The Agile Buffet Table: Implement your own Agile process at GIDS 2011

Great Indian Developer Summit 2010 u2013 Gold Standard for India's IT Professional Ecosystem
Are you new to Agile? Having challenges implementing an agile process in your organization? Have you been using Scrum, but need to bend the rules to make it work in your organization? Can't get the business to "buy-in"? Joel Semeniuk is coming to India's biggest summit for the software developer ecosystem - Great Indian Developer Summit to teach how to implement an agile process in your organization. You'll look at the "buffet table" of agile processes and procedures and learn how to properly decide "what to eat." He'll start by defining XP, Scrum, Kanban and some other popular methodologies and then teach how to mix and match each process for various scenarios, including the enterprise, ISVs, consulting, and remote teams. Then take a look at agile tools and how they will aid in implementing your development process. Lastly, he will talk about how to "sell" agile to your business partners and customers. The summit will be held 19-22 April 2011 at the IISc in Bangalore.
Joel Semeniuk is a founder of Imaginet Resources Corp; a Canadian based Microsoft Gold Partner. He is also a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP in Team System, and INETA speaker, and has a degree in Computer Science. With over 18 years of experience, Joel specializes in helping organizations around the world realize their potential through maturing their software development and information technology practices. Joel is passionate about Application Lifecycle Management tooling, techniques, and mindsets and regularly speaks at conferences around the world on a wide range of ALM topics. Joel is also the co-author of "Managing Projects with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System" published by Microsoft Press as well as dozens of other articles for popular trade magazines. Joel is also a certified Scrum Master.
For further information on GIDS 2011, please visit the summit on the web

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  • What is the easiest method to convert your Outlook Mail from MS Office 2011 for mac, into Apple Mail?

    What is the easiest method to convert your Outlook Mail from MS Office 2011 for Mac, into Apple Mail?

    As best I can see from googling it, there is NO easy direct way with Apple's builtin tools.  If you Google it you will find that many software companies are selling Apps specifically designed for this purpose.  Good luck.
    Hope this helps

  • Implementing your own SSL provider

    Im working on a new TLS/SSL implementations. I got all the classes(i.e. sslsocket, etc) ready. The problem i have is that i cant get my socketfactory using SSLFactory.getDefault, because when i do it an exception lang.runtime.exception:export restriction: SunJSSE only is thrown. Is there any way i can fix it?
    I live outside the US
    looking forward to any replies ;)

    I assume you are on JDK 1.4.x? At this point, no, you can't plug in your own provider into the Sun JDK.
    However, in 1.5.x, you can, as long as the sslsocket/sslengine only reports SSL/TLS ciphersuites that
    are on the "approved" list.

  • How to implement your own class.......I don't have a clue, please help!

    I'm new with Java and am so confused! I need help with the following exercise.
    Implement a class Employee. An employee has a name (a string) and a salary (a double). Write a default constructor, a constructor with two parameters (name and salary), and methods to return the name and salary. Write a program that tests your class. How do I do this?
    I can't figure out how to do this!!!!! Please show me an example!

    public class Employee {
      private String name;
      private double salary;
      public static void main(String[] args) {
        Employee employee = new Employee("Max Just", 64000);
        System.out.println(employee.getName() + "\nsalary: " + employee.getSalary());
      public Employee() {
        name = null;
        salary = null;
      public Employee(String name, double salary) { = name;
        this.salary = salary;
      public String getName() {
        return name;
      public double getSalary {
        return salary;

  • What happened to the default folder set (for your own libraries) in Edit/Preferences, in Adobe Photoshop CC?

    Once again I come to my computer, and it's not the way I left it. While I love cloud, I think in some way, the concept of Customer Service i.e. Providing a Service to a Customer "Set Service, for a Set Price" has lost the value of "service"
    I find it extremely disheartening, to always be dealing with changes Adobe makes, it costs me an exorbitant amount of time. I don't work with a team, so it's just me. And every other week, there is some changes, when my 3D quite working in CS6 I had no forewarning, just woke up one morning and "Poof" no more 3D, the software turned off the feature in my CS6, however, it did work in CC.
    The things I find most disheartening
    features quit working with NO PRIOR WARNING.
    Plug-ins, libraries what, now have to be stored in the cloud in order for MY system to automatically see them?
    Again No Default Libraries on our machines ( unless you think I'm going to store 2 Terabytes of libraries on the cloud and/or in my AppData Directory *not*  Nothing but system/program files themselves go on my Primary drive, everything else is on external drives, this is a security issue and one I'm not about to change, nor should anyone have to change it, since it is a *best practices* standard.
    I still can't access items in (for instance: Color Themes created on Kuler, are available on my computer, but not for me to put them into a library on the cloud. I have over 100 color themes there I have created, on my Creative Cloud account, why can they not be imported or drag/drop into the library designated for it. When I log into my Cloud Account on My iPad it is the same cloud account as on my PC, yet it doesn't even see my previously created color scheme's? Why? Does anyone have any ideas?
    I use a font manager for Windows called High-Logic, a Font Manager, Creator and a Scanner for Hand Writing Fonts Great Program, I've had it for over a year, while there is no plugin for Photoshop there is for In-Design and for Photoshop, I use the Font Manager on my computer to activate the font I want and it shows up in the Character Tool Box automatically.  Yet, just in the last week, every time I try and create something in Photoshop, I'm fine, until I go to use a font, at which time, my working project goes "dark" ( no longer visible) until I click on another tool in Photoshop.
    I cannot keep having these issues, it's way too time consuming, it's exorbitantly time consumer attempting to get a response to questions in the forums (no one's fault, it's just the nature of the forums themselves)
    The true cost of a product is not only in it's subscription based fee, but also includes the time it takes to keep up with product changes, additional training, the cost of delivery (cable connections/provider).  So far since the first of the year I have logged over 100 hours to either 'fix something that quit working with no notice', time spent re-reading documentation seeking a solution, time spent perusing the forums for a solutions, or posting a question, time spent in additional training/books, etc."
    While I understand I'm relatively new, as I had a 5 years off from working, I went from Macromedia Suite 8 to CS5.5 -full suite  (heck-of a learning curve)
    Yet, I cannot believe I am the only person having these issues, otherwise the forums wouldn't be so full.
    I did try limiting the permissions to not allow Adobe to update the software automatically, however, the permissions I wrote, were in fact re-written by adobe's cloud synchronization, Which I did find disturbing on a few levels. None of which I'll go into, but it needed to be mentioned that *yes, I tried that too*.
    *I ended up re-configuring my machine AGAIN* and deleting CS6 altogether, The performance change after I deleted CS6, was/is the difference and why I am still with my cloud membership.
    **I have reconfigured my machine numerous times, to facilitate the cloud, I am on a PC, Adobe and Microsoft Development Environments do not play well together, I ended up removing them altogether and creating a vm for them and basically all my development work. And have twice since reconfigured it for various reasons.

    One of the reasons that Edge fonts and web fonts are though to be preferable to the old font stacks was because of Android tablets/smartphones only having the Droid font family available, (Android 4.3 added the Roboto font family also).
    This meant that Android device users defaulted to the 'Droid' font or a user installed font. The default font if the user had installed a custom font and set it as default, could be anything, (even a comic script font) thus possibly destroying your text and/or layout completely.
    If you are not using an Edge font or a downloadable font do not forget to set the last three fonts in your font stack to -
    '...., Roboto variant, Droid variant, default font'

  • I need chords that are unavailable once you make a "key selection.  What would be ideal is for APPLE to allow you to use the 8 available chords for your own choice.  It is very limiting.  Especially when writing.

    I want the ability to load chords into the 8 available positions once I have chosen a KEY.  Currently Apple loads up the primary major and minor chords within that key.  However it would work much better if I had the option to replace some of their choices for my own.  In some songs I could use a 7th or not use a minor. 

    Yes, this would be VERY helpful. right now, the chord selections are limiting -- the ability to choose which chords you want in your 8 chord lineup would be very, very beneficial.
    I understand that the automated choices help the musical novices to find chords that are in the same traditional family. However, maybe the ability to override that or vary the selection would be good for both novices and more expert users.

  • If you take it out of the shop are on your own buddy

    sorry if this is posted in the wrong place..?
    I am about to buy my first ever Apple Mac ( iMac ) when the current freezing / screen problems have been resolved
    as a total newbie to the world of Mac's , I would like to walk into the Apple Store, and buy the machine
    at the same time get the shop to set up the machine I am buying so it can be checked out .
    The reason I am concerned about checking the new iMac out in the store is that
    its a well known fact that '' customer services '' is not regarded highly here in Thailand
    and I see many instances where the customer has been totally let down by so called
    warranties and guarantees , from the smallest retailer to major Thai based International
    companies . There’s numerous forums here in Thailand that show the vast number of
    complaints , some related to Apple Suppliers, the norm here in Thailand seems to be if you take it
    out of the shop , you are on your own buddy. I am not saying all Thai Apple suppliers are
    Letting down their customers, but the complaints show many are.
    So my main concern is that knowing when I do buy my new iMac , once I leave the
    apple Store , and may be have a problem , the chances of the apple Store being willing to offer what’s only
    considered by others as a normal response of yes sir just bring it in so we can look and help put any
    problems right , may well be missing here in Thailand . One problem here is that when you are
    purchasing any thing from a computer to a car the Thai way of selling has only one route .. Just tell the customer
    what he wants to hear and forget about the actual facts, So when I ask the Apple sales person .. any problems I can
    bring it back ... ? Yes Sir you can , but the reality is more like .. ive got a problem with my new iMac.. can you
    help ..? Not sure sir I have to see my boss leave it here and I will call you, this is normally followed by a long
    Period of silence...
    I was in the Apple shop yesterday ( the sales assistant did not really seem know too much about the Products) as when I asked how much an Apple Modem was , his reply was we don't sell them as all Macs come with an internal modem ..?, but they did have the new iMac on display , 20 & 24 inch , and If I wanted he would get one from the stock room and set it up in the show room so I could see / inspect / try it out. so as you can see it will be very important to me to set up the new machine to inspect / try it out as much as possible , before taking it home..
    So here’s my newbie question... As I really want to try out the iMac in the store before I take it home what things would I need to look for / try out
    ( may be relating to the current iMac problems ) and any general Mac related things to try / check out ..? as a total Mac newbie a simple step by step
    idea would be most appreciated , along with any comments or advice you can offer this Newbie .

    redstain wrote:
    As I really want to try out the iMac in the store before I take it home what things would I need to look for / try out
    \- Check for freeze-ups -- I'll defer to others for advice on how.
    \- Check for pixel defects -- examine the screen carefully with both solid white and solid black backgrounds. An in-store, pre-purchase inspection is your ONLY protection against getting stuck with bad pixels.
    \- Check for acceptable color and brightness uniformity. Examine the overall appearance of the screen with solid white, gray, and aqua-blue backgrounds.
    \* Many (most? all?) 20" iMacs have top-to-bottom color and brightness gradients with "washed-out" colors near the bottom edge of the screen.
    \* Many (most? all?) 24" ALU iMacs have left-to right brightness gradients and/or a yellow tint in the center/right of the screen.
    Here are some photos that should help you recognize brightness/color gradients:
    ...good luck,

  • Query to find out the list of tables used in a package

    can anyone please help me out with a query; i want to find out the list of tables used by a particular package.

    orton607 wrote:
    thanks for replying guys. But the thing is i am using dynamic sql execute immediate in my package, so i want those tables also and the schema name.
    ortonThis is not possible. The best you could do is to have a good guess.
    Or how would you parse some dynamic statement as this:
       v_suffix := 'loyees';
       v_sql := 'Select count(*) from (select ''nonsense'' col1 from emp'||v_suffix||') where col1 = ''Y'''';
    ...What is the table name? How do you want to parse that?
    Better rewrite all dynamic SQL statements into non dynamic ones. Or do the source control logic for those dynamic parts in an extra module. For example implement your own dependency table and force every developer to add there all dynamic parts.

  • How to make a layer from the ADF pivot table invisible , show-hide column-row-data

    Hello all ,
    I need to create a pivottable with ADF 12c for reporting purposes.
    I have a table or view with 10 items of type VARCHAR2 , C1,C2,C3,C4,C5,C6,C7,C8,C9,C10  and   10 items of type NUMBER N1,N2,N3,N4,N5,N6,N7,N8,N9,N10
    The items of type VARCHAR2 are for Column and Row areas and the items NUMBER are for Data Areas
    I want to create a jsf page with one empty pivottable and in code Show or Hide the items in the Column area , Row area , Data area
    Con you send me a small sample ?
    I test with this code that i find in oracle OTN but not work.
    <dvt:pivotTable id="pt2" value="#{bindings.WebPivotDataView1.pivotTableModel}" var="cellData"
    varStatus="cellStatus" splitMode="enabled"
    <af:switcher facetName="#{cellData.layerName}" defaultFacet="Default" id="s1">
    <f:facet name="DataLayer">
    <af:outputText value="#{cellData.label}" id="ot1"/>
    <f:facet name="C01">
    <af:outputText value="#{cellData.dataValue}" id="ot2"/>
    <f:facet name="Default">
    <af:outputText value="#{cellData.dataValue}" id="ot3"/>
    <af:switcher facetName="#{cellStatus.members.DataLayer.value}" defaultFacet="Default" id="s2">
    <f:facet name="N01">
    <af:outputText value="#{cellData.dataValue}" id="ot4">
    <af:convertNumber groupingUsed="false"
    <f:facet name="Default">
    <af:outputText value="#{cellData.dataValue}" id="ot5"/>
    DCBindingContainer bindingContainer = (DCBindingContainer)ADFContext.getCurrent().getRequestScope().get("bindings");
    CubicBinding cubicBinding = (CubicBinding)bindingContainer.findCtrlBinding("WebPivotDataView1");
    CubicEditor cubicEditor = cubicBinding.getCubicEditor();
    cubicEditor.removeLayer(DataDirector.ROW_EDGE, 0); //remove 1st row edge
    cubicEditor.removeLayer(DataDirector.COLUMN_EDGE, 0); // remove 1st column edge
    CubicDefinition def;
    def = cubicBinding.getProjection();
    LayerDefinition layerDefinition = new LayerDefinition("C3");
    cubicEditor.addLayer(DataDirector.ROW_EDGE, 0, layerDefinition);    
    LayerDefinition layerDefinition2 = new LayerDefinition("C4");
    cubicEditor.addLayer(DataDirector.COLUMN_EDGE, 0, layerDefinition2);
    DataItemDefinition def3 = new DataItemDefinition("N1");
    Can you help me if is possible to create a pivottable binding to a one ViewObject and in code show/hide or compose the layout of the pivottable ??
    I search in google and OTN oracle and not find any code.
    Only find the code of the samples that is very complex for me , the code of the samples create the PivotTableModel from one Array , and i want to binding from one ADB BC ViewObject.
    Thanks in advance

    The solution I presented for your use case an DOAG 2013 was to create a pivot table binding out of user defined attributes from the table. For the defined attributes a VO is dynamically created as well as the pivot binding. The pivot binding is then exchanged at runtime together with the activation of the dynamic VO needed to only get the data needed for the particularly pivot table.
    Your solution using the CubicEditor is hard to implement due to the missing documentation. This was the reason I did not follow this approach, However it's not impossible (done it on a very small scale).
    None of the solution are what I call simple. They are complicated, complex and in part not supported solution (exchanging the pivot table binding at runtime need to use internal classes, which is not supported).
    I can't give you a working sample as it's too complex. I can make the slides available, however they are in German.

  • UIX Controller - Implementing my own PageFlowEngine

    I want to implement my own PageFlowEngine and having looked at the javadocs it seems to me that there are really only two methods which need overriding from BasePageFlowEngine:
    checkPageAccess(...) - this is where any security issues should be addressed
    getPage(...) - decide which page to go to next
    Am I right in this? If not what am I missing?

    Hi Arjuna, here's our views on what we're trying to do.
    Our application will have many multi-step transactions building state as they progress. A user will have access to a set of functions but may have limited access within each function (e.g. View <objectType> only, not Update).
    The issues we are trying to address are:
    1. We'd like the back button to only re-render relevant pages. In a multi-page dialogue, rather than display each state of the same page (for example where <hideShow>s may be actioned) we want to go to the previous page in that dialogue.
    2. We'd like the back button to prevent 'cross-transaction' flows. Following a 'commit of a transaction' we want to control what happens when the user hits the back button e.g. return the user to a known point in the dialogue NOT the previous page.
    3. Remove page-flow from event handlers because :
    a. The flow may change based on user security settings or may be determined by previous flow.
    b. Enable re-use of common pages in multiple scenarios i.e. where a page can be reached from several points we want the flow engine to return the flow to its 'initiation point'.
    4. Enable a generic error-handling mechanism. Depending on the nature of any error, we want to encapsulate the processing of the error e.g. return to the same page, go to a warning or error page.
    We believe that in order to get our required behaviour for the above we would have to do (at least!) the following:
    1.     Implement our own PageFlowEngine
    2.     Implement our own StateManager
    3.     Disable browser cacheing (overriding isCacheable in our implementation of PageBroker)
    I hope this is enough for you to understand our requirements, thanks for your help

  • Interfaces for your own classes - do you bother?

    Hi All,
    before anyone gets upset, I did post a shorter version this to the Java Prog forum a couple of days ago. I'm reposting here because the thread was pushed down the list just as comments were getting interesting, and I was tossing up which forum was most appropriate anyway...
    OK, I'd like to pose a general question on the use of interfaces with your own classes. I am totally behind the concept of using appropriate interfaces for declaration of vars, parameters etc (i.e. use "List" rather than "Vector"), but what about your own classes?
    If I have a class in my application that doesn't fit into any kind of framework or class hierarchy, subclass of object basically, should I write an interface with all the same method sigs and use that rather than the class for my vars, params etc? This would make things more flexible in future, enabling you to swap classes in and out of your app more easily.
    Taking it a step further, how's this for a design methodology: For every class you write (once again classes that don't fit into your own or somebody else�s hierarchy or framework) do the following
    1. Create an interface (MyInterface) that maps 1 to 1 to that class (MyClass), with all the same method sigs.
    2. Make the constructor private and manage all the creation of instances of MyClass through a factory that returns objects of type MyInterface.
    If you do this there will be no mention of any of your concrete classes anywhere in your app except the factories, making it easier to refactor etc. Do this for all your classes.
    A little sketchy but I hope you get idea. Is this complete overkill? Is there a down side to this? Does anyone do anything like this?

    Although the pattern you describes adds flexibility, it also adds complexety.
    Imagine somebody is looking at your code and from what he sees he deducts that the next thing to look at is the concrete class which is used at a given place.
    If you used an interface, he must find out which implementing class is actually used at this place. It's not a big thing, but if every single class has its seperate interface and factory I would consider it overkill ... after all you have to write all the boring code for this.
    In the case of doubt I'd agree it's better to throw in an interface and a factory instead of refactoring thousand lines of codes afterwards. But if nothing hints toward a second implementation of the interface, or another reason for using an interface don't bother to write one.
    As a general rule I use something like: Don't use a general rule. ;-)

  • How to create your own theme?

    Is it possible to create your own theme for use with iDVD?
    I know there are some commercially available (e.g., but what tools are needed to create your own?

    Actually, DVDSP has the ability to do everything that iDVD can do and much much more. The idea is to author your own themes in DVDSP, not use pre-made off the shelf ones... if you want cookie cutter design, go with iDVD. Even with the tutorials below, you are still limited on what you can do... that is a limitation built into the application itself. Perhaps a future version may change all that, but with added flexibility also comes added complexity. Some prefer keeping things simple.
    Here is the complete iDVD 5 tutorial list:
    Part 1: Basic Custom Button Creation
    Part 2: More on Custom Buttons and Highlights
    Part 3: Creating Motion Buttons and Motion Masks
    Part 4: Changing highlight colors on buttons
    Part 5: Creating custom drop zones

  • Use your own iOS app on your own iOS device without buying a developer program.

    This is no question; it is simply a request that you make it possible for people with the free developer program to use their own iOS apps that they built themselves without having to pay $99 a year.
    This is because loads of people want to build small apps for themselves, and can do so easily now that Xcode is free on the AppStore. The main problem with this is that they have to pay to simply do this.
    So this is in a way a petition for all you people who are the same; who have written your own iOS apps for your personal use only, apps that shall not be distributed and only serve to show what you can do or help a family game to get Apple to make this small thing possible for you (us).
    So please post here if you want the same.
    Thank you.

    As always, feel free to use Report a Bug for any samples, doc additions, feature requests or enhancements you'd like to see as well. Add your BR# to this thread for reference, thanks.
    But I wouldn't hold my breath on this would only result in immediate scams.

  • I want to ctrl-+, ctrl-+, ctrl-+, ctrl-+, ctrol-+ on every single web page.... even your own dumb web page.

    Every page on the internet takes up 70% of my screen.
    I want to use common sense and force every page to take up 100% of my screen.
    I want to perform ctrl-+, ctrl-+, ctrl-+ ctrl-+, ctrl-+ on every single page... how can I do that?
    WHere is the 100% option? This is rediculous - a web browser that insists on using 60% of the screen.
    Even on your own web site - there is 1.5 inches on both sides of the page - how is this useful or logical or reasonable in any way?

    My control key is wore out... literally. It's held together with glue and tape and honey. Because I have to hit ctrl-+ ctrl-+ ctrl-+ ctrl-+ ctrl-+ on every single web site.
    Because there is no option - 100%, that's the deal. Make the stuff 100%. How hard can that possibly be?

  • How do you add (drag) your own artwork

    I am having trouble. I used to be able to simply drag the album art (jpg file) into the window on the bottom left. That does not work anymore. Does anyone know how to fix this? Also can you create a Itunes Store account without giving up credit card information?

    It's definitely a bug in 7.0 and should be fixed in 7.0.1.
    Dragging artwork to the artwork window does not work. in any instance that I have tried, including rebuilding permissions, restarting and other fixes.
    When you right click and try and “Clear downloaded Artwork” that doesn’t work either. So you have to get info on the tracks you want to clear, then click to the check box next to the blank album art, then hit ok, only then they will clear.
    The only way to add your own artwork is by either getting info individually on each song and adding it in the artwork section, or getting info on multiple tracks and then dragging it to the artwork window in that info box.
    7.0 appears to be very buggy, and still a bit of a beta, feels rushed if you ask me.
    reminds me of 10.5, very cool new features all over, yet not quite done yet, nothing to big that can't be fixed by spring, but bugs none the less. Code just needs to be cleaned up.
    hopefully this code can be cleaned up in a week or two. it's not bad, just a minor annoyance.

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  • PC-UI : long text of messages

    On clicking the details of the messages we get only the static long text but not the messages which are collected in from other sytems say R/3.

  • How do I fix a problem with Facebook. They think I have a virus or malware

    I have been having trouble with facebook thinking that I have a virus or malware as I am posting on the games I play. I have an antivurus on my computer and it does not detect anything.

  • Transferring iTunes from iPod to new computer

    I have damaged my Apple PowerBook (containing my 'master' iTunes library) beyond repair and am unable to access any data on the drive. Having purchased a new MacBook I am attempting to move the library of music and images from my 5th Generation 30gb

  • Non-published service! Help?

    Greetings folks. I was wondering if someone could explain to me how I can remove myself [ if at all! ] from having my number not published. This $2.50 a month isn't cutting it for me with pulling strings in this economy.  Can I go about it on the onl

  • Reporting of SMS messages send from SBWP

    Hi Experts All users are currently able to send sms messages from SBWP using Pager function.  I am in need of a report or table were I can determine who and how many sms messages are being send. Regards