Regarding importing

while importing i am getting following error
imp-00017 following stmt failed with oracle error 1658
what is this means
how can i solved this error
any help appriciated

take a look this
IMP-00017: following statement failed with ORACLE error 942

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  • Regarding Import Duty

    Hi this is regarding Import duty structure.
    one my client is having import process and they are paying customs duty in advance, and at the time of purchasing booking , only the invoice value is accounted in purchases and the corresponding customs duty which is paid in advance, a part of which has to go to landed cost and remaining should go to CVD(CENVAT), mean time when we r doing incoming excise invoice the corresponding CVD, Cess on CVD and SH Cess on CVD and Additional customs duty should have to post in respective G/L accounts and when i am doing A/P invoice, the CVD component should not go to Vendors account.
    Any body highlight some standard procedure forn this as this is crucial....

    Please check this thread for your link:
    Re: Counter vailing duty

  • I am having a dought regarding import and export.

    I am having a dought regarding import and export.
    I am having one table called login_table where 40k rows are present and in production server. Now i want to take a export dump of login_table and want to import it into a table called table_login which has zero rows but having same table structure and it is present in another database. Please reply soon.

    Please reply soonWhy?
    This is a forum of volunteers, so no one is under any obligation to you. Please stop to be demanding and consequently insulting.
    Also what doubt do you have? It wouldn't work? This begs the question why you just didn't try? No one ever died from working.
    Sybrand Bakker
    Senior Oracle DBA

  • Regarding import process

    Dear SAP GURUS
    Info regarding import process:
    Customer request: customer would like to implement the import process: the requirement is purchasing will order the parts
    to the foreign vendor. after receivng the B/L,I/V, purchasing will do the GR and  payment to the foreign vendor and the local import agent. the material will lie at the import agent warehouse ( because of high volume) which is the outside ware house for the plant.
    the plant will run the MRP and confirm requirements will be sent to the import agent (in the form of the PO) which he has to deliver, the custome wants to do the GR ( for delivery control purpose) but not IR as payment has already been done to the
    foreign vendor.
    What I think is in the above requirement Double GR is happening which is not recommended. but the customer wants to send the weekly requirement to the import agent automatically as it is sending to the normal vendors through legacy systems ( in the form of PO)
    In the above scenario only possibility I feel is stock transfer scenario from the outside storage location to the plant storage location.
    If anyone knows any better solution for import process that will be really hepful.

    Dear Vivek,
    I know the same & i have check all the configuration .i.e cal. schema/Org .grp / Pricing procedure/ account key for CVD / vendor code /chapter id with material wise etc etc .but I am also not getting well in the system what is happing
    if you hv then pls inform.

  • Regarding Importing Text file

    Hi All,
    I want to import the Text file which contains the " tab" as Deliminator.
    I am not able to import this file as I can not put " Tab" in check box provided on Import manager screen while importing the file.
    Kindly advise on the same.
    Rahul Kulkarni

    Hi Rahul,
    As far as my understanding.
    While importing a .txt file we can specify one of the delimiter among (,  |  ;  )which can be entered by the keyboard.
    As for Tab as a delimiter it will not allow you to enter Tab in your import manager Delimiter field.As Tab has a different functionality when it is working with the import manager window,it will move the cursor to the next field whn you press Tab instead of specifying it as a delimiter as this Tab key is working acc to the Windows functionlaity.
    Unlike  Importing when we are syndicating our master data we can specify TAB as a delimiter along with it we can also specify (,  ;  |  custom ) etc.
    Hope it helped
    Thanks & Regards

  • Query regarding Import Dimensions using Flat File in EPMA

    Hi All,
    I am trying to import dimensions and Dimension properties using a flat text file to the master dimension library. If I try to include any properties (HFM) in the !Members Section, I am getting an error "Input Line ... does not have the expected format of 1 columns". But if I remove the properties and just build the members and hierarchies without any properties definition, I am able to succeed. Can someone guide me on what I might be missing with regards to member properties? Below is the format of the input text file.
    'Name,Allow Adjustments
    Please let me know if any other information is required.

    Have a look in directory \Hyperion\products\Planning\bin\sampleapp
    there is a sample ads file :- SampApp Source Flat

  • Regarding Important tables in SRM

    Hi Gurus,
    I want some of the useful table used in SRM system.
    Like if i create a shopping cart in SRM then in which table it get stored. similarly if i can get some other important table please pass it accross to me.
    Manoj Tiwari

    Hi Vadim,
    Thanks alot its really useful for me.
    Can you please answer me for following 2 question.
    1. If i am creating a shopping cart using SRM Portal then is it possible that if i click on Order button in Portal i can go into debug mode of the EBP system to find out what BAPI or program EBP is using to create the shopping cart number, becasue shopping cart header data gets stored in CRMD_ORDERADM_H table so it means some program is working behind it.
    2. is it possible to create the shopping cart using any BAPI or RFC within the EBP system, if i pass required data to RFC.
    Thanks again.
    Manoj Tiwari

  • Regarding import, export, and report programs in biw

    Hi to all,
    This is kittu, i want to know what type of abap code will be written on import programs, export programs, and report programs in biw and if we need to make any changes
    what type of changes can we make.
    waiting for reply from u all guys.

    Dear Ashish Patel,
    As far as I know, you can only expose a decision table as a web-service which is created inside a Reusable Ruleset. And RulesManager application only allows editing of Rulesets and Flow Rulesets but Reusable Ruleset is not editable in RulesManager. And hence, you will not be able to edit/export/import the decision table in the Reusable Ruleset.
    Hope this answers your question.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Santosh Giri

  • Regarding Import table

    Hi Gurus,
         Actually I am facing an issue. When I am trying to Import a Template table into my database it is showing at the Datastore but when I am checking it in the Database in the specified Schema it is not available. Please help me to resolve this issue.
         When I am executing the JOB than it is throwing an error that invalid object name (Table_Name), Table is not found.
    Please help me to resolve the issue.

    Hi Deepak Joshi;
    If you have problem with Schema name like if you want to use your own Schema name like BODS instead of DBO.
    If you are facing the below error.
    Login to your SQL Server Management Studio.
    Expand Security ----> Logins ----> Select your associated Database User ----> Double Click or Right click and select Properties.
    Go to User Mapping Tab. Scroll Down and Locate your Database mapped to the User. Change Default Schema as BODS.
    Then you can use BODS as the Owner name in Template Table. You can import table easily.
    If you browse through your DB.
    I hope this will help you out

  • Re: regarding import parameters in rfc

       I  have to pass some import  parameters to bapi
    BAPI_ACC_INVOICE_RECEIPT_POST. This is for tcode f-43.
    But it was giving error that there is a error in the header. Actually for the tcode f-43 sap is creating internal number automatically for document number. If iwant to pass a document number to the rfc, Can i pass the number by my own or is there any procedure.

    Leave the Document Header Empty Since when we r supplying Document Type there is no need to supply documnet header (Since Document type will have Internal number assigned ,reference no can be passed instead of document header...)
    Sridhar Reddy

  • Regarding import of TR in solaris System,

    hi guys,
    I want to import transport request in SAP 46C having Solaris OS.
    Could somebody tell me what are the procedures to do this and Problems expected to occur
    Appreciate your reply in advance.

    Thanks for you replies folks... so...there's no standard job available. Its got be scripts at OS level, and ofcourse scheduling "import  all" options....
    but as we agree, this is not a recommended option.
    Have a good day...

  • Regarding Importing RFC in to IR

    Hi All,
    1) Can We Import the RFC/BAPI From the XI Server ( ABAP Stack ) Instead of Importing it From the R/3 Server ?????
    2) Is it Work Properly When We Did From the XI Server ???
    Please Let Me Know

    Hi ,
    Let me make a guess here as to what you are trying to ask when you say importing idocs RFC from XI ...
    As you wouldn't any idocs or rfc's of consequence as xi is middleware ..not an ERP or some system like CRM ..SRM et cetra ..
    I'll assume you are asking whether you want export the xsd of the idoc interface or rfc interface (which you imported as external interfaces in R/3 like system ) so that you can play around with xsd thus imported outside XI according to your need ...(Like changing the occurrence ...make the variables global..or something to that effect) ..Then yes can do it a matter fact ..The concept for idocs is called ..Idoc packaging ..where in you have idoc which has only 1 oocurence ..but your requirement is to send multiple idocs.

  • Regarding Import Scenario for free goods

    Hi Sapgurus,
    the typical scenraio :-
    1) Suppose a vendor from china has send  material of A,(Quantity of 10 kg),
    For that scenario, I Have done ME21N(Import PO) and i paid the Custome duties through MIRO. i did GRN wrt to Commercial invoice number and the P.O. and then i paid the payement for import vendor.
    2) Now the vendor sends materials of A (Quantity of 2 kg as free goods). for these free goods we have to pay cutome duties and we have to take the existing p.o. for which we already paid MIRO (Custome Duties),MIGO(for P.O.) and MIRO(for which we have paid the payement).
    in SAP, when i amendment the P.O by adding the same material in other line item and flag as free of goods, then the condtion tab at item detail is dissappearing. hecne i could not give the percentage of Custome duties(CVD etc....). so that at the time of the MIRO, there is no item displaying.
    Hence Please help me with this issue.
    Thanking you

    For the free item ..... dont tick free PO indicator ... put price as 0.01 or say just 1.0
    Then only u can do it ...... in MIRO enter exact custom duties .... and dont do MIRO for these free items
    Ask account people to clear it manually .... or may be even if u do MIRO for free items costing 1 RS ....still account people
    can knock off the amount

  • Regarding import and export memory

    hi, currently i have encountered this problem when i am using the import and export memory statement. After i export my table name from program1 to program2, i do an import statement at program2 to retrieve the table name but there is a problem in retrieving the name. Below are the codes.
    PROGRAM1's codes:
    PROGRAM2's codes:

    Check these programs they are working fine, the report ZCALLING calls the report ZCALLED.
    IO_TABLE-MATNR = '38'.
    P_TABLE[] = IO_TABLE[].

  • Regarding import and export statement

    hi experts,
    how to import and export the internal table between programs...
    Nice solutins with maximum points.....

    Example of a program exporting an internal table to ABAP memory.
    Prog 1
    parameters: pa_vbeln like vbak-vbeln.
    data: itab type standard table of vbak.
    * get data to fill the table
    select * from vbak into table itab
                where vbeln = pa_vbeln.
    * now store the internal table to ABAP memory
    export itab to Memory ID 'table''.
    * here we call another program, prog 2
    submit prog2 and return.
    Prog 2  -> This imports the internal table exported by prog 1 and writes the content of the internal table to a list
    data: jtab type standard table of vbak,
           wa_vbak type vbak.
    * importing the itab that was exported by prog1
    import itab to jtab from memory id 'table'.
    loop at jtab into wa_vbak.
    write:/ wa_vbak-vbeln,
    * clear the specific memory id after required processing is complete
    free memory id 'table'
    Hope this solves your problem.
    Copy/paste your code, I'll have a look. First check if data is being selected before Export command.
    Edited by: Sougata Chatterjee on Jan 11, 2008 12:31 PM
    Also make sure you create prog2 as an executable program. Then, run prog1 with a valid Sales Order number. To understand it more clearly run it in debugging mode and step through. It should work fine in any system.
    Edited by: Sougata Chatterjee on Jan 11, 2008 12:42 PM

  • Regarding Import opening balance for GL  using DTW

    Can you give me a  template  example?
    and I should use which objects to Import  opening balance?
    Thank you

    Thank you for your prompt reply.
    I have imported the opening balance  to system successfully.
    using the DTW:
    In addtion I import the opening balance and other BP and stock balance ,I want to konw which column( for instance DueDate
    ReferenceDate or  anything else) to deciede to the journal entry in which posting period.
    Perhaps I could change the server datetime...
    Please advise ! thank you !

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