Regarding output type

can anybody tell me application and output type for dunning notice in FICO.

DO u know the dunning notice number.
Then go to the table NAST.
In the sel.screen give the dunning notice number in the object key filed and execute. U will get the records of the processed outputs. from there u can find the application and output type.
Or go to Tcode NACE.
There u find a list of application from that u can choose as per ur req.
Hope this will be helpful for u.
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  • Regarding output type and idoc trigger issue

    i need to copy pgi quantity into sales order quantity for that i write a code into user exit MV50AFZ1. code is working fine but
    output type and idoc is not trigger due to this. In this exit to update sales order quantity i used bapi *BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE . can anyone tell me why o/p type and idoc not trigger ,what is the reason and what is the solution for this?

    Hi Dinesh,
    Did you activate the enhancement for user exit ?
    Did you check if the output type is configured correctly ?
    Put a debugging point and see if control is coming there.
    Nisha Vengal.

  • Regarding output type for billing doc

    i have one billing doc. i want to find out type for that billing doc. through that i need to find the program name and form name.
    i have lot of out put types. In that how to find the out put for my requirement

    HI pavan,
    It is not a good idea to check with the Program name or Layout set name without knowing the OUtput types because, Billing docu number can work with multiple Output never know it. So in your case to check TNAPR table would be the best option...but again it is never recomended to go ahead without knowing the output type.
    And for one Output type there will be only one smart form/ script form and a Zprogram will be configured.
    It is not possible to configure multiple Smart forms for a same Output type.
    You can use single smart form in Multiple Output types but not single output type for diff Smart forms.
    Try to either know the smart form/script from name or the Zprogram so that you can search it in TNAPR table or by using Where used list icon.

  • Scripts ( regarding output type )

    Hi All,
    we created  New ouput type from the existing one
    and we modified the script .we are not done any changes in print program copied as it is with some other name.
    problem is:
    now if we run with new ouput type  see the print preview we are not geting the output as before( that means existing output type )?
    any changes to be done for print program?
    i mean in print program i have the old ouput type shall i replace that with new output type?
    pls give me solution.
    thanks in advance

    Yes please wherever you have the old output type you have to change it.

  • Regarding output type Information

    Hi Gurus,
    I have more than 400 output type and i want to know for which document type and who is using these output type. Please help me to solve this issue.

    Output types will be assigned to output determination procedures.
    These procedures will be assigned to Sales Order type and Item Category.
    The path for this is:
    SPRO>Sales and Distribution>Basic Functions>Output Control>Output Determination>Output Determination Using the Condition Technique>Maintain Output Determination for Sales Documents>Assign Output Determination Procedures>Allocate sales document header/Assign sales document items.
    Similarly the output determination procedure will be assigned to Billing document type.
    The path is:
    SPRO>Sales and Distribution>Basic Functions>Output Control>Output Determination>Output Determination Using the Condition Technique>Maintain Output Determination for Billing Documents-->Assign Output Determination Procedures.
    You can check the procedures by using the path:
    SPRO>Sales and Distribution>Basic Functions>Output Control>Output Determination>Output Determination Using the Condition Technique>Maintain Output Determination for Billing Documents-->Maintain Output Determination Procedure.

  • Query regarding Output Types

    Hello Experts,
    I have one output type for sales documents. I am able to successfully trigger it for credit/debit memos but when I try to trigger it for standard orders then I am getting "Output not defined" error. Can anybody please tell me where in the config we can define output types for sales document types.
    I have one more query. While trying to trigger one billing document output I am getting "Update Terminated" error. But for same billing document I am able to trigger other output types. If "Update Terminated" error is coming due to number range then should it not be coming for all output types since there is no output type specific number range defined.

    please check the configuration settings
    IMG-sales & distribution-basic functions-output control-output determination-output determination using the condition technique-maintain output determination for sales documents.
    1. create condition table . Key combination for maintaining condition record.
    2. access sequence. assign condition table to access sequence.
    3. ouput condition type. Select appropriate for inquiry, quotation or sales order. Assign the access sequence to the ouput type.
    4.ouput determination procedure. Here you assign the output type to this procedure.
    5. assign output determination procedure. Assign the procedure at header level if you want full document ouput. Assign the procedure at Item category level if you want item level output.
    6. VV11 - create  condition records for sales document types or VV31 for billing document types.
    create the order or billing document and see the result.

  • Regarding output types for MIGO

    Hi all,
    please tell me what is the application type and output type for MIGO and MIRO in NACE.

    dear friend,
    For MIGO E1  INBOND DELIVERY , and output type is the INDL .
    pls go to this rewards are helpfull.
    vivek srivastava

  • Regarding Output type determination

    Hi All
    I am creating Sales order ,delivery and then INVOICE.
    When I create invoice with VF01, the output ZE01 (which is for creating Invoice Idoc) should get automatically populated in Menu path <b>GoTo --> Header --->Output</b>.
    But this is not happening.
    I am able to put the ZE01 Manually in the above path to create the invoice Idoc.But I dont want to do that. (It must be automatic!!)
    Can anybody tell me what exactly is the problem.
    I have checked NACE,VV31 etc T codes but not getting any clue.
    (Just to add one more thing The "<b>Accounting Document</b>" is not getting created during Invoice creation ...Is that the problem ? Pls justify if yes..)

    Hi Nilesh and Narayan
    Thanks for replying!!
    I maintained proper condition records in VV31 and looked into "<b>determine analysis</b>" I am getting message "<b>Output ignored requirement 803 not fulfilled</b>" ,I got that somthing might be wrong with my Requirement 803.
    Can you please tell me what exactly I need to do to resolve this problem.
    Reply will be surely appreciated...

  • Regarding output type NEUM with medium EXTERNAL SEND l

    hi Experts,
    we r using trasaction Zmcp instead of me23..after creatig PO,
    mail should be go to partcular vendor through medium EXTERNAL SEND..but  it displaying Medium FAX..can you please tell me what may be problem and for that what we have to do for resolve it...please tell meirts very urjent.
    hanks and regards

    hi Experts,
    we r using trasaction Zmcp instead of me23..after creatig PO,
    mail should be go to partcular vendor through medium EXTERNAL SEND..but  it displaying Medium FAX..can you please tell me what may be problem and for that what we have to do for resolve it...please tell meirts very urjent.
    hanks and regards

  • Problem with output type..

    Hi All,
    I have  a query regarding output type.
    A particular customer want the order confirmation to be sent to the ship-to via fax instead of the sold-to.
    Can someone tell where this setting can be done.

    Hi Anoop
    As this is related to output and there will be many customers who should receive the output in the same way so first of all copy the standard output type to Z output type .
    Now in Z output type , assign the access sequence maintained by you in the Z output type . in that access sequence maintain the key combination as  ship to party only . and maintain the Transmission medium as Fax 
    Now while maintaining the condition record  VV11 give the ship to party number and the fax number of the ship to party (Because of Transmission medium as fax)

  • Regarding Creation of Output types for SAP SCRIPTS

    Hi All,
    I want to create new output types for my SAP Script.
    What is the procedure for creating new <b>Z - Output Type</b>.
    Like <b>ZA01 for Sales Order</b>.
    What is the procedure can any body help me in this regard.
    It is not to use <b>ZA01</b> in <b>NACE</b> & connect Print Program & Layout set against Form Entry.
    It is for creation of <b>ZA01 Output</b> Type itself.
    If anybody knows the procedure please post the steps.
    Also please mention will there be any diffrence in creation from <b>Module to Module</b> (or) <b>Transaction (Vs) Transaction</b>. Just like <b>Sales Order (Vs) Purchase Order (Vs) Production Order</b>.
    Thanks in advance.
    Thanks & Regards,

    hi Shaik,
    Steps for output type:
    Go to NACE Transaction
    Select V1 - Sales.
    Click Output type
    In edit mode , click on new entries.
    Give output type as ZA01 with some descp.
    Then enter  , then u need to give the Access seq. as 0010
    Rest proprties are more and less similar to the BA00 standard output type in V1 only.
    After that u need to give the processing routines.
    In that u need to give the Program name
    followed by Form routine name
    In this way u can create the output from NACE tran.
    Let me know if u want anything else.
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  • Regarding finding out Partner function based on Sales Order/Output Type

    Hi All,
    <b>I have a issue in finding out Partner function[PARVW],  Message partner[PARNR], Message transmission medium[NACHA], Teletex number[TELTX], User name[USNAM], Message processed manually[MANUE], Country Key[TLAND] and some other fields all are related to NAST table.</b>
    Actually we have one script which is already working when we run from from <b>VA02/03</b> for single order.
    When we execute from <b>VA02/03</b> all <b>NAST</b> table entries are filled up and by using those entries we are fetching remaining entries and displaying them in Output.
    Now we are developing another program where we will have a selection screen with <b>Sales order, Output Type & Order Type</b> and execute the program and then we will get list of sales orders in <b>ALV list output</b> with check boxes before every record.
    Now if we select one (or) multiple records from there and click on Print Prevview button i am calling above <b>SAP Script Print Program</b> but now in that P.Program we will not have any <b>NAST</b> table entries other than Sales Order and Output Type those can be moved to [<b>NAST-OBJKY, NAST-KSCHL</b>].
    But here what about other fields in <b>NAST</b> table like <b>PARVW, PARNR, NACHA, TELTX, USNAM, MANUE, TLAND</b> etc.
    How can we get them as we are exclusively using those other <b>NAST</b> table entries in above <b>SCRIPT/Print Program</b>.
    Can anybody solve this issue!
    Thanks in advance.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Check this FM
    tables : nase.
    constants: appl     like nase-kappl value 'V2'.
      rg_nacha  for nase-nacha default '1',
      rg_kschl  for nase-kschl.
    ranges: rg_objky for nast-objky.
    msgs_1 like msg0   occurs 100 with header line.
    *-Fill Object Key
    *-Execute fm
    call function 'WFMC_MESSAGES_SELECT'
              pi_application = appl
              pi_processing  = '1'
              ri_medium      = rg_nacha
              ri_type        = rg_kschl
              ri_object      = rg_objky
              tx_messages    = msgs_1.

  • Regarding the 'Dispatch time' settings for output type...

    Hi Experts,
    May i know what 'Send with application own transaction' means when we configuring output type in SPRO for 'Dispatch time'.
    Cause i knew if we set it as 'Send immediately', then this output type will be triggered upon saving the orders.
    But i dont know what that item for..Could you kindly help me on this...
    What it means if we set the dispatch time as 'Send with application own transaction' for delivery output..??
    Thank you very much.

    If you choose 'Send with application own transaction'  when maintaining condition record for output type,during order,delivery and invoice saving the output type signal is yellow,that means unless you select that output and trigerred for printing it will not goto the spool.i.e in simple words the output is for manual printing.......
    Let me know if you need any clarifications on this..

  • Query regarding NACE output types

    Hello Gurus,
    I have two Output types ZABC & ZXYZ. I have placed ZABC and ZDEF in this order in Procedures. ZABC is of the type 'Special Function' while ZXYZ is of the type 'EDI'. Please help me understand if these output types will be triggered parallely or in the sequence described above.

    If you are triggerring both the output types, it will process in the order which you triggered.

  • IDoc output type not getting configured in IDoc-File scenario

    I am having IDoc to file scenario where I want to post Delivery Document to legacy system. For this I have configured following EDI configuration for Delivery through NACE transaction
    1] Created output type
    2] Created partner function as EDI LS for this output type
    3] Configured RSNASTED as Processing Routines for output type
    4] Included this output type in the Header output procedure
    5] Configured XI system as the partner in partner profile with appropriate Message control
    Still when I attempt to include this output type in the Delivery it gives me "Output for partner could not be configured". The detail message says "In Customizing, the 'CannotBeChanged' indicator has been set for output type".
    I checked in SPRO but could not find such flag.
    Does anyone had came across such output type configuration.
    Thanks in advance.
    I know this question might be not appropriate in XI forum as it comes under EDI but it has become necessary for XI profs -:)

    Please check the following
    1. Condition Table
    SPRO > Material Management> Purchasing -> Message -> Output Control->Condition Tables->Define Condition Table for Purchase Order
    Purchasing Doc. Type,
    Purch. Organization,
    2. Access Sequences
    SPRO -> Material Management-> Purchasing -> Message -> Output Control->Access Sequences->Define Condition Table for Purchase Order
    3. Message Type
    SPRO -> Material Management-> Purchasing -> Message -> Output Control->Message Types->Define Message Type for Purchase Order
    Copy NEU to ZNEU or YNEU
    4. Message Determination Schemas
    4.1. Message Determination Schemas
    SPRO -> Material Management-> Purchasing -> Message -> Output Control->Message Schema->Define Message Schema for Purchase Order-> Maintain Message Determination Schema
    4.2. Assign Schema to Purchase Order
    SPRO -> Material Management-> Purchasing -> Message -> Output Control->Message Schema->Define Message Schema for Purchase Order-> Assign Schema to Purchase Order
    5. Partner Roles per Message Type
    SPRO -> Material Management-> Purchasing -> Message -> Output Control-> Partner Roles per Message Type ->Define Partner Role for Purchase Order
    6. Condition Record
    Navigation Path: SAP Menu-> Logistics -> Material Management -> Purchasing-> Master data->Messages-> Purchase Order-> MN04-> Create
    Now you create PO (ME21N) and save it. Go to ME22N and print the PO by giving output type ZNEU or YNEU.
    G.Ganesh Kumar

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