Timedependent Business partner !!

Hi All,
I am facing a problem... in the tcode BP....if i am maintaining a business partner DEVT01 which is assigned to a company 'ABC'....after 3 months the same id 'DEVT01' is assigned to a company 'XYZ'....is there any way to check in tables that id DEVT01 is assigned to this company from this time....in short i am talking about time dependent master data....i can see timedependent address data for a busniess partner but not the name ....

Hi Denis
Please go to Transaction Code - BUCO
and pick the sold to party, once you see the blank screen click on small tab which have an arrow underneath it. then just delete the tabs you dont need. If you want them back just pick Sap Standard from the tap menu
Please let me know if this works and dont forget to give points

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  • Problem in Creation of business partner

    i create business partner with the help of BAPI_ISUPARTNER_CREATE_FROM_DATA
    i want to add mobile number but there is no any field such like mobile number in address data table.
    But there is separate table of telephone data. When i use this table to store the mobile or telephone number at that time bapi stores the data on the telephone table in independent communication but not in direct communication fields .
    Please , suggest me what i do to store the data in direct communication instead of indirect communication.
    Thanks for review my post...

    Hi ilesh,
    There are 2 kinds of communication data -
    1. Address dependent- this is linked to the address, and would need to be created / changed using BUPA_ADDRESS_CHANGE. You need to pass the BP number and the address number to which you want to link the tel / mobile number.
    2. Address independent  - this is directly linked to the BP, without dependency on the BP's address. You can modify such data using BUPA_CENTRAL_CHANGE.
    Now, you can decide which fields you want filled, and accordingly use the correct FM. Second point - how to make sure the number gets created as a mobile, and not normal telephone. There is a field called R3 user in the table ADR2, and also in the Telephone structures that you fill while calling the FMs mentioned before. Make sure you pass the correct value of R3 user ( i think it is 2 for mobile, but you can check it by looking at the value range for this element in ADR2 through transaction SE11).By default, R3 user is 1, which denotes landline telephone. To create mobile numbers, pass R3 user = 2 (or whatever value you look up from the value range).
    This should solve your problem.

  • Error while creating a business partner / sponsor

    Hi experts,
    I am getting the following error (same as the one posted by one of the other users) when i try to create a business partner in the 'sponsor' role:
    Sponsor does not have a customer associated with it.
    Because of this error I AM STUCK!!! and cannot move forward with the rest of the customization. I searched all the settings and researched this error - couldnt find anything useful.
    Can you guys PLEASE HELP???
    Thank you,

    Dear Ajay,
    The sponsor should have a customer number behind
    Please have a look at the online help:[http://help.sap.com/saphelp_erp60_sp/helpdata/en/8d/b6283b85b6666be10000000a114084/frameset.htm]
    See Customizing Grantee Management   ->GM-GTE Customizing: Master Data  -> GM-GTE Master Data Customizing: Sponsor
    You can adjust your customizing in a way to create the customer automatically at the time of creating the sponsor, or you can first create the sponsor and link it to a customer afterwards. This will depend on how the sponsor Role (Standard is PSSP01) is set.
    you can find it in the IMG> Master Data Synchronization> Customer/Vendor Integration> Business Partner Settings> Settings for Customer Integration> Set BP Role Category for Direction BP to Customer
    and check options 'Customer-based' or 'Optional for Customer'
    Hope this will help
    Kind regards

  • Creation of new fields for business partner relationship

    Hi experts,
    We are currently on SAP CRM 7.0 EHP1.
    We have a requirement to maintain a custom checkbox (Relevant for business) on each business partner relationship.
    Can you please let us know on how we can achive this requirement.
    Thanks in advance,
    Moderation: Duplicated. I lock this one and continue here: [Create a new field in Business Partner Relationships|Create a new field in Business Partner Relationships#10795912]
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    Please, anyone can help?

  • Error in creation of Employee for Business Partner

    I am using SRM 4.0 and ECC 5.0. I have created Vendor Root Org EBP and replicated vendors from R/3 which is appearing in Vendor Organization in EBP.
    Now when I am trying to create Employee as contact person in thru WEB transaction in EBP "Manage Business Partner".
    After filling all mandatory info when I am saving the same and error popup is coming as given below:
    "Central system not reached"
    Can some body help analyze the same?

    Hi Vadim,
    Following attributes are already maintained for Vendor Root in Org Plan :-
    Beside this I have checked up availability of replicated vendors in VENMAP table with GUID.
    First error message is coming:
    "Central system not reached"
    When I am defining Logical system and external business partner ID that is R/3 Supplier code than another error is coming :
    "BP role BUOP001 already exists for partner XXX"
    This XXX is running sr. no. of BP number range but do not appear in BP data base . And in next attempt next Sr. no. is blocked by system.
    Problem is still persisting pls. suggest.

  • Creation of Business partner from customer

    Dear Friends,
    I am trying to create business partner from customer thorugh T-code FLBPD1 but unable to do so. Also. whenever i create a customer, a corresponding business partner is automatically created which is not desirable. Rather system should allow me to create business partners from customer separately when required. Kindly suggest any solution for the same.

    please have a look at this threat
    [Auto creation of customer/vendor for BP;
    or search the forum for other threats that are handling this topic.
    Regards, Franz

  • Creation of Business partner by using the vendor master

    Dear all ,
    I have a requirement as follows. I  Have already vendor master created  in MM .Now the requirement is  while creating Business partner I have to use this vendor as the business partner .
    Can experts suggest the possibility of this .

    Hello Arjun,
    Yes, this feature also works in 4.7. What has happened is that in ECC 6.0 the BP functinality has been totally redefined with a lot of automations. As such, if properly configured then in ECC 6.0 there is no practical use of the FLBPD/FLBPC Tcodes. However, in 4.7, both these traqnsactions should be working fine. The SAP ntes that I have mentioned are however only for ECC 6.0.
    Kind regards,
    Suvarghya Dutta
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  • Creation of Business Partner through IDOC

    Dear All,
    I have to create a business partner which happens through Idoc of message type DEBCOR. My problem is that though I am getting the IDOC message as incoming type which is also getting processed however the creation of BP is not happening. Since IDOC is also showing in green as successfully processed, I dont have any clue where to check it. Any idea as to what could be the possible problem ?
    best regds

    IDocs and BAPIs sometimes behave differently than transactions. You might need to add a user exit specifically for IDoc processing. Otherwise send a message to SAP and have them look at it.

  • Creation of Business Partner with External BP #,ID type and Identifications

    Hi Group,
    I have a query on creation of Business Partner with External BP #,ID type and Identification # (along with the Firstname,Lastname,Email, Phone & etc.,) things.
    the thing is that I was using a BAPI called "BAPI_BUPA_FS_CREATE_FROM_DATA", to create a BP and I was not able to have an option available for these things (External BP #,ID type and Identification # ) along with that BAPI.
    So please kindly let me know how these things can be fetched from a BAPI which can accomodate all the above things mentioned.
    Please kindly let me know how it can be achieved.
    thanks in advance.

    Hi Gerhard,
    Infact this reply was very useful, but ,while using the BAPI "BAPI_IDENTIFICATION_ADD" while creating the Id type and Id #s, this BAPI was not enabling this.
    I was trying to use this BAPI to create ID #, and it's desc, but, this BAPI was returning like "This BP # does not exist" (in some cases) and in some other cases, it is keeping quiet without giving any indication as whether the things have been updated or not... and also when I checked, things were not getting reflected.
    your help would be very much appreciated.
    thanks & regards,

  • How to switch off automatic creation of the business partner?

    Advise please why in erp after creation of the customer automatically form business partner? How to switch off automatic creation of the business partner? It very much disturbs, because business partner are created from crm. Because of automatic creation business partners are duplicated.

    I have made the following customizing settings to activate customer integration with business partner, but the problem is when I create a BP with a role (FI-Customer) the customer is not created automatically.
    1. Set BP Role Category for Direction BP to Customer
    Roles: FLCU00 - Business Partner FI Customer (FS: BP)
    FLCU01 - Business Partner Customer (FS: BP)
    2. Defined the Number assignment for Direction BP to customer
    4. Customer account group and numbering is also defined.
    3. Created a BP with BP Role FLCU00, I can see the Customer - General Data tab, but no customer was automatically generated by the system.
    Kindly let me know if any customizing I have missed.

  • Business partner deletion  - master data

    In  SAP Note 1111635 -Business partner cannot be deleted
    try to delete a business partner or a contact person. This is not
    possible bcoz address cannot be deleted because there are other references .
    1) deletion of the address, because it used to be used as a sender or recipient for
    e-mails, faxes and so on .
    If we use address within  BUSINESS COMMUNICTION SERVICES   (BCS )
    the system writes a where-used list for this address.This reference is a link between the address and the sent  document. We  can only delete the address when this link no longer exists.
    In SAP Note 556538 - Archiving business partner for the employee role
    Business partners in the employee role are linked to an object called the
    central person. This object originates from the HR-PD framework and is used
    to integrate the business partner with the HR-PD framework. The central
    person does not have an archiving function. Only the business partner can
    be archived. However, the business partner has the employee role and is
    thus linked with a central person (and therefore cannot be archived).

    Hello Jorgito,
    Without deleting transactional data. I guess you mean without deleting all the data from de cubes. But you want to get rid of the transactional data of BP type "C".
    Go to the manage screen of the cube involved.
    Go to the tab 'Contents'
    click on the button 'Selective Deletion' (right-side at the bottom)
    On the pop-up click on the button 'Delete selections'
    Fill in type 'C'
    Start the job.
    I hope this will help you.

  • Can you assign multiple customer masters to one Business Partner in R/3?

    We are trying to configure SAP Business Partners in ECC5.0 but it seems the relationship between a business partner and a customer master is one-to-one so a business partenr cannot have multiple customers (table BD001 only allows for a single entry).  Does anyone know if it's possible to assign multiple customer masters to one business partner?  If so, is there any documentation available?
    Many thanks.

    We are trying to configure SAP Business Partners in ECC5.0 but it seems the relationship between a business partner and a customer master is one-to-one so a business partenr cannot have multiple customers (table BD001 only allows for a single entry).  Does anyone know if it's possible to assign multiple customer masters to one business partner?  If so, is there any documentation available?
    Many thanks.

  • How to delete Business partners in Business partner master data

    Dear sir,
    I had  remove some business partners in Business Partner maserdata. but i will remove some business partners one error will come into picture that error is " You cannot remove business partner; linked Sales Quotations exist  [Message 3502-79] "
    How to remove that bp in bp master data. plllz tell me how to solve these problem step by step process in sap business one 2007 B

    If you have created a Sales Quotation or for that matter any document for  the Business Partner you are trying to delete, you cannot delete the Business Partner from the database.
    As transaction and document is linked to the BP, then you cannot delete it.
    Kind Regards,
    SAP Business One Forum Team

  • Business Partner Role Specific Field View in WebClient

    Hello to everyone,
    I have a question that really needs a answer.  We are upgrading from SAP CRM v4 to SAP CRM v7.0 and as such we have a number of custom Business Partner Roles within the Person BP Type.  Against these custom roles we have developed custom field and tabs in order to separate the content within the BP Role further.
    After rolling off an implementation of SAP CRM v6.0 [2007], the following seems apparent:
    - Assignment of Roles is done via an assignment block in the Customer Maintenance view.
    - You can create Business Partners in different roles initially.
    - You cannot maintain Business Partner details in specific roles
    However, you cannot display the role specific fields as you can in the WinClient.  As an example, a Citizen Role BP will have different fields to that of a Teacher, but these roles could be assigned to one Business Partner.
    There does not seem to be any guidance as to how this is managed in the WebClient and as it seems a fundamental part fo the SAP CRM offering, you would have thought that this questions has been asked, but I have found no answers.
    I really hope anyone can help and appreciate any time and effort put into solving my question.
    Many Thanks,

    Hi MatFlat,
    Yes, your observation is right - in the Web UI, fiel grouping is not implemented for roles. This is because the role concept is quite different between SAP Gui and Web UI.
    In SAP gui, (CRM 4.0) roles had a functional meaning as well as a UI control. However, the concept was changed with Web UI. Now, roles have only a functional meaning, and no effect on the UI at all.
    If you want to implement role based field grouping in Web UI, you need to define your own methods in the implementation class.
    E.g : you can write code to influence the field properties based on the roles. I guess you can redefine the DO_PREPARE_OUTPUT  methods of the impl class.
    In order to get info about which roles the BP is maintained , you can use FM BUPA_ROLES_GET_2.
    Hope this helps you.

  • Not all fields for Business partner are exported

    I am exporting Business partner data from CRM to another system, through XIF. I get on target system XML file with Business partner data. But I have only standart fields. I can't get fields, which was created my company for own use.
    For example, for Business partner I have Business Agreement, but after export to XML, I have no Business agreement data in another system. But I have standart data, for example, Business partner Name, ID, ets.
    Anybody know what I can do to export all the fields for Business partner? Some transaction or somthing else? Where can I customize output XML with Business partner data?
    Best regarda,

    You have the right observation. There is no mandatory fields for BP. It means you can update any single field against CardCode. CardCode is the only mandatory field which is the only primary key must be unique.

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