Playing iPod Mini through Home Theater system

Hi all,
I have a Sony Home Theater system. It plays CDs, DVDs, AM/FM, and video from the TV. I bought a Monster cable to hook up my iPod Mini to the player (it has 2 jacks, a red and a blue one that goes to the player), hooked it up per the instructions (put the same color plug in the same color jack on the player), but no sound comes out. The menu options on the player are DVD, Video (which comes from the TV), FM and AM. I don't know how to program the player to make it play from the iPod, and as you can probably tell, I'm a girl and extremely technically challenged. I don't even know where to begin. Can someone offer some guidance, please? Thanks in advance!

There should be an auxiliary input on the Sony.
You need to select this input on the Sony.

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    I want to play my ipod (nano) through my panasonic dvd player + sound system. Ive tried heaps of leads into every plug socket in the dvd player, but no tunes!
    What type of lead do i need?
    Where do i plug it into in the player??
    Do i just press play to start playing?
    ipod new nano   Windows 2000  

    Just to expand on what Chris said.
    The phono inputs of a stereo amp are designed to accept the inputs of a moving magnet (or sometimes a moving coil) phono cartridge on a turntable. These are low output devices and so the phono input is engineered to amplify the signal.
    A line level output such as the iPod doesn't need such amplification and so, if you connect the iPod to the phono input of your stereo you will overload that input. The sound will be distorted and in many instances may cause damage to the speakers. The phono input is for turntables only. Connect the iPod to a line level input as previously mentioned.
    The reason you will get a better sound from the iPod when connected to a stereo and using the line out port from the dock (and not the headphone jack on the iPod itself), is that the headhpone socket is powered by a low quality amp. It's meant to drive an easy load like headphones and not the input of a stereo.

  • Connecting an ipod to a home theater system

    I recently purchased a home theater system with a USB port claiming the system can play music files. When I connected my ipod to the system, all I got was the "do not disconnect" message on the ipod screen and no ability to play music. When making the same connection with a scandisk flash memory MP3 player, there was no issue with playing the music. I am curious as to why the ipod will not play through this connection? I know I can connect the ipod through the audio in port on the home theater system, but by using the USB connection, I was hoping not only to play the music, but also charge the ipod as well. In addition to why my ipod will not play in this home theater system (RCA), is there another type of home theater system out there that does have a USB connection for the ipod to play through?
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    Place the iOS device in Recovery Mode and then connect to your computer and restore via iTunes. The iPod will be erased.
    iOS: Wrong passcode results in red disabled screen                         
    If recovery mode does not work try DFU mode.                        
    How to put iPod touch / iPhone into DFU mode « Karthik's scribblings        
    For how to restore:
    iTunes: Restoring iOS software
    To restore from backup see:
    iOS: How to back up     
    If you restore from iCloud backup the apps will be automatically downloaded. If you restore from iTunes backup the apps and music have to be in the iTunes library since synced media like apps and music are not included in the backup of the iOS device that iTunes makes.
    You can redownload most iTunes purchases by:
    Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store        
    The best way depends upon your stereo system. If you system has an AUX input you can get a cable that goes from the headphone jack to the AUX in

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    How do I connect ipod shuffle to home theater system?

    I have ONKYO HT-S9100THX. It has all kinds of input slots but the shuffle has only the IPOD connection to a USB connection and receiver doesn't have USB connection. Is there an adaptor

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    When connecting my iPod mini to my Bose Home Theater system, it recognizes that iPod has been connected, but after the "Acquiring Signal" process, it gives me an "iPod connection error. Please re-insert iPod into docking station." I tried several times, but the result is the same.
    My iPod mini has been updated with the latest software, and I did a system restore to return everything to factory defaults, but still no luck.
    Any suggestions.

    Hi. What you need to do is Launch DVD Player. Go to Preferences. Select Disc Setup tab. In Audio Output under Audio in the second part of the menu, select Digital Out-Built-in-Output. Then click OK. See if this works, 'cause mine does.

  • Desktop/Finder keeps rebooting after upgraded to Maverick (mac mini hooked up to a home theater system)

    My desktop keeps rebooting ever since I upgraded to Mavericks.
    Current setup, Mac Mini hooked up to home theater (Panasonic SC-HTB20) that is then hooked up to my Panasonic Plasma TV.
    I usually leave my Mac Mini on running and at least once a day when I turn on the TV I can see that my desktop was rebooted. Firefox and Chrome will say that it wasn't shut down properly and if I want to restore my previous session. Also some times when I switched the input to watch TV and switch back, all my windows will be scattered out of place. For example Chrome will be in the top left hand corner to the point that it's almost minimized and I wouldn't be able to move it as well. Only thing I can do is close out these applications and relaunch them. It doesn't appear that the OS actually crashed, but more like the desktop/finder itself crashed. Cause once in a while I will switch back or turn on the TV and the screen will stay black for a few minutes then I'll see the cursor in the top right hand corner. After that I will start to see the desktop and my application start loading. It doesn't go through the regular process of rebooting where you see the Apple logo so I don't think the OS actually crashed but I could be wrong.
    For some reason it seems like Maverick doesn't like the home theater system. An almost guarantee way to reproduce the issue is to wait for the home theater to turn off after it's been inactive for a while. If I turn it on the home theater to have the audio coming from it I will see the desktop goes black immediately then the whole desktop reboot process I mentioned above will kick in.
    Never had any of these issues on 10.7 before I upgraded to Maverick.
    Anybody have any suggestion? I really don't want to format and downgrade back to 10.7.

    Sounds like a kernel panic.
    If you post the report we could have a go at deciphering it.
    It would be in /Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports.

  • HT1349 Playing itune songs on a Sonos Home theater systems

    I recently purchased a sonos home theater system..  I cannot play some of my itune songs thru system even after purchasing the itunes match... Is there anything else I should be doing??

    Check the owner's manual for your system.

  • Can I connect my iMac's iTunes library via wi-fi to my Blu-Ray player so I can listen to the music on my computer with my home theater system?

    My music library is on my iMac, located in a different room of the house than my home theater system with a decent Denon receiver and good Infinity towers. I have an iPod connector to the Denon which I can use, but the iPod has a limited library of songs, so I would like to somehow access my iMac music library and be able to play it through the home theater system. Hard wiring the components is out of the question due to length of run through several rooms of the house, no basement and cathedral ceilings. I already have my iMac and my Panasonic Blu-Ray player both connected to my wi-fi, and it seems there should be a way to connect both of them using the wi-fi. The blu-ray player is DLNA, but the Mac isn't, so that is out of the question. Is there any other way to get these components to talk to each other over wi-fi?

    There is a DLNA media server called MediaLink that is designed for use with the Play Station 3.  It is not advertised as working with other DLNA clients but it usually will.  I use it to stream audio, video and pictures to a WDTV media player in my bedroom.  Works great, even supports iTunes playlists.  I believe it still has a free trial period so you can see if it works with your player.

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    I'm looking to get my boyfriend either a TV or home theater system for the basement.  I know he eventually wants a 3d TV.  Right now he has a set up where he has 2 tv's so he can play video games and watch sports.
    The basement that the tv and home theater system will be in is large (I'd estimate at least 15 ft x 30 ft...maybe more) so I want to make sure the home theater system will be enough for the room.  We live in a ranch so basically the basement is almost the size of the house with some of it being storage.
    I've started to look at products online but there are so many and technology isn't really my thing.
    If anyone could help with recommendations for the home theater system and/or the tv I'd appreciate it!
    Thanks so so sooo much!!!!

    What will he be using the HT system for?  Just watching sports or skipping the movie theater and watching them at home.   If you plan to watch them at home your going to be on a tight budget with the home theater system but it is possible.   Spend good money on the sub, that is one speaker you don't want to skimp out on.  With such a big space you have a lot of room to fill and the cheap subs aren't going to cut it.   You will probably need two subs as it is.  The speakers I recommend on a tight budget Polk or Klipsch.  My list includes a Denon receiver as I am a Denon fan but Yamaha, Onkyo, or Pioneer will suffice.
    Here is a Option 1 will run you about 1700 with just one sub. You could always go up a model on each speaker if you feel the one sub is enough.  I like an explosion sounding like it happened in front of me so that is why I mention 2 subs. speakers&cp=1&lp=12 speakers&cp=1&lp=2 speakers&cp=1&lp=28
    Option 2 will cost $1400 before a subwoofer speaker&cp=1&lp=11
     and 4 of the below speaker speaker&cp=1&lp=15

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    Does anyone know how I can link my iPhone to play music through my Sony home theater system which is model DAV-DX155? I believe it would have to be a particular cable but I dont know which cable that would be. Please help. Thanks!

    One thing that might help out.
    A cable from the headphone jack to your system might be the way to go.
    Hope this helps.

  • How to connect mid 2012 MacBook Pro to home theater system

    Okay so I'm looking at purchasing a home theater system and was wanting to know the best way to connect my mid 2012 MacBook Pro to the home theater system and TV. I am wanting to play both movies (Netflix etc) and music. Will my MacBook play 5.1 surround sound to the home theater system? Whats the best way to connect this all up? MacBook audio to the home theater system via Digital Optical from the headphone port with a 3.5mm to toslink adapter and then video to the TV via HDMI cable from the thunderbolt port with thunderbolt to HDMI adapter? My thinking was to separate the video and audio to get the best picture and sound. Any help/advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Will my MacBook play 5.1 surround sound to the home theater system?
    Whats the best way to connect this all up?
    An AppleTV or any AirPlay-enabled AVR. AirPlay is wireless, though you could use wired Ethernet if you want to avoid all the potential problems associated with wireless. Make sure it specifically says AirPlay which is Apple's proprietary technology. There are quite a few of them to choose from today. Denon is one, I believe Pioneer, there may be others. Shop around. The AppleTV's price was recently reduced to $69 US and may actually be the most cost-effective solution, allowing you to research the best AVR for your needs. The AppleTV has both HDMI (audio and video) and optical audio outputs.
    MacBook audio to the home theater system via Digital Optical from the headphone port with a 3.5mm to toslink adapter and then video to the TV via HDMI cable from the thunderbolt port with thunderbolt to HDMI adapter?
    Way too complicated But if you really don't want to use AirPlay, you can purchase an inexpensive (< $10) Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter and an equally inexpensive (<$3) HDMI cable to any HDMI input on your AVR.
    My thinking was to separate the video and audio to get the best picture and sound.
    It makes absolutely no difference. HDMI and optical audio use completely identical digital audio signals.

  • Help on purchasing a Home Theater System...

    Hi everyone,
    I just bought a new HDTV and I am now looking into getting a good Home Theater System, since as I'm sure you all know, the speakers on my TV are pretty pathetic.
    But in all honestly, I really don't know much at all about speakers and home theater systems, so that's why I'm here.
    I hear that most home theater systems come with DVD and Bluray players, but I don't need either of those, since my ps3 and 360 give me 2 DVD players and a Bluray player already.
    I am really looking to spend less than 400 bucks, or around that area if possible.
    I also have one question: My HDTV only has 2 HDMI ports and one Component port and since I am using both of those (HDMI is being used for the cable and ps3 and component is used for my 360) I am wondering if there is some other way of connecting the Home Theater System?
    Thanks in advance for all your help.
    Go to Solution.

    paulmohr wrote:
    Ok after looking at the manual for that reciever this is what I come up with.
    One HDMI cable running from your PS3 to the reciever (BD in would be my choice)
    One HDMI cable running from your Cable box to the receiver (dvd in would by my choice)
    Now for you Xbox 360 you said you have the component cables for it, from what I can tell you can also get an HDMI connector as well. What you choose is up to you but this is how it would work.
    Xbox with component cables:
    Since the receiver doesn't have component swtiching you would have to hook the xbox up to your tv with the component cables ( the way it is now).
    Then run an optical audio cable from the xbox to the receiver SAT optical in.
    If you get the HDMI cable most likely you would just run the HDMI cable from the Xbox to the receiver like the other components. If you went this route I would hook the xbox to the dvd hdmi in and the cable box to the SAT hdmi in though. Honestly it doesn't matter but it just might be less confusing that way.
    Then you would need on optical cable running from the TV out to the TV in on the reciever. If you never watch regular tv you don't need this since the sound will come from your cable box anyway. But if you also have the tv hooked up to an antenna or something this will send the sound to the receiver.
    And one HDMI cable running from the Receiver out to on the HDMI inputs on the tv. This is what will carry all of the signals going into your receiver to your tv.
    And then the speakers connections which should be described in the instructions for the receiver. Just make sure the polarity is right when you connect them.
    This configuration will let you control most or all of the components through the receiver since it switches most of them. Just choose the correct input and the tv will display it.
    Okay, so according to that, I would need 4 HDMI cables to my HDTV, which would be impossible.... Unfortunately, my new HDTV only has 2 HDMI porsts, so is there a way to get around that issue? If I use HDMI for the ps3 and HD cable box, then is there a way to hook everything else up (including the reciever) without HDMI?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Sony Home Theater System DAV-HDX275

    I just bought a home theater system and I am wonder how to connect it to get the best sound out of it while watching blue ray movies or just plain old TV?  There is a HDMI outputy on the back and a digital inout on the back.  Whic one should I use and get th best results

    The DAV-BC50 appears to have only stereo analog input ( pair of L/R RCA jacks). You need a cable with a stereo miniplug on one end and 2 RCA jacks on the other. The soundcard should be set to 2-speaker mode. The DAV-BC50 does not have any way accept discrete multichannel from the soundcard nor to accept encoded AC3/DTS from the soundcard. You can use Dolby Prologic II to get all your speakers going, but you should not use processing when playing DirectSound3D games because it will dilute the intended 3D soundfield produced from 2 speakers.
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  • How do I connect my iPhone to my home theater system???

    A cable came with my LG home theater system to connect an Ipod, but my Iphone will not connect. Is there anything that can be done to connect it?

    Buy this:
    Or this:
    Beware of some aftermarket units, as they lack the chip your phone looks for & thus will not work.

  • LG - 1000W 5.1-Ch. Home Theater System with Upconvert DVD/CD Player

    I have a question about the LG - 1000W 5.1-Ch. Home Theater System with Upconvert DVD/CD Player. Model: LHT854 | SKU: 8713859.
    I plan on purchasing this here soon. i was wondering how long the wires are to the satellite speakers.the front 2 and center will not matter cause they will be right by tv. but the rear speakers i plan on concealing through part of my wall. i need to know how long the wires are so i can make this possible. is there anybody that can help me? its not in the specs

    Unfortunately I do not know for sure but usually they provide anywhere from 25ft or 50 Ft per speaker. My JBL system came with 50ft of wire. You should be able to splice additional cable from the front and center to make them long enough if they are not already or pickup some extra speaker wire.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hello - our application used to use the RavWare PPTViewer Xtra for embedding PPT files within it and gave us neat controls like working out the page that had been viewed. It relied on PPTViewer97 and there was also a beta version which supported PPTV

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