Transfer of sales orders from one plant to another

Dear all,
My requirement is as follows:
I have created some 500 sales orders (open) in one sales org+plant.
Now due to plant shifting to other area, I want to transfer all the above open sales orders to another sales org+plant.
One option is to create them manually. But that is time consuming and prone to errors.
Second option is to upload thru LSMW. That too is very tedious.
Third option is to extend/assign new plant to the old sales area and change the plant in the orders. But I want in the new sales org + new plant.
Is there any other option by which I can transfer the above sales orders from one plant to another?

Hi SAPshed,
The problem is not the change of plant, which is standard functionality, but the change of sales organization.
An awful lot of information depends on the Sales Organization: Company code (!!), customers, materials, prices, profit center, etc.
SAP does not even admit creating a sales order in a Sales Organization A with reference to a sales order with a sales organization B.
IMHO your best option is to try to maintain the current Sales Orders with the current Sales Organization and change the Sales Order in VA02 (your third option).
If you are absolutely sure that all materials and customers are created for the new Sales Area in the same way and that prices (discounts) are the same, you might want to do a direct update to VBAK table to change the Sales Organization (nasty!), but be prepared for the consequences (no SAP support in case of problems, you are on your own).
Therefore if you insist on a different Sales Organization, then option 2) will be your best best.
Best Regards,
P.S. IMHO it is Best Practice to have a unique Sales Organization / Company Code.

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  • Sales orders from one salesorg. to another in same ssystem

    Hi Guys,
               I got a requirement like we need to convert or recreate sales orders from one sales organization to another sales organization in the same system without having any impact on the existing system.
    Any one have idea how to do it and is there any standard program to do this? is there any standard procedure for that>?
    Thanks in advance.
    Ram sri

    Hi Ramgopal,
    I never had this scenario, but the main step would be
    Define 2 logical systems: a sender and a receiver
    Assign one of them to the client
    Set up distribution model
    Generate partner profiles
    Set up converter (not filter!) /Application Link Enabling (ALE)-> Modelling and Implementing Business Processes-> Converting Data Between Sender and Receiver
    Here you can set up conversion rule for your sales org field.
    All of this step could be done in transaction SALE.

  • How to Add Sales order from one database to another database

    Hi All,
    I am trying to add sales order with sales order object.
    I have completed connectivity from one database to another database.
    but i am unable to post sales order with orders object.
    My code is
    ObjSales = objMain.objUtilities.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oOrders)
                ObjSales.DocDate = Date.Parse(System.DateTime.Now().ToString("d"))
                ObjSales.DocDueDate = Date.Parse(System.DateTime.Now().ToString("d"))
                ObjSales.TaxDate = Date.Parse(System.DateTime.Now().ToString("d"))
                ObjSales.CardCode = "C0006"
               ObjSales.Series = 92
                ObjSales.PaymentGroupCode = 3
                ObjSales.Comments = "vivek"
               ObjSales.Lines.ItemCode = "5127"
               ObjSales.Lines.Quantity = 100
               ObjSales.Lines.UnitPrice = 10
               ObjSales.Lines.WarehouseCode = "01"
                ObjSales.Lines.TaxCode = "0"
                ObjSales.Lines.DiscountPercent = "0.00"
                ObjSales.DocTotal = 1000
                 If ObjSales.Add <> 0 Then
                   objMain.objApplication.SetStatusBarMessage("Sales or Not Posted", SAPbouiCOM.BoMessageTime.bmt_Short, True)
                   Exit Sub
                  objMain.objUtilities.ShowSuccessMessage("Sales Order Posted successfully")
                End If
    The above code is executing successfully.But the Sales order is not getting added.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Vivek,
    If the code you posted is not throwing any errors, then the order really does get created. Apparently just not to both databases, am I correct ?
    vivek.Y wrote:
    > I have completed connectivity from one database to another database.
    That means that apparently you have not gotten this bit right.
    Generally speaking if you want to create an order into two databases, you first need to connect to both databases and create separate order objects for each database. So you need to do this bit twice; once for each database. Something like this:
    ObjSales1 = objMain.objUtilities1.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oOrders)
    ObjSales2 = objMain.objUtilities2.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oOrders)
    Then at the end you also need to add both objects separately:
    If ObjSales1.Add <> 0 Then
    If ObjSales2.Add <> 0 Then
    Good luck,

  • Problem in Creating Sales Order From One DB to another DB

    Hello All,
    I am trying to create a Sales Order in another database from the current database based on the Purchase Order but while creating the sales order system is throwing an error " In "To Whse" enter valid values [ZAPp 0] "
    My Code for Creating Sales Order in another DB are as follows :-
                 '==== Connect To another SAP Company ====='
                Dim oCompany_DB As New SAPbobsCOM.Company
                oCompany_DB.Server = "OSL_SERVER"
                oCompany_DB.LicenseServer = "OSL_SERVER"
                oCompany_DB.UseTrusted = False
                oCompany_DB.CompanyDB = Database_Name
                oCompany_DB.UserName = SAPUserName
                oCompany_DB.Password = SAPPassword
                oCompany_DB.DbUserName = DBUserName
                oCompany_DB.DbPassword = DBPassword
                oCompany_DB.DbServerType = SAPbobsCOM.BoDataServerTypes.dst_MSSQL2005
                lRetCode = oCompany_DB.Connect()
                If lRetCode <> 0 Then
                    oCompany_DB.GetLastError(lErrCode, sErrMsg)
                    If (lErrCode <> -4006) Then
                    End If
                End If
    '===== Creating the Sales Order ====='
      Dim oOrder As SAPbobsCOM.Documents = oCompany_DB.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oOrders)
                Dim DocDueDate As String = oRecord.Fields.Item("DocDueDate").Value
                oOrder.DocDueDate = DocDueDate
                oOrder.CardCode = Customer
      While Not oRecord.EoF
                    Dim ItemCode As String = oRecord.Fields.Item("ItemCode").Value
                    Dim WhsCode As String = oRecord.Fields.Item("WhsCode").Value
                    Dim Quantity As Double = oRecord.Fields.Item("Quantity").Value
                    Dim Price As Double = oRecord.Fields.Item("Price").Value
                    Dim Discnt As Double = oRecord.Fields.Item("DiscPrcnt").Value
                    Dim TaxCode As String = oRecord.Fields.Item("TaxCode").Value
                    oOrder.Lines.ItemCode = ItemCode
                    oOrder.Lines.WarehouseCode = WhsCode
                    oOrder.Lines.Quantity = Quantity
                    oOrder.Lines.Price = Price
                    oOrder.Lines.DiscountPercent = Discnt
                    oOrder.Lines.TaxCode = TaxCode
                End While
                lRetCode = oOrder.Add
                '=== Check For Error if any ===='
                If lRetCode <> 0 Then
                    oCompany_DB.GetLastError(lErrCode, sErrMsg)
                    If (lErrCode <> -4006) Then
                    End If
                End If
    When i execute the above code company gets connected but sales order not getting added in another company.

    You can not do it the alternate way Kevin suggests, direct DB inserts are prohibited by SAP and can corrupt your DB, particularly because unlike what most people think, all SAP documents affect more than just their own tables (e.g. the numbering table, the history tables).
    Are you getting any error message, or is it returning 0?
    If it is returning 0, then check is the document actually going to the newly created database or maybe somehow going to old one.
    If it isn't returning 0, what is the error code and message.
    Also I do see an error in your code. As it stands, you are adding an empty line to the end of every order. This can cause problems for SAP.
    Dim counter As Integer = 0
    If counter <> 0 Then 'Not equals 0, forum hides lt & gt symbols.
    End If
    counter = counter + 1
    oOrder.Lines.ItemCode = ItemCode
    oOrder.Lines.WarehouseCode = WhsCode
    oOrder.Lines.Quantity = Quantity
    oOrder.Lines.Price = Price
    oOrder.Lines.DiscountPercent = Discnt
    oOrder.Lines.TaxCode = TaxCode
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  • Sales Order from one SAP to another SAP system thru ALE

    I am trying to send a Sales order IDOC from one SAP system to another SAP system (basically from DEV to QAS). Will i be able to do this using ALE ? If so, how ? I don't want this Sales order to be posted as PO in QAS. I want it to stay as a sales order.


  • Transfer sales orders from one compnay code to another

    Is it possible to transfer pending sales order from one company code to another? if yes please let me know complete procedure.

    You cannot transfer the sales order like this.If your company is getting closed then you can keep a deadline date before which you can close all the open orders and after that you can start creating the orders in the new company code.
    If your delivery date is beyond the deadline date then you can reject the sales orders and create them with new G/L accounts from the new company code.
    For this,you have to assign your sales organisation to the new company code.
    Reward points if it helps.

  • Excise asset tranfer from one plant to another within the company code

    Hi All,
    Please provide me the procedure how to transfer an asset from one plant to another.
    The asset is an excisable pls provide the process for accounting in SAP for movement of FA on which we have taken excise duty and further we have to pay duty on removal of FA
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    Please check: Re: asset transfer within company code from one plant to another using STO
    Re: how to transfer  an asset from one plant to another plant within comp code
    Syed Hussain.

  • Sales Order Stock Transfer from one plant to another plant

    I am transfering sales order stock from one plant to another, using movement type 301E MIGO.
    But when i go to Detail Data tab i found the Dst tab gray and only special stock field is appearing in grey there. So when I input all the data in from box it also copied in destination box. I also went to where tab page but the same data is appearing in both area from and destination.
    In my opinion both area should be writeable, how can I make the detination detail available in there and should be writeable.
    Please advice.
    Best regards

    Please go to MB1B in that give movement type as 301 and SP Stock as E and provide Plant Storage location and press enter...
    as well in MIGO select the Transfer Posting and provide Movement type as 301E and press enter If in OMBW the plant and Storage location is Mandatory then it will not go ahead for Posting.s
    Try at your end.
    Ninad Kshirsagar

  • Material transfer from one plant to another

    Hi expert
    i am transfer material from one plant to another , for the same i have  created a vendor in that i have assigned supplying plant, and in the Purchase order, i am need to use inventoried tax code.
    For the same i have done transfer with 351 and i did migo , but i didnt get  FI document for 101 movement
    If it is development, how do we acheive this.
    Let me know if you need more details on this. Appreciate your possible solutions to this.

    For the stock transfer within two plants in the same company code, Accounting document gets generated on doing goods issue.
    Supplying Plant Stock/Account BSX gets credited
    Receiving Plant Stock BSX gets debit.
    After that its stock in transit for the receiving plant and by doing goods receipt you are just taking goods in so the accoun ting document does not get generated again while doing GRN.
    If it is Company Code, it will be  sale & purchase concept  where in  vendor & customer master are created in respective plant and the accounting entries for that scenario will be
    At the supplying plant
    Stock Account Credited
    Cost of Goods sold Acc Debited
    At Receiving plant
    Stock Account Debited
    GR/IR Clearing Acc Credited
    You can also go through following link
    Re: STO -FI document is not generate from the GRN

  • Excise for assets during transfer from one plant to another plant

    Hi SAP gurus,
    Pls note i have an issue during tranfer of asset from one plant to another.When i tranfer asset from one plant to another , in my suppling plant i create an Excise invoice where EXCISE RECOVERY ACCOUNT (debit) is getting hit instead of CENVAT PAYABLE ACCOUNT ( debit).
    What may be the issue ?
    And in same ways during inward of the goods - MIGO at the receiving plant CENVAT CLEARING ACCOUNT (credit)  gets hit.
    Now both Excise recovery account & cenvat clearing account are not gettiing nullified.
    The Process is as given below.Should i change any step or do i have to configure something
    **Master Data**
    1.     Material code (UNBW) should be available in both plants with Sales views -MM01                    
    2.     Stock should be available otherwise upload the stock with 501 movements (UNBW). No impact on FI u2013 MB1C
    3.     Excise details maintained in both plants for the Material code as Asset u2013 J1ID
    Business Process:
    1.     Transfer the Credit of UNBW asset to the current financial year if not updated u2013 J2I8.
    2.     Create STO PO - for UNBW Material Code with Item category U and Document type ZSTO (Mention the Price which is the base for Tax calculation. This needs to be decided by UCAM. Normally it is the  first initial actual Price at which the asset was procured ) u2013 ME21N
    3.     Do outbound delivery -  VL10B
    4.     Do Vl02n PGI ( stock is reduced and NO FI Document, stock in transit in Receiving Plant)
    5.     Do VF01 with ZSTO billing type. Verify the Price and Tax details( NO FI Doc)
    6.     Do J1iin with reference to Billing doc, Excise values flows from Billing document and Excise  invoice is created. Now FI Document will be created
    FI documents have the below entries:
    BED account credited u2013
    E Cess account credited u2013
    S Hecess   account creditedu2013
    Excise duty recovered  debited +
    7.     Do MIGO in receiving plant with reference to PO/Delivery note and by referencing the Excise Invoice and Date, Post it. Stock will be updated in receiving plant. NO FI document. Excise Entries appear in receiving plant
    On hold Account + (50% of total duty)
    BED  + (50% of BED)
    Ecess + (50% of Ecess
    SHEcess + (50% of SHEcess)
    Cenvat Clearing  credited u2013
    8.     Transfer Credit in the next financial year  -J2I8 ( refer this separate business  process
    Pls guide

    Hello Nandu,
    Please check the G/Ls assigned against CAGI and CAGR in "Specify Excise Accounts per Excise Transactions"  and "Specify G/Ls Accounts per Excise Transactions" configuration for Tax on Goods Movement > India.
    The combination should help you arrive at the right G/L accounts.

  • Transfer of Inventory from One Plant to another with in the same company code

    Hello All,
    Can you please let us the possible option's for transfer of Inventory from one plant to another plant in different geographical location with in the same state.

    Assume - plant 1 - 1000 ; plant 2 - 2000.
    From 1000 - 2000 u shall transfer the parts using 641 movement By creating a Stock transfer order with the following conditions.
    1, Master & source list to be extended for both the plants vice versa. including accounting & excise view
    2. Create an Sto po in ME21n  for one time only /ME31N as scheduling agreement
    3. Generate pick list and do Post goods issue in va02.
    4. Create excise invoice & do the Gate entry in the other plant & stocks are up loaded.
    5. In India excise rules are becoming stingent & you have to inform both the Excise ranges before starting the transactions

  • Transfer posting from one plant to another plant

    Friends i want to transfer goods from one plant to another plant of same company code and iam trying this one in transaction migo if post for this it gives an error
          "posting only possible in periods 2006/05 and 2006/04 in company code" what error it is

    Use the MMPV to open the new posting period date.
    here you have to use your company code & Current date , then execute to open the new posting period.
    while running this transaction you ensure that GR open screen should be closed.
    hope it helps....
    manoj Singh

  • Transfer on Hold from one plant to another

    Hi Friends,
    My client has capitalised a Fixed Asset. 50% of the Cenvat Credit is lying in Cenvat On Hold Account.
    Now the customer wants to transfer the Asset to another plant. Consequent to this, they want the balance lying in Cenvat on Hold A/c also to be transferred to the new plant.
    I understand that Asset can be transferred from one plant to another through T Code ABUMN, but I do not have any clue regarding transfer of amount in Cenvat On Hold A/c.
    Any suggestions please
    Srinivas A

    Hi Hemalatha Madam,
    The information given by  you is very useful.
    For executing J2I8 transaction, I gave the following input and executed the transaction:
    Company Code
    Excise Group
    Posting Date
    Selected " List Based on Part2 Number"
    After executing the transaction,
    I selected the relevant Line Item and Clicked on "Transfer Credit" button. The "Save" button was grey. So, I could not click on that button.
    The system displayed the message "Accounting Documents and Part 2 entries created. SERIAL NO:=1000000005
    But when I checked the GL A/c for Cenvat on Hold, no accounting entry was posted credititng the account.
    In J2I9, the initial creidt of 50% is only being displayed in the transferor plant.
    Please advice.
    Secondly, please let me know the transaction I should use for Excise Duty payment in the Transferor Plant while transfering the asset.
    Please advice.
    Thank You Very Much,
    Srinivas A

  • How do I transfer a paid app from one iPad to another?

    I am not sure where is the best place to post this question, but here it is anyway:
    The school I work in has 37 iPads split between 2 mobile carts.  For a variety of reasons, the staff wands the iPads divided up by classroom.  No problem.  The problem is that they would like the paid apps on the ipads moved around so the grade level apps wind up in the appropriate classrooms.  This is logical.
    My problem is I have no real idea how to free up iPads from one iPad so that they are available for transfer to another ipad.  I use Apple Configurator to acquire paid apps from the Volume Purchasing Program and download/install them initially to iPads.
    One knowledgeable individual gave me this advice:
    "If you placed the apps on the ipad using Apple Configurator, then you should be able to attach the initial iPad to AC, unsupervise the iPad, and the apps' licences should be available for redistribution.  Then connect iPad #2 to AC, turn Supervision on in AC, then add the specific app to iPad #2."
    - - - - That sounded too good to be true.  I tried it and found out that that process does not free up app licences (at lest when I tried it).  What I think is the problem is that I don't know Apple products and iOS well enough and missed steps.  (I am from the Netware/Microsoft AD/Windows computing environment.)
    Could someone help an old grunt out and possibly provide a detailled set of steps how to transfer paid app licences from one iPad to another?  I appreciate any help.  Thanks
    iPad 2, iOS 8.1.3

    Hi Technician7,
    It is true that you can "return" app licenses to Apple Configurator and redistribute that license to another iPad. The key is that both iPads must be "Supervised" in order to return the app license. See this from Apple:
    Removing apps from devices
    If you use Apple Configurator to remove a redeemed VPP app from a supervised device, Apple Configurator marks the corresponding redemption code as available. It can be reassigned to a different device supervised by this copy of Apple Configurator for this Mac only. It is not available for redemption by other Macs or iOS devices.
    If you unsupervise a supervised device, all apps will be removed from the device and the redemption codes used to install those apps will be marked available for reassignment. If you simply remove a device record from Apple Configurator, the redemption codes for any apps on that device will not be available for reassignment.
    I hope this answers your question!

  • How do i transfer my itunes library from one macbook to another?

    hi,how do i transfer my itunes library from one macbook to another?

    From your OLD computer...
    Copy your ENTIRE iTunes FOLDER to an External Drive... and then from the External Drive to your New Computer..
    Full Details Here  >
    An Added Bonus is that you will have a Backup of iTunes.
    Also... have a look at these 2 Videos...

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