Quicktime export problem - failed(10)

Hi there.
Quicktime V7.1 has suddenly stopped working on my computer. Whenever I try to export, a few seconds after it displays 'calculating time', I get the message Failed(10).
This seems to be irrespective of the format of the original video or the format and compression I attempt to export to. So far, I have only attempted Quicktime native codecs. Nor does changing the file name or exporting to a different drive help.
I have uninstalled Flip4Mac as I understand it can be troublesome and I have reinstalled Quicktime 7.1 and restarted.
No change. Same problem. Please help! Do I have to reinstall the OS?
Thanks if you can help.

Double check your "Pro" status using the QuickTime Sys Prefs.
Try a different user account. This helps isolate "users" folder issues.
Don't muck with a bunch of changes unless you want to make even more troubles. Leave things as they are and report back.
Try exporting to another (new) folder on your user account Desktop.
If exporting to an external drive make sure it is recognized by Disk Utility app and is properly formatted to receive large files.
Check "permissions". DU can help there, too.

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  • QuickTime Export Problem

    This is the first time I have attempted to use the HDV function on my Canon XHA1. I had used it for SD many times with FCP 5.1.4 many times with no problem, but I’m having a problem exporting from FCP. Here is a snap shot of my settings in FCP. I think they are OK, but look and see.
    The video looks fine in FCP, but when I export using QuickTime Movie, I used “Current Settings” when I exported. When I look at the size of the QuickTime file that was exported the dimensions were 1920 x 1080, even though the current settings in FCP are 1440 x 1080. I have tried other export options with no success.
    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for the response. I guess my question is there anyway for me to correct the distortion. Here is a JPG of how the QuickTime file looks. <www.greydogmac.com/QTclock.jpg>. You will notice that the clock face is elongated and looks distorted.

  • Magic Move + QuickTime Export Problem

    Hey there,
    as I don't have an adapter for my MacBook Pro, I have to export my presentations into QuickTime for school. I use Magic Move often, but it seems to cause problems in some situations. I want to zoom into an image, and then move it afterwards. It works fine in Keynote, but in QuickTime it kind of zooms and moves from one slide to another.
    What's this about and what can I do? Thank you.

    I'll just take my notebook.

  • Quicktime exporting problems

    I have just exported my finished edit using quicktime movie (current settings). The problem is some of the footage is stuttering and slow. It looks perfect in the timeline but when exported the quality has dropped significantly.
    Iam using footage from two different cameras. primary vision comes from a handycam with AVCHD files. I logged and transferred them into fcp using apple pro res 422. The frame rate is 25fps, frame size 1920x1080.
    The other footage came to me on a disk so unsure of what the camera is but it was mp4 format NTSC 29.97fps, 1280 x 720. I converted these files to .mov and to pal 25 fps to match the frame rate of the handycam primary footage.
    Sequence setting in timeline:
    1920x1080 (HDTV 1080i 16:9)
    25 fps
    apple PoRes 422
    field dominance:none
    The poor quality footage is from the handycam when exported. The 1280 x 720 looks fine. Is this to do with the frame sizes not being the same in the sequence. Or is there something wrong in my sequence settings?
    Im utterly perplexed.
    please help!

    I would have expected the problem to be with the mp4 sourced material.
    How did you convert the timebase from 29.97 to 25 fps?
    Was it interlaced or progressive?
    The AVCHD sourced material is interlaced. You are playing it in a progressive format.
    What happens if you change the dominence setting for the sequence to "upper field"
    fwiw - If it is an interlacing problem, you'll not see it in FCP as FCP displays a proxy that is deinterlaced.
    To see problems like this you need an external monitor that is being fed a real broadcast TV signal. Computer signals/displays don't show you the real deal.

  • QuickTime export/share fails to export video in Lion OS

    I have a 9 gb .mov file (that I created and exported from FCP 7). I can open this file in QT, it opens & plays fine. I am however not able to create a compressed m4v version of this file from QT. I need to do this to enable a download of this movie onto my iPad, iPhone and stream through Apple TV, It creates an m4v file with no video but just audio. This problem happens with both the Export & Share options. And NO, I am not using the "Audio only" option. This was a simple task through Snow Leapord and I have done that several times. Not sure what to do, I am not able to get any help form Apple Support (I have a valid support extended warrenty). Can someone please help?

    Thank you for the answer. The information was useful, the tone was not what I expected. When I asked whether more specific headings could be encouraged, I meant it out of sympathy for the moderators/answerers, not to incur their ire. Perhaps it would have been better if I'd left out the editorial comment.
    I searched for 'audio', which I thought was a more technical term than 'sound'.
    I read the indicated specs for QT above. The MPEG shortcoming is not laid out there clearly in any sense. MPG is not listed as an export format, so from that I would conclude QT can't export to MPEG1.
    It is clear in the Apple article. For it to be 'clear' to anyone right away, it should be added in one sentence to the relevant help section of QT: 'QT will not export files with some codecs because of their proprietary neature.'
    Or it should be in a pop-up message as soon as you try to export an mpg: 'Because mpeg is ownded by someone else, export will only render video'.
    I believe I asked a valid question, and provided a specific account of my problem, so this post will be useful for future browsers.
    Because VisualHub dealt easily with mpg, I thought QT must too. I was wrong.

  • Quicktime export problems in CS4

    I am having trouble exporting Quicktime videos from Flash
    CS4. Previously, in Flash CS3, I got the following dialogue box:
    CS3 export box
    Notice the fact that I can change the export resolution in
    this box. I set the resolution to what I want, and then click the
    quicktime settings box to change the movie's dimensions to what I
    want. The resolution settings in this picture determine what
    dimensions the flash movie is rendered at, not the final quicktime
    movie. Now, take a look at my new dialogue box:
    CS4 export dialogue options
    Notice that I can't change the resolution settings here. If I
    go into the quicktime settings and export out a movie at a higher
    resolution, it first renders the flash file at the native
    resolution in the picture and then upsizes it to the quicktime
    resolution, resulting in a very low-quality, blurry movie.
    Does anyone know how I can render out a quality quicktime
    movie in CS4?

    That's the stupidest thing I ever heard of!! How can you remove the option for determining the size of my movie?! If the size of the frame influances the frame rate, you should have fixed that. With this it means I have to make my flash file 1920x1080 if I want the quicktime movie to be HD, not a pixel less.
    Is there a way to override this? A plug-in or something that wil let me determine the size of the qiucktime movie independetly of the size of the flash file?

  • QT 7.1 Export Problem Failed(-2126)

    Hi - I just got a QT 7.1 pro because I want to export my AVI files made by Canon SD550 to any files with smaller size than AVI. However it always failed after "calculating estimated time" text: "Failed -2126"
    And here is the information of the format of the file :
    8-bit VCM codec, Unsigned Integer, Mono, 11.024 kHz
    , 320 x 240, Millions.
    Any help is highly appreciated.

    You may need to download some of the Canon video codecs before you can export.
    The 2126 error message is "notAllowedToSaveMovieErr" which doesn't mean that much to you.
    You may also need the MPEG-2 Playback component.
    Should be easy, but it isn't.

  • Photoshop CS4 & Quicktime Export Problem

    I am opening a still image sequence of tif files, each file containing an alpha channel. When I render this to video in Photoshop, I select the Quicktime Animation codec and set it to use Millions of Colors+. This is supposed to allow the inclusion of the alpha channel into the movie. However when I load this movie into Premiere Pro CS4, there is no alpha channel in the movie. Can anyone explain what is wrong?

    The only way would be to ask for it In the feature requests:
    Or the wishform:

  • Quicktime export problem - black spots

    Instead of transitions, a number of slides are getting interrupted in the middle by a few seconds of just ablack screen before the slide re-appearing and then going through the transition. This is happening to nearly every slide transition. I have transparency set to "on," I do not know if this may be part of the problem.

    your description doesn't make any sense. Where did you turn transparency "on"...on an object? There's no master switch, but your posts makes it sound like there is.

  • Quicktime export failed - out of memory

    After I managed to open AVCHD (MTS) movies with AE CS4 I just tried to export a 2 min movie. I export as H264 1280x720.
    I keep getting this error "quicktime export failed - out of memory"
    It also happend when using SD movies
    I have 2GB ram and a dual core inter E6550.
    Does anyone encountered such problem ?

    Are you rendering and exporting using the render queue, or are you using the Export command in the File menu? You should almost always use the render queue.
    "Rendering and exporting movies using QuickTime components" and
    "About rendering and exporting".

  • After Effects error: Quicktime export failed - Out of memory (-108)

    I am using CS3 After Effects and have been receiving this After Effects error: Quicktime export failed - Out of memory (-108).  Can anyone help with this issue?
    I am using a Mac Pro 6-Core Intel Xeon 2.66 GHz with 6 memory slots at 1GB DDR3 ECC at Speed 1333MHz.

    Sounds like one of those many "old version of AE on new hardware" issues... You may need to fiddle with Rosetta or install it in teh first place, if you haven't already and you may also require a specific older version of Quicktime...

  • EXPORT Backup failing due to character set problem

    Hi ,
    The export Backup failing due to character set problem
    . . exporting table ravidlx
    EXP-00008: ORACLE error 6552 encountered
    ORA-06552: PL/SQL: Compilation unit analysis terminated
    ORA-06553: PLS-553: character set name is not recognized
    Please suggest how to set character set
    Edited by: kk001 on Aug 29, 2011 7:22 PM

    kk001 wrote:
    Hi ,
    The export Backup failing due to character set problem
    . . exporting table ravidlx
    EXP-00008: ORACLE error 6552 encountered
    ORA-06552: PL/SQL: Compilation unit analysis terminated
    ORA-06553: PLS-553: character set name is not recognized
    Please suggest how to set character set
    I don't know what you have.
    I don't know what you do.
    I don't know what you see.
    It is really, Really, REALLY difficult to fix a problem that can not be seen.
    use COPY & PASTE so we can see what you do & how Oracle responds.
    do as below so we can know complete Oracle version & OS name.
    Post via COPY & PASTE complete results of
    SELECT * from v$version;

  • Flash CS6, QuickTime: The export operation failed because it ran out of memory.

    Exporting a QuickTime movie file seems to be an old issue with previous versions too. In CS6 I always get the error message: "The export operation failed because it ran out of memory." I've got tons of memory and have allocated increasing amounts to the cache with no success.
    My small and fairly simple file was created with Flash CS5 which seemed to work fine at the time of creation. I've tried everything recommended online but with no luck so far. BTW, I reinstalled CS5 and tried that too but it just hangs now, and there's no error message.
    Does anyone have a solution?
    (OS X 10.7.4)

    If I may join this discussion...  I loaded up CS6 two days ago and have just completed my first 60 second animation using it.  Like everybody else here, it all went fine until I tried to export it to QuickTime – something that has never been problematic before. 
    I ended up exporting it as a swf and opening that in CS4.  Then I could export it, but the resulting QuickTime movie was over 500 MB in size!  Okay, so then I opened it in QuickTime Pro and exported it from there.  This brought the file size down to a far more reasonable 35 MB, but now the soundtrack has gone!  So now I am having to replace the sound in Final Cut Pro. 
    This is a real palaver – and not conducive to heaping praise on CS6 when questioned.  I note that there is talk of Adobe rectifying this "bug", but it would be really good to hear from somebody at Adobe with:
    a) An apology
    b) An estimated time of delivery
    c) A best practice work round
    But I'm guessing that anybody that works at Adobe will be the last person to read this...

  • FCP quicktime conversion export problem

    issue exporting still image instead of video
    FCP quicktime conversion export problem
    within the last 2 weeks i have exported from FCP studio 7.0.3  as quicktime conversion, the settings are:
    export as QuickTime Conversion:
    > Options> quality> set to Best>
    Standard Video Compression Settings
    Compression Type: H.264
    Frame Rate: Current fps
    Key Frames: Every 24 frames
    check Frame Reordering
    Quality: Best
    Encodeing: Best (Multi-pass)
    Data Rate:
    Filter… none
    NTSC 720x486 16:9
    Sound: (don't change anything)
    Format: Integer (Little Endian)
    Sample rate: 48.000kHz
    Sample size: 16-bit
    Channels: (L R)
    the results i get a odd. - the video exports fine, except for the beginning titles, instead a still frame image from somewhere else in the video occupies that intro, until the first transition- in this case- dip to white, then the rest of the video is fine. the portion of the beginning  that does not show are composed of:  livetype text credits in V2 - in which i have done a manual opacity fade up and down - so the livetype text fades in, over matte color solid in V1. in the exported video -i do not see any of this, all i see is a seemingly random still from somewhere else in the video. i can however hear the audio as it is supposed be.
    cant figure out why this is happening. anybody know?
    i think the livetype files are 1920 x 1080.
    my FCP sequence is 720 p
    this has only recently started happening and doesn't seem to be consistent.
    im wondering if it has to do with the live type files, or the white solid?…
    or the conversion settings above?

    Earlybird is exporting H264 ... the Key Frames setting is determining the GOP length. This value should really be determined based on the complexity of the video, to my understanding, the actual frame rate has no bearing on it. If you have very complex fast moving content then a low Key Frame rate is advisable to ensure good image quality (although it will adversely affect the filesize) whereas if you have slow moving or static content (like an interview subject) then a higher Key Frame rate will still produce a good image but at a smaler filesize. The default of 24 should be pretty much fine as a catchall starting point.
    Corrupted render files (and render references) can be a pain because FCP will use those files and references  in place of the original media when building the export. And so it should as it does't want to waste time re-rendering sections that are apparently already rendered. Unfortuantely, as noted, if the render file has gone bad and/or starts referencing the wrong media then you'll get these wierd flashes of completely unexpeced and unwanted footage showing up where it shouldn't be. When you trash those files then QT / FCP will just go back and re-reference the original media ... so it's usually a worthwhile step to take just in case thats the problem.  The worse case scenario is that it only that doesn't work and you spend some time unecessarily re-rendering.
    As to why these files go bad? That I don't know. Why do Preferences get corrupted? That I don't know either but it definitely happens :-(

  • FCP5 - Problems with Quicktime Export Settings

    Hello -- I'm experiencing trouble when I export a Quicktime file from my FCP5 to burn to a DVD. The DVD, which I burn using iDVD, plays on my computer buut not in my DVD player -- the DVD player doesn't recognize it as a playble DVD.
    I've tested everything -- Regular commercial DVDs work fine in my DVD player, so it's not the DVD player that's broken. I haven't changed anything to do with iDVD. And finally, DVDs of the two types I'm using (Maxwell and TDK brands) once both worked fine in my DVD player when I exported from FCP and burned using iDVD, so it's not the blank DVDs that seem to be at fault.
    The problem seems to have occurred when a friend asked me to change the FCP Quicktime export settings to export a Quicktime file for streaming on the web and also for exporting a motion mpeg file (I'm not even sure what you do with one of those).
    Although I now choose "current settings" when I go to export, because I thought this would give me the old, preset standard settings that worked just fine in the past, I believe the FCP export settings must have gotten messed up, because nothing else has changed with my process, and yet now, the DVDs don't work in the DVD player.
    I am inexperienced/beginner level with the FCP program and don't know how to get back to the correct settings, and hope someone could be kind enough to help me. Especially since the help manual hasn't shed much light on this.
    Many thanks in advance for any and all assistance.
    G5 imac   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   FCP5/iDVD 5.0.1

    Make sure your sequence settings are progressive to begin with.
    Here is more background:

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