Regarding acknowledgement without using BPM

regarding acknowledgement without using BPM,
i've read all realated document sap lib, but i am not clear on it.
what step do i have to follow?
1. IDOC to Java server proxy?
2. RFC to Java Server Proxy?
3. ABAP proxy to SOAP?
thanks & regards

> what step do i have to follow?
> 1. IDOC to Java server proxy?
For the IDOC you need not do anything, as IDOCs request ack's per default. For Java Proxies look here: [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken]
> 2. RFC to Java Server Proxy?
This is not possible.
> 3. ABAP proxy to SOAP?
Look in the online help for requesting ack's in ABAP proxy (it is similat leik in Java Proxies). You can only work with system ack's.

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  • Asynchronous, but need Ack without using BPM and IDocs.

    Hi Experts,
                     I would like to do a scenario i.e., "Asynchronous communication, but need Acknowledgement without using BPM and also without using IDocs whether it is sender side or receiver side". Please help me.
    Thanks in advance

    Without using BPM will be little longer process. But the alternative way is to add one more receiver in the receiver determination and send some file to that location with the actual mapping getting executed for the actual receiver. and in the second interface you can get the file created at second receiver back to the source location. But this will be little long as compared to synchronous scenarios.
              Receiver 1--> Actual mapping as per requirement
              Receiver 2(For Ack)--> Create a mapping with blank file sent to Receiver
    Receiver 2-->File Adapter--> Source through 2nd mapping/interface and keep the File adapter pooling interval around 5 sec or less so that you can get the file back to source location.

  • Message Spiltting Without Using BPM in XI-7.0

    We are using XI-7.0.
    We need to spilt the message from 1 to many without using BPM based on following conditions.
    We need to spilt the one message in many messages depending on the segment records of ZORDER3 and ZORDER2.
    If IDOC message do not have segment ZORDER3 then message needs to be spilt based on the segment records of ZORDER2.
    In the following example, one IDOC message would come from SAP system and that message needs to spilt into 7 messages for the vendor's system.
    Any help will be appreciated.
    <u>Source message: IDOC-ZORDER</u>
    <i>Segment:ZORDER1(Max occ-1)
               Segment:ZORDER2(Max occ-999)
                              Segment:ZORDER3(Max occ-99)
                              Segment:ZORDER3(Max occ-99)
    <u>Target Message Structure</u>
              costobjectDesc:CCTest1</i>Thanks in advance!

    If you give the target structure and occurrences of it , then it will be more helpful. Also please quote on wht basis the message needs to be splitted, coz the condition is not clear, Please give the condition too.
    Best regards,

  • Multi-Mapping in IDOC without using BPM ?

    Hi ,
    Please check ..
    Can below given blog can be used to achive Multi-mapping in IDOC without using BPM ?

    Solved .. Thx every one .
    Approache Used :
    1. Created mapping  with Change signature on target Message type(idoc) with 1..N Occurence.
    2. Operation mapping with change Occurence on Target Operation(1..Unbounded) .
    3. Used same Operation mapping in Interface Determination with 0..unbounded(Multiplicity).

  • Dynamic text in PI Alerts without using BPM

    Hello everyone,
    Is it possible to have dynamic text in alert mail subject or mail details without using BPM in PI?
    If I want to configure generic single alert category for all interfaces in my project , and in the subject line of Alert mail, I need to have the Interface ID (unique identifier for that interface) or integration directory scenario name for which this alert has been raised, then is it possible to use some custom alert container for this purpose?  Or is there any other way to have these dynamic texts ?
    We are using PI7.1 in project landscape.
    Thanks in advance,

    >>I need to have the Interface ID (unique identifier for that interface) or integration directory scenario name for which this alert has been raised
    those two are not available in the container:
    Michal Krawczyk

  • Multi-mapping with message bundling but without using BPM

    Hi all,
    I have a requirement to bunch specific no. of records (say 50) from source message and create separate target messages for those bunches. For example, if the source message has 120 records, then there should be three separate target messages created containing 50, 50 and 20 records each.
    I am wondering whether this multi-mapping is possible without using BPM, as the typical no. of records in the source message are in the range of 600 to 800, and rarely (twice or thrice a month) they shoot up to 2000. So my concern is whether BPM would affect the performance. We are using PI at SP12.
    - Shankar.

    Sorry for late reply.. Well the sender is a file system, which sends a single XML file containing multiple records. (I mean I have a sender file adapter that polls periodically from a specific path and picks up the file when it is available)
    The no. of records in the source file may be different in each run. The requirement on the receiver system is that it can handle a file which has maximum of 'n' records only (say 50 in my example)
    Now the sender file can contain any no. of records. It may contain 10 on some day, or 200 the next day, or 120 on the third day. But on the receiver side, I want the files to be created such that each will contain AT MAX 50 records.
    So, if source file has <=50 records, then there will be only 1 target file having the same no. of records.
    If source file has between 51 to 100 records, then there will be two target files. One will have 50 records, and the second will have remaining records.
    And so on..
    - Shankar.

  • File-To-RFC without using BPM

    hey guys
    is a File-To-RFC scenario possible without using BPM? i have gone through the blog by Arpit Seth ( /people/arpit.seth/blog/2005/06/27/rfc-scenario-using-bpm--starter-kit ) but it uses BPM.
    i am new to XI and not very comfortable with BPM.
    please let me know if BPM is the only way out or are there some other methods too.
    Also under what circumstances one should use BPM?
    thanx in advance.
    aamir suhail

    it's a standard non BPM scenario
    (you can find many weblogs like this)
    the only different thing is the RFC signature import
    (inside repository)
    and the use of different channels (file and RFC)
    you can find many examples in my XI FAQ
    (document section)
    <a href="/people/michal.krawczyk2/blog/2005/06/28/xipi-faq-frequently-asked-questions"><b>XI / PI FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions</b></a>

  • Choosing Receiver Interface (IDoc or RFC) without using BPM

    We have a scenario wherein the receiver interface (either IDoc or RFC) must be dynamically determined at runtime based on the source message. I've tried using Multi-Mapping but this did not work since IDoc and RFC interfaces are not on the same Adapter Engine.
    How do I configure this scenario without using BPM?

    >That was my first solution but it did not work since it seems that conditions only work for determining the Operation Mapping to use for the same Receiver interfaces.
    not true - not only Operation Mapping but also receiver agreement
    so the receiver's channel
    >I was misled into thinking that we could use it to dynamically determine the receiver interface.
    but you can do it over there
    intrface determination can be used for pseudo receiver determination too
    so you can have one interface that either goes to one
    channel or the other (within the same receiver)
    Michal Krawczyk

  • 1:N mapping without using BPM

    Hi All,
    I am facing a problem in 1:N mapping without using BPM...
    I would explain regarding it first...
    Scenarion is from SAP > XI> 3files
    I have 4 XSD's 1) one is Source Idoc XSD (all xsd's imported to External def.s)
                          2) target file 1 XSD
                           3) target file 2 XSD
                          4) target file 3 xsd
    I have created 4 message interfaces one is Outbound and rest 3 are Inbound
    and also i have done mapping : In mapping messages tab i have mentioned the 3 XSD(External definitions) and done the mapping as required...
    But now my problem is how to proceed with Interface mapping ...
    should i create 3 interface mappings ( ithink no) ... but in IM i am able to create for only one taget Interface .. how to with 3 XSD's ...
    Any solution is always thankfull...
    and Points are surely rewarded....
    Thanks and Regards,
    Sridhar Reddy

    Hi Sridhar,
    Receiver Determinatiion: one Receiver without Condition (Service that has all the Three inbound Interfaces).
    Then in Interface Determination choose enhanced  and choose ur Interface Mapping that has the Multi Mapping.
    It will automatically provide the three inbound Interfaces and u can create ur receiver agreements.
    Reference Blog:
    <a href="/people/jin.shin/blog/2006/02/07/multi-mapping-without-bpm--yes-it146s-possible:///people/jin.shin/blog/2006/02/07/multi-mapping-without-bpm--yes-it146s-possible

  • Problem with File RFC File scenario without using BPM

    Hi all,
      I am trying a File RFC File scenario without using BPM with the help of the following thread:
    File - RFC - File without a BPM - Possible from SP 19.
      The XI system is PI 7.0 sp 12. When I am trying to acheive the above scenario, I am getting wierd results i.e., when I observe in SXI_MONITOR, the message is showing as processed successfully, but when I watch the message status in communication channel monitoring, I am getting the following error:
    "Attempt to process file failed with Couldn't retrieve inbound binding for the given P/S/A values: FP=;TP=;FS=DEV120;TS=Test_Service;AN=MI_Invoice;;"
    I am not able to understand what the problem is. By the way, one more thing, is, I have kept the File processing mode as "Delete" in the sender file adapter. But the file is not getting deleted. I think the reason could be because of the above error.
    Can any body help me out in getting my problem resolved?
    Adithya K

    CPA Cache Refresh from the Adapter Engine To trigger a cache refresh from the individual Adapter Framework, open a browser window and enter the following
    URL: http://<host>:<port>/CPACache/refresh?mode=<b>delta|full</b>
    The Monitoring url is like this: http://<host>:<port>/CPACache
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Collecting Idocs without using BPM

    Hi Experts,
    I am working on a sceanrio, where Idocs are coming from sap and we need to generate a single Flat file out of them.
    For this scenario first we need to collect the Idocs and then process them to make a single file output.
    To achieve the same I am using the BPM to first collect the Idocs and make a packet out of them and then processs it to generate a single flat file.
    Can someone please suggest me that, How can we  achieve the same without the BPM.
    If yes, how can we do that?
    Thanks in advance.

    Pradeep ,
    Option 1 : /people/stefan.grube/blog/2006/09/18/collecting-idocs-without-using-bpm
    here you collect them as a file and file is picked up and sent to the target
    Option 2 :
    in WE20 in ERP set idoc package to 50
    in XI sender idoc channel - package to 50
    XI will receive 50 IDOCs at once...
    (courtesy Michal....till then i thought there is no sender idoc adapter )
    Option 3 : collect using BPM.
    Option 4 : This is what i woould need of collecting you can send one idoc at a time generate the file.....why do u want to collect?
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  • Alerts Without using BPM

    Is there any way to configure or to trigger an alert without using BPM???
    Thanks in advance,

    You can do that using creating ALERT Rules in your
    RWB-->ALert Configuration
    You will have to:
    1. Create ALert categories.
    2. In the 'ALert configuration' add Alert Rules ot the Alert category.
    Whenever an error happens, the Alert will be triggered by the ALert Framework.
    More details here:
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  • Multi-map without using BPM

    I am trying to create a multimap without using BPM as we are on SP15. I did the respective configuration in Message and Interface mapping as mentioned in the weblog.
    I am expecting multiple files to get generated in the target directory and i hope file adapter supports this.
    For that I did extended interface determination where I selected the respective interface mapping.
    When I am trying to execute this interface it throws error in SXMB_MONI saying "<b>No messages created from split mapping</b>".
    One more doubt, with what names it will generate multiple files?
    Thanks in advance.

    I tested my mappings in the Test tab of Interface Mapping where it runs absolutely fine.
    Here is source and target messages
    <b>  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    - <ns0:Messages xmlns:ns0="">
    - <ns0:Message1>
    - <ns1:UpdateShipTest_MT xmlns:ns1="">
    - <DELIVERY>
    - <DELIVERY>
    *************************End Source*****************************
    This is the one message which is required to be split into two separate Delivery files
    ***************************************Target Message*******************************
    <b>  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    - <ns0:Messages xmlns:ns0="">
    - <ns0:Message1>
    - <ns1:UpdateShipTest_MT xmlns:ns1="">
    - <DELIVERY>
    - <ns1:UpdateShipTest_MT xmlns:ns1="">
    - <DELIVERY>
    *************************************End Target****************************************
    According to interface map I guess the adapter should split the messages but at runtime it gives error.
    Thanks and Regards

  • Many files to one file Processing in XI without using BPM

    Hi XI Experts,
    I have one requirement in which I have to send three files from ERP system to some Third Party system via XI without using BPM.
    I seached many threads..but not got the solutions.
    Please help me.
    many thanks.

    Hi Arya,
    > the sturcture of the Target file will be diffrent.
    I assume you have only one target structure but three different input structures. So create one interface for each 3 different sender files and in the output use the same file receiver communication channel in append mode. So when ever your interface is run it will keep appending to the same file comm channel. There is no blog or document for this integration.
    If I were you I will go with BPM which is best solution for this scenario. With BPM you have the standard help and design in your SAP BASIS component only:

  • Async- Sync without using BPM

    Hi experts,
    could you please suggest if is it possible to implement asyn sync scenario without
    using BPM. If answer is yes then how to go about it
    My Scenario is : File ->RFC ->File
    thanks in advance

    This thread from Bhavesh is very useful
    File - RFC - File without a BPM - Possible from SP 19.

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