Problems with Quicktime Conversion, FCE2

I am having problems using quicktime conversion. I want to export a 4 minute sequence into uncompressed AVI.
Each time i do this i get an almost 4 gb file that is only the first 18 seconds of the sequence. (when i export to WMV I get the same problem, except its 30 seconds)
I can export using compressed AVIs (such as DV-PAL), but the quality is not too good.
I am simply trying to get the best quality and most-universally useable file to write out onto a data DVD.
Any ideas/suggestions anyone?
I have am using a PowerPC G4 laptop, FCE2, OSX tiger....
Further problems: when i write this movie out to DVD with iDVD, and when it is in NTSC setting, black white lines appear on top of the black background parts in the movie, rather sporadically. I have written it out 3 or 4 times, and each time the frequency of the lines is different, but each DVD is unusable. In PAL setting this doesnt happen, but of course the quality is diminished, as the orig. footage was taken on an NTSC camera. I am in Europe, so this PAL/NTSC conversion thing is a neverending problem.... Is this an iDVD problem or a problem with my laptop's burner?

Dear Tom,
I appreciate you replying to my post, and am sorry for not getting back to you sooner, but i never received an email notification of a reply.
The Nattress solution seems like a good route - is this compatible with FC Express 2?
The purpose of this AVI export is to have the highest possible quality file in data form, which the (PC using) client will then be able to write out onto DVD, convert/edit himself, etc. I have written out the self-contained QuicktimeMovie data file for him, but he is unable to open that. When i write out the AVI file, it is over 4 times as big as the QTmovie file and only plays for the first 18 seconds.
I am exporting to my internal harddrive (laptop).
The end goal is to get this file eventually onto a PAL-BETA video. This is where the NTSC-PAL conversion problem comes in, and maybe the Nattress program could be the solution (although it initially seems a bit complicated to me).
Another important part of this problem, is that iDVD writes out the original NTSC file with funny white lines going across the black backgrounds - so I cant write the best quality NTSC video onto DVD properly either. Each time I write it out, the frequency of these white lines is different. I dont know if this is a related problem, a Final Cut Express export problem, an iDVD problem, or a problem with my DVD writer. (I made the movie, exported it self-contained QTmov, imported it into a new file, did some color-correction, and exported the new final version. - maybe the problem stems from within this simple process? ? ? )
(Regarding the WMV export: this is not so important, lets not deal with this now. I have flip4mac, downloaded free. My experience is that it doesnt really work.)
So... any ideas or suggestions?
i appreciate your help,

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    I have a FCE 3.5 HDV project (16:9 aspect ratio) which I am trying to export using Quicktime Conversion for eventual web-streaming. I have tried various settings including "maintain aspect ratio" and the "letterbox" options. After every multi-hour attempt, the end result is just what I need, except the aspect ratio is always 4:3 and vertically squeezed.
    What settings should I use for a small to medium sized version of my movie for streaming on a website, but in the correct aspect ratio? I'd prefer a 16:9 Quicktime frame, or at least a 4:3 Quicktime frame with black bars.

    I too have been having some problems, same software. Export to iPod completely ignores the intended aspect ratio and is non-adjustable and squeezes the footage. It looks fine on the canvas but gets messed up on export. A 4:3 video that should be 640x480 ends up being 640x426, and a 16:9 video that should be 640x360 looks to be getting 640x426 as well.
    Currently, my work-around is to export to DV file, then export to iPod. Being a double encoding, it is quite wasteful in terms of time and processing power. Is there something else I can do?

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    The reply to Problems with QuickTime really didn't answer or solve the basic problem. Some sites to work at all require you to have working Flash Player 8 so when I try to use these sites I get the QuickTime logo with a question mark and then nothing. For all you experts on Apple and Mac; what is going on? Apple is the parent of QuickTime and I assume they want their customers happy with their work. So why is it so hard for these apparently small updates to their programs causing entire sites being blocked off? I have OS x 10.3.9 on a G4 iMac 855mHrz .... It seems that even though we, the customer by default become Apples program testers;the actual programers are never given the go ahead to actualy look at these problem posts. Has anyone ever gotten a solution for a problem they posted here from one of the programmers of the product? It would be nice to know we aren't left to our own devices when it comes to program gliches from the source. If the powers that be in apple are watching and willing to help; any time now is a good time to just but in on the conversation and help solve some of the problems us little people keep on running into.--------------
    While online I run into sites that will NOT work without Flash Player 8 (which costs over $150.00) which is told to the viewer with a QuickTime logo with a question mark in it.
    This leads the web surfer to try to upgrade or at least investigate Flash Player in their computer and it's version.When said web surfer looks at Flash player upgrade for bucks and the fact that in some way it is tied to QuickTime, web surfer gets real curious. Do the web masters for those sites know that their site is now blocked off? If any major portion ( say 30 or 40 % ) of the web surfing crowd is required to purchase an upgrade to Flash Player even though it doesn't look like Apple is the parent of said Flash Player; those web masters are going to be upset with Apple. Their income is tied to actuall access and browsing of a site, even if it is only to actually just get the Home page. With no access to the site due to no Flash Player 8, the web master is going to find those all important Hits going down to nil. -------
    This post is way to broad for any one answer so I don't really expect one. But for you people who have run into similar problems with other programs and sites; I would love to hear if you got any help from other web surfers or from the parent people of those programs and/or sites. I know that my isp earthlink has helped out with problems faster than other groups involved. Anyway.. Any help or comment on this post ( or gripe if you prefer ) would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Sorry, but you are completely misinformed. Flash Player 8 doesn't cost one red cent; it's only the Flash creation package that you have to pay for. You can download the free Flash Player 8 here.
    QuickTime can natively handle some Flash content, which is why with the lack of the Flash player the browser defaults to the QT plugin. But Flash 8 is a relatively new format from Macromedia and I'm not sure QT supports it yet. Install the Flash 8 player and things should work just fine.
    And just FYI, for questions about the Mac version of QuickTime, you'll be better off asking them in the QuickTime for Mac forum.

  • I've a problem with QuickTime controlbar when I use transparent wmode

    Hello All,
    I've a problem with QuickTime controlbar. When I use this code :
    <object height="592" width="690" codebase=",0,2,0" classid="clsid:02BF25D5-8C17-4B23-BC80-D3488ABDDC6B">
    <param value="" name="src">
    <param value="true" name="autoplay">
    <param value="true" name="controller">
    <param value="true" name="kioskmode">
    <param value="true" name="loop">
    <param value="video/quicktime" name="type">
    <param value="transparent" name="wmode">
    <embed height="592" width="690" type="video/quicktime" loop="true" kioskmode="true" controller="true" autoplay="true" pluginspage="" src="">
    with transparent wmode, the controlbar don't print correcty on IE7/IE8.
    If I use this code without wmode='transparent', It work but my css menu doesn't work.
    Anybody can help me ? Thank in advance.

    The suggestion made by Golubkov is correct. Make sure that you have configured the CAN objects to correspond to the Ports- for instance, Port1 to CAN0 and Port 2 to CAN1.
    If this dosen't fix the problem, let us know what the error message clearly states ( can be found out by clicking on the details tab).

  • Problems With Quicktime content from Apple website

    I have problems visualizing various sections of the Apple website that contains quicktime content. (Safari thinks Quicktime is not installed)
    for example can't see shuffle giuded tour
    or the video for the iphone os 3.0
    from the safari error console i can see there are runtime javascript errors on calls to
    'AC.Detector', whose result is non an object, as you can see here
    Any idea?
    PS: i have no problems with quicktime from other websites, or from other parts of

    i don't know
    it could be an issue with something else, maybe iTunes
    look here
    same issue with 'AC.Detector' (I don't know what that is)
    i have not had problems with Apple quicktime content in the recent past (same Safari 4 Beta)
    i installed iTunes 8.1 recently

  • Problems with Quicktime (Q?) in browser

    I am having a problem with Quicktime working in my browser (we use Firefox). Quicktime is up to date, but everything in the browser that should be running just comes up as a Q with a question mark in the middle. I have checked the browser settings and everything seems fine. Any ideas?
    whoops, just caught the other topic with the same answers there yet though...we did update our flashplayer and still no help.

    Go to QT settings>Browser>Mime settings>Miscellaneous-Miscellaneous file formats and uncheck Flash media.
    This has been going on for years and Apple computer refuses to correct the problem. It is beyond belief that Apple continues with this, but they can't market computers to the general public either. They send me e-mails to test their products and software that they want to test on a windows computer. I will consider doing it, but can't, with the Flash screw up going on...

  • Solutions for problems with QuickTime files in After Effects CC (12.0)

    We have a new blog post up about solutions for problems with QuickTime files in After Effects CC (12.0) because of conflict with DVCPROHDVideoOut QuickTime components. 
    Please read that post and let us know here on this forum thread if you have any questions or comments. 
    Also, please let us know if the proposed solution works for you.

    Mark - The new document that we published is meant to address a specific issue. You can confirm you have the issue by the following:
    Adobe QT32 Server is not running when you receive these errors. Keep Activity Monitor open to track whether or not it is running.
    The crash log for QT32 Server indicate CoreAudio as the last component called. You can find the crash logs in Users/username/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports. The report will look like this:
    Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue:
    0   ???                                     0x04981f90 0 + 77078416
    1               0x949d05c1 __Call_block_invoke_03 + 56
    2   libdispatch.dylib                       0x94a90f8f _dispatch_call_block_and_release + 15
    If this is not the issue you're having, please start a new thread and provide the usual data. If your problem does match this issue, please double-check that you've followed the steps in the new document and post back here.

  • Problem with Quicktime stops Preview in Photoshop? Mac OSX 10.6.8

    There were no warnings about Lion blocking old software when I installed Lion. Because purchasing new software was beyond my budget,
    I had it removed and went back to Leopard 10.6.8.  Now when I'm working in Photoshop and have adjusted an image, a message appears "Because of a problem with Quicktime, a preview can't be built.  Quicktime Player 10 is in the Applications folder, and Quicktime Play 7 is in the Utilities folder.
    Quicktime movies in Support on the Apple site won't play either.  Please advise steps to take or new download.

    The Reset Firefox feature can fix many issues by restoring Firefox to its factory default state while saving your essential information.
    Note: ''This will cause you to lose any Extensions, Open websites, and some Preferences.''
    To Reset Firefox do the following:
    #Go to Firefox > Help > Troubleshooting Information.
    #Click the "Reset Firefox" button.
    #Firefox will close and reset. After Firefox is done, it will show a window with the information that is imported. Click Finish.
    #Firefox will open with all factory defaults applied.
    Further information can be found in the [[Reset Firefox – easily fix most problems]] article.
    Did this fix your problems? Please report back to us!

  • Problem with QuickTime Movies From iMovie HD

    I posted this earlier (on the second day of Leopard's Release), and did not get much feedback, and so thought I'd try again after people have had time to run Leopard.
    I have some movies that I created using iMovie HD. I have the QuickTime version of the movie for use with Front Row.
    On my G5 iMac running Leopard, the quality of the movies on Front Row is fine. However, in Leopard, the quality is lousy. The movies were made from still photos, using the Ken Burns effect. There are also transitions. On the web, on my iWeb site, the pictures take a while to come into focus. I sort of expect this on the web. However, I've found the same thing with the movie files using Front Row on Leopard. Again, this slowness in coming into focus does not appear when playing the movie on Front Row on Tiger on a G5 iMac.
    Curious if anyone else has encountered problems/issues with QuickTime movies files from iMovie HD. And if so, what if any fixes are available.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hmmmm, so it works OK in Front Row but NOT in Quicktime player? Thats odd. Front Row works worse for me!
    It sounds like it may be a rendering problem with Quicktime - It has to process the file in general (or parts of the file, for example, if you export 10 pics looped in Flash, it has to process the 10 image files each time it plays it through, resulting in the first 4 or 5 images to shoot out jerkily [read LAG] unlike the rest of the movie, which is smooth). If these images in your movie are large in file size or contain tons of wacky photoshopped effects, etc, that might be whats causing the problem.
    I'd check everything is updated to the latest version, repair permissions on the disk in Disk Utility, and then see if anythings improved.
    Hope this helps you.

  • Lots of problems with Quicktime 7.1.3

    There is a lot of problems with Quicktime 7.1.3, for starters when you install it, the shorcuts on the start menu doesn't show the right icon, instead they show the icon like if the path to the desired icon is wrong, and not matter how much you use the repair function on the installer it remains the same.
    The plug-in for the internet browser doesn't works neither, you only get the "Plug-in error. The plug-in did not initialise properly" error message.
    And what's with the Question mark on every single trailer on this site? it seems they have problems with the mov files on the server or something, like if they aren't complete, kinda odd considering that the HD trailers did open without problem but those ones open a player window since they are too big for a plug-in browser window.
    Apple has a lot of work to do for the next version of Quicktime since this one came with a big load of errors, I had to return to the version 7.1 while all this problems get fixed.

    from day one i haven't had a problem with installation nor with playback. originally the surround sound didn't work, that was however with the recent version the h.264 encoding has downgraded.
    the only thing i did different on installation was getting the standalone and not the itunes addition. i didn't uninstall the old one nor did i dig through the registry and mess with the keys. all i did was install and i presume it removed the older installation which is fine because obviously it worked.
    why you all are having problems i have no idea. i just want my h.264 encoding quality restored back to the way it was.

  • Problem with type conversion and primary key during row fetch

    [Note, this error occurs in Oracle XE, APEX]
    I have been having a problem with Automatic Row Fetch:
    ORA-01460: unimplemented or unreasonable conversion requested
    So in an effort to resolve this, I created a PL/SQL process with the query below and was able to isolate the same error. The problem seems to come from one of the primary keys being a "number" type (APP_ID). The error occurs on the line:
    where u.app_id=:P5_APP_ID
    I have tried the following variations on this line in an effort to resolve this, but all generate the same error:
    1) where to_char(u.app_id) = :P5_APP_ID
    2) where u.app_id = to_number(:P5_APP_ID)
    3) where to_char(u.app_id) = to_char(:P5_APP_ID)
    I've also tried the laternate syntax "&__." and "#__#", but these don't function in the Source field and show up as syntax errors.
    Any suggestions are welcome.
    for r in (
    select app_name, apptype, appcreator, appurl
    from application_users u, application_info i
    where u.app_id=:P5_APP_ID
    and i.app_id=u.app_id
    and u.username=:P5_USERNAME)
    :P5_APP_NAME := r.app_name;
    :P5_APPURL := r.appurl;
    when others then
    raise_application_error(-20000,'In Loop Failure',true);
    end loop;
    when others then
    raise_application_error(-20000,'Out of Loop Failure',true);
    Thanks in advance,

    I found a prior post referencing a similar issue and it was solved by using the "v(__)" syntax. This did resolve my issue, however, I have a quick follow-on which I'm hoping someone can answer quickly...
    Since the "v(__)" syntax won't work for the Automatic Row Fetch (at least to the best of my knowledge), I have to do a manual process. However, the manual query as shown above doesn't actually populate any of the form values through the bind variables. They all remain at their cached values from prior data entry on the form.
    Is using the bind variables for assignment incorrect, or is there something that must be done to get the updates to show up in the form (ordering of processes, etc.).
    My manual process is running in the Load: Before Header state so I would have expected it to update all of the fields.
    Thanks in advance,

  • Is anyone facing problems with quicktime on lion???

    I recently upgraded my macbook pro to lion osx and the problems keep showing up one by one... quicktime is the worst. it has literally stopped functioning! at first, there was this problem with audio and video not being synched; and then it got worse and was totally playing the videos without any audio track and now, after a week or so, the app is not working AT ALL!!!
    I hit "play", the icon changes to "pause" as in : "i'm playing the video!" and then it stops and NOTHING HAPPENS. and it's not about the format of the videos either. i treid .wmv (which was working btw), .avi or .mov (made by imovies for crying out loud!)...
    when its photoshop being slow and laggy, you can blame adobe! but isn't quicktime supposed to be the "official" apple player??? am heavily disappointed apple!

    iOS: Troubleshooting FaceTime                  
    - Reset the iOS device. Nothing will be lost      
    Reset iOS device: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at
    least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    - Go to Settings>FT>You can be Reached At and sing out and sign back in
    - Reset all settings                            
    Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset All Settings.
    All your preferences and settings are reset. Information (such as contacts and calendars) and media (such as songs and videos) aren’t affected.
    - Restore from backup. See:                                               
    iOS: Back up and restore your iOS device with iCloud or iTunes
      - Restore to factory settings/new iOS device.                       

  • New version of iTunes will not open says problem with QuickTime

    Followed all instructions to unload/reload QuickTime still same problem iTunes will not open due to problem with QT so removed both iTunes and QT and reloades still shows message and will not open iTunes.

    Try uninstalling the QuickTime Player application using the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, as suggested here:
    Also, *Verify iTunes and related components are completely uninstalled*, as suggested here:
    Then download and install the latest version of iTunes from here:

  • FCC: Problems with content conversion

    Dear all,
    I have a receiver FTP adapter with content conversion. In RWB I'm facing following error message:
    Adapter Framework caught exception: Exception in XML Parser (format problem?):'java.lang.Exception: Message processing failed in XML parser: 'java.lang.Exception: Consistency error: more fields found in XML structure than specified in conversion parameters! (Value 'FCOTUPI')', probably configuration error in file adapter (XML parser error)'
    The field with value FCOTUPI could be found in POS recordset. I double check the length of columns but couldn't find
    an error.
    CC configuration:
    Recordset structure: HEADER,POS,SUBPOS
    HEADER.fieldFixedLengths = 8,4,8
    POS.fieldFixedLengths = 8,20,15,3
    SUBPOS.fieldFixedLengths = 5,5
    HEADER.fixedLengthTooShortHandling = Cut
    POS.fixedLengthTooShortHandling = Cut
    SUBPOS.fixedLengthTooShortHandling = Cut
    As you can see by the names, I am using as XML to convert a structure with subnodes. In documentation it said
    that it is not allowed, but in some threads I found the information that structure could be processed.
    Any ideas how to solve this problem?

    Dear Amit,
    thanks for your answer. I already checked this blog, but hoped for other solutions.
    My problem: I tried to map my hierarchical structure to a flat structure.
    Struc1 (0..unbounded)
    -Struc2 (0..unbounded)
    --Item 2.1
    --Struc3 (0..unbounded)
    Struc1 (0..unbounded)
    Struc2 (0..unbounded)
    -Item 2.1
    Struc3 (0..unbounded)
    But if e.g. the Struc2 appears two time it will be created two time in target structure before
    the Struc3 is created. But ths Struc3 belongs to Struc2 and should be created in flat file under
    Struc2 directly.
    How can we created a flat structure like this

  • Possible Problem with quicktime causing itunes malfunction

    i think the problem with my itunes is that the quicktime file is screwed up. i tried removing it on add/remove programs, but it doesnt work for some reason. any possible ways to fix this problem? i also tried downloading quicktime separately, but that didnt work either.

    i tried removing it on add/remove programs, but it doesnt work for some reason.
    do you get an error message when you try to uninstall QuickTime, shirish? if so, what does it say? include error message numbers if you're getting any.

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