Using SAP  Program RSADRLSM02 for Employee Address Clean Up

We have a requirement to clean up as well as maintain on an ongoing basis valid employee address data, so that any postal mailers are not returned 'Undeliverable'.
We have seen documentation that says customers can use SAP provided program RSADRLSM02 (note 132948) , through which you upload  periodically  third party file ( USPS or any other provider file) into SAP.  The data then resides in cluster tables within SAP . There are BADIu2019s / User Exits available that can be implemented to go against this cluster data during address entry through ESS / PA30.
However, SAP's recent direction seems to be towards DQM.
Are there customers  using RSADRLSM02 still ? Any issues with this approach like performance or robustness of this load process ?
We understand data may have to be mapped from the USPS file to what RSADRLSM02 needs.
Thanks for any inputs in advance.

Bumping it up to see anyone has comments.

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    Thanks & Regards,

    Just tried this and I can confirm that my earlier understanding was correct!
    One of my colleagues confused me out and the conclusion is,
    1. You need a separate TCP IP Connection for every interface with a Unique program ID.

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    The issue is resolved. We are working in a sandbox with Class configuration on a DMS issue related to standard class 017. There are no standard settings in SPRO - Cross-Application Components | Maintain Object Types and Class Types | for the object type DRAW that will allow "auto-populating" characteristic values as we do with VC class 300.
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    We are exploring other options.

  • Using SAP Content Server for SAP E-Recruitment

    Hi SAP Experts,
    We are presently implementing SAP E-Recruitment using BSP services, We are successfully runnig with Whole E-recruitng cycle when we use SAP system DB as storgae for External Candidtes' Documents.
    But, Our Client wants to have SAP Content Server to store all documents uploaded by External/Internal Candidates becuase client is worrying that if SAP system DB holds such huge data base of Resumes, it may slow down the performance of SAP System.
    So, We need inputs from you suggesting whether is it feasible to use SAP Content server for SAP E-Recruitment Implementation. SAP no where suggests to Content server. So, we are in deliema to go for content server or not. If it is feasible to use Content server, pls provide me proper links or documents for reference.
    Please give your valuable inputs,
    Thanks & Regards,
    Sudheer Kumar P

    Hi Sudheer,
    We are considering the same option.  We are concerned about performance after all these documents are uploaded too.  Did you install a content server?  How did it go and was it difficult to set up with e-rec?

  • How does SAP calculate tax for employees who pay SFSS(Australia)?

        Good day. How does SAP calculate tax for employees who pay SFSS (Student Financial Supplement Scheme). The EE is under tax scale 7 - No Leave Loading. Please advise. Thank you.

    check QTAX sub schema

  • Pros & Cons of Using SAP PI Interfaces for Report Generation

    Hi Guru's
    I have a Scenario's like
    I have to generate a customized report in SAP with the main data's available in SAP ECC and some required data available in the Legacy System.
    I want to know the Pros & cons of using SAP PI RFC/Proxy adapter interface to get the data from the legacy system for each time the user execute the report in SAP ECC.
    Thanks in Advance

    There are couple of "dimensions" to consider in your PI interface design. For exemple when you are running the sizing exercise (Since we are considering adding a net new interface), you will need to capture specific information about new interface.i.e. S/A, adapters, frequency, avg payload size. etc..Note that the last two attributes will be hard to size properly in this case since you can't predict how frequent the end user will run the report which will impact the latency time required to pull the data. Latency will affect the user experience as visible side affect and definitely the SLA for other interfaces running at the same time.
    On the other hand, the data you are trying to retrieve from the legacy won't be used for transactional purpose but for the end user to pull KPIs from the system which can affect ECC as well. You may end up doing lot hot fixes for your report (Assuming that the report is a medium complexity code)
    There are other factors to consider but let's consider these are the major one.

  • Standard SAP program name for the data extraction

    Please tell me the stadard SAP program  for the data extraction for Material, Vendor and Customer.

    you might want to explore tx. SXDA.

  • Using SAP Query Extractor for GLPCA

    Hi, We are considering to use SAP Query to extract GLPCA data so that we can retrieve some additional information.   We are doing this because we need to check BSEG for a Material Number and replace Material in GLPCA it if it's different than the one in GLPCA.
    How can the SAP Query be used to perform the required delta?  Example: using CPUDATE and Time?
    Any help with this is greatly apprectiated.

    Decided not to use SAP Query.

  • Maintaining Service Arrangement for Employees: Address type-ID not availabl

    I´m facing the following problem while implementing CRM Service via Best Practices for CRM V1.70:
    Building Block Configuration Guide C26 CRM SERVICE:
    Section 3.3.3 WFM Core Settings:     Maintaining Service Arrangements for Employee
    Assignment Block u2018Service Arrangementsu2019:
    In Assignment block Location there is no address type-ID u2018XXDEFAULTu2019 for adress source u2018Organizationu2019. Thus I receive the following error message: u2018Enter a valid address usage typeu2019. Address type-ID u2018XXDEFAULTu2019 is only available for adress source u2018Individualu2019.
    What exactly do I have to do in order to make address type-ID u2018XXDEFAULTu2019 also available for adress source u2018Organizationu2019.
    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards,

    I am facing similar problem what did you do to resolve it.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Can i use common program type for progression

    i have many program type for undergraduate and graduate.
    sometimes student can change from program type UG to GR and in this case progression can cause problem in our case.
    we have many program type for graduate such as B0, B1 and B2 and for progression i want to have E0 for graduation but progression can not read this data which was saved as E0.
    will it be possible that i have E0 for progression while program type have different one.
    jin dal

    Jin Dal,
    The Program Type progression will always give you the choices for program types where the student is registered.  So, it is not possible to run Progression for Program Type 'X', unless the student is actually registered in a program of that program type.
    I would normally use this opportunity to ask, "Why would you have set up so many program types when you have a common progression model?"
    I would also ask, "How can a student change Program Types?"   Normally I would expect that a student completes their Undergraduate program, and then begins a new Graduate level program.  How can an undergraduate registration turn into a graduate registration?
    Are you blueprinting something new here, or are you talking about a system already in production?

  • Error when using SAP Exit Variable for Current Fiscal Period (0FPER)

    Hi Friendz,
    My requirement is to execute a query for the current fiscal period. I am using the SAP Exit Variable 0FPER.
    I placed this variable on char. Fiscal year/period 0FISCPER.
    When I execute the Query, it is returning the error: No value could be determined for variable ZVBSYCUR; Variables Contain Invalid Values.
    Please give inputs on how to use this variable.

    Hello Dipika,
    I am also getting the same error.
    ERROR: Variable 0FPER could not be replaced.
    Yesterday we created one customer exit. But this should not affect the SAP Exit right? Till yesterday the 0FPER variable was working fine. I tried re-installing from BI content, but still getting the same error. If anybody has a clue please let me know.

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    Hi guys. I'm new in this subject so I'm a little bit confused about in which cases SAP Predictive Analysis is helpful?
    Could it be helpful for this case? I have prices of rice for differente years, from 2007 to 2013.  Can  SAP Predictive Analysis help me forecast what will be the price of rice for 2014, 2015 and so on?
    Which algorithm should I use? Does it come integrated in the tool or is it an add-on?
    I´ll appreciate it very much if you could send me the right steps to achieve this.

    Hi Erika,
    SAP PA has only Triple exponential smoothing algorithm; In most cases, single exponential smoothing would not make any sense [this is available through HANA PAL or R integration with SAP PA];
    If you have R integration you should see something like this
    In Single exp smoothing only alpha is used;
    in double exp smoothing alpha and gamma is used; and all three in gamma.
    Why these alpha, beta and gamma... has a big derivation to understand; [let me know if you need any document, I have compiled as on some reference]
    What values alpha, beta and Gama should hold in Triple ... or what is the right value, .... actually there are no right value and wrong value for them.
    ... as for the steps to go in SAP PA, refer below:
    Please let me know if you need any assistance ...
    Arvind E

  • Re: Using SAP QM & PM for Enviro monitoring for items like water, rooms

    I am also using functional location and using the PM as a task list to generate an inspection lot (14).  However, I am having issues getting  the inspection lot to have a end date. The lots are only generating a 0 day cycle time for the lab.

    Hope, Inspection start date & End date falls on same date.
    Think, its being copied from PM Order Basic Start date & End Date in Header.
    If you want to have some date period, you can make use of Priority field in Maintenance Plan (if you are generating orders through plan). Else, select the priority in Calibration PM Order directly.
    Still, you face that problem, check the Scheduling Parameters for the Order type & Plant combination. Maintain some no. of hours in operation & do the scheduling in order.

  • REACh Implementation using SAP Best Practices for Chemicals

    We are working on implementation of SAP REACh Compliance in to Best Practices for Chemicals. Currently we are extending the Best Practices scenario for "SVT" to  cover REACh Compliance.
    Do we have a preconfigured scenario available with list of building blocks to be activated for REACh Compliance to work?  Are there any plans to release the same in future?

    Chemicals best Practice support on REACH  is currently limited to SVT scenario you mentioned in your question. Having Best practice support for SAP REACH Compliance is a good idea of course but BP community needs to decide to do so and needs to take action. This has not be done so far and would currently be difficult to realize since there is simply no REACH best practice yet... All companies are more or less still in learning mode about how to find the best way to implement REACH legislation best not to forget  the that REACH as such (its guidance documents) are still changing too.
    Kind rgds

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