Syncing problems when using multiple iPods on the same computer?

I own three iPods. An 8GB nano, a 16GB touch, and a 64GB touch.
iTunes seems to have no problems with the nano, but it seems to have issues from time to time with the two touch iPods. "Syncing" sometimes becomes "screwing up" in the form of deleting content that I have purchased.
My latest attempt to transfer a purchase (Toy Story 3) from my 64GB touch resulted in a "sync" which has basically corrupted my media libraries. I can see on iTunes that the media is still on my iPod, and even play it within iTunes from my iPod; when I disconnect my iPod from my computer and attempt to access the same media on the iPod by itself, both my music and my video libraries are showing up blank.
Has anyone else had the same problem?
NOTE: My 64GB iPod touch is not the latest version; it doesn't have the HD camera, but it does have the mic input. My 16GB touch is even older, having neither the camera nor the mic. The 16GB touch is an even bigger mess, with app icons frequently appearing as big grey blocks instead of the pictures they're supposed to be.
I like my 3 iPods. I like iTunes. I like Apple.
I just don't like it when things stop working the way they're supposed to.

Welcome, Brandon, to the Apple Discussions!
The answer to your question should be found here:
And if at some time in the future you decide you'd like to use an iPod on more than one computer, have a look at:

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  • Using multiple ipods on the same computer

    I have three ipods in the family. Is it possible to have three different libraries that can sync when each different ipod is connected? At the moment. my libray syncs with al three.

    There are basically three ways of using multiple iPods on a computer and these involve:
    a) Sharing a single iTunes library
    b) Creating Multiple Libraries in a single user account
    c) Creating multiple user accounts.
    Note: When you are sharing an iTunes library, you don't have to set each iPod to update in the same manner, you can mix and match from the options below as each iPod has it's own update settings
    Sharing a Library and/or User Account
    If you want to share the one library, you can set either or all of the iPods so that they only get updated with only certain playlists (you can update from more than one if you wish): Loading songs onto iPod automatically - Windows
    Choosing the update option "Sync Music - Selected playlists" allows you to create a playlist specifically for the iPod and drag the tracks you want into it. If you tire of the list and want to change it, you just add or remove the songs you don't want. The ones you take out out remain in the library to be used some other time if you choose. You can read more about playlists at these links:
    iTunes: Creating playlists of your favorite songs
    How to create a Smart Playlist with iTunes
    Or you can choose to update any or all of the iPods manually and just drag whatever content you want to them: Managing content manually on iPod
    Loading the iPod shuffle differs slightly but it can still be used with the others, for details have a look at this page:
    Loading songs onto iPod shuffle - Windows
    Loading songs onto iPod shuffle - Mac
    Multiple Libraries
    It's also possible to have multiple libraries in a single account. To create or access a second (or more) library, hold down the Option key (or Shift key in Windows) when launching iTunes 7. In the resulting dialogue you will get the option to create a new library or navigate to the other Library.
    Note: You can only have one Library open at a time and iTunes will default to the last library opened if you don't use the keyboard command to choose one. This can prove tricky when using multiple iPods, if you don't use the keyboard command you can risk syncing to the wrong library:Using multiple iTunes libraries -Windows
    Separate User Accounts
    Another option is to create a separate User account for each person on your PC or Mac. Different accounts by definition would give you completely separate libraries. Each account has it's own iTunes folder, Library and iTunes Music folder and you load it with CDs etc just as you did with your original one. The iPod can be set to update however the owner chooses, sync all, manual or sync specific playlists
    I don't use Windows so I can't give you a step by step on that one, however I can point you to another web page which should help you out. You can read about Windows user accounts here: Create A New User Account In Vista

  • Using multiple ipods on the same cpu

    my little brother & older sister just got new ipod videos and while i have an ipod photo i need to know if any1 can tell me how to set it up so i can use multiple ipods on the same (windows) computer without creating multiple user accounts if its even possible

    We have three ipods in our home - new g5 (mine) and 2 minis. We all use the same computers. Basically our library contains around 15gb of music (everyones).
    We have individual play lists - mine: good music; daughters rap or thumping stuff - lol.
    When you first plug your new pods on you get a screen up which asks you what you want to do (its in preferences usually). Chose the option to automatically update the following playlists and select which one you want to match with that particular pod. My youngest daughter has a few playlists i.e on the go, chill etc. so she selects around 4. I have one, and my elder daughter has a couple.
    Its easy to do (especially if I could work it out). Good luck.

  • Question about using multiple iPods on the same PC

    I've read the FAQs on this subject but I still have a couple of questions about multiple users with separate iPods using the same PC.
    I want to use my family's desktop (A new Gateway with Vista, if it matters) for my new iPod Classic, but my father already has an iTunes account on there for his iPod. I know I can create a new user account on the PC and move iTunes to a shared folder so that we can share music, but will this second account be able to purchase music from the iTunes store or am I going to have to switch between Windows User accounts to make purchases and then move new songs into my separate iTunes account via the shared folder? Will it be its own separate iTunes account (separate user name, separate credit card used, etc.) or will it just be a second library that's dependant on the first?
    I want to be able to have my own iTunes account, make my own purchases in it, and maybe occasionally share tv shows or something with my father.
    If this can't be done, would I be better off just creating new playlists for our two iPods from the same library, or creating a second library on my Father's account?
    Also, if I want to access things I've purchased from iTunes on this desktop in iTunes on my notebook, will I be able to?
    I hope that made sense.
    Sorry if these seem like silly questions. This will be my first iPod as I'm really excited about the 160gig and want to know if these things are possible.
    Thanks in advance for any help

    Hi, Wes.
    Congratulations on your new iPod Classic and Welcome to the Apple Discussions.
    For no particular reason, let's answer your last question first ...
    ... if I want to access things I've purchased from iTunes on this desktop in iTunes on my notebook, will I be able to?
    The iTunes Store operates on a one download per purchase policy so you will have to copy the purchases from one computer to the other and make sure that you authorize the laptop to play the songs.
    As to your first question ...
    ... will this second account be able to purchase music from the iTunes store or am I going to have to switch between Windows User accounts to make purchases ...
    Whatever XP User Account you are logged in to doesn't really matter. What's important is which Apple Account you sign in to ... yours or your Dad's or - if you had my Apple ID and password - The Mimico Kid's for that matter. You can sign in to any Apple Account on any XP User Account. Or any computer for that matter.
    Where the XP User Account comes into play is that it will determine where on your computer the purchases are downloaded. Files will be sent to the iTunes Music folder as specified in the iTunes Edit menu > Preferences > Advanced tab > General sub-tab. Default settings will have a different location for each User Account - C:\Documents and Settings\ user name \My Documents\My Music\iTunes - but if you've read this article in the Apple Knowledge Base, you will know you can change the location of the iTunes Music folder in each XP Account to a common location such as C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\My Music\iTunes.
    Post back if all this hasn't been as clear as mud and you need anything clarified.

  • How do you use two ipods on the same computer?

    Okay i got a ipod for christmas and my brother got one for his b-day a few days ago & i already had itunes installed for my ipod now do i have to install it agian or what?
    Also my brothers ipod has the picture of the ipod with the ! thing.
    HELP?? please?
    XP   Windows XP Pro  

    Okay i got a ipod for christmas and my brother got one for his b-day a few days ago & i already had itunes installed for my ipod now do i have to install it agian or what?
    these resources might be helpful with that:
    Natalie Beresford: multiple iPod/iTunes installations
    How to use multiple iPods with one computer
    iTunes: How to share music between different accounts on a single computer
    Also my brothers ipod has the picture of the ipod with the ! thing.
    these resources might be helpful with that:
    iPod does not appear in iTunes or on the desktop, an exclamation point or sad iPod icon appears onscreen
    iPod shows a folder icon with exclamation point when you turn it on
    love, b

  • How to use two ipods on the same computer

    I have one laptop with four user accounts.  Until now we've had only one ipod that synchs with the iTunes library in Dad's account.  Now daughter has an iPod, but want to use access the same music and playlists as Dad uses, at least for now.  Do we synch the Daughter's ipod in Dad's account, just like we did with the first iPod?

    You would need to sync in Dad's account to access Dad's iTunes Library. However, if she has loaded her iPod with the music she wants from Dad's iTunes Library, then she can continue to play the music even if she has her own Apple ID and separate user account on the same computer. She just will not be able to add new music from Dad's iTunes Library unless she uses Dad's Apple ID.
    iDevices are single-user devices, so for daughter to have her own Apple ID and iTunes Library, then she has to have her own user account on the computer.
    If it's more convenient to have on iTunes Library shared by all, then make no changes. iTunes knows that every connected device is different by the name you give the device, like "Daughters iPod" as an example.

  • Can you identify multiple Ipods to the same computer???

    My son's computer has "died" and I want to allow him to use Itunes on my laptop....My ipod is already in use on my laptop and has a library etc..... Can he also use Itunes with his IPod???

    This document might be of some help with that:
    How to use multiple iPods with one computer

  • How do i use two ipods on the same computer?

    I have had my ipod for 4 years now.I have 1500 songs in my itunes library. My wife has just bought an ipod. How do I put songs on to hers without mine going on to hers, which is what keeps happening.

    How to use multiple iPods with one computer
    Using iPod with multiple computers
    Managing content manually on iPod
    iPod: Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Problems texting using multiple phones on the same itunes/icloud account

    My family and I recently upgraded to IO7, prior to that my wife, my son and I each have an Iphone and my wife and I each have an Ipad all devices worked indepedently. Since the IO7 upgrade neither my wife, son or I can nolonger text eachother, if my wife text me, some of the text goes to my Son.
    Pior to the upgrade we had all 5 devices set to the same Itunes account. My wife and I each have an Iphone 5, my son has an Iphone 4s, also we have two Ipad2 on the account.
    How do we get everything to work normally again???
    I hope someone can help.

  • Multiple Ipods on the same computer

    I have an ipod mini, as does my roommate. We both have itunes and have had no issues downloading music and transferring to our ipods. Recently, an ipod shuffle was added to the computer successfully. Now, I cannot update my iopd mini, the songs will not transfer from itunes to my ipod mini.
    The version of itunes that came with the shuffle is newer than what I was using, could that be tbe problem?

    Two ways to do it.
    1-Create separate Windows user accounts.
    2-Create your own playlists with the music you want and sync that playlist to your iPod.
    I do it #2.
    I have one library with all music in it. My daughter also puts her "music" in it.
    I create 2 playlists. One for her and one for me.
    Mine contains only the music I want, hers contains her music.
    Since I have a 4GB Mini and I have more than 4 GB of music, I also create a Smart playlist to cycle my music.
    Smart Playlist named My iPod Music.
    Criteria is;
    Match all the follwing rules:
    Playlist is Chris's Music
    My Rating is not 1 star
    Last PLayed is not in the last 3 days
    Limit to 3700 MB.
    Live Updating
    Open iTunes prefs -> iPod.
    Select Automatically update only selected playlists and I select this playlist (My iPod Playlist).
    As I listen to the iPod, I rate the songs I do not like as 1 star. Next time I sync, these songs will get removed from my iPod and will not get put back on.
    If you want to cycle all the music on the iPod, simply select the Smart Playlist as the source in iTunes (not on the iPod). Click on a song in the playlist and press Ctrl-A (Select All), then press Delete.
    All the songs will disappear from the palylist. Since it is a Smart Playlist, it will immediately get repopulated, based on the criteria created above.
    Then resync the iPod.
    You can create many different Smart Playlists.
    - Not listened to in 3 months
    - Top 25 songs
    - Songs rated 4 or 5 star
    - Led zeppelin
    Make the fisrt criteria of these Smart Playlists;
    Playlist is My iPod Music.
    Make sure to add all the playlists to the iTunes prefs ->iPod -> Auto sync only these playlists.


    i cant seem to find alot of info about this on here... i am probably looking in the wrong place... but heres my situation. Ive had an ipod mini for 2 years now but ive just bought an ipod nano ..... i do all of my main downloading on my power mac g4, but i am going away for school soon and im going to bring my ibook with me. i have already transferred my current library from my Power Mac to my iBook.
    What i would like to do is keep using my Power mac to do my downloading until i leave in a few months and then start downloading on my ibook once im away. However, i want to use my ipod nano now.... and you know, a few days before i leave i will update all of my songs that i have downloaded on my power mac onto my ibook.
    any suggestions would be great. thanks.

    Yes you can. Set your IPOds to "Manual Update". The IPOD can only be linked to one ITunes library at a time. If the libraries have the same content the its up to you which one to snyc from either in Auto or Manual mode.
    Here is the official Apple statement:
    Question: Can I update more than one iPod with my computer?
    Answer: Yes. Each iPod communicates a unique device identification number to your computer, allowing you to take advantage of automatic music transfers to your iPod even if you share a computer with another iPod user. You can choose to automatically update your entire music collection on multiple iPod players or choose to update selected playlists, allowing you to transfer custom playlists to individual iPod players

  • How do I sync multiple iPods to the same iTunes Library?

    How can I sync multiple iPods to the same iTunes Library?

    The same way you sync just one. If y want different media on each iPod then only select the items you want synced to each iPod
    iTunes: Syncing media content to iOS devices and iPod       
    Try syncing using the manual method                
      Managing content manually on iPhone, iPad, and iPod
    Also, I would go to iTunes>Preferences>Devices and check the box that says prevent iPods... for syncing automatically so that you can more easily check what you want syned

  • Can I use multiple iPhones on the same iTunes account? e.g. my wife and I each have iPhones

    can I use multiple iPhones on the same iTunes account? e.g. my wife and I each have iPhones

    Yes, you can have as many devices - iPhones, iPods, iPads - as you like using the same iTunes account.

  • Use multiple themes in the same project?

    I'm making a slideshow in iMovie 09. It consists of approx. 200 pictures. Those 200 pics are then broken down into 5 distinct groups. I've applied the Scrapbook theme to the first 40 pictures. I tried to apply a different theme (Filmstrip) to the next 30 pictures. When I did that, however, it changed the theme for the original 40 pictures to Filmstrip as well.
    Am I able to use multiple themes within the same project? I don't think its possible.
    Is my solution to make the 5 sections of the slideshow in iMovie 09 using a different theme for each section? I'd export as a movie file and then create the final slideshow that would consist of the 5 movies previously made (each with a different theme).
    Thanks in advance. This project is due in 3 weeks.

    This is not possible in iMovie (to use multiple themes).
    However, you can do this using your idea of joining multiple movies into one. You can do this with QuickTime Pro, or with MPEG Streamclip. [Here is a video Tutorial by venerable forum member Jon Walker|] which shows the MPEG Streamclip option.

  • Can I Use 2 iPods On The Same PC?

    Hi.. I own an iPod Nano and use iTunes on my microsoft laptop. My younger brother is getting his own iPod soon and he would be using my laptop to put songs onto his iPod.
    Can I Use 2 iPods On The Same PC?
    & Can He Have The Same Songs As Me On His iPod? Or Are Songs Only Allowed On 1 iPod?
    Many Thanks.

    Hi gmsunshine,
    Yes, it's possible to do this kind of thing. There are a few different methods in doing this kind of thing.
    For information on what your options are, and how to manage multiple iPods using one computer, check out this Apple Knowledge Base article, here:
    How to manage multiple iPods using one computer

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