SRM Live Auction Configuraton

Hi Guys,
   I am working on SRM 5.0. I am unable to start Live Auction Cockpit. Can any one guide me how to configure SRM 5.0 Live Auction Cockpit. If you people have any document regarding this please forward to my personal Id : [email protected]
I am getting following error:
<b>500   Internal Server Error -- java.lang.RuntimeException</b>:
Unable to connect to R3 to retrieve applet properties. Please check Live Auction R3 connection parameters. Please review live auction application logs for more details.

Hi Marcin
Thanks for reply.
Using Config tool we have configured the following parameters earlier
jco.client.client = 200
jco.client.user = basadm (user created in client 200 and assigned sap_all and SAP_new*)
jco.client.password = password of basadm
jco.client.mshost = hostname of SRM system
jco.client.ashost = hostname of SRM system
jco.client.sysnr = 01
For this configuration we can able to start live auction cockpit but unable to display the auction. I am getting Authourization error to display/process that auction.
We also tried with following parameters
jco.client.client = 001
jco.client.user = J2ee_admin (default user in client 001 and assigned roles only for Java Applications)
jco.client.password = password of Java user
jco.client.mshost = hostname of SRM system
jco.client.ashost = hostname of SRM system
jco.client.sysnr = 00
At this stage we are unable to start the Java Engine(Server0 process not starting).
Can i have your personal ID so that i can provide document of my problem.
E-mail - ID: [email protected]

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  • SRM Live Auction - java version in vendor side

    Hi experts
    I work with SRM 7.0
    In order to use SRM Live Auction What is the minimum java version
    that the supplier need to download in his computer.

    Issue resolved by keeping the IE Privacy settings to low level.

  • Surrogate bidding in SRM Live auction

    While doing surrogate bidding in SRM live auction, system gives following error,
    "You are not authorised to display the auction"
    What settings are required in customisation to bid in live auction on the behalf of supplier?
    Thanks a ton

    Proxy bidding enables the system to automatically bid on a bidder’s behalf, promoting competitive bidding by allowing bidders to more easily monitor the auction, since it is not necessary for them to enter bids manually.
    a.)     Proxy bidding can only be enabled for auctions that use the overall best bid validation.
    b.)     Proxy bidding can only be enabled if bid decrements greater than zero have been defined on all line items.
    c.)     Proxy bidding is not available in auctions with lots.</b>
    When proxy bidding is enabled, bidders submit a minimum bid to indicate the lowest they are willing to submit for a line item. The system then acts as a proxy agent and rapidly bids on line items on the bidder’s behalf during the auction, placing bids according to bidding parameters such as next valid bid, bid decrement, and reserve price to maintain the bidder’s leading position in an active auction until the auction ends or the minimum bid is reached.

  • SRM Live Auction Applet

    Hello SRM Experts,
    We having SRM 5.0 classic scenario and LAC WPS 5.0. I created a Live Auction and the status are Ready, Aktiv, Published and Complete. I have also a LA session number, but when I use the Link "Live Auction" in AUC/BID Screen I got following Applet error message.
    +Service cannot be reached
    What has happened?
    URL call was terminated because the corresponding service is not available.
    The termination occurred in system B72 with error code 404 and for the reason Not found.
    The selected virtual host was 0 .
    What can I do?
    Please select a valid URL.
    If you do not yet have a user ID, contact your system administrator.
    HTTP 404 - Not found
    Your SAP Internet Communication Framework Team+
    In the next step I was using the Live Auction Applet Smoke Test. After enter the Auc session number and the purchaser`s user name and password the message "Auction cannot be viewed in current status" appears in Pop-Up Window.
    When I enter the Bidder´s user name and passwort the message "Your are not authorized to display the auction" appears in Pop-Up Window.
    The Roles are like following:
    I have no idea what the issue is. The smoke test looks fine all tests are on green light. Maybe there is a problem with vendor-BP-Bidder Relationship.
    Thank you very much for your answer in advance.
    Kind Regards

    <b>Please refer to the following SAP OSS notes -></b>
    <u>Note 687840 - Live Auction does not work after JAVA patch via SDM
    Note 670992 - Patch for LAC WPS 1.0
    Note 669562 - Live Auction 1.0 - General patch deployment procedure
    Note 998201 E-Sourcing Enterprise SRM Java Server 4.2 SP3 Release & Info
    Note 998099 E-Sourcing Enterprise plus Contracts 4.2 SP3 Release & Info
    Note 814201 Quot submission despite deletion from bid invitation (2)
    Note 36677 Structure of components for customer messages
    Note 730403 No notification of ban to banned bidder</u>
    Hope this will definitely help.
    - Atul

  • SRM live auction smoke tests

    Hi All,
    I have installed SRM 5.0 with live auction. When i do smoketest for user administration, its telling that "UME's jCO client is set to [001] while Live Auction jCO client is set to [200]".
    How to change the settings.
    Can anyone help me..
    Thanks and Regards,
    Sailesh K

    hi sailesh,
    goto offline configtool
    goto cluster_data &#8594; Server&#8594; cfg &#8594; services &#8594;
    goto ume.r3.connection change to client 200
    before doing that do client copy using prolie sap_user from client 001 to client

  • SRM Live Auction issue

    Hello Experts,
    Need your inputs on the following issue:
    Whenever the Strategic Purchaser clicks on the 'Live Auction' button in SRM portal, in the new window the system again asks for the Username and Password. After entering the Purchaser login credentials again the system show the Live Auction java Applet.
    SRM version 7.0 SP02 (Sandbox System for end users)
    SSO has been configured between ABAP and JAVA.
    Portal URL has been added in the Trusted sites in the IE 8
    Compatibility view is active for all websitesi in IE8

    Issue resolved by keeping the IE Privacy settings to low level.

  • Live auction with differnt currencies

    Can we have live auction with differnt currencies.
    For example i want to carry a Live auction for 3 differnt vendors
    Vendor1 INR
    vendor2 USD
    vendor3 AUD
    Kindly suggest

    Check JAVA your communication user and JRE version (1.4.2 or higher is required).
    Please go through these pointers ->
    Re: JCO Error in Live Auction Cockpit
    SRM Live Auction Configuraton
    Live Auction Smoke Tests
    SRM live auction smoke tests
    How to extend Live Auction URL
    Do let me know.
    - Atul

  • Live Auction's jCO RFC connection to SRM is NOT successful.

    hi to all,
    can any one help me about the configuration of RFC of live auction cockpit?
    i have followed the inst guide, but i always keep getting this message.
    RFC Error using locale en
    RFC Error using locale ja
    RFC Error using locale de
    Your RFC connection between Live Auction and SRM has failed. Please verify the following:
    Did you configure your SRM jCO setting (eg: jco.client.ashost, jco.client.sysnr etc) in Live Auction's properties?
    Is the user specified in jco.client.user property exist in SRM with the correct role and password ? Please change the user to type dialog and try to logon via SAPGUI before changing it to communication user to ensure the user is NOT locked.
    Did your SRM R3 has the code page installed that are specified in jco.client.lang ?
    Please check the J2EE engine's log file to see more details of the error. Please refer to J2EE's documentation on how to view the log files.
    thanks in advance

    Hi Ranin,
    Have you checked the note 1593439 where it mentions:
    If you are using Live Auction JAVA, you would additionally be required
    to assign the Authority object S_RFC to the RFC user being used for
    establishing a JCO connection between LACWPS JAVA Server and the SRM
    ABAP backend system with the following values. This authority is not
    needed in case you are using Live Auction on ABAP in SRM 7.0 Enhancement
    Pack 1 (SAP SRM 7.01) or higher release.
           Object            Field                Value
           S_RFC             ACTVT                16
                             RFC_NAME             BBP_LA_BIZAPI
                             RFC_TYPE             FUGR
    Perhaps this is the problem?

  • Live auction in SRM 5.0

    Hi experts
    is there someone who has documents about Live auction in SRM 5.0

    There are n number of technical settings to completed to get this working. The LAC installation guide (SRM 5.0) can be downloaded from here SMP:
    Hope this will solve your problem.

  • Live Auction has been installed, but doesn't work

    Hi experts!
    I've got a lot of errors - LAC doesn't work - Need your help!
    1: (SmokeTest):
    Make sure the Live Auction initiator's applet JAR file has been properly deployed. This file should be located at H:\usr\sap\SRN\DVEBMGS02\j2ee\cluster\server0\apps\\\servlet_jsp\srm\root\srm\nullsrmlaInitiator5.10.0.jar.
    If you are accessing this page outside of the firewall and via a web dispatcher or reverse proxy, then make sure you can download the JAR file using the "Download" button below. Alternatively, you can try accessing this page inside the firewall to verify that the JAR file is deployed properly.
    2: Process Bid Invitation -> Action -> Bid Comparison
        Error when processing your request
    What has happened?
    The URL http://serverzzz.zzz.zz:8002/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/BBP_BID_EVAL/! was not called due to an error.
    The following error text was processed in the system SRM : Screen output area too small
    The error occurred on the application server serverzzz_SRM_zz and in the work process 0 .
    The termination type was: ABORT_MESSAGE_STATE
    The ABAP call stack was:
    What can I do?
    If the termination type was RABAX_STATE, then you can find more information on the cause of the termination in the system SRN in transaction ST22.
    If the termination type was ABORT_MESSAGE_STATE, then you can find more information on the cause of the termination on the application server serverzzz_SRM_zz in transaction SM21.
    If the termination type was ERROR_MESSAGE_STATE, then you can search for more information in the trace file for the work process 0 in transaction ST11 on the application server serverzzz_SRM_zz . In some situations, you may also need to analyze the trace files of other work processes.
    If you do not yet have a user ID, contact your system administrator.
    Error code: ICF-IE-http -c: 100 -u: PURMANAGER -l: E -s: SRN -i: serverzzz.zzz.zz -w: 0 -d: 20081031 -t: 091757 -v: ABORT_MESSAGE_STATE -e: Screen output area too small
    HTTP 500 - Internal Server Error
    3: Process Auction -> Display Company Bid  -> Live Auction
    Service cannot be reached
    What has happened?
    URL http://serverzzz.zzz.zz:8002/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/_accessibility=0 call was terminated because the corresponding service is not available.
    The termination occurred in system SRM with error code 404 and for the reason Not found.
    The selected virtual host was 0 .
    What can I do?
    Please select a valid URL.
    If you do not yet have a user ID, contact your system administrator.
    HTTP 404 - Not found
    So, first of all as far I understand path to JAR files is misconfigured. Where and how can I fix it?
    Any help will be appreciated!
    Edited by: Maxim Pak on Oct 31, 2008 4:44 AM

    I cannot explain it other than to tell you the current recommendations are to keep java turned off and there are no other posts like yours that claim they need it on (at least that I have seen).  Also I have it off on my system and flash plays with no problems in all the sites I go to (modulo some buffering problems sometimes with certain hi-res videos on only youtube).
    Did you install the latests flash player downloaded directly from the adobe site?
    Maybe you have a flash storage or cookie problem.  Those can be cleared and deleted with the Flash Player system preferences.
    It's your decision on whether you want to take your chances with Java on rather than find the root of the problem.  If you do that then at a minimum make sure you have latest apple java updates, I recommend you install and learn about Little Snitch, and use OpenDNS DNS servers (,

  • Live Auction Applet Logo

    Dear Friends,
       My requirement is to change the Logo to my company logo in Live Auction applet logo. Could you help me out.
       Also please help me in learning about SRM from technical perspective. I have read documentation but need more help.

    Hi Deva,
    Happy too
    Please do not forget to reward
    Kind regards,

  • LAC : Applet not calling & Bidders not able to submit bids for Live Auction

    I am working on SRM 5.O Live Auction Cockpit(LAC) facing couple of issues while accessing it :-
    I have created Auction from Process Auction .Bidders are getting Auctions but unable to submit bids against that .
    Whereas same bidders are able to submit bidds for Bid Invitation .
    Have I missed any customisation ?Additionally following issues are there :-
    1. In Restrictive Bid /Auctions bidders are not getting mail with URL details .
    2. In LAC while clicking on Live Auction tab same screen is getting called .
    Can you let me know will it require to install LAC componant once again ?
    Thanks ,

    We are working on SRM 5.O Live Auction Cockpit(LAC) .Smoke test results are successfull but bidder user is facing issues
    while submitting bid .
    Bidder  user is not able to submit his next bid nor purchaser able to see bids submitted by bidder
    on LAC main screen .Whereas same bidder users are able to submit bidds for Bid Invitation
    Here on LAC main screen bidder is able to submit his bid and bid price filed becomes grey .
    It is observed that LAJCO error"AbstractJcoService.execute(JcoServiceRequest _input, Locale _locale): Unknown exception has occurrsed. Error message is as follows...null" is generating  . But in detailed messgae there is no clarity of issue in trace log.
    Can anyon give more focus on it as we are stuck.

  • Help on Bid invitation and Live Auction

    Hai friends
    Please upload the configuration guide for bid invitation and live auction or let me know the url of marketplace so that i can download
    thanks a lot


  • Live Auction Smoke Tests

    Hi All,
    I have installed SRM 5.0 with live auction. When i do smoketest for user administration, its telling that "UME's jCO client is set to [001] while Live Auction jCO client is set to [200]".
    How to change the settings.
    Can anyone help me..
    Thanks and Regards,
    Sailesh K

    You can change this in J2EE Administration tab.
    More details you can find in -> SAP Business Suite Apps -> mySAP SRM -> SRM 5.0 -> Upgrade live auction 2.0 or SRM 4.0 instal guide live auction.

  • How to initiate Live auction...

    We are using SRM 4.0 and configured Live auction.
    In the smoketest UME logon is successfully verified.
    Then selected "Launch applet" button which opens new applet window which is totally blank with blue background.In the status bar it shows "Applet started".
    At the same time I am not able to see "ITS/LOGON" button in the smoketest screen as mentioned in the config document.
    My question is
    1.What should I get in the applet window when "Launch Applet" button is selected and What is the URL for viewing live auction.
    2.How to initiate and where to view the Live auction once auction is created in Sourcing cockpit.
    Please explain me as I am new to Live auction functionality.

    Hello Jagdish,
    If You want to configure Live Auction, You must do as following:
    Configure J2EE Engine with Live Auction.
    file location: <drive>:\usr\sap\<J2EE_engine>\global\config\srmla\
    check this parameters
    jco.client.client=<your client number>
    jco.client.user=<your comm user>
    #SAP Messege Server, GROUP NAME AND R3 NAME
    jco.client.mshost=<application host>
    jco.client.r3name=<your SID>
    #SAP Application Server and SYSTEM NUMBER
    jco.client.ashost=<application host>
    jco.client.sysnr=<system number>
    Try change UM/ITS authentication:
    In file:
    <drive>:\usr\sap\<J2EE instance>\j2ee\j2ee_<number>\properties\
    EXTERNAL_LOGON_URL=<http or https>://<host>:<port>/scripts/wgate/bbp_la_login/!?~laRedirectURL=
    for https change:
    Properties added for Live Auction
    UM_SAP_SYSTEM_EBD_client=<your client>
    UM_SAP_SYSTEM_EBD_ashost=<application host>
    UM_SAP_SYSTEM_EBD_sysnr=<system number>
    Save settings and restart J2EE.
    in transaction SM59 add a HTTP connection to your web host.
    add to your vendor role: SAP_EC_BBP_BIDDER
    add to your purchaser role: SAP_EC_BBP_PURCHASER
    If You create Auction via Sourcing Cockpit You must configure it.
    To do this use role SAP_EC_BBP_PURCHASER -> sourcing -> process auction
    Add prefered vendors, start and end time of auction and click 'Live Auction' link.
    Marcin Gajewski

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