Purchase Order Text Details

My requirement is to get the details of the Purchase Order Text (maintained in the material master record) for all the materials in two of my plants. Kindly let me know how to get those details.

Hi Ramensh,
Refer the threadsss.
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[Thread-2|Re: Purchase Order Text]

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  • Regarding - Purchase Order Text

    Dear All,
    I want to know purchase order text details. Which table I can get details.
    Reg/ Shankar G.

    Hi ,
    In Se16 Table STXH, give selection screen as either Text Object as EKKO, or Changed as " user name", & ask the abaper to get the details with Function Module "read_text" in SE16, enter Object Id & Text Id
    Hope your ABAPer will help you get the details

  • Purchase order Text and Basic data text needed from MM03 tcode

    I need Purchase order text and Basic data text to be fetched by material number.
    Purchase order text and Basic data text are present in MM03 Tcode.
    Can anyone please guide me how to do it.
    Kind Regards

    Purchase order text
    GotoMM03 ->view purchase order text.
    In purchase order text screen, below you find one icon 'Editor'
    click on this icon. It will open another screen.
    In this screen -> click Goto Menu->Header.
    It will open the details about Purchase order text.
    TextName (Generally it is material name)
    Text ID : BEST
    Text Object: MATERIAL.
    Pass the above to READ_TEXT to get the text
    *Basic data text *
    Basic Data Text in MM03

  • MMR Purchase Order Text

    Hello Guys,
    I am buidling a report in SQ01 to bring information abaout my MMR using table MARA some extra table.
    The situation is that in my MMR I have extra description for the equipment on the Purchase Order Text view which I could not find a way to bring in my Query.
    Does anyone no a way to report what we input in the MMR on Purchase Order Text view? That would be very helpfull.
    Carlos Araes

    Hello Guys,
    I am not sure if I was clear in my explanation. When I am creating the MMR I am adding on the MMR view Purchase Order text some extra description for the MMR which when I use it populates the PO the fields on table table EKKO or EKPO.
    The difference here it is that I am looking to bring this information from table MARA. The extra descritpion I input on MMR view Purchase Order text is not available in table MARA as well as EKKO or EKPO any way.
    From table STXH I could not identify where the input would be allocate could you give a bit more details regarding this table?

  • Getting data in Purchase Order Text column of CJI3 Report

    In cji3 there is column of Purchase order text where we get the text from Item header of PO i.e; VENDOR SERVICE.
    Now if we wish to display the text of services used in the Item detail corresponding to same line item of PO then how to get that.
    Please suggest a way out for finding that data.

    CJI3 is a standard SAP report, which you could not change without ABAPer's help.
    Please also check SAP Note 325546.
    Hope it may be useful.

  • Purchase order item details in the drop box is not appearing

    Hi all ,
    I have created a 'Z' transaction  ME22N .Purchase order change .
    In that transaction purchase order item details in the drop box is not appearing.
    Please suggest .

    System will not display the Purchase order item details in the first screen. First enter the data on the Item overview like Material or short text then only it will display the Item details.
    I think you are checking with out entering the data on Item overview .
    Check by entering the material/short text.

  • MM01-Purchase order text

    i want to ask if while the creation of the material in MM01 in the tab Purchase order text
    is there possibility attach not only txt file but also jpeg or pdf-doc.

    This can be done via Document Management System (DMS).
    Refer following links for more details;
    [SAP DMS - Document Management System 1|http://www.sap-img.com/sap-dms.htm]
    [SAP DMS - Document Management System 2|http://www.saptechies.com/sap-dms-document-management-system/]

  • Contract, Purchase Order texts.

    Can you pl throw light on the texts in purchase documents.
    We have the following types of texts in a PO.
    Header texts
    Header Notes
    Pricing types
    Terms of delivery
    Shipping instructions
    Terms of payments
    Penalty for breach & so on.
    In Item details we have
    Item texts
    Info record PO text
    Material PO text
    Delivery text
    What is the difference between the above & where are they maintained if the same need to populated automatically instead of manually typing for every PO.
    Thanks in Advance,

    Some of the Purcahse order texts can be  Copied from the Vendor master, Material master & Inforecords.
    If you are using a contract as a reference for the Purchase order then if you maintain them in the Contrcat the same would get copied into the Purchase Order.
    In SPRO-> IMG-> Materials Management-> Purchasing-> Purchase Order-> Texts for Purchase Orders-> Define Copying Rules for Header Texts & Define Copying Rules for Item Texts
    Here you can maintain the Copying texts from the Source application .
    Thanks & Regards

  • Purchase order texts.

    what are the purpose of Basic data text (view "Basic data 1"), Purchase order text (view "Purchase order text" ), from the menu Edit, Long Text, Create Text?
    Best regards

    Basic data text:
    You can use this text as you like, for example, to store additional, general information on the material
    If a text  has not yet been maintained, the system creates a blank text in the logon language. If you want to create a text in another language, choose Create text and specify the language in the dialog box that appears. Then enter your text as required. For more word-processing functions, choose Editor to enter your text in SAPscript. For information on how to use SAPscript, see the SAP library documentation .
    Purchase order text:
    A purchase order text is a text describing the material in more detail. This text is subsequently copied to purchasing documents (such as purchase requisitions or purchase orders) automatically, where you can change it if necessary. It is valid for all organizational levels, not for a specific plant. You can enter a purchase order text in the material master record in as many languages as you like, though only one text is allowed per language

  • Purchase order text report

    Hi All,
      I want to take report of "Purchase order text" which is stored in material master.
    Any Idea pls let me know....

    Dear Hari,
    You can use BAPI_PO_GETDETAIL1 or BAPI_PO_GETDETAIL to retrieve the data in your program.Enter the PO number and tick the item text and header text indicator.

  • Upload Purchase order text tab using BDC

    Is it possible to upload Purchase order text tab in material master (tcode mm01) using a BDC.
    If so pls tell me how to upload the same, what is the field name of the box.

    u need to use READ_TEXT or SAVE_TEXT or WRITE_TEXT or COMMIT_TEXT to upload text into SAP.

  • Upload of purchase order text in the material master

    Now we have information of Purchase order text for all the material.
    Is it possible to upload the Purchase order text using LSMW.
    Some friends were telling that LSMW is not possible for Purchase Order text.
    Can anyone suggest how I can upload this purchase order text for all 1000
    material using LSMW program.
    /if not LSMW is there any other method to upload it
    thanks in advance

    Dear Deepak,
    there is standard direct upload i believe
    go to lsmw
    Execute 1st option
    then inLSMW:Object Attribute screen
    in standard batch/ direct input
    firsr radio button
    select object 005
    and method 003
    Program name RSTXLITF.
    Then go by normal process i.e source field , field mapping...
    In this way u can also upload Text in the Material master.
    Rewards if helpful
    Sanjay L

  • Developed a report which gives PO(Purchase Order) Pricing details.

    hi experts,
    please give me tables and fields for following report, and also exlain me briefly,
    Developed a report which gives PO(Purchase Order) Pricing details.
    thanks in advance,

    Hello Radhakrishna,
    you can use the function module
              comm_head_i       = wa_komk
         LANGUAGE          = ' '
         COMM_HEAD_E       =
         COMM_MWSKZ        =
              tkomv             = gi_komv
              tkomvd            = gi_komvd.
    in wa_komk pass the condition record number.
    this you will get from your vbak table
    reward  points if helpful

  • Material description VS Purchase order Text when creating a PO

    Hi Gurus,
    When creating a PO for a specific material, I have to print a purchase order text different from the material description.
    To do this, a specific text has be added to the material master data in the tab "Purchase order Text" with the italian language maintained.
    But, when i start to create a new PO for this material, the short text that is shown is retrieved form the Material description and not from the Purchase order text that has been added before.
    How can I do to have the purchase order text shown in the PO instead of the common material description?
    Thanks in advance for your support.
    Edited by: Valentino Rosso on Sep 9, 2009 10:58 AM

    Hi Rajaram,
    thansk a lot for your answer, it has been very helpful.
    Could you please clarify me the below points?
    1) Could you please confirm me that this is the functionality of the standard SAP System? That means that in case we want to put the purchase order text in to "short text" we would need to create an ad hoc development, right?
    2) In case we print the PO with the purchase order text added for the material, is there any point where we can find this information for the material, or we will see just the material description from the Material Master Data?
    Thanks a lot for your support.

  • Cant able to see new value and old value for change in purchase order text

    Hi all ,
    I am not able to see changes done in material's purchase order text in material master. When i use tcode MM04 to see changes done material master it does not report new and old value for change if it is done in purchase order text of that material .
    Thanks in advance  ,

    Hi Shikha,
    I'm not sure it works or not. But you can try SCU3 t.code and table DBTABLOG. May it can help you out.
    I also faced this type of issue in Plant data and it get resolved.
    Try and let me know...
    Sunil Sisodia

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