Problem with module lazy loading in flex 3

Hi every body!
I have some problems with Module lazy loading. I am using flex 3.5, Module-flex3-0.14, parsley 3.2.
I can't get the LazyModuleLoadPolicy working correctly.
In my main application (the one that loads the modules), my parsley context is the following:
        <cairngorm:LazyModuleLoadPolicy objectId="lazyLoadPolicy" type="{ OpenViewMessage }" />
     <cairngorm:ModuleMessageInterceptor type="{ OpenViewMessage }"/>
     <cairngorm:ParsleyModuleDescriptor objectId="test"
And to load my module:
[Bindable] public var test:IModuleManager;
with  LazyModulePod.mxml:
            import com.adobe.cairngorm.module.ILoadPolicy;
            import com.adobe.cairngorm.module.IModuleManager;
            public var moduleId:String;
            public var moduleManager:IModuleManager;
            public var lazyLoadPolicy:ILoadPolicy;
    <module:ViewLoader id="moduleLoader"
        moduleId="{ moduleId }"
        moduleManager="{ moduleManager }"
</mx:Canvas> in a swc:
public class OpenViewMessage
        private var _moduleId:String;
        private var _viewId:String;
        public function OpenViewMessage(moduleId:String, viewId:String)
            this._moduleId = moduleId;
            this._viewId = viewId;
        public function get viewId():String{
            return _viewId;
        public function get moduleId():String
            return _moduleId;
In another flex project, my module context is:
The module implements IParsleyModule
<mx:Module xmlns:mx="" layout="vertical"
               import org.spicefactory.parsley.flex.FlexContextBuilder;
               import com.adobe.cairngorm.module.IParsleyModule;
               public function get contextBuilder():ContextBuilderTag
                return contextBuilderTag;
     <spicefactory:ContextBuilder  id="contextBuilderTag" config="{ MyITTestModuleContext }"/>
and the WindowControler:
public class WindowControler
     public function WindowControler(){}
        public function initialize():void
  "Module Initialized");
        public function openViewMessageHandler(message:OpenViewMessage):void
  "Opening view " + message.viewId + " in the module " + message.moduleId);
If i uncomment the basicLoadPolicy in LazyModulePod.mxml and remove the lazyModuleLoadPolicy, everything works fine. The module is loaded when it's added to stage and it receives correctly messages dispatched to it. But with the lazy policy the module never loads.
I may have missed something or there is somthing i don't understand because i tried the ModuleTest provided in example in cairngorm sources. It works fine (i mean loading the moduleA2 when receiving a message), but if i replace the change the lazyModulePolicy to listen to broadcasted messages instead of a pingMessage, the module never loads too.
    <cairngorm:LazyModuleLoadPolicy objectId="lazyLoadPolicy" type="{ BroadcastMessage }" />
        type="{ BroadcastMessage }" moduleRef="moduleA" />
public class BroadcastMessage
    public function BroadcastMessage()
If someone has any clue, i'll be happy to test it =)

Hello, back on my issue, i tested a little bit more the message dispaching.
I read the lazyLoadPolicy class and noticed that it always has to have a ModuleId property in the message to work, that's why the broadcast message didn't work to awake the module with the lazy loading policy.
So i added copy of my module:
     <cairngorm:ParsleyModuleDescriptor objectId="test"
     <cairngorm:ParsleyModuleDescriptor objectId="testbis"
Set them both with a basicLoadPolicy, and tries to dispatch a message to only one of them using the ModuleId metatag. I then noticed that both modules received the message and not only the one i expected.
I then changed the ModuleMessageInterceptor configuration to dispatch to only one kind of module:
<cairngorm:ModuleMessageInterceptor type="{ OpenViewMessage }" moduleRef="test"/>
and this worked as expected. Only the first module catched the message. I am obiously messing with the ModuleId metatag but i cannot see what's wrong...
I compiled with
but this hasn't changed anything...

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    Last edited by dkjedi (2011-10-11 17:29:07)

    hope this isn't too log of a post:
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    # LOCALE: available languages can be listed with the 'locale -a' command
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    # MOD_AUTOLOAD: Allow autoloading of modules at boot and when needed
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    # NOTE: Use of 'MOD_BLACKLIST' is deprecated. Please use ! in the MODULES array.
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    #eth0="eth0 netmask broadcast"
    # Routes to start at boot-up (in this order)
    # Declare each route then list in ROUTES
    # - prefix an entry in ROUTES with a ! to disable it
    gateway="default gw"
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    # - set to 'menu' to present a menu during boot-up (dialog package required)
    # - prefix an entry with a ! to disable it
    # Network profiles are found in /etc/network.d
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    Last edited by yms (2010-01-06 12:48:20)

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    <Location /weblogic>
    SetHandler weblogic-handler
    WebLogicHost localhost
    WebLogicPort 7101
    MatchExpression *
    I even downloaded the latest version of this plugin without sucess. It's all 32 bit, so there should be no problems with that.
    I read through several topics/threads dealing with same problems but without success.
    Could any1 help please?
    Thanks in advance.

    What do you have on line 116 ? I have it setup on Win2k and it works fine with the following statements. Only difference is that I have Apache 2.0.54 (not 2.2.x)
    LoadModule weblogic_module modules/
    <Location /wlPortal >
    SetHandler weblogic-handler
    WebLogicHost localhost
    WebLogicPort 7001

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    during the last days I had problems installing carl9170-driver package from the aur. It is a package based on compat-wireless.
    Some other people had similar problems with other compat-wireless aur packages
    All the packages that are based on compat-wireless provide new versions of already existing kernel modules. They put those modules under /lib/modules/kernel-version/updates.
    After installing depmod -a should find the new modules in the /updates folder and after a reboot you can use the updated wireless drivers.
    This does not work for kernel 2.6.37 because all the in-kernel modules are .gz compressed but the carl9170-driver package produces uncompressed modules.
    I guess that depmod is not able to work correctly if you mix compressed modules with uncompressed ones.
    I found this and it seems that there are configuration options wheter you get a compressed or uncompressed module when you run "make install_modules" in a PKGBUILD.
    These configuration is made in "Makefile.modinst"
    So the question is: Is this a problem with arch's kernel? I think when compressed in-kernel-modules are used, then external modules should compile in the same way.

    Thanks for your post. I've been reporting this problem for weeks:
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    After some searching we found other people were having similar problems and after a bit more probing I found a solution that works - but that I'm not very happy with.
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    EXCEL.EXE CreateFile
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\Solver32.dll
    EXCEL.EXE CreateFile
    EXCEL.EXE CreateFile
    EXCEL.EXE CreateFile
    EXCEL.EXE CreateFile
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\Library\SOLVER\SOLVER32.DLL
    and with our add-in enabled the following locations are tried, but solver32.dll won't be found:
    excel.exe CreateFile
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\Solver32.dll
    excel.exe CreateFile
    C:\ArcGIS\______path to our add-in install location_____________\Solver32.dll
    excel.exe CreateFile
    excel.exe CreateFile
    excel.exe CreateFile
    excel.exe CreateFile
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Windows Live\Solver32.dll
    excel.exe CreateFile
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\microsoft shared\Windows Live\Solver32.dll
    excel.exe CreateFile
    excel.exe CreateFile
    excel.exe CreateFile

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    Im having problems with a download of photoshop cs4 that I purchased online. It downloaded fine and I followed the instructions to the letter. however when I try to open the application I get a message that reads " application will not open because it is not supported on this achitecture." I checked the down load and it is for MAC and I have the correct system requirements!
    Please Help

    Sounds like you need to call Adobe support and ask them what's going on. After all, you just paid them a bunch of money and haven't gotten what you paid for yet!

  • Problem with flat file loading/Special characters

    Hi, All,
    We just migrated from Version 3.0B to BI7.0, and I've a problem which I can't handle for the moment. We are in Unicode, current codepage of the server is 4103 and codepage of frontend is 4110 (from SNL1 Transaction).
    I'm loading czech texts in my material, via CSV files. The CSV file is correct on my PC, I see the special characters.
    The problem is on my loading, whatever Character set I choose in the Infopackage (I choose Standard or Character Set Setting User-dependant), I cannot see the good characters.
    Does any one of you already encounter this kind of problem, and, if yes, how did you solve it ?

    check out with your flat file letter's type, if it's in lower case letter's change them in
    upper case letter's. or otherwise change the infobject's type as-- select check box
    corresponding to lower case letter's in infoobject.
    if helpful provide points

  • Problems with illustrator CS3. loading drawings, swatches everything takes minutes

    Since a couple of days the problems started at my office. All pc's started to have problems with illustrator and photoshop. But most of all illustrator. On start-up it is quick as it used to be but when i want to load a drawing, swatch or symbol it takes minutes. I don't know if it has to do with an update or something else. I only know that it started a few days ago on all pc's but not on the mac's.
    Thanks in advance,

    What exactly is a few days ago? The last Windows Update was on last Tuesday. Except for a .NET fix and various Office patches it did not seem to have anything critical, but it may be possible that it affects your computers. It's a far cry, though. More likely it's a virus scanner or something with your network settings, that causes erratic file opening behavior. Hard to tell without more info. your description is too generic and vague.

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