Timezone problem with Desktop 6.2 calandar and outlook 2007 after HotSync

After recently being upgraded to Desktop 6.2 I have a problem with Hotsync Palm-calendar and outlook 2007.
When I create a new appointment in outlook 2007 and next do a HotSync it is stored in PalmTungsten-E2 calendar with a timezone CEST (=2 hours earlier than it should be).
At least I won't be late for these appointments, but its a bit annoying.
I already tapped and untapped the box -New events use time zones- in the Calendar Preferences, but that does not help.
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Thanks Colapop for you suggestion.
I had already tried that option and it gave no good result.
Yesterday I bought KeySuite from Chapure and now everything works fine again.
I do regret a bit I upgraded to PalmDesktop 6.2 because that was the start of my problems. The reason for updating to 6,2 was that I wanted to make use of outlook 2007 instead of palmCalender.

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    halimsujanto wrote:
    Hi all..
    I am having the same problem with desktop software 6, but my problem is more like this..
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    In this knowledge base solution it says to run BlackBerry Desktop Software.msi, but on BlackBerry Desktop Software 6, it need to run from setup.exe and cannot continue.. so I cannot install desktop software 6 on my computer, but I am able to install older version desktop software ie. version 4.2 to version 5.
    I think that I am gonna reply here instead of making new thread about windows installer 4.5 and Desktop Software 6, please move if I did wrong.
    PS. Bifocals..
    The link you provided is missing. Or it just back to BlackBerry Technical Solution Center page and I tried searching the KB13781 with no success.
    Please if there is other link that may be good for my problem.
    Thank you very much.
    Hi ihalimsujanto and welcome to the forums!
    My first concern is that you do have a version of desktop manager that you can maintain your device and PIM data with, do you?
    Please post back with as much detail as possible regarding your hardware and software setup.
    Also post what steps you have taken to resolve the issue. The more detail we have the better we can help you. I'll reread KB 19300 and find what happened to my broken link.
    Please review this Microsoft Knowledgebase  Article ID: 555175
    How to resolve Common "Windows Installer" Problems
    Methods 3 and 4 may be pertinent.
    Let us know how it goes!
    Click Accept as Solution for posts that have solved your issue(s)!
    Be sure to click Like! for those who have helped you.
    Install BlackBerry Protect it's a free application designed to help find your lost BlackBerry smartphone, and keep the information on it secure.

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    Do you understand me ? I want money back.Because I have problem with LINE In App Purchase.And no one try to resolve this problem.And the answer of NEVER LINE JAPAN they don't have responsibility.I think it will be effect with APPLE image also.I want you to help me everyways to refound my monet back.Could you?

    Contact iTunes Store Support.

  • I have problem with Itunes losing where podcasts and some purchased music is located. Don't know how Itunes losing the locations of the files and I can't find the files on my hard drive. What can I do to stop Itunes losing location and restore my files?

    I have problem with Itunes losing where podcasts and some purchased music is located. Don't know how Itunes losing the locations of the files and I can't find the files on my hard drive. What can I do to stop Itunes losing location and restore my files?

    Try assigning Queen as the Album Artist on the compilations in iTunes on your computer.

  • Performance Problems with MS IE 6.0 and EP 7.0 (2004s)

    we have a problem with ie 6.0 webbrowser and EP 7.0 (2004s). When we open for example the theme editor in the ep-system-administration site we must wait with MS ie 6.0 webbrowser ~ 18s for the site opening. With firefox 2.0 we can open the theme editor with ~ 1s.
    Have/Had anybody the same problem? - Or is this a knowing problem with ie 6.0.
    We used for the network analyse the tool: httpwatch 3.2. We can see, that the ie 6.0 must wait into the all-time of 18sec. 13sec for opening the site: emptyhover.html.
    - Thanks in advance for a tip !
    Best Regards,

    Hello Ameya and hello Shao,
    we use the version SP12 NW 2004s. We have the this problems with a base application of portal: theme editor.
    We can see in the httpWatch 3.2 analysis tool, that the ie 6.0 load a much of cache files from the client webbrowser. Could it be this problem? - I red in this forum problems with the webbrowser-parameter: "Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed"
    Thank you for your helping.
    Best Regards,

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