Planning to buy, many many questions.

I am sorry if people have been asked this before but help would be greatly apprecaited. I have many questions such as:
1)Is MSN compatable with MacBook programming?
2)Can you run downloading programs such as Limewire on MacBooks or do you have a downloading program on there?
3)Are there programs out there to change things over so I can use accessories that are only compatable with Windows? (my mp3 player for example)
4)Are their any disadvantages to having a MacBook Laptop?
5) What is the average daily battery life?

You have good instincts. Indeed these questions have been asked before. I suggest you do some forum searching for the answers.
I also suggest you visit an Apple retailer as well.

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  • Planning to buy, I have questions

    Hello, I am new to this forums and the only apple thing I have is my I-pod, so sorry if this has been posted somewhere else.
    I am a computer engineering student and my current IBM laptop is on its lasts (256 ram, 32 video), so I heard of the macbook and I am decided to buy one, just that there are a few things that still bother me, I hope you can answer:
    1.Does boot camp supports vista?(Most of my programming apps run on windows, so I need to use boot camp)
    2.Will the integrated graphics chip deliver on gaming needs(I will buy the black macbook with 2 gb on ram)? (I have world of war craft,WOW: The burning crusade and both THE LORD OF THE RINGS: BFME games)
    3. Does bootcamp affect system performance?
    4.Any recommendations?
    Thanks in advance.

    1.Does boot camp supports vista?(Most of my programming apps run on windows, so I need to use boot camp)
    BootCamp supports 32 bit Vista
    2.Will the integrated graphics chip deliver on gaming needs(I will buy the black macbook with 2 gb on ram)? (I have world of war craft,WOW: The burning crusade and both THE LORD OF THE RINGS: BFME games)
    All but the most intense graphics games run OK on BootCamp Vista and Mac OSX. the video is a shared 64 MB (Intel 950), so check the game requirements.
    3. Does bootcamp affect system performance?
    No system performance hits that I have seen. Many say that Vista runs better on a Mac than many other hardware platforms.

  • I plan to buy the new iPod Touch 8 gig.  How many songs can be stored on it

    I plan to buy the new iPod Touch 8 gig.  How many songs can be stored on it

    up to 1,750,  songs in 128-Kbps AAC format
    But it depends upon the length.

  • I just added $50 to my itunes account but when i go to buy something, its asking me to answer so many question, i answered them right and im still not able to purchase something. Please Help!

    I just added $50 to my itunes account but when i go to buy something, its asking me to answer so many questions, i answered them right and im still not able to purchase something. Please Help!

    Go to item 12 in the AppleID FAQ for help with a disabled account.
    You can also go to the AppleID support page and click manage your account for additional help.

  • Many questions...advice?  iPad 2 == iPad Air in France

    I have a 16 GB iPad 2 WiFi and am planning to buy a 32 GB iPad Air WiFi + cellular
    I'm in France, but will probably be moving to the US next year.
    Many questions, any answers appreciated!
    -I don't have a laptop committed suicide, and I got the iPad to tide me over, and found that I really don't need anything more. Is there any problem transferring my apps and data over, or do I have to repurchase stuff? It's backed up on iCloud.
    -related there a good way to get music I've got on various iPods (I've got 3 of the old tiny ones) onto the iPad (again, no computer)?
    -will I be able to buy an iPad Air in France and use it in the US with just an adaptor, or do I need to buy a completely different power cord?
    -it looks like if I get the WiFi + cellular version in France, I need to sign a cellular contract. Does anyone know if this is actually the case, or if I can buy one contractless, use it WiFi, and worry about the cellular part later? Again, if I take it to the US, will I be able to add a US cellular contract later? Or am I stuck with whichever country I bought it in?
    -is there a good way to easily  trade in or sell my old iPad?  French power cord, etc.  Earbuds died.  Has it got any value?
    -if I buy a 16 GB iPad Air can I add memory later, or should I go for 32 GB right off the bat? I spent a bunch of money for extra iCloud storage, only to discover that it didn't mean I could keep more movies downloaded, and so it wasn't useful and I canceled it. Am I correct in assuming that I probably want the 32 GB this time around?
    -I don't have a printer, but I'd like to get one. What I really want is cheap and nasty, good at printing black-and-white, easy set-up, no expensive supplies. Recommendations? Or what to definitely avoid?
    -is there a good reason to buy from the Apple Store as opposed to a general electronics retailer?
    -I currently use the SmartCase, but I'm thinking to change to a SmartCover because of the weight.
    Except for not covering the back of the device, do they basically function the same?
    -I don't like the available Apple case color options (they are the icky pastel colors of cheap Japanese blenders! Why?)...
    Are there any cases from other manufacturers that are equally or even more functional but have other colors?
    If anyone has any recommendations for indispensable accessories that you really love, please tell me!
    Also, the 2 annoying points I've noticed are (1) a bunch of stuff is only available through FlashPlayer, and (2) can't attach multiple documents to emails. Are there any changes here, or am I missing an
    easy workaround?
    Merci beaucoup!

    As long as you use the same Apple ID on both the devices you can share apps and content that's been downloaded from Apple.
    If the music on your iPod came from iTunes you can redownload it. If you synced it onto your iPods as music ripped from cd's etc then I don't think you can get it off the iPod, or if you can the only way to do that is with a computer.
    You will only need a plug adapter, the power brick should work on world wide power.
    I don't have a cellular iPad but if you get one that's wifi only you can later look into something like a Mifi, a portable battery operated wifi hot spot.
    Selling your old iPad should be relatively easy although you might need to knock off a few bucks for the french power plug. Just make sure that you erase all content and settings before you sell it so they can get int it and so that your data is removed.
    THe memory isn't upgradable so buy the memory you'll need because what you buy is all you have.
    Any wireless printer could work. If it's air print enabled then you're good to go. If not  you can look for apps by the printer manufacturer or there are plenty of third party printer apps that enable wireless printing.
    You don't have to buy from Apple. In fact, places like Best Buy offer really great accidental damage protection that can be even better than waht Apple offers. In addition, third party places may have other perks, such as free covers or gift cards towards accessories, etc. So shop around.
    The only thing to remember, if you choose to buy Apple Care Plus it's best to get it when you buy your device.
    As far as I know there's no huge difference between the smart case or Smart Cover. If you're shopping for cases then I'd suggest Amazon. Widest and best selection out there, and even if you don't buy from amazon, you can see who's got what.
    THe accessory I can't live without is my Zagg Folio, it's a case and wireless keyboard that turns my ipad into a mini computer.  A stylus can also be helpful if you find the screen hard to maneuver around but not necessary.

  • Apple noob ipad2? - many questions, can you help?

    hi,  i have many, many questions.  if you could answer at least a couple and let someone else answer others, i would be so grateful!  thank you!
    i'd like to get an ipad 2.  i'm very crippled, disabled, and desperately in need of a *good* tablet.  since i am very very poor, it will be nearly impossible for me to do this.  first of all, is there any way for someone like me to obtain a new ipad;  a contest, a charity, anything like that?  i hate to ask, but i'm nearly quadriplegic and will be completely at some point.  i've tried some cheap tablet pcs and they were all horrible and returned.  i cannot afford the $329 for the cheapest ipad 2, so i surely cannot afford one w/ more storage.  i need to know if ipads are equipped w/ removable storage, such as a micro or standard SD card.  are they?  i would have to get the cheapest ipad 2 which i believe has 16gb of storage.  i'd want to be able to store onto an SD (or other) media or i will eventually fill up the space. 
    i do see that it has bluetooth.  can i transfer apple files to a pc via bluetooth?  is that possible since my old, old, defunct, barely functional pc is running win7?  any pc i'd transfer to would be MS windows.  i will always save in a windows compatible format.  i just do not know if i can transfer files from apple to pc, as well as if i can transfer via bluetooth from apple to pc?
    i'm concerned about having to pay for apps.  i live way below the poverty line and have no friends or family to assist w/ anything - not that i would dare ask!  i'm on my own and this would be a once in a lifetime purchase that would have to last me "forever".  i heard an ipad user say something about the first gen ipad becoming "obsolete" and that you cannot upgrade an ipad;  you have to buy a new one.  is that correct?  if i could get an ipad 2 (i'd *love* the retina display but cannot afford it - so just the standard ipad 2), will it be useless at some point - a few years from now? 
    are there many *free* apps?  such as, can i install a Netflix app to watch on the tablet for free?  or listen to a free radio app?  or is there a cost for *every* app?  forgive me, i have limited use of my neck and cannot hold my head up or use my arms much, so this post is all i can do.  i cannot go searching through available apps. 
    bc of my physical disabilities, i am desperately in need of something extremely lightweight that will last me a very long time.  in addition to the cost of apps, are there any other operating costs, other than my internet service, for which i need to be aware of before diving into All Things Apple?
    if there are any charities or foundations that assist people, disabled or not, in obtaining an ipad 2, please give me link(s) and/or info.  due to my disablities and financial situation, a very good tablet is my only option.  i cannot sit up vertically at all sometimes, or if i can, for only a limited time.  i cannot turn my head to view a monitor.  ergo, i need something that can be used in a very reclined position.  that rules out everything but tablets. 
    i *think* that SIRI would be a good way to do things via voice recognition.  i'm not sure of "her" capabilities, however.  is there voice recognition accessibility built into iOS?  i cannot always use my arms, so i need to be able to speak to do communications.  some of my doctors *only* communicate via their secure email service.  they will not accept calls to the nurses at all.  this is a huge problem for someone that cannot look at the screen due to its position, or type the email.  i really need voice recognition so i can communicate!  if it's not built into iOS, is it an app?  what price?
    i would also need the smart cover and a keyboard.  i have to have the stand, as i am unable to hold the ipad up - remember that i am in a reclined position at all times.  i would likely put the ipad w/ the cover as a stand on my knees (bent and upward), and then need a keyboard on my abdomen.  are the keyboards wired or wireless?  if wired, how long is the cord?  i would need about 2.5-3' in length to do this. 
    i have an HDTV that was a gift (THANKS!).  does the ipad 2 come w/ a standard HDMI or other connection cord to connect directly to the tv?  or does one need to purchase "apple tv" or some other type unit to view and use on the tv screen?  (in which case, a keyboard w/ cord would not work, would a wireless keyboard work about 8-10' away?).
    if my old printer works, i will have to connect it to the old pc - running windows.  will i still be able to print w/ airprint, even tho the printer is connected to a windows pc?  very much need ability to print, especially for medical and financial concerns.  do not have wifi printer and cannot afford one.  will it work?
    can i use my google account and its settings - will apple sync w/ chrome?
    how much is the warranty and for how long may i purchase it for?  I would want the longest one.  i was able to see that it said you can make 2 warranty claims.  is this correct?
    can i upgrade iOS?  is there a charge for it, as in windows?  can i use other programs such as photoscape (freeware vr of photoshop) or another browser (such as dolphin)?
    does it have GPS?  may i use it at no charge?  i'm homebound, so this is not a big issue, but if i survive the many major surgeries, i *hope* i can get out again! 
    i really need some help.  i cannot communicate with people!  i'm new to apple and do not know anything about these things.  please forgive me for the very lengthy post and so many questions.  any and all information would be quite helpful!  please remember that i *cannot* go searching around sites to find this information.  this post alone has taken over 2 days to write. 
    thank you again, and i appreciate your time!
    tiff TIFFANYDW2 at yahoo dot com

    thank you so much IIP   glad to hear someone vouch for a refurb.  youre right, i cannot afford anything apple.  i was hoping to find a foundation that helps disabled ppl that need to communicate.  i really REALLY need to know if there's voice recognition in the iOS, or even a good free app....  idk.  as you said, i looked at refurbs and even the same model as the cheapest new ipad 2 was $400.  :/  only diff i could see *i think* was that it was wifi and cellular - and i only need wifi.  perhaps the reason the refurb was as much as the new w/ only wifi?
    prob w/ laptop pc - cannot use arms much, esp to pick up a laptop, and cannot carry one around.  even an ultrabook (which is a trademark) or other light weight is over 3lbs and i cannot do that.  i can barely do 8oz (for a drink).  ergo laptops are out.  ultras / light weights are way too expensive.  they also come w/ friggin win8.  the starting range of those are much higher than the starting range of ipad.
    i guess i'll have to look into a samsung galaxy 2 tablet, android, upgradeable, if i cannot find a way to get the ipad.  advantage of tablet pc over apple / ipad is big time w/ warranty.  so that is my 2nd choice, since the price just went down tonite actually at my WM.  (no lectures!  i have to buy there, cannot afford local biz's!)
    i'm using a laptop now, old one, borrowed, win xp.  i cannot move it at all.  it's soooo heavy!  i've not weighed it but would not be surprised if over 5lbs.  ergo my posts take forever to write and it's very hard for me as i cannot be in a reclining position to use it.  due to my spinal diseases, it's complicated.  i have to move around at least every 20-30min while awake, or 45-60min while trying to sleep.  not to be confused w/ mobility or ability to hold head upright/ at all, or use of arms.  spinal disease is entire spine now.  just found out that peachy news recently. 
    so you see a laptop wont work.  i've spent months and months trying to find a laptop that i *could* use.  not possible. 
    pro's of tablet pc:  less than 1/2 the price, and no q's asked, no charge, 2-3 yr drop/spill/anything accident or manufacturing defect.  will get one w/ android, upgradeable.  tons of free apps. 
    cons:  much less performance, and nothing near the quality of ipad in any way.  even the cases are not as durable as ipad.  wont get anything w/ windows on it, so have to make sure it's an android.  many android models *do not* have VR (voice recognition) installed.  hard to find *free* *good* VR app.  have to use mSD card.  hard for someone w/ very limited use of arms and would have to mess around w/ that little tiny thing w/ messed up dexterity. 
    pro's of ipad:  DURABLE, still unclear how long it'll last as far as upgrading iOS and available apps.  great OS and software/apps.  compatible in many ways w/ pc.  *better* features in all ways than tab pc.
    cons:  no idea if disability accessibility w/ VR installed or free app that is *free* and *good*.  price more than 2x as much as decent tablet pc.  warranty is crap.  i cannot afford it and it's only 1 yr and doesnt cover accidents.  have to buy more expensive compatible accessories like case/cover/kb.
    either way, i have to find help for purchase of either kind and accessories and prob good VR software/app.  at some point, i will be 100% quadriplegic and unable to communicate - that's an absolutey firm prognosis.  at this time i am 80% incapicated - meaning 80% of a 24hr period i am completely incapcitated.  i wanted to get VR set up on pc, but cannot sit, even in recliner, and look at monitor due to position of body and therefore having to turn head, hold weight of head on neck, and entire spine issues.  so i was going to set it up, as i thought i had no choice (which i wont have likely sooner than expected), and then i got laryngitis and had *no* voice at all for 35 - THIRTY FIVE!! - days!  been ~2+ mo now and it still goes out.  crazy!  advice:  if you lose your voice, SHUT UP or you'll never get it back.  i'm not kidding!
    so things arent working out well at all for awhile.  *shrugs*  such is life. 
    this reply has taken me many trips (and hours) to the old laptop and i cannot hold my head up or use my arms anymore tonight.  so
    KING PENGUIN - i will have to read and reply to you tomorrow (USA).  sorry!
    thank you IIP!  tablet pc is back in my options.  that choice was just made a few hours ago when my "servant"  (lol, my bff, he's so sweet!) came by and went shopping for me so i could get some food!  yummy!  there are too many cons to tablet pc, but it appears, at this point, that it's going to be my only choice.
    k, my head's falling off!  i tell ppl i have a "dislocated head"  HAHA  and my mom thought i was serious.  :/ 
    THANK YOU!!!

  • How many Questions should be correct During Certification

    Hi All,
    I am planning to take XI certification. How many Questions should i answer correctly of the 80 questions to get the Certification?
    Thanks for the help,

    Hi deepthi,
    U can do certification in
    1. SAP XI 3.0
        Certification ID (Booking code): C_TBIT51_04
        Pass Percentage: 65.
    2. SAP XI XI 7.0
        Certification ID (Booking code): C_TBIT44_70
        Pass Percentage: 70.
    Number of certification questionsin both the case is 80. So u should get around 52/56 questions correct in either of the course.
    Good Luck..!!
    Remember to set the thread to solved when you have received a solution there is a Way.

  • I have many questions, I have called Support,  they refuse to forward or give me Tech Support See Be

    I have many questions, and have had a very frustrating time to get in touch with the correct person.
    I have called support twice, both times even though it was a technical question about cloud, they refused to forward my calls and told me there is NO technicall support for Cloud and that I have to place my questions here in the forum.
    I am CONTINUALLY told to change my password, 2 and 3 times a week.  I am a sysAdmin, my passwords are a MINIMUM of 13 Char/UP/Lower/Number/Special Combo, always have been. They work out to a 100% approval in any algorythm checker.   Yes, I was one of the persons who had their password stolen which has caused me a tad bit of inconvenience, but such is life.   Is This Normal? I have gone on twitter a few times to verify the emails, I have got them so often.
    My "Cloud Sync" Hasn't worked since PhotoShop's Site Closed, I know this beause I stored my 20gigs of files, .ai,  and .eps, .psd eveything that I couldn't move to Revel (which btw, I never got a refund for having to purchase the revel account 20gigs, when photoshop was closed, which also was never refunded.) 
    I actually wasn't too worried about the cloud issue because I only work at home, if I go somewhere else.. work's not going with me
    Since about three weeks ago and currently I am having NOTHING but problems with cloud, The errors in my Event Log are NUMEROUS
    Activation context generation failed for "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver CC\Dreamweaver.exe".Error in manifest or policy file "" on line . A component version required by the application conflicts with another component version already active. Conflicting components are:. Component 1: C:\Windows\WinSxS\manifests\ 7601.17514_none_fa396087175ac9ac.manifest. Component 2: C:\Windows\WinSxS\manifests\ 01.17514_none_41e6975e2bd6f2b2.manifest.
    In xml form:
    - <Event xmlns=""> 
    - <System>
    <Provider Name="SideBySide" />
    <EventID Qualifiers="49409">80</EventID>
       <TimeCreated SystemTime="2014-03-28T08:07:04.000000000Z" />
      <Security />
          <Data>C:\Windows\WinSxS\manifests\ 601.17514_none_fa396087175ac9ac.manifest</Data>
      <Data>C:\Windows\WinSxS\manifests\ 1.17514_none_41e6975e2bd6f2b2.manifest</Data>
    <Data />
    <Data />
    <Data />
    <Data />
    <Data />
      <Data />
    <Data />
    <Data />
    <Data>C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver CC\Dreamweaver.exe</Data>
    <Data />
    <Data />
    <Data />
    <Data />
    <Data />
    <Data />
    <Data />
    <Data />
    <Data />
    manifest for x86/64bit at both dll files compiled so I cannot review their content.
    However it should be noted at this time, I did not invoke Dreamweaver, the Cloud did, and this is not the first time.
    This particular error occured 5 times in 3 seconds.
    Same two errors at 3:49pm on the 28th.
    Today, I went and bought a new solid state drive. Brand New Fresh OS, Downloaded Cloud, CC, and of course The Edge Products, which I dearly love btw.       Everything seems to be working fine, EXCEPT,
    1.) where did CS6 Products Go?
    2.) Why after being a Faithful Product User/Cloud Supporter for the Last two years, after going through all the trials and tribulations with Adobe, am I being asked to renew my license for a "One Time Per Year Fee" which is MORE than my monthly amount? ( deal: 599.80; payments at 49.95 per month is 599.40 Go Figure? ) So, I'm being asked to pay the same amount, make it a single payment and get half the software, litterally.   Did I miss a paticularly important anouncement?
    3.) EVERYONE OF MY IRREPLACABLE FILES IN MY CLOUD ALL MY AI FILES, are gone. Yesterday, it would seem My having the SYNC TURNED OFF was over-ridden by the system (Adobes) and they have upload 'garbage' files, and my original files, the caligraphy files are no longer there. My gorgeous image of a little boy with flowers is no longer there. I PAID ALMOST A GRAND for these files. Stored them on Adobe, because, well, you deal with images, so you're the best right, that's why I bought extra storage on, then was told I would have to move to revel, but not the ai, eps, or pdf and i don't remember about png's. files, so I moved everything to revel (purchased the extra storage there.) AND put everything on the cloud and turned off my file sync.  Not everyone is an idiot, maybe something is turned off, there's a reason for it, how dare someone override MY SETTINGS. They could have emailed, called, chat, google chat, irc, or snail mailed me, it's pretty easy to get my attention.
    I could just cry.
    lost my files,
    asked to pay one time instead on monthy, and there's not even a discount and no additional incentive. Lost the ability to work without having to be connected to the internet, which will be delimited here very shortly since I'm on comcast.
    and the worst, the very absolutely worst part is this is the SECOND time in a row now, I've had an issue with Adobe that has gone on for over a year while support TELLS ME A PAYING CUSTOMER, that 'gee, sorry, no support for cloud" , "No I can't forward you to a tech" (direct quote) and "The Only support for any cloud issues is the forum"
    How can I handle this in the future, my nerves just can't take it anymore. Seriously, I'm just shaking now I'm so upset about this and I really hate writing something like this, or airing issues in public that really should be, imho, private.

    Hi Ken,
    Wow, I've logged into adobe and never seen your response until now.
    I need to make the forums more of a daily stop I guess.
    Thank you for your response, When I go to the Archives, it states I have none. In addition, previously when I'd tried to move items to the archive, they just disappeared  
    Currently my desktop is not connecting at all, Everytime I connect, it's states "We have now logged you out" and requests I login again.
    I have of course rebooted,
    Gone into taskmanager, killed all the relevant threads,  tried again to login through the desktop, no luck, I'll have to uninstall it, make sure the threads are killed, then reboot it and then reinstall it, but I've not had the time to do that.
    On another note, and just as a point of reference, myself, personally, I hate these "cloud" file repositories (not to be confused with adobe cloud services which I love) but the file repositories themselves imho, are a blackhole of resource usage when one doesn't/isn't using them,
    Is there a way we can use it more of a "ftp" sort of thing, when I want to I can  put files there?  There is no way to "Download" the repository, no way to download the folders.. only individual files and then it takes I think three different steps before the download starts.. I find this very inhibiting.  Just an fyi. for what it's worth.
    Please, feel free to contact me,
    I'm on g+ chat [email protected]

  • There are too many questions "like" mine, so here it is: I updated from Mountain Lion to Yosemite, I can't open iphoto 9.1.5, I am directed to the app store, I "accept" iphoto upgrade and enter my credentials, but no update occurs. :-(

    Attempting iPhoto upgrade from 9.1.5 to 9.5.

    How many questions like yours should there be? What exactly do you expect the volenteers here to do about what you personally consider "too many questions"?
    To move to iphoto 9.6 (required for Yosemite) You must log in to the App store  using the Apple ID that was used to set up the compter (or purchase the application if it was purchased later), backup your iPhoto library and then download and install iPhoto 9.6 from the App store
    If that is not working then you must contact App store suport - link is on the right of the App store window

  • Using trial version of Lightroom and photoshop. Plan to buy. but i have a question: I have two computers a desktop and a laptop that i use when i travel can the programs be installed in both computers?

    Using trial version of Lightroom and photoshop. Plan to buy. but i have a question: I have two computers a desktop and a laptop that i use when traelling. Can i download the programs on both computers?

    Check the end user licensing agreement at End-user license agreements FAQ

  • Hi, planning to buy MD101, I will most be working on photoshop, playing live/audio production, occasionally render videos, mild gaming-prototype.gta4 question is mac or windows? my budget stops at MD101 and no further :/

    Hi, planning to buy MD101, I will most be working on photoshop, playing live/audio production, occasionally render videos, mild gaming-prototype.gta4 question is mac or windows? my budget stops at MD101 and no further :/

    Hey thanks for the reply
    its not like i must...but i do prefer apple for build quality and the way the os uses the hardware..
    Priority of the laptop will be:
    1- Going live with it, using softwares like ableton like or garageband to trigger samples and ambient patches with MIDI keyboard.
    2- Designing on photoshop
    3 - Occasional video rendering mostly non hd but good quality like youtube 720p
    4 - Gaming when i am bored - I am not at all into gaming but i would surely love to play some
    But i want something that will be durable/storngly built and its hardware/processor good enough to run for 3-4 years.
    Now if a laptop then which one?
    Thank you

  • A very handy Apple Link to many questions posted here ...

    Hi ALL,
    This is a Apple LINK to many questions that ask here ... before asking have a look into this link ...
    PRO TIPS, great to Bookmark this ...
    Takes a weekend to read ...

    Apple also do a video podcast - 'Apple Quick Tips' which you can subscribe to in the iTunes store and play it on your Mac. There's some pretty good tips in there if you don't want to wade through all that text.

  • I can't buy in games, and i receive message cannot conect to iTunes store even i buy many time

    IT's just so easy i can't buy gems in clash of clan, even i buy many time same steps
    but now every time i try to buy i get message i cant connect itunes store and i have to contact apple/itunes/support
    please guide me
    thank you

    Hello hanyfromdubai,
    If you need help contacting Apple Support, start with the link below and follow the options to get you to the right place. 
    Contact Support
    -Norm G. 

  • I just paid full price for PS. 6,  far to many questions. where can I get a full manual?

    I just paid full price for PS. 6.  I have far to many questions . where do I get a manual?

    Hi there,
      There's lots of ways to get started with Photoshop CS6 that may help solve a lot of new questions. You can visit Adobe TV which has an entire list of videos that explain Photoshop CS6:
      You can also check out our Getting Started pod here in the forums that has a lot of helpful links to introduce you to Photoshop:
    Finally, there's a really fun new way to learn Photoshop called LevelUp for Photoshop. It's a free Photoshop Extension that has fun interactive games and tasks that you can play and learn from. There's also a leader board and as you play you earn points from the tasks you complete. You can download it and check it out here:
    I hope this helps! We're here in the forums if you need help with any getting started questions you have with Photoshop, so please don't hesitate to utilize the community to help you! : )

  • Using iTunes/Ipod mini on multiple computers (many questions)

    Hello I recently purchased another computer for myself. I would like to use iTunes and my ipod mini on this computer but I would also like to continue to use it on my family's main pc. Is this possible? Do I have to worry about that deauthorization of computers, or the license, or is it fine to use on two pcs? I just don't know how all that stuff works but I think I remember something about having iTunes on one pc only.
    Now for the second part of my questions. How do I actually go about transfering iTunes and my ipod to another pc? Do I just install iTunes like normal and transfer my files using an external hard drive? My family pc will remain as the main one for now but eventually I'll switch it to my laptop. I don't care about playlists and song ratings because I don't bother with that. What I want to do is simply have the music that's on my family pc put onto my laptop. I have bought an external hard drive so I could transfer the music without much problems.
    Finally can I switch between my laptop and home pc? I mean can I use my mini from my laptop and then later update it from my home pc and do other things like that. I'll use the songlist from my home pc for now but eventually my laptop will become my main one. I know I read something about clicking no if I want to change the music library when plugging in my ipod to another pc. Do I have to keep both iTunes updated to the same version and the songlist the same? I'm wondering if there will be any conflicts between the two.
    I'm sorry about how confusing this all is and the many questions I have but I hope somebody can help out. Thank you.
    Ipod mini (not 1st generation)   Windows XP  

    hi Gerhard!
    you can authorise up to five PCs at one time:
    iTunes: About Music Store authorization and deauthorization
    this Buegie post is an excellent resource on moving your itunes to a different computer:
    and these resources should be helpful with managing the mini from different computers:
    Using iPod with multiple computers
    Transferring songs to iPod using iTunes
    Copying music between authorized computers with iTunes for Windows
    love, b

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