Photoshop no me reconoce toda la memoria

Alguien sabria decirme como photoshop me puede reconocer toda la memoria que tengo instalada en mi ordenador, tengo 4 Gb de RAM pero el S.O. solo me reconoce 3,5 y Photoshop CS3 me deja disponible 1,7 Gb.Gracias.

Hola Zángano:
Lo que ves es perfectamente natural. Es una de las limitaciones de
todo sistema operativo de 32 bits (Windows, Mac, etc.) y de todo programa de 32 bits como Photoshop CS3. Se trata de matemática binaria elemental.
Para que Photoshop vea más memoria, necesitas esperarte hasta que salga el
Photoshop CS4 (Photoshop 11) para el sistema Windows
Vista de 64 bits. En la plataforma del Mac habrá que esperar hasta el CS5.
El asunto es así:
La fórmula sería, en teoría, 2
32, pero como una las bits se reserva, la realidad es 2
31 lo que resulta ser 2147483648. Por lo tanto, el límite real es de alrededor de 2GB. Sin embargo, los programadores de Adobe idearon una forma de superar el límite mediante
trucos de programación y por ese motivo Photoshop logra utilizar un poquito más de 3GB, o sea
los 3,5GB que ves actualmente en tu máquina.
Por lo tanto, no te queda más remedio que armarte de paciencia y esperar a que salga el CS4 (Photoshop 11) dentro de unos cuantos messes.

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  • AYUDA CON PHOTOSHOP POR FAVOR!!! Memoria insuficiente?

    Hola a todos. Seguro me dirán que soy un tipo anticuado, pero no, prefiero las cosas simples y prácticas puesto que no dispongo de mucho tiempo.
    Resulta ser que tengo el Photoshop 3.0.5 original de paquete desde hace mucho tiempo.
    Antes tenía una Pentium III 980MHz 512MB de RAM y 40Gb-HD, donde el Photoshop nunca me falló, muy bueno, simple y práctico para mis gustos; Ahora me compré una AMD Sempron 2600+ 1.83GHz 1Gb de RAM y 80Gb-HD y no me corre, no arranca, me sale un mesaje que dice: "There is not enough memory (RAM)to launch Photoshop" = Es decir, "No hay suficiente memoria (RAM)para arrancar Photoshop".
    Mi fustración ha sido tremenda, bueno, corto ni perezoso compré la versión nueva de Photoshop CS, NO ENTIENDO NADA!!! Necesito trabajar urgente con mi programa y no corre la versión 3.0.5 en este maquinón y la nueva no la entiendo... Prefiero mi versión antigua que no arranca en mi nueva PC!
    ¿Alguien me podría ayudar, por favor?

    Por logica el problema ha de estar en la instalación del photoshop, no creo que sea un problema de memoria vitual - y menos con un Gb- sino que al instalar debes de haber omitido algo que le hace creer al PS que no hay memoria suficiente.
    En cuanto a lo segundo............
    ¿A quien no le dan miedo los cambios???????? Sobre todo si son tu arma de trabajo.
    Pero no le tengas miedo, imaginate que tienes un auto de 15 años y ahora te compras uno nuevo, con todos los adelantos,
    Podras tardar mas o menos en conocer sus ventajas y sus mejoras, pero la forma de conducirlo sera la misma.
    Pues esto es lo mismo, todas las funciones antiguas funcionan igual, lo unico que ha cambiado ha sido el entorno.
    Si tienes alguna duda, no dudes en preguntarnos, todos hemos pasado por lo mismo, y para eso estamos.

  • Could not initialize photoshop because there is not enough memory (RAM) CS4

    I just recently started receiving this error, "could not initialize photoshop because there is not enough memory (RAM)". So I thought doing an uninstall and a reinstall of Photoshop would cure it. No such luck though. I have 8 gigs of ram, so I hardly think not enough ram is an issue. I have a MacBook Pro, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz, 8GB of ram, 750 GB hard drive. Any ideas?

    As with all unexplainable Photoshop-problems you might try trashing the prefs (after making sure all customized presets like Actions, Patterns, Brushes etc. have been saved and making a note of the Preferences you’ve changed) by pressing command-alt-shift on starting the program or starting from a new user-account.
    System Maintenance (repairing permissions, purging PRAM, running cron-scripts, cleaning caches, etc.) might also be beneficial, Onyx has been recommended for such tasks.
    Weeding out bad fonts never seems to be a bad idea, either. (Validate your fonts in Font Book and remove the bad ones.)
    If 3rd party plug-ins are installed try disabling them to verify if one of those may be responsible for the problem.

  • Could not initialize photoshop because there is not enough memory

    Hello there
    i am using Windows XP in Bootcamp on a MacBook Pro. This system goes phantastic without any problems since more than half a year now. Now i decided to use this MacBook for my work as well, but unfortunately my CS2 Photoshop can not be installed because of "could not initialize photoshop because there is not enough memory". Which is not true, it cannot be the memory, i never had any problems on my other computer and even after a restart with all 4GB free it is the same. Trying to get closer to the source of the problem i tried out some other verions of Photoshop, with the same results, so for sure it is not a preference or something similar. Does anyone had the same problem with his XP on a MacBook?
    Thanks for your support,

    Sounds like a mapping problem in Bootcamp itself. Either it prevents access to prefs and certain configuration files or the bootloader does not correctly map the different memory offsets. If so, only completely re-initializing the system would fix it. I never had any problems with Vista, though, so this may be an unfortunate combination of an old operating system (XP) with teh specifics of the half-PC that such a Mac is.

  • IMovie consume toda la memoria y me obliga a forzar el cierre

    Tengo un problema con iMovie, al publicar un vídeo importado me consume toda la memoria, hasta el punto de pedirme el cierre forzado de la aplicación y bloquearse el ordenador.
    ¿Alguien puede ayudarme?
    Un saludo,

    Hola Luisalcala
    He notado lo mismo desde esta semana, luego de que se instalara en mi ordenador el sist operativo Maverick 10.9.1.
    Este ordenador es de finales del 2011 con ram de 4 gb y me parece que será necesario llevar al máximo esa memoria para lograr hacer las tareas en iMovie.
    Aún no he hecho la consulta con un especialista pero me parece que es eso.

  • Photoshop CS6 Extended Slow Load ("Measuring Memory...")

    Hi guys!
    Sorry English is not my native language.
    I am run Photoshop CS6 Extended 64-bit (from design premium) on Windows 7, 64-bit with 8GB RAM.
    When I first start PS, it looks like it freeze on the text "Measuring Memory". If I wait for about 30 seconds, it will eventually load and everything works fine. No issues with Save for Web or anything.
    I have read the other threads on this and tried all of these solutions:
    Checked my ram in memtest (15 passes, no error)
    Trash preferences and open again
    Un-install and re-install (tried twice)
    Updated PS to latest with Adobe Update
    Reboot machine
    This happen when I first run Windows, so lack of RAM is not the issue. I have no printers, other hard drive, or remote network drive attached to machine. Scratched disk is set to the boot disk (C:\)
    If it help, Illustrator CS6 and InDesign CS6 load normally.
    Do you have any suggestions to fix this? Thank you!
    Richard Montouchet

    Congratulations on having such a huge amount of memory that it takes 30 seconds to measure it all!    Just kidding - sorry.
    You've done all the things a reasonable person would do...  Some other things I might suggest are:
    1.  Check to ensure your display driver is up to date - go to the web site of the maker of your video card, not Microsoft. 
    2.  Try disabling the Use Graphics Processor setting in Edit - Preferences - Performance, and restart Photoshop.
    3.  Remove any 3rd party plug-ins (reinstall won't remove plug-ins, so I thought I'd mention it).
    4.  Check to see if you have the same behavior with the 32 bit Photoshop as the 64 bit Photoshop.

  • Why does Photoshop CS produce an "Out Of Memory" Error

    I am a Network Administrator for a newspaper.  One of my users is an ad designer.  At different times she will use Adobe Photoshop CS to open a PDF file.  For example, she will get an ad from an advertiser.  The ad is a quarter page ad.  It is a PDF and it ranges in size from approx 757Kb to 777Kb.  When opening it up she has it open the PDF in Photoshop as a CMYK document with a resolution of 300dpi.  Then at this time the progress bar is moving accross the screen,you think it is going to work, but it pops up a error box that states it is "Out Of Memory".
    Here are the computer Specs:
    Asus A8V-VM Rev 1.xx Motherboard
    2.4 GHz AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3800+ w/ Socket 939
    3 GB of DDR-333MHz memory
    160GB Seagate SATA HDD (registering 38 degrees Celsius)
    Windows XP Pro w/ SP3
    Adobe Creative Suite CS
    Why would this happen???
    Is there a way to optimize Adobe Creative Suite so that it opens/runs/processes faster???
    Bobby Howerton

    Ok, well... I hope this is not confusing....
    Does this happen with other or all pdf files ?
    The user states that she works with PDFs the most and so it does happen with all PDFs (it happens with all PDFs but not necessarly everytime a PDF is opened). Not that much with other files (or at least she doesn't notice it as much...because she normally works with PDFs the most).
    Does this happen with jpeg and tiff files ?
    It might happen with these file types, but she doesn't notice it as much...because she normally works with PDFs the most.
    Is the error message a Photoshop or Windows message ? I can't tell until I see there error again, but I will find out.
    What are the steps she uses to try and open the document ? We can't make the problem duplicate again because it happens randomly (it happens with all PDFs but not necessarly everytime a PDF is opened).  I have instructed the user to right down the steps she took as soon as the error occurs.
    What does the task manager say about other processes  and memory use and (possibly) other users ?
    Other processes:  I can't tell until I see there error again, but I will find out.
    Memory use: I can't tell until I see there error again, but I will find out.
    Other users: Yes, this is happening to atleast 2 other ad designers (for a total of: 3).  They say they don't notice it as much because they seldom work with PDFs, but that it has and it does happen to them.
    Is this a networked machine ?
    Yes, it is a networked machine.

  • Windows Update Causing CS6 Photoshop x64 to crash at "Measuring Memory"

         This started on the 28th when we received a batch of Windows updates on our machines. The next day the eight users who have this installed are no longer able to open the 64 bit version of Photoshop. Each time it will get to "Measuring Memory" and then crash with no events in the Event Viewer. I have tried to remove the Windows updates manually with no luck. The only way to get it back to working is to do a System Restore. When doing some troubleshooting I discovered that if I use log in on the workstation that is crashing with my account then Photoshop 64 bit will open for me and get past the measuring memory. So I tried to figure out what relationship photoshop has with the users account and all I found was the users "Settings/Preferences". I had the user log back in and went to the location of that file and removed the 64 bit version. I then opened Photoshop back up and it created a new file but still crashed on measuring memory.
    If you have other suggestions or knowledge of what else is tied to the users account. I should also mention that the 32 bit version works fine on the machine for all the users.
    Thank you for your help.

    Bump. Still looking for help.
    I have tried to run all Windows updates and then uninstall and re install Adobe Photoshop both 32-bit and 64-bit. The system still crashes. In the event viewer I am getting this:
    Faulting application name: Photoshop.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4f61c045
    Faulting module name: dvamarshal.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x4f61b977
    Exception code: 0xc0000005
    Fault offset: 0x000000000001b209
    Faulting process id: 0x227c
    Faulting application start time: 0x01cfc3a1a2727748
    Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 Bit)\Photoshop.exe
    Faulting module path: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 Bit)\dvamarshal.dll
    Report Id: 04be023e-2f95-11e4-b172-d89d67c62d04
    I have also updated the video card driver on this machine. Windows 7 Pro, Adobe CS6 Master Collection, 32 GB RAM, and Quadro K5000 video card.

  • Photoshop CC 2014 running out of memory?

    I recently reinstalled Windows 7 Pro (64-bit) so reinstalled CC 2014.
    I do a variety of image cropping on 12MP images. Before the reinstall it had no issues having 7 images loaded at once.
    Since the rebuild I get a Windows Low Memory warning every time I load 7 images, it just blows up now?
    Any ideas why this would be?
    I have 8GB but that hasn't changed and as I say this was fine before?

    So according to Photoshop:
    Available RAM: 7126MB
    Ideal Range: 3919-5130MB
    Let Photoshop Use: 6199MB (87%)
    Optimized for Default:
    It's an ATI Radeon 7850 with latest AMD drivers
    Scratch discs I've got a Samsung 850 Pro, currently using C: (63GB free) and G: (122GB free), both are on the SSD.
    The thing is if I load 6 images everything is good, 7 images and Windows throws a fit. I have no Swap file either, but I didn't previously.

  • Adobe Photoshop CS 8.0 - Problems with Memory

    Have tried to search for an update or solution for the following error
    This error occurs every time I enter Adobe Photoshop, before I am able to do
    When I click OK, the program close.
    I think this problem occurred after I installed the a antivirus programs,
    first Avast which I uninstalled and installed Norton 360 instead.
    I have checked my computer's memory, and it is ok.
    I know my version is old, is there any new update I can install, which can
    help my problem?
    I tried to search, but did not find any for my version.
    What can I do to fix this problem?
    Best regards,

    CS2 is the only version for which Adobe provides a non-activation download and a special serial number to go with it.  Not for CS3.
    By the way, no one is going to "send" you anything.
    Remember, you are not addressing Adobe here in the user forums.  You are requesting help from volunteers users just like you who give their time free of charge. No one has any obligation to answer your questions.

  • Photoshop keeps on getting out of memory error after installing Premier Pro

    I just upgrade my CS to CC. Yesterday I installed Photoshop and did my work without any problem but today after installing Premier and After Effect, I keep on getting out of memory error when I'm working even though I don't have any other application running accept photoshop alone. The file I'm working on is a small file, iphone plus size interface. Basically I can open the file, add blur effect and try to type text I will get photoshop telling me that my system is out of memory. Restarting photoshop give the same problem, restarting my computer give the same problem, ie do one thing and next will give memory not enough.
    I don't think my system is slow as it is workstation with dual processor and 12 gig of ram, windows 7 64bits 1gb dedicated memory for graphic card.
    I uninstall Premier and After Effect and suddenly the problem go away. Photoshop work as per normal. I didn't have the time to reinstall premier again but will try to do it tonight or tomorrow
    Anyone experience such problem before?

    When you get that error leaver the error showing and use something the can show you how much free disk space there is left on Photoshop scratch disk.  It may be a problem with scratch storage space not ram storage space.  I see Photoshop use much more scratch space the ram.  I have seen Photoshop using less than 10GB of ram on my machine leaving 30GB of free ram on my system unused while using over 100GB of scratch space.

  • Photoshop CS4 stops loading beyond "Measuring Memory"

    Can anyone pls help as after a serious virus attack Photoshop CS4 stops loading at message "Measuring Memory".
    Any help appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!

    Did this and still not being able to load beyond "Measuring Memory"....
    Any further suggestions?


    Hola, lo primero como no, saludaros a todos ya que es la primera vez que escribo.
    En segundo lugar, me gustaría comentaros que tengo un problema con photoshop y los archivos .gif y .png, no se si es un problema de la instalación del programa ya que nunca antes habia tenido este tipo de problemas. Comentaros que trabajo en un ordenador mac desde hace muy poco por lo que no domino esta plataforma, en PC nunca me habia ocurrido. El problema es un mensaje que me dice que no reconoce este tipo de archivos.... (.GIF y .PNG) ya dudo en si puede ser alguna opción que haya que activar en preferencias (cosa que dudo) pero bueno, por si acaso.
    Muchas gracias por adelantado.
    Un saludo.

    Muchas gracias Juan, mira, el mensaje que me dice es este...
    "No se ha podido cumplir porque Photoshop no reconoce este tipo de archivos".
    Me lo hace con los archivos .GIF y .PNG pero cada vez estoy más convencido de que es un fallo de la instalación, no creo que sea una versión capada ni nada por el estilo...
    Un saludo.

  • What happened to Photoshop CC's keyword and info memory?

    Since a very early version of Photoshop, when using the File Info section, (Document Title, Description, Keywords... pretty much every field), photoshop would remember generally speaking the last 20 entries in each field. This made it quite quick to add data.
    Since I upgraded to Photoshop CC 2014 (from the earlier version of Photoshop CC), this remembering feature is completely gone.
    Is there an easy way to bring this back?
    I am running photoshop on OSX (latest version).

    It's been a few days there, so just wondering if anyone has an answer or if my question wasn't clear enough. My workload has increased enormously since I don't have my remembered keywords and fields.

  • Iphone 4 liberado pori imei no me reconoce todas las compañias

    iphone 4  moviestar libre por imei solo me reconoce dos comapñias orange.  i yoigo funciona cuando hay cobertura yoigo .cuando coje cobertura moviestar se corta la llamada solucion?

    Hola Felipe.
    hice lo que me dijiste, y en itunes salio "Enhorabuena, tu iphone ha sido desbloqueado"
    ahora la pregunta es, ¿que esté desbloqueado, es lo mismo que esté liberado para otros operadores?, de ser asi, ¿cuanto tiempo tarda en retomar la señal del nuevo operador?
    Muchas gracias

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