Problem with tabs in xml text

I have a problem with my XML setup here
i use Tab key to aligh up info in the xml text for aligned
display in the program
hoever i tested on several computers and get different
how can i fix this.
Please view the linked Image
this is what happenes even thow all run xp and all run same
latest flash version.
Anyone got an ideer how i can solve this.
BTW the font is verdana.
This is my actionscript ....
// Function to parse an address
f_parseAddress = function () {
// Set the text
_root.stageholder.textfield.htmlText =
// Create the XML object
XML_address = new XML();
// Set up the XML object
XML_address.ignoreWhite = true;
// Add the handlers
XML_address.onLoad = f_parseAddress;
// Load the XML file
This is my XML file
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<font size="20">Company name</font>
Company name
Dir. tlf. + xx xx xx xx xx
+ xx xx xx xx xx
Mobil + xx xx xx xx xx
+ xx xx xx xx xx
web: <a href="
E-mail: <a
href="mailto:[email protected]"><b>[email protected]</b></a>
If anyone got a solution on how i can get my text to allign
i would like to hear about it
Best reguards

alrighty then try this xml structure.
Note: formatting information like b, or linkage tags should
not be part of the xml.
The XML format is a universal format for data, if you fill it
with style information this is not good practive (in general, there
are of course scenarios where it makes sense, also since (x)html IS
also XML).
In your case you want to put the information about multiple
companies in a xml file, but you let the flash decide how to
display format this information.
so if you use the sugested XMl structure you will have full
control of the layout within flash, because you can grab every
piece of information from the xml and place it jsut where you want
in flash and format it within flash.
Of course this process is more coding work than your previous
attempt, but it pays of when you have a lot of data to process and
when you want to have full control of the final layout.
But maybe its overkill for your application (I don't know how
many companies will be stored in your xml and how complex the rest
of the app is).

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    OK...this didnt quite cure it for me...but having done this AND then this...
    MimeBodyPart htmlText = new MimeBodyPart();
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    + "<p>Currency Symbols: \u00A3\u00A2\u20A3\u20AC$<p>"
    + "</body></html>";
    DataSource htmlSource = new DataSource()
    private String stuff = htmlStuff;
    private Charset cset = Charset.forName("utf-8");
    public String getContentType() { return "text/html"; };
    public getInputStream() throws IOException
    return new ByteArrayInputStream(cset.encode(stuff).array());
    public String getName()
    return null;
    public OutputStream getOutputStream() throws IOException
    throw new IOException();
    htmlText.setDataHandler(new DataHandler(htmlSource));
    This works for me as shown by the Unicode chars in the html.
    If you intend to take this to production create a decent external DataHandler class and avoid the use of the anonymous class - which then avoids the need for the final String and the string can come from anywhere then.
    Hope this helps,

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    Best Regards,

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    Make sure you have checked off iCloud contacts in your Contacts app under Groups in upper left corner.

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    I have problem with jtexfield. I know that solution will be very simple but I can't figure it out.
    This is simplified version of situation:
    I have a jframe, jtextfield and jbutton. User can put numbers (0-10000) separated with commas to textfield and save those numbers by pressing jbutton.
    When jbutton is pressed I have a validator which checks that jtextfield contains only numbers and commas. If validator sees that there are invalid characters, a messagebox is launched which tells to user whats wrong.
    Now comes the tricky part.
    When user presses ok from messagebox, jtextfield should select the character which validator said was invalid so that user can replace it by pressing a number or comma.
    I have the invalid character, but how can you get the focus to jtextfield and select only the character which was invalid?
    I tried requestFocus(), but it selected whole text in jtextfield and after that command I couldn't set selected text. I tried with commands setSelectionStart(int), setSelectionEnd(int) and select(int,int).
    Then I tried to use Caret and select text with that. It selected the character I wanted, but the focus wasn't really there because it didn't have keyFocus (or something like that).
    Is there a simple way of doing this?

    textField.requestFocusInWindow();;The above should work, although read the API on the select(...) method for the newer recommended approach on how to do selection.
    If you need further help then you need to create a "Short, Self Contained, Compilable and Executable, Example Program (SSCCE)",
    that demonstrates the incorrect behaviour, because I can't guess exactly what you are doing based on the information provided.
    Don't forget to use the "Code Formatting Tags",
    so the posted code retains its original formatting.

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    This has been discussed lately:
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    If someone can help me with this, i will be very grateful.
    Message was edited by:

    xml cP, will not give you a image in excel output,..
    In RDF there is a placeholder for image, and the image is located in certain location, at runtime it picks and render the output with logo.
    but xml CP, will get the data in xml type and merge with rtf to get the output you wanted..
    if you have the rtf with logo embedded in it, if output is of pdf or rtf output , then it will display the logo ,.
    in excel currently it is not possible to show the logo,..
    excel you see could be xml-excel or csv-excel not the true binary excel.
    to get the logo embedded ,for that you have to wait on tim for the excel template, which will be release in near future i guess..

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    looking at other threads, I think you will
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    Hi Team,
    Once we have configured UWL in EP 7.0 & backed is SRM 7.0, facing problem in Approve & Reject Buttons text.
    Instead of showing Approve & Reject text on Buttons, it showing text like this  &
    Can you please help me on this?
    Thanks in advance.
    Thanks & Regards

    Sergio, Thanks for your reply.
    It's happening for all the task items. Pls find out XML file here. here i pasted some of the code from my XML, because it is not taking full XML code here.
          <Action name="" groupAction="" handler="FunctionModuleActionHandler" referenceBundle="" returnToDetailViewAllowed="yes" launchInNewWindow="SHOW_HEADERLESS_PORTAL" launchNewWindowFeatures="toolbar=no,menubar=no,location=no,directories=no,resizable=yes">
            <Property name="FunctionModule" value="/SAPSRM/FU_WF_RFC_DECISION"/>
            <Property name="IV_DECISION" value="APPROVED"/>
            <Property name="IV_APF_VERSION" value="0500"/>
            <Property name="IV_WIID" value="${item.externalId}"/>
            <Property name="IV_MODE" value="APPROVAL"/>
            <Property name="FunctionModule" value="/SAPSRM/FU_WF_RFC_DECISION"/>
            <Property name="display_order_priority" value="50"/>
        <Action name="" groupAction="" handler="ObjectNavigationLauncher" referenceBundle="" returnToDetailViewAllowed="yes" launchInNewWindow="SHOW_HEADERLESS_PORTAL" launchNewWindowFeatures="toolbar=no,menubar=no,location=no,directories=no,resizable=yes">
            <Property name="Operation" value="detail"/>
            <Property name="ObjectValue" value="a=b&amp;sapsrm_botype=${item.BOTYPE}&amp;sapsrm_boid=${item.BOID}&amp;System=${item.systemId}&amp;sapsrm_wiid=${item.externalId}&amp;sapsrm_mode=${item.BOMODE}&amp;sapsrm_portalbaseurl=&lt;Portal.BaseURL>&amp;sapsrm_pcdlocation=&lt;IView.ID>"/>
            <Property name="ObjectName" value="conf"/>
            <Property name="System" value="SAP_SRM"/>
            <Property name="display_order_priority" value="30"/>
        <Action name="" groupAction="" handler="ObjectNavigationLauncher" referenceBundle="" returnToDetailViewAllowed="yes" launchInNewWindow="SHOW_HEADERLESS_PORTAL" launchNewWindowFeatures="toolbar=no,menubar=no,location=no,directories=no,resizable=yes">
            <Property name="Operation" value="detail"/>
            <Property name="ObjectValue" value="a=b&amp;sapsrm_botype=BUS2203&amp;System=${item.systemId}&amp;sapsrm_wiid=${item.externalId}&amp;sapsrm_mode=DISPLAY&amp;sapsrm_portalbaseurl=&lt;Portal.BaseURL>&amp;sapsrm_pcdlocation=&lt;IView.ID>"/>
            <Property name="ObjectName" value="conf"/>
            <Property name="System" value="SAP_SRM"/>
            <Property name="display_order_priority" value="30"/>
        <Action name="" groupAction="" handler="ObjectNavigationLauncher" referenceBundle="" returnToDetailViewAllowed="yes" launchInNewWindow="SHOW_HEADERLESS_PORTAL" launchNewWindowFeatures="toolbar=no,menubar=no,location=no,directories=no,resizable=yes">
            <Property name="Operation" value="oldwfl"/>
            <Property name="ObjectValue" value="a=b&amp;System=${item.systemId}&amp;sapsrm_wiid=${item.externalId}&amp;sapsrm_portalbaseurl=&lt;Portal.BaseURL>&amp;sapsrm_pcdlocation=&lt;IView.ID>"/>
            <Property name="ObjectName" value="uwl"/>
            <Property name="System" value="SAP_SRM"/>
            <Property name="display_order_priority" value="30"/>
        <Action name="" groupAction="" handler="ObjectNavigationLauncher" referenceBundle="" returnToDetailViewAllowed="yes" launchInNewWindow="SHOW_HEADERLESS_PORTAL" launchNewWindowFeatures="toolbar=no,menubar=no,location=no,directories=no,resizable=yes">
            <Property name="Operation" value="detail"/>
            <Property name="ObjectValue" value="a=b&amp;sapsrm_botype=${item.BOTYPE}&amp;sapsrm_boid=${item.BOID}&amp;System=${item.systemId}&amp;sapsrm_wiid=${item.externalId}&amp;sapsrm_mode=DISPLAY&amp;sapsrm_portalbaseurl=&lt;Portal.BaseURL>&amp;sapsrm_pcdlocation=&lt;IView.ID>"/>
            <Property name="ObjectName" value="conf"/>
            <Property name="System" value="SAP_SRM"/>
            <Property name="display_order_priority" value="30"/>
    Thanks & Regards

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