurations
    The error message is more of an MM error
    You need to check with an MM expert why that happens while creating PO from PR
    I feel since this happns while saving the transaction there might be some userexit used which may be root cause
    System error (error in method PO_CHECK)
    Message no. ME816
    As per my knowledge this is not a standard error
    Because of activation of some userexit this is triggered
    Functionally this is a MM area error
    From SD side everything is correct

  • Purchase order processing status

    I have a doubt regarding the purchase order processing status in the PO.
    Chk table EKKO field PROCSTAT.
    Can anyboby tell me the status sequence of a PO.
    ie: when a PO will have the corresponding status
    for ex if a PO is subject to release and if is released then the status will be 05 release completed.
    Likewise need to know for other status particularly interrested in knowing status 08, 04 and 01.

    >01 Version in process
    when Version Management is activated and it is processed once then this indicator will come
    >02 Active
    after po creation or if the po is on hold this will be used
    >03 In release
    when the po is subjected to release and Release is Possible
    >04 Partially released
    when PO is Partly Released  itemised release
    >05 Release completed
    release completed and now can be processed further
    >08 Rejected
    when the release of po is rejected or cancelled

  • FTP Sender Adapter - Processing Sequence

    Does anybody know what the processing sequence of files is when I using a ftp sender adapter? I can only determine this if I use a file sender adapter (NFS).

    in  sender file ( FTP ) adapter:
    when qos  :eoio
    the sequence the msg processess will be in ascending alphabetical order.
    ex: if i have 10 files in a folder
    as per the my requirement all the 10 files are picked up at the same time, then
    the files will be arranged in queue specified in ascending alphabetical order and processed in the same order.
    but, when i use QOS: EO
    the same thing is going to happen right!!
    picks all the files , processess in ascending alphabetical order to xi..
    then what is the use of queue here in eoio???
    on the other hand,
    in  sender file ( NFS ) adapter:
    file will be processed based on the processing sequence( either by date or time ).
    so both EO and EOIO use the processing sequence... then wat is the work of queue here in EOIO MODE.. any way they are processed according to the proccessing sequence parameter.. ???
    Please reply..

  • Order Process Best Practice Suggestions?

    Hey CF World,
    I have to revamp an online order process. The process is broken into 4 steps.
    The app as it exists today was built by a different developer and for the life of me, I have wasted about 5 hours trying to figure out exactly what the person is doing in the code just so I can make some basic tweaks to the process.
    Could anyone offer what might be considered today's best practice for a step by step order process?
    The thought is, if the user could complete step 1, upon clicking next the data elements of the form would be validated and then they would be taken to step 2, etc, etc... until the end where upon submission, the order would then be written to the database and next process triggered internally.
    Should I have one page that upon submit of step 1 cycles back to itself, processes the data and then loads a separate div of info for step 2 or...?
    Any suggestions would be great.  Thank you so much in advance for your help, I sincerely appreciate it.

    Thank you so much for that. Let me qualify a few things as I probably should have in the first place. (my apologies)
    Coldfusion 8
    SQL Server  2005
    There is no payment or credit card information being provided.
    The user comes online, goes through a basic order process for some work to be done. As mentioned, it is a multi step process for gathering their information.
    Once the entire order is in and all the fields validated along the way to ensure they were populated where required, the order is to be written into the pending orders table and an email is sent to the branch closest to the customer notifying them of the new order with a link into the details. The branch then calls them directly to confirm the details of the order before activating it.
    So, the code I received, is next to impossible to follow through, for the life of me I can not figure out what the former developer has done. I need to make some changes to the process and if I can not even follow the flow to figure out where to make my changes, that could pose a problem.
    I have not coded too much in Coldfusion for the past two years but did so quite extensively before that. I totally agree on the CFTransaction suggestion. I guess what I was looking for is, are there any best practices for coding that I should be aware of, especially considering what I want to accomplish? Previously we used the "fusebox" concept of coding and had most of our code in CustomTags in a very reusable and easy to follow structure and flow.
    Any thoughts/suggestions would be great! Thank you very much!

  • Process Integrator Problem (use of session bean variable between tasks)

    I'm having a problem using the Process Integrator. I made a
    really simple workflow (Start, Task1, Task2, Done) which uses
    the bean given whith the order processing example. Task1 creates
    the bean and executes a business operation (check inventory).
    Task2 executes another business operation (calculate total
    price). The problem is when I try to execute this second b.o I
    get an exception saying
    Nested exception is: Workflow error:
    com.bea.wlpi.common.WorkflowException: Empty instance object for
    business operation "Calculate Total Price" in
    template "Template3".
    Someone could help me and tell me what I am doing wrong.
    Thanks in advance,

    If I understand you correctly, you have 3 business operations, one is "Create a EJB",
    one is call "Check Inventory", the other is "Caculate Total Price". I assume you
    save the EJB handle to a workflow variable with a type Bean. My speculation is when
    you define business operation for "Calculate Total Price", you did not associate
    it with the workflow variable that you saved the EJB handle. Just a wild guess.
    Jim Zhou.
    "Albert Lanchas" <[email protected]> wrote:
    I'm having a problem using the Process Integrator. I made a
    really simple workflow (Start, Task1, Task2, Done) which uses
    the bean given whith the order processing example. Task1 creates
    the bean and executes a business operation (check inventory).
    Task2 executes another business operation (calculate total
    price). The problem is when I try to execute this second b.o I
    get an exception saying
    Nested exception is: Workflow error:
    com.bea.wlpi.common.WorkflowException: Empty instance object for
    business operation "Calculate Total Price" in
    template "Template3".
    Someone could help me and tell me what I am doing wrong.
    Thanks in advance,

  • Returns third party order processing

    explain process andsteps involved in returns third party order processing?

    Dear Gopala,
    officially the return process is not supported by standard SAP ERP system for the third-party process (SAP note 751609). This functionality was never designed and is not supported.
    The note 751609 is the official statement of SAP to this problem.
    I am sorry, I cannot give you another response. Nevertheless I hope that this information helps you further.
    Kind regards,
    Akmal Vakhidov
    Development Support IMS SD, SAP, Walldorf/Germany

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  • Work item deletion

    Hi Team, when ever a PO orPR is created, based on the release strategy  appropriate person will get the work item, then they have to execute the work item from their SAP inbox , then it will go to next release person , But they are releasing from tra

  • Leave Request -- Create Object Error

    Hi, we are getting a dump in leave request application, The message gives the following CREATE OBJECT: The Class was not found, error key RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE. the same user says the application was working fine before. thanks in advance sera

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