Sync Nokia X6 with outlook 2007 specific outlook f...

I've a nokia X6 V 12.0.091 and outlook 2007 on my laptop I've installed ovi suite
IN the past I had a N82 with an older version of ovi in that version there was Pc sync where you can specify to with outlook folder you want to sync contact or calendar points. now it seems you can't specify this anymore. It will only sync to the standard calendar and standard contacts folder. is there I way so I can sync my X6 with a specified calendar and contacts folder in outlook in ovi suite?
Kind regards,  Chris 

had the same problem over the weekend. Solution:
1. Create a OVI account
2. Switch on your Bluetooth at C7 with ext SIM-Modus on
3. Connect C7 via Bluetooth with OVI
4. Select your Outlook folder to be sync.
5. Start s
chigo2452 wrote:
I want to sync my C7 with my calender entries in outlook 2003. But every time i get the messege, that the selectet folder was not found!?!? (Remark: contacts-Sync finished successfully!!)
I'm using XP SP3 and Outlook 2003. No probs so far.

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    You can try to export/import categories using's
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    exporting contacts and
    importing contacts, give it a try!Alexey Kuznetsov,
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    Thanks for the reply.
    I have now ditched Outlook all together and have set up two Google accounts instead.
    This way there is no need to synch with the PC at all. Just synch via the cloud.
    Yay problem solved.

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    As I already wrote to you, the current forum is for developers. I'd recommend asking non-programming questions in the
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    Hi eden100990
    No problems with this link at time of posting:
    Happy to have helped forum in a small way with a Support Ratio = 37.0

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    Go to Solution.

    Nokia used to produce Mac versions of the PC Suite software back in the long-gone days of the early Communicator series, but Apple applied pressure for that to stop, because they wanted all Apple users to sync with their own iSync software.
    Regretably, Apple is not great at ensuring compatibility with all phones from all manufacturers. For more information, go to - you will see that the original Nokia 8800 is compatible with iSync but that subsequent versions like 880 Sirocco, 8800 Arte etc. are not yet covered. 
    iSync itself is made by Apple, and the Nokia site will link to Apple to download it. Nokia does provide some plugins to make some common models work, but I don't think that later 8800 versions are included. It is possible to search for third-party plgins that may solve the issue if your 8800 is not the original model.

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    There's a free app / iTune plugin that makes your N97 appear as a playlist in Itunes but you can't (or couldn't) then create separate playlists for use on the phone.
    I've found the best way for me is to do the following:
    Create your playlist in Itunes
    Create the PLaylist in Ovi Music
    Darg and drop the files from itunes to Ovi
    Sync the Ovi Playlist with your N97
    Bit painful but it works
    Hope it helps

  • Move contact from Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2010 via POP3

    Dear Expert,
    My My company just upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 by using Easy Transfer. And he move outlook 2007 to 2010 by using Easy Transfer too. we have used POP3 from mail hosting. we got the problem in
    contact address didn’t shown in picture. Please advice

    You can try to export/import categories using's
    Export Master Category List and
    Import Master Category List tools. There are also free utilities for
    exporting contacts and
    importing contacts, give it a try!Alexey Kuznetsov,
    Relief Software

  • No sync with iTunes 10 after upgrade from Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2010

    I seem to have more or less the same problem as described in the archived thread
    With Windows 7 x64, Office 2007 and iTunes 10, syncing worked fine, but after an upgrade to Office 2010 (x86), iTunes acts as if it syncs (no error messages), but nothing happens. Calendar or contact items that I have changed on either the phone or the computer since the last truly successful sync are not transferred.
    Has anyone found a solution for this?
    Message was edited by: OttoGie

    a) refer to Jason's 12/14 post, for troubleshooting articles related to "Click" version, and general Apple troubleshooting...(you may have multiple problems, all of which need to be solved in order)...and yes, 12/15 posting - direct to an Exchange account, if available - iPhone/iPad works better than any other mobile device I have ever used against an Exchange Server...(have not tried WinMobile7, which should work great also...but BB, Droids, and Palms have...issues/quirks usually necessitating a 3rd-party App)...
    b) Outlook 2010 settings needed for me to get Contact (and probably Cal) sync:
    1) I had 2 profiles, with Outlook set to Choose Profile on startup...apparently needed to change to "Always Use This Profile" setting, as it appears that iTunes is not Outlook multi-profile aware.
    2) under that [now default] profile, I had multiple POP appears that iTunes is only going to work with the contacts/calendar from the account designated as the Default Data File, under Account-->Settings (a single PST file)
    3) under Account-->Settings, a tab called Address Books - I had, besides the Outlook Address Book, an entry called "Mobile Address Book", most likely put there by my [retired] Windows Mobile phone, prior to switch to iPhone...I removed that entry.
    4) restarted Outlook, restarted iTunes, Devices-->iPhone-->Info now sees Outlook-specific contacts synced; categories on contacts from Outlook did not carry over, however, if, in Outlook, I create sub-folders of Contacts, move categorized to their own named sub-folder, these sub-folders DO sync individually on the iPhone, showing as "Groups".
    YMMV...but those are the changes I had to put into place to get my Contacts to sync.
    ...still need to figure out how to control the "order" of them...the Outlook "File As" setting is not being utilized, looks like Last Name is the only control...not perfect, but I will deal with it...until apple figures out a way to use Company as a grouping option.
    Windows 7 (x64), Outlook 2010 (x32), iTunes, iPhone iOS 4.2.6
    BTW - another option may be CompanionLink (.com), for business users. (not a recommendation, but I do have some familiarity using it, with Blackberry and Droid platforms)

  • Problem syncing Nokia 6301 with Outlook Express

    I'm using bluetooth. The connection is fine - everythink works EXCEPT when I try to sync contacts between outlook express and the phone, zero contacts are synced. There are no error messages.
    All other functions work -- able to back up and transfer photos, etc. I tried every setting imaginable, and no luck
    Of course the most important thing that I need is contacts backed up...
    Version of PC Suite and XP:
    6.80.22 Nokia PC Suite
    Outlook Express 6
    Operating system:
    Microsoft Windows XP
    Build 2600
    Service Pack 2
    Language: English (United States)
    Language for non-Unicode programs: English (United States)
    Locale: English (United States)
    Input language: English (United States)
    Nokia PC Suite:
    Version 6.80.22
    Language: English
    Connectivity Cable Drivers:
    Bluetooth stack:
    Microsoft Bluetooth stack
    Version 5.1.2600.2180

    I have my contacts in SIM and phone memory, the SIM is for "safekeeping". I make backup to memory card and PC with PC Suite and in addition I have contacts in SIM, I have lost some years ago my contacts and I don't want to there again.
    I don't see dublicates because I have chosen that only visible memory is phone memory.
    There seems in your setup that something remains "hanging" after sync and the sync does not happen.
    I don't think you need to boot the PC, you can try to "untick" the connection methos you are using after sync in PC Suite -Manage connections. Then "retick" it and you are most likely able to sync again.
    AND BTW, your phone model is such that it propably won't let you sync until you have "ok"ed the sync window in phone screen.
    I am sure booting PC is not the only way to remedy the situation.Message Edited by manta on 07-Nov-2006
    03:18 PM

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    Hi, I am administering a cutover from Office Pro 2010 to Office Pro 2013 via our Office 365 E3 licenses. Before I start migrating mailboxes from our Exchange 2003 server to Exchange Online, I want to have our staff install Office Pro 2013 including Outlook
    2013 so they can have time to review it before we switch to the Exchange Online server in a couple of days. I know Outlook 2013 is not compatible with our Exchange 2003 server but I was hoping to be able to setup Outlook 2013 to connect to my Office 365 email
    address while keeping my msi installed version of Outlook 2010 for my Exchange 2003 email address.
    I am trying to test the capability of Outlook 2013 running side-by-side with my Outlook 2010 program. I have the "Click-to-Run" version installed on my Windows 7 64-bit machine however when I try to open Outlook 2013, I get an error message: "Another
    version of Outlook is currently running. Close it and try again."
    In reading in TechNet and other sources, it clearly states that both programs can run simultaneously which is what I need to do
    but obviously something is not configured correctly.
    Can you please help me get this configuration running or let me know if it is in fact not possible?

    Yes, it should be able to install side by side.
    The versions of Office that you install must be the same edition. For example, both installations of Office are the 32-bit edition.
    When you get the error
    "Another version of Outlook is currently running. Close it and try again.", go to task manager and end all existing
    outlook process.
    If the issue persists, do a repair for your Office suites in Control panel>Program and features>Office>Change>Repair
    Tyor Wang
    Forum Support
    Come back and mark the replies as answers if they help and unmark them
    if they provide no help.
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  • Issue with Exchange 2007 SP3/Outlook 2010 User account Auto accepting Appointments

    I have an issue with 2 users who's appointments are being Auto-accepted or Auto Declined. As these are User Mailboxes there is no resource scheduling set on these. I've also checked for delegates (none), Rules (including running outlook.exe /cleanrules).
    If I send the user some test appointments when they are not logged into Outlook, the appointments are not processed. If the user logs in through OWA then the appointments are not processed. When the user logs into Outlook 2010 (using Mapi) the appointments
    are processed within 5-10 minutes. I started to think it may be a PC issue, something buried in the registry. But I give myself full access to the account and logged in from my machine using Outlook 2010, the appointments are auto processed, again, within
    5- 10 minutes .
    Lots of stuff on the internet all pointing to Resource scheduling, delegates or Rules but I have now discounted all of these.
    If I check the users MailboxCalendarSettings, AutomateProcessing is set to AutoUpdate and not AutoAccept. The Outlook Client has all settings in Resource Scheduling unticked.

    Hi Darran,
    If there is no delegate configured, no rules and calendar processing is also set properly, please switch Outlook to Online mode to check whether the issue persists. Also close Outlook and receive test meeting request directly in OWA to double check the mailbox
    would not automatically process the meeting in OWA.
    If the issue happens in Outlook Online mode but not continues in OWA, please restart Outlook in safe mode or change a new computer with fresh Outlook 2010 to have a try.
    Winnie Liang
    TechNet Community Support

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