Vado HD creates "Explorer Not Responding" error in Windows Vista?

I've tried this on my HP Tablet PC as well as a Lenovo Laptop and it happened with both computers.
I plug in the VADO HD and it asks me if I want to run the software, I click "run the software" and then absolutely nothing happens.
When I go into My Computer to try and manually open the Vado HD Disk, My "WIndows Explorer" freezes and I have to turn everything off.
Very frustrating to have a new toy and not be able to get the videos off of it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This thread seems similar to your issue:

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    Firefox is very slow to respond when opening and nearly always stops responding altogether, even refusing to react to the Task Manager "End Program" command. The "not responding" error message also comes up during navigation on line. Several attempt have to be made to get on line. A loss of stability seems to be endemic at the moment.

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    "Firefox is already running but is not responding" error message is continuously popping up after the recent firefox update. I have nearly exhausted every possible solution to the problem as seen from the support page for this error message. I know someone who has the same issue on their computer and it also started right after the recent big update. Does the update have anything to do with this reoccurring issue? Is anyone else having this problem? Any other ideas on how to fix it? It would be great to get some help.

    From what I have been reading from other posts on this forum, the
    issue may be caused by the clear history settings.
    Press the '''<Alt>''' or '''<F10>''' key to bring up the tool bar.
    Followed by;
    Windows; '''Tools > Options'''
    Linux; '''Edit > Preferences'''
    Mac; ''application name'' '''> Preferences'''
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  • New member to "...User did not respond" Error -8 Club

    Have been iChatting via an AIM account consistently for several years, with both family and friends using both PCs (using AIM with Windows XP) and Macs (using AIM or .Mac servers)
    Two weeks ago, I started receiving the "Video Chat canceled because.... User did not respond" Error. Yes, the illustrious "-8".
    Nothing has changed with regard to the hardware I'm using:
    2Wire 1070-B DSL Modem set to "Bridge" when installed on 7/05 (used to use an old Alcatel)
    Netgear Wireless Router MR814v2 - UPnP enabled, No Port Forwarding
    I've read in these forums that some believe the culprit to be one of Apple's Security Updates (either 2006-0071Ti, 2006-008Ti or 2007-001Ti), or Apple's iChatUpdate dated 1.3.07). I have since re-installed OS X 10.4.8 via the ComboUpdate and have not installed the aforementioned updates.
    Quicktime is Set to "1.5 Mbps Ti/Intranet/LAN"
    iChat Bandwidth Limit Set to "None"
    Mac Firewall "Off" (has always been handled via the Router)
    I can connect flawlessly with Apple's iChat Testers (appleeu3test01, et al)
    I can video chat via Skype (albeit sluggishly with my trusty G4 600Mhz)
    I can video chat via SightSpeed (again, sluggishly due to older processor)
    I can audio chat via Skype, SightsSpeed and Gizmo
    I cannot audio chat via iChat.
    I have, though, been recently able to "One-Way Video Chat" w/audio with a friend using his iChat via our AIM accounts (as of 1.30.07). Go figure.
    I've read many similar posts in this forum for a few days now. Have attempted whatever fix or workaround or suggestion from Ralph (great work, BTW!). But the problem persists, and I am ready to disable iChat entirely and dust off my tin cans and string. And since Apple apparently has no interest in addressing the issue (Thanks for officially stepping away Forum participation altogether, Steve), I'm tossing my hat in this ring looking for any help from those in the know.
    Here's my latest Error Log:
    Date/Time: 2007-02-03 14:32:05.209 -0800
    OS Version: 10.4.8 (Build 8L127)
    Report Version: 4
    iChat Connection Log:
    AVChat started with ID 0.
    0x6d7ae30: State change from AVChatNoState to AVChatStateWaiting.
    tomjoeczak: State change from AVChatNoState to AVChatStateInvited.
    0x6d7ae30: State change from AVChatStateWaiting to AVChatStateConnecting.
    tomjoeczak: State change from AVChatStateInvited to AVChatStateConnecting.
    0x6d7ae30: State change from AVChatStateConnecting to AVChatStateEnded.
    Chat ended with error -8
    tomjoeczak: State change from AVChatStateConnecting to AVChatStateEnded.
    Chat ended with error -8
    Video Conference Error Report:
    2.192298 @:0 type=4 (00000000/48)
    2.192148 @SIP/SIP.c:2437 type=4 (900A0015/48)
    [SIPConnectIPPort failed]
    Video Conference Support Report:
    1.693078 @SIP/Transport.c:1218 type=1 (00000000/0)
    [INVITE sip:[email protected]:3592 SIP/2.0
    Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK62655541697e3a08
    Max-Forwards: 70
    To: "u0" <sip:[email protected]:3592>
    From: "tomjoeczak" <sip:[email protected]>;tag=1690211414
    Call-ID: [email protected]
    CSeq: 1 INVITE
    Contact: <sip:[email protected]>;isfocus
    User-Agent: Viceroy 1.2
    Content-Type: application/sdp
    Content-Length: 395
    o=kringus 0 0 IN IP4 m.0
    c=IN IP4 m.0
    t=0 0
    m=audio 0 RTP/AVP 12 3 0
    a=rtpmap:3 GSM/8000
    a=rtpmap:0 PCMU/8000
    m=video 0 RTP/AVP 34
    a=fmtp:34 imagesize 0 rules 15:176:144
    0.691609 @SIP/Transport.c:1218 type=1 (00000000/0)
    [INVITE sip:[email protected]:3592 SIP/2.0
    Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK62655541697e3a08
    Max-Forwards: 70
    To: "u0" <sip:[email protected]:3592>
    From: "tomjoeczak" <sip:[email protected]>;tag=1690211414
    Call-ID: [email protected]
    CSeq: 1 INVITE
    Contact: <sip:[email protected]>;isfocus
    User-Agent: Viceroy 1.2
    Content-Type: application/sdp
    Content-Length: 395
    o=kringus 0 0 IN IP4 m.0
    c=IN IP4 m.0
    t=0 0
    m=audio 0 RTP/AVP 12 3 0
    a=rtpmap:3 GSM/8000
    a=rtpmap:0 PCMU/8000
    m=video 0 RTP/AVP 34
    a=fmtp:34 imagesize 0 rules 15:176:144
    0.191125 @SIP/Transport.c:1218 type=1 (00000000/0)
    [INVITE sip:[email protected]:3592 SIP/2.0
    Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK62655541697e3a08
    Max-Forwards: 70
    To: "u0" <sip:[email protected]:3592>
    From: "tomjoeczak" <sip:[email protected]>;tag=1690211414
    Call-ID: [email protected]
    CSeq: 1 INVITE
    Contact: <sip:[email protected]>;isfocus
    User-Agent: Viceroy 1.2
    Content-Type: application/sdp
    Content-Length: 395
    o=kringus 0 0 IN IP4 m.0
    c=IN IP4 m.0
    t=0 0
    m=audio 0 RTP/AVP 12 3 0
    a=rtpmap:3 GSM/8000
    a=rtpmap:0 PCMU/8000
    m=video 0 RTP/AVP 34
    a=fmtp:34 imagesize 0 rules 15:176:144
    0.000000 @:0 type=2 (00000000/48)
    Video Conference User Report:
    Binary Images Description for "iChat":
    0x1000 - 0x172fff 3.1.6 (441) /Applications/
    0x393000 - 0x3c5fff com.unsanity.fruitmenu 3.6.3 (203) /Users/kringus/Library/Application Enhancers/FruitMenu.ape/Contents/MacOS/FruitMenu
    0x505000 - 0x54efff com.unsanity.fontcard 1.4 /Users/kringus/Library/Application Enhancers/FontCard.ape/Contents/MacOS/FontCard
    0x627000 - 0x644fff 2.1.3 /Users/kringus/Library/Application Enhancers/Silk.ape/Contents/MacOS/Silk
    0x651000 - 0x65afff com.geekspiff.iChatEnhancer iChat Enhancer 1.5 (1.5) /Users/kringus/Library/Application Enhancers/iChatEnhancer.ape/Contents/MacOS/iChatEnhancer
    0x67b000 - 0x68bfff alexlagutin.audiohijack.server 1.4.0 /Library/Application Enhancers/Instant Hijack Server.ape/Contents/MacOS/Instant Hijack Server
    0x691000 - 0x6b2fff com.unsanity.windowshadex.cocoa 4.1.1 (???) /Users/kringus/Library/Application Enhancers/WindowShade X.ape/Contents/PlugIns/WindowShade X Cocoa.ape/Contents/MacOS/WindowShade X Cocoa
    0x6c2000 - 0x6c5fff com.unsanity.xounds.cocoa 2.4 (???) /Users/kringus/Library/Application Enhancers/Xounds.ape/Contents/PlugIns/Pure Cocoa Magic.ape/Contents/MacOS/Pure Cocoa Magic
    0x6ca000 - 0x6cffff com.unsanity.xounds 2.4 (???) /Users/kringus/Library/Application Enhancers/Xounds.ape/Contents/MacOS/Xounds
    0x6d5000 - 0x6e2fff net.sabi.ICeCoffEE ??? (1.4.3) /Users/kringus/Library/Application Enhancers/ICeCoffEE.ape/Contents/MacOS/ICeCoffEE
    0x6e9000 - 0x71dfff com.unsanity.shapeshifter 2.4 /Users/kringus/Library/Application Enhancers/ShapeShifter.ape/Contents/MacOS/ShapeShifter
    0x77e000 - 0x77ffff com.ecamm.pluginloader Ecamm Plugin Loader v1.0.1 (1.0.1) /Library/InputManagers/Ecamm/Ecamm Plugin Loader.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Ecamm Plugin Loader
    0x7d7000 - 0x7edfff com.ecamm.iglasses v1.4 (1.4) /Library/InputManagers/Ecamm/Plugins/iGlasses.plugin/Contents/MacOS/iGlasses
    0x7f9000 - 0x7f9fff jp.hetima.SafariStand.loader 1.0 (6) /Users/kringus/Library/InputManagers/SafariStand/SafariStand-loader.bundle/Cont ents/MacOS/SafariStand-loader
    0x11cf000 - 0x11dafff com.ecamm.PowerBoost 1.0 /Library/InputManagers/Ecamm/Plugins/PowerBoost.plugin/Contents/MacOS/PowerBoos t
    0x11e8000 - 0x11eafff com.unsanity.menuextraenabler Copyright © 2002-2006 Unsanity (1.0.3) /Users/kringus/Library/InputManagers/Menu Extra Enabler/Menu Extra Enabler.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Menu Extra Enabler
    0x11f4000 - 0x11f4fff com.ksuther.chaxloader ??? (1.4.7) /Users/kringus/Library/InputManagers/Chax/Chax.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Chax
    0x1305000 - 0x1354fff com.ksuther.chax ??? (1.4.7) /Users/kringus/Library/InputManagers/Chax/Chax.bundle/Contents/Resources/Chaxmain.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Chaxmain
    0x143b000 - 0x143bfff 1.0 (121.36) /System/Library/Contextual Menu Items/SpotlightCM.plugin/Contents/MacOS/SpotlightCM
    0x1777000 - 0x1780fff com.growl.growlframework 0.7.3 /Users/kringus/Library/InputManagers/Chax/Chax.bundle/Contents/Resources/Chax_m ain.bundle/Contents/Resources/Frameworks/Growl.framework/Growl
    0x17e8000 - 0x17eafff net.culater.SIMBL 0.8 (8) /Users/kringus/Library/InputManagers/SIMBL/SIMBL.bundle/Contents/MacOS/SIMBL
    0x17ef000 - 0x17f0e77 MediaProCM PEF binary: MediaProCM
    0x17fc000 - 0x17fcfff com.growl.GrowlSafariLoader 1.0 /Library/InputManagers/GrowlSafari/GrowlSafariLoader.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Grow lSafariLoader
    0x4f13000 - 0x4f1afff com.unsanity.smartcrashreports Smart Crash Reports version 1.2 (1.2) /Users/kringus/Library/InputManagers/Smart Crash Reports/Smart Crash Reports.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Smart Crash Reports
    0x4f28000 - 0x4f2bfff org.altervista.millenomi.Afloat.SIMBLPlugin 1.0 (pre-release 3) (3.0) /Users/kringus/Library/PreferencePanes/Afloat.prefPane/Contents/Resources/Afloa t.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Afloat
    0x4f30000 - 0x4f68fff com.showmacster.smBundle ??? (10831) /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/ShowMacster.bundle/Contents/MacOS/ShowMacster
    0x510f000 - 0x5111fff 1.0 (48) /System/Library/Contextual Menu Items/AutomatorCMM.plugin/Contents/MacOS/AutomatorCMM
    0x5114000 - 0x5118fff 1.3 /System/Library/Contextual Menu Items/FolderActionsMenu.plugin/Contents/MacOS/FolderActionsMenu
    0x51be000 - 0x51c2fff com.softomatic.EraseCMPlugIn 1.3.2 /Users/kringus/Library/Contextual Menu Items/EraseCMPlugIn.plugin/Contents/MacOS/EraseCMPlugIn
    0x51c8000 - 0x51cbfff com.lemkesoft.GraphicConverterCMI 1.5 /Users/kringus/Library/Contextual Menu Items/GraphicConverterCMI.plugin/Contents/MacOS/GraphicConverterCMI
    0x51d5000 - 0x51d6fff org.setnan.LockPopCM 1.12 /Users/kringus/Library/Contextual Menu Items/LockPopCM.plugin/Contents/MacOS/LockPopCM
    0x51da000 - 0x51dbfff net.brockerhoff.Nudge.CM 1.1 /Users/kringus/Library/Contextual Menu Items/Nudge.plugin/Contents/MacOS/Nudge
    0x51de000 - 0x51f3fff com.cocoatech.PathFinderCM 2.1.2 /Users/kringus/Library/Contextual Menu Items/Path Finder CM.plugin/Contents/MacOS/Path Finder CM
    0x523a470 - 0x523a522 CFMPriv_CoreFoundation PEF binary: CFMPriv_CoreFoundation
    0x523a710 - 0x523a7c5 CFMPriv_DVComponentGlue PEF binary: CFMPriv_DVComponentGlue
    0x523a9e0 - 0x523aa83 CFMPriv_QuickTime PEF binary: CFMPriv_QuickTime
    0x523aaf0 - 0x523ab67 CFMPriv_System PEF binary: CFMPriv_System
    0x523ade0 - 0x523aeb0 CFMPriv_CarbonSound PEF binary: CFMPriv_CarbonSound
    0x523af20 - 0x523aff3 CFMPriv_CommonPanels PEF binary: CFMPriv_CommonPanels
    0x523b0c0 - 0x523b17b CFMPriv_Help PEF binary: CFMPriv_Help
    0x523b180 - 0x523b24a CFMPriv_HIToolbox PEF binary: CFMPriv_HIToolbox
    0x523b2c0 - 0x523b396 CFMPriv_HTMLRendering PEF binary: CFMPriv_HTMLRendering
    0x523b410 - 0x523b4e3 CFMPriv_ImageCapture PEF binary: CFMPriv_ImageCapture
    0x523b570 - 0x523b655 CFMPriv_NavigationServices PEF binary: CFMPriv_NavigationServices
    0x523b6d0 - 0x523b7a6 CFMPriv_OpenScriptingMacBLib PEF binary: CFMPriv_OpenScriptingMacBLib
    0x523b880 - 0x523b93e CFMPriv_Print PEF binary: CFMPriv_Print
    0x523b960 - 0x523ba2d CFMPriv_SecurityHI PEF binary: CFMPriv_SecurityHI
    0x523bab0 - 0x523bb92 CFMPriv_SpeechRecognition PEF binary: CFMPriv_SpeechRecognition
    0x523bc10 - 0x523bce3 CFMPriv_CarbonCore PEF binary: CFMPriv_CarbonCore
    0x523bd60 - 0x523be33 CFMPriv_OSServices PEF binary: CFMPriv_OSServices
    0x523bf10 - 0x523bfd2 CFMPriv_AE PEF binary: CFMPriv_AE
    0x523bfe0 - 0x523c0a5 CFMPriv_ATS PEF binary: CFMPriv_ATS
    0x523c120 - 0x523c1f7 CFMPriv_ColorSync PEF binary: CFMPriv_ColorSync
    0x523c280 - 0x523c363 CFMPriv_FindByContent PEF binary: CFMPriv_FindByContent
    0x523c3e0 - 0x523c4ba CFMPriv_HIServices PEF binary: CFMPriv_HIServices
    0x523c530 - 0x523c610 CFMPriv_LangAnalysis PEF binary: CFMPriv_LangAnalysis
    0x523c6a0 - 0x523c786 CFMPriv_LaunchServices PEF binary: CFMPriv_LaunchServices
    0x523c860 - 0x523c937 CFMPriv_PrintCore PEF binary: CFMPriv_PrintCore
    0x523c940 - 0x523ca02 CFMPriv_QD PEF binary: CFMPriv_QD
    0x523cb00 - 0x523cbe9 CFMPriv_SpeechSynthesis PEF binary: CFMPriv_SpeechSynthesis
    0x5305000 - 0x53543c7 CarbonLibpwpc PEF binary: CarbonLibpwpc
    0x53543d0 - 0x536c6bd Apple;Carbon;Multimedia PEF binary: Apple;Carbon;Multimedia
    0x5370000 - 0x53b8fff com.pixture.PhotoToolCM 2.0 /Users/kringus/Library/Contextual Menu Items/PhotoToolCM.plugin/Contents/MacOS/PhotoToolCM
    0x53e1000 - 0x5403fff org.setnan.PicturePopPro2CM ??? (2.0p3) /Users/kringus/Library/Contextual Menu Items/PicturePopPro2CM.plugin/Contents/MacOS/PicturePopPro2CM
    0x54af000 - 0x54f1fff com.pixture.QuickImageCM 2.4 /Users/kringus/Library/Contextual Menu Items/QuickImageCM.plugin/Contents/MacOS/QuickImageCM
    0x5519000 - 0x551ffff 1.1v3 /Users/kringus/Library/Contextual Menu Items/SymbolicLinker.plugin/Contents/MacOS/SymbolicLinker
    0x5524000 - 0x5526fff com.transtex.TexEditCMPlugIn 1.2.1 /Users/kringus/Library/Contextual Menu Items/TexEditCMPlugIn.plugin/Contents/MacOS/TexEditCMPlugIn
    0x552b000 - 0x5543fff 1.0.1 (1) /System/Library/CoreServices/TypographyPanel.bundle/Contents/MacOS/TypographyPa nel
    0x568a000 - 0x568efff 1.4 /System/Library/Components/IOQTComponents.component/Contents/MacOS/IOQTComponen ts
    0x569c000 - 0x569cfff 1.0 /System/Library/ScriptingAdditions/Digital Hub Scripting.osax/Contents/MacOS/Digital Hub Scripting
    0x56a9000 - 0x56aa806 Resources PEF binary: Adobe Unit TypesVersions/Current/Resources
    0x56ab000 - 0x56af424 GraphicsImporter OSAX PEF binary: GraphicsImporter OSAX
    0x56d1000 - 0x570efff 1.10.7 (???) /System/Library/ScriptingAdditions/StandardAdditions.osax/Contents/MacOS/Standa rdAdditions
    0x571c000 - 0x5726fff com.stclairsoft.DefaultFolderX.osax 3.0.3b7 /Users/kringus/Library/ScriptingAdditions/Default Folder X Addition.osax/Contents/MacOS/Default Folder X Addition
    0x5f09000 - 0x5f24fff com.latenightsw.recordtools 1.0.3b1 /Users/kringus/Library/ScriptingAdditions/List & Record Tools.osax/Contents/MacOS/List & Record Tools
    0x5f2c000 - 0x5f59fff com.stclairsoft.DefaultFolderX.CarbonPatcher 3.0.3b7 /Users/kringus/Library/PreferencePanes/Default Folder X.prefPane/Contents/Resources/Default Folder X.bundle/Contents/Resources/Carbon Patcher.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Carbon Patcher
    0x6016000 - 0x603bfff com.stclairsoft.DefaultFolderX.CocoaPatcher 3.0.3b7 /Users/kringus/Library/PreferencePanes/Default Folder X.prefPane/Contents/Resources/Default Folder X.bundle/Contents/Resources/Cocoa Patcher.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Cocoa Patcher
    0x659e000 - 0x65ddfff 7.1.3 /System/Library/QuickTime/QuickTimeFireWireDV.component/Contents/MacOS/QuickTim eFireWireDV
    0x65e8000 - 0x65e9fff 2.5.6 (2.5.6b5) /System/Library/Extensions/IOAudioFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AOAHALPlugin.bun dle/Contents/MacOS/AOAHALPlugin
    0x661d000 - 0x6627fff 1.7.9 /System/Library/Components/IOFWDVComponents.component/Contents/MacOS/IOFWDVComp onents
    0x662f000 - 0x6648fff 1.4.7 /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/Resources/GLDriver.bundl e/GLDriver
    0x6694000 - 0x670dfff com.DivXInc.DivXDecoder 6.0.5 /Library/QuickTime/DivX 6 Decoder.component/Contents/MacOS/DivX 6 Decoder
    0x671e000 - 0x6750fff 7.1.3 /System/Library/QuickTime/QuickTimeIIDCDigitizer.component/Contents/MacOS/Quick TimeIIDCDigitizer
    0x675a000 - 0x679ffff 1.6.5 /System/Library/QuickTime/QuickTimeUSBVDCDigitizer.component/Contents/MacOS/Qui ckTimeUSBVDCDigitizer
    0x67c1000 - 0x68d0fff 1.4.7 /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Resources/GLEngine.bundle/GLEngine
    0x68ff000 - 0x6b56fff 1.4.18 (4.1.8) /System/Library/Extensions/ATIRadeon8500GLDriver.bundle/Contents/MacOS/ATIRadeo n8500GLDriver
    0x6b61000 - 0x6b7cfff 1.4.7 /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/Resources/GLRendererFloa t.bundle/GLRendererFloat
    0x6bdc000 - 0x6c06fff 7.1.3 /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/HAL/iSightAudio.plugin/Contents/MacOS/iSightAudio
    0x6f60000 - 0x6f7afff 1.1 (141) /Library/QuickTime/AppleIntermediateCodec.component/Contents/MacOS/AppleInterme diateCodec
    0x7606000 - 0x7612fff 1.0.2 /System/Library/Extensions/AudioIPCDriver.kext/Contents/Resources/AudioIPCPlugI n.bundle/Contents/MacOS/AudioIPCPlugIn
    0x762f000 - 0x7668fff 3.9.1 /System/Library/Components/SoundManagerComponents.component/Contents/MacOS/Soun dManagerComponents
    0x7a67000 - 0x7ae0fff 1.2.5 (1.2d5) /System/Library/QuickTime/ApplePixletVideo.component/Contents/MacOS/ApplePixlet Video
    0x8b1e000 - 0x8d17fff net.telestream.wmv.import /Library/QuickTime/Flip4Mac WMV Import.component/Contents/MacOS/Flip4Mac WMV Import
    0x8fe00000 - 0x8fe51fff dyld /usr/lib/dyld
    0x90000000 - 0x901bcfff libSystem.B.dylib /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib
    0x90214000 - 0x90219fff libmathCommon.A.dylib /usr/lib/system/libmathCommon.A.dylib
    0x9021b000 - 0x90268fff 1.0.2 (???) /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ CoreText.framework/Versions/A/CoreText
    0x90293000 - 0x90344fff 1.9.5 (???) /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ ATS.framework/Versions/A/ATS
    0x90373000 - 0x9072dfff 1.258.38 (???) /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ CoreGraphics.framework/Versions/A/CoreGraphics
    0x907ba000 - 0x90893fff 6.4.6 (368.27) /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreFoundation.framework/Versions/A/CoreFoundation
    0x908dc000 - 0x908dcfff 10.4 (???) /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/CoreServices
    0x908de000 - 0x909e0fff libicucore.A.dylib /usr/lib/libicucore.A.dylib
    0x90a3a000 - 0x90abefff libobjc.A.dylib /usr/lib/libobjc.A.dylib
    0x90ae8000 - 0x90b58fff 1.4 (???) /System/Library/Frameworks/IOKit.framework/Versions/A/IOKit
    0x90b6e000 - 0x90b80fff libauto.dylib /usr/lib/libauto.dylib
    0x90b87000 - 0x90e5efff 681.7 /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/CarbonC ore.framework/Versions/A/CarbonCore
    0x90ec4000 - 0x90f44fff 4.1 /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/OSServi ces.framework/Versions/A/OSServices
    0x90f8e000 - 0x90fcffff 129.19 /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/CFNetwo rk.framework/Versions/A/CFNetwork
    0x90fe4000 - 0x90ffcfff 1.1.2 (1.1.0) /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/WebServ icesCore.framework/Versions/A/WebServicesCore
    0x9100c000 - 0x9108dfff 1.0.5 /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/SearchK it.framework/Versions/A/SearchKit
    0x910d3000 - 0x910fcfff 10.4.4 (121.36) /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/Metadat a.framework/Versions/A/Metadata
    0x9110d000 - 0x9111bfff libz.1.dylib /usr/lib/libz.1.dylib
    0x9111e000 - 0x912d9fff 4.6 (29770) /System/Library/Frameworks/Security.framework/Versions/A/Security
    0x913d8000 - 0x913e1fff 2.1 /System/Library/Frameworks/DiskArbitration.framework/Versions/A/DiskArbitration
    0x913e8000 - 0x91410fff 1.8.3 /System/Library/Frameworks/SystemConfiguration.framework/Versions/A/SystemConfi guration
    0x91423000 - 0x9142efff libgcc_s.1.dylib /usr/lib/libgcc_s.1.dylib
    0x91433000 - 0x9143bfff libbsm.dylib /usr/lib/libbsm.dylib
    0x9143f000 - 0x914bafff 3.0.4 /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreAudio.framework/Versions/A/CoreAudio
    0x914f7000 - 0x914f7fff 10.4 (???) /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Application Services
    0x914f9000 - 0x91531fff 1.5 (297) /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ AE.framework/Versions/A/AE
    0x9154c000 - 0x91619fff 4.4.4 /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ ColorSync.framework/Versions/A/ColorSync
    0x9166e000 - 0x916fffff 4.6 (177.13) /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ PrintCore.framework/Versions/A/PrintCore
    0x91746000 - 0x917fdfff 3.10.21 (???) /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ QD.framework/Versions/A/QD
    0x9183a000 - 0x91898fff 1.5.3 (???) /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ HIServices.framework/Versions/A/HIServices
    0x918c7000 - 0x918e8fff 1.6.1 /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ LangAnalysis.framework/Versions/A/LangAnalysis
    0x918fc000 - 0x91921fff 1.5 /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ FindByContent.framework/Versions/A/FindByContent
    0x91934000 - 0x91976fff 181 /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ LaunchServices.framework/Versions/A/LaunchServices
    0x91992000 - 0x919a6fff 3.3 /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ SpeechSynthesis.framework/Versions/A/SpeechSynthesis
    0x919b4000 - 0x919f6fff 1.5.0 /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ ImageIO.framework/Versions/A/ImageIO
    0x91a0c000 - 0x91ad3fff libcrypto.0.9.7.dylib /usr/lib/libcrypto.0.9.7.dylib
    0x91b21000 - 0x91b36fff libcups.2.dylib /usr/lib/libcups.2.dylib
    0x91b3b000 - 0x91b59fff 1.5.0 /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ ImageIO.framework/Versions/A/Resources/libJPEG.dylib
    0x91b5f000 - 0x91bcefff 1.5.0 /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ ImageIO.framework/Versions/A/Resources/libJP2.dylib
    0x91be5000 - 0x91be9fff 1.5.0 /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ ImageIO.framework/Versions/A/Resources/libGIF.dylib
    0x91beb000 - 0x91c4afff 1.5.0 /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ ImageIO.framework/Versions/A/Resources/libRaw.dylib
    0x91c4f000 - 0x91c8cfff 1.5.0 /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ ImageIO.framework/Versions/A/Resources/libTIFF.dylib
    0x91c93000 - 0x91cacfff 1.5.0 /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ ImageIO.framework/Versions/A/Resources/libPng.dylib
    0x91cb1000 - 0x91cb4fff 1.5.0 /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ ImageIO.framework/Versions/A/Resources/libRadiance.dylib
    0x91cb6000 - 0x91cb6fff 1.2.2 (Accelerate 1.2.2) /System/Library/Frameworks/Accelerate.framework/Versions/A/Accelerate
    0x91cb8000 - 0x91d9dfff 2.4 /System/Library/Frameworks/Accelerate.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ amework/Versions/A/vImage
    0x91da5000 - 0x91dc4fff 3.2.2 (vecLib 3.2.2) /System/Library/Frameworks/Accelerate.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ amework/Versions/A/vecLib
    0x91e30000 - 0x91e9efff 3.2.2 (vecLib 3.2.2) /System/Library/Frameworks/Accelerate.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ amework/Versions/A/libvMisc.dylib
    0x91ea9000 - 0x91f3efff 3.2.2 (vecLib 3.2.2) /System/Library/Frameworks/Accelerate.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ amework/Versions/A/libvDSP.dylib
    0x91f58000 - 0x924e0fff 3.2.2 (vecLib 3.2.2) /System/Library/Frameworks/Accelerate.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ amework/Versions/A/libBLAS.dylib
    0x92513000 - 0x9283efff 3.2.2 (vecLib 3.2.2) /System/Library/Frameworks/Accelerate.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ amework/Versions/A/libLAPACK.dylib
    0x9286e000 - 0x928f6fff 1.3.5 /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/DesktopServicesPriv.framework/Versions/A/Desk topServicesPriv
    0x92937000 - 0x92b62fff 6.4.6 (567.27) /System/Library/Frameworks/Foundation.framework/Versions/C/Foundation
    0x92c80000 - 0x92d5efff libxml2.2.dylib /usr/lib/libxml2.2.dylib
    0x92d7e000 - 0x92e6cfff libiconv.2.dylib /usr/lib/libiconv.2.dylib
    0x92e6f000 - 0x92e79fff 1.2.0 (???) /System/Library/Frameworks/AppleTalk.framework/Versions/A/AppleTalk
    0x92e7e000 - 0x92e9cfff 1.4.7 /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/Libraries/libGL.dylib
    0x92ea7000 - 0x92f01fff 1.4.7 /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/Libraries/libGLU.dylib
    0x92f1f000 - 0x92f1ffff 10.4 (???) /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Carbon
    0x92f21000 - 0x92f35fff 3.0 /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ImageCapture. framework/Versions/A/ImageCapture
    0x92f4d000 - 0x92f5dfff 3.4 /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/SpeechRecogni tion.framework/Versions/A/SpeechRecognition
    0x92f69000 - 0x92f7efff 2.0 (203) /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ amework/Versions/A/SecurityHI
    0x92f90000 - 0x93017fff 101.2 (69) /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/Ink.framework /Versions/A/Ink
    0x9302b000 - 0x93036fff 1.0.3 (32) /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/Help.framewor k/Versions/A/Help
    0x93040000 - 0x9306dfff 1.2.5 (???) /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/OpenScripting .framework/Versions/A/OpenScripting
    0x93087000 - 0x93096fff 5.2 (192.4) /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/Print.framewo rk/Versions/A/Print
    0x930a2000 - 0x93108fff 1.1.2 /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/HTMLRendering .framework/Versions/A/HTMLRendering
    0x93139000 - 0x93188fff 3.4.4 (3.4.3) /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/NavigationSer vices.framework/Versions/A/NavigationServices
    0x931b6000 - 0x931d3fff 3.9 /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/CarbonSound.f ramework/Versions/A/CarbonSound
    0x931e5000 - 0x931f2fff 1.2.2 (73) /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/CommonPanels. framework/Versions/A/CommonPanels
    0x931fb000 - 0x93508fff 1.4.8 (???) /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/HIToolbox.fra mework/Versions/A/HIToolbox
    0x93657000 - 0x93663fff 1.4.7 /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/OpenGL
    0x93668000 - 0x93688fff 3.1 /System/Library/Frameworks/DirectoryService.framework/Versions/A/DirectoryServi ce
    0x936db000 - 0x936dbfff 6.4 (???) /System/Library/Frameworks/Cocoa.framework/Versions/A/Cocoa
    0x936dd000 - 0x93d10fff 6.4.7 (824.41) /System/Library/Frameworks/AppKit.framework/Versions/C/AppKit
    0x9409d000 - 0x9410dfff 80 /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreData.framework/Versions/A/CoreData
    0x94146000 - 0x94209fff 1.4.3 /System/Library/Frameworks/AudioToolbox.framework/Versions/A/AudioToolbox
    0x9425b000 - 0x9425bfff 1.4 /System/Library/Frameworks/AudioUnit.framework/Versions/A/AudioUnit
    0x9425d000 - 0x94430fff 1.4.9 /System/Library/Frameworks/QuartzCore.framework/Versions/A/QuartzCore
    0x94486000 - 0x944c3fff libsqlite3.0.dylib /usr/lib/libsqlite3.0.dylib
    0x944cb000 - 0x9451bfff 1.4.7 /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/Libraries/libGLImage.dyl ib
    0x9455b000 - 0x945a0fff 8.5 (86.3) /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Bom.framework/Versions/A/Bom
    0x945ac000 - 0x945e4fff 4.0.0 (85) /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/vmutils.framework/Versions/A/vmutils
    0x94627000 - 0x94643fff 2.2 (27710) /System/Library/Frameworks/SecurityFoundation.framework/Versions/A/SecurityFoun dation
    0x94657000 - 0x9469bfff 2.2 (27692) /System/Library/Frameworks/SecurityInterface.framework/Versions/A/SecurityInter face
    0x946bf000 - 0x946cefff 1.258.38 (???) /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ CoreGraphics.framework/Versions/A/Resources/libCGATS.A.dylib
    0x946d6000 - 0x946e3fff 1.258.38 (???) /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ CoreGraphics.framework/Versions/A/Resources/libCSync.A.dylib
    0x94729000 - 0x94742fff 1.258.38 (???) /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ CoreGraphics.framework/Versions/A/Resources/libRIP.A.dylib
    0x94749000 - 0x94a18fff 7.1.3 /System/Library/Frameworks/QuickTime.framework/Versions/A/QuickTime
    0x94adb000 - 0x94b4cfff libstdc++.6.dylib /usr/lib/libstdc++.6.dylib
    0x94bbf000 - 0x94bdffff libmx.A.dylib /usr/lib/libmx.A.dylib
    0x94ce7000 - 0x94e17fff 4.0.4 (485.1) /System/Library/Frameworks/AddressBook.framework/Versions/A/AddressBook
    0x94ea9000 - 0x94eb8fff 1.1 /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/DSObjCWrappers.framework/Versions/A/DSObjCWra ppers
    0x94ec0000 - 0x94eedfff 1.4.1 (69.0.1) /System/Library/Frameworks/LDAP.framework/Versions/A/LDAP
    0x94ef4000 - 0x94f04fff libsasl2.2.dylib /usr/lib/libsasl2.2.dylib
    0x94f08000 - 0x94f37fff libssl.0.9.7.dylib /usr/lib/libssl.0.9.7.dylib
    0x94f47000 - 0x94f64fff libresolv.9.dylib /usr/lib/libresolv.9.dylib
    0x952b3000 - 0x95321fff 1.7.8 (1.7.8f2) /System/Library/Frameworks/IOBluetooth.framework/Versions/A/IOBluetooth
    0x9535d000 - 0x9535dfff 3.1.3 (???) /System/Library/Frameworks/DiscRecording.framework/Versions/A/DiscRecording
    0x9535f000 - 0x953e2fff 3.1.3 /System/Library/Frameworks/DiscRecording.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/DiscRe cordingEngine.framework/Versions/A/DiscRecordingEngine
    0x9540f000 - 0x95455fff 3.1.3 /System/Library/Frameworks/DiscRecording.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/DiscRe cordingContent.framework/Versions/A/DiscRecordingContent
    0x95469000 - 0x95597fff 5.5.23 /System/Library/Frameworks/Kerberos.framework/Versions/A/Kerberos
    0x95684000 - 0x95712fff 418.9.1 /System/Library/Frameworks/WebKit.framework/Versions/A/WebKit
    0x9576e000 - 0x95804fff 418.3 /System/Library/Frameworks/WebKit.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/JavaScriptCor e.framework/Versions/A/JavaScriptCore
    0x95841000 - 0x95b4dfff 418.21 /System/Library/Frameworks/WebKit.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/WebCore.frame work/Versions/A/WebCore
    0x95cd6000 - 0x95cfffff libxslt.1.dylib /usr/lib/libxslt.1.dylib
    0x95e8d000 - 0x95eccfff 7.1.3 /System/Library/Frameworks/QTKit.framework/Versions/A/QTKit
    0x95f73000 - 0x95f78fff 2.1.3 /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/URLMount.framework/Versions/A/URLMount
    0x96461000 - 0x96477fff libJapaneseConverter.dylib /System/Library/CoreServices/Encodings/libJapaneseConverter.dylib
    0x964a7000 - 0x964b5fff libSimplifiedChineseConverter.dylib /System/Library/CoreServices/Encodings/libSimplifiedChineseConverter.dylib
    0x964b7000 - 0x964b8fff libSymbolConverter.dylib /System/Library/CoreServices/Encodings/libSymbolConverter.dylib
    0x964bd000 - 0x964d0fff libTraditionalChineseConverter.dylib /System/Library/CoreServices/Encodings/libTraditionalChineseConverter.dylib
    0x9694e000 - 0x969f1fff libcrypto.0.9.dylib /usr/lib/libcrypto.0.9.dylib
    0x96ef6000 - 0x96f15fff 3.2.2 (vecLib 3.2.2) /System/Library/Frameworks/vecLib.framework/Versions/A/vecLib
    0x97586000 - 0x975abfff 2.2 /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/LatentSemanticMapping.framework/Versions/A/La tentSemanticMapping
    0x9762c000 - 0x976edfff 1.4.7 /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/Libraries/libGLProgramma bility.dylib
    0x97718000 - 0x97719fff 1.4.7 /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/Libraries/libGLSystem.dy lib
    0x9771b000 - 0x97728fff 2.5.6 (AGL-2.5.6) /System/Library/Frameworks/AGL.framework/Versions/A/AGL
    0x9788e000 - 0x9788ffff 1.1.1 /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MonitorPanel.framework/Versions/A/MonitorPane l
    0x979ef000 - 0x97a05fff 1.5.1 /System/Library/Frameworks/AppleShareClient.framework/Versions/A/AppleShareClie nt
    0x97a0f000 - 0x97a4dfff 1.5.1 /System/Library/Frameworks/AppleShareClientCore.framework/Versions/A/AppleShare ClientCore
    0x9802b000 - 0x98152fff 273.5 /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/VideoConference.framework/Versions/A/VideoCon ference
    0x98449000 - 0x9846bfff 3.1.3 /System/Library/Frameworks/DiscRecordingUI.framework/Versions/A/DiscRecordingUI
    0x988f6000 - 0x988f9fff 1.8.1 /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/DisplayServices.framework/Versions/A/DisplayS ervices
    0x98b42000 - 0x994f9fff 7.1.3 /System/Library/QuickTime/QuickTimeComponents.component/Contents/MacOS/QuickTim eComponents
    0x99720000 - 0x99724fff 7.1.3 /System/Library/QuickTime/QuickTimeH264.component/Contents/MacOS/QuickTimeH264
    0x99726000 - 0x9980afff 7.1.3 /System/Library/QuickTime/QuickTimeH264.component/Contents/Resources/QuickTimeH 264.altivec
    0x99f3c000 - 0x99f47fff 3.1.2 (428) /System/Library/Frameworks/InstantMessage.framework/Versions/A/InstantMessage
    0x99f52000 - 0x9a0abfff 2.1 (752.2) /System/Library/Frameworks/Message.framework/Versions/B/Message
    0x9a3d3000 - 0x9a3d4fff 1.7.9 /System/Library/Frameworks/DVComponentGlue.framework/Versions/A/DVComponentGlue
    0x9a3e1000 - 0x9a425fff 31.0 (31) /System/Library/Components/VCH263Codec.component/VCH263Codec
    0xc0000000 - 0xc000ffff com.unsanity.ape 2.0.2 /Library/Frameworks/ApplicationEnhancer.framework/Versions/A/ApplicationEnhance r
    I'd appreciate any insight.
    My eyes are getting too blurry to continue and have been shooting flames of frustration with what used to be a great application.
    Now, iChat is taking up valuable K on my hard drive.
    Thanks all!
    B&W w/600Mhz G4   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   1G RAM - ATI Radeon 9200 PCI Graphics Card - Pioneer 111D SuperDrive

    Thanks for responding. A very frustrating episode I'm having.
    Some interesting Add-Ons you have there.
    What is iChat Enahancer as I have not heard of it ?
    Just an add-on doo-dad. Been using it a while.
    Also this bit
    m=audio 0 RTP/AVP 12 3 0
    a=rtpmap:3 GSM/8000
    a=rtpmap:0 PCMU/8000
    m=video 0 RTP/AVP 34
    a=fmtp:34 imagesize 0 rules 15:176:144
    List no ports whatsoever.
    Well, that'd odd.
    Yet I seem to able to video chat with Apple's Testers with an apparent lack of Ports. I'm stymied.
    How are the ports opened in the 2wire device ?
    IF it was port Forwarding is it with DHCP ?
    If so check the ports are still pointing to the IP
    that the computer has.
    Honestly, I haven't been "inside" the 2Wire modem since I hooked it up (when I switched to SBC/Yahoo DSL - now ATT/Yahoo). From what I understand, as SBC Tech Support told me when I installed the device, we set the 2Wire modem as a Bridge, and that my Netgear Router is handling my ISP login. The Netgear Router is in charge of any UPnP and Port Forwading duties. And Port Forwarding has NEVER been enabled. This arrangement has been working well all this time.
    Nothing about my communications hardware set-up has changed since it was installed. As I mentioned, this problem just started about two weeks ago. I've been video chatting flawlessly via iChat and AIM for years.
    I'm afraid if I start digging around inside the 2Wire, I'm going to trip over a setting and REALLY screw things up. Also, getting back into the 2Wire modem is proving to be a bit of a sketch. The usual access via a browser is not working as of late, even with a direct computer connection to the modem. : (
    Also check the Advanced button in the Mac Firewall
    and make sure it is NOT blocking all UDP Traffic.
    My Mac Firewall is NOT active, and has never been active. Any Firewall is being provided by the Netgear Router.
    Has 2wire started to offer a VoIP service ?
    Or have you started to use some VoIP equipment like
    Vonage ?
    Not to my knowledge on the 2Wire VoIP service. They provide hardware "gateways" for DSL providers.
    No Vonage equipment installed on my system.
    I'm inclined to believe this is an iChat/AIM Server issue that's been triggered by recent software/server updates at either Apple's or AOL's end, though I'm no techie. Maybe the iChat mice on the treadmill in my computer just gave up and called it a day.
    Again, thanks for all your help. Hopefully there will be joy soon.
    B&W w/600Mhz G4   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   1G RAM - ATI Radeon 9200 PCI Graphics Card - Pioneer 111D SuperDrive

  • Chat w/ PC "User did not respond" error

    When I try to do a video chat with a PC user (AIM), I am always getting a "user did not respond" error, or the error message that "I declined the invitation"
    I have no problem doing text/audio/video chat with another iChat user.
    Any ideas why I cannot do video chats with the pc user?
    iMac G5   Mac OS X (10.4.4)   Cable modem, Linksys router, Airport Extreme

    Hi Kathy:
    Here's a great reference tool that's well put together that may help you sort out your issues when trying to connect with a windows user:

  • Ichat video conference worked for two days -- now "did not respond" error

    I am very frustrated by the problems I'm having with iChat. I am in Alabama for a month, and was hoping to be able to video conference with my wife and 2 1/2 year old son in San Diego. On the way to Alabama we succesfully chatted twice, once over the free wireless internet at the Laquinta I stayed at, and again at the Comfort inn I was at the next night. So I get to Alabama, and now, I can still initiate and participate in video conferences with random folks (like the very helpful Ralph in the UK) and the "test" buddies, but when I try to conference with my wife and son, I get the "did not respond" error. There doesn't seem to be any logical explanation. I've tried this at the hotel I'm at, and at a local Panera Bread (free WiFi), Both locations allow me to do video conference with everyone I try except my wife and son. She hasn't changed any settings on the computer since we succesfully chatted, and she can succesfully connect with the "test" buddies. I have been an Apple user, fan and supporter since 1984, but this really makes me upset. Is there some way to figure out what the problem is? both of us can chat with anyone we try, except for the only people we really even want to chat with...eachother!
    My machine - Macbook - using DSL over my airport express
    her machine - iMac G3 600Mhz, 10.3.9, using Cable modem (Earthlink)
    Like I said, it worked twice with absolutley no problems, and it still works, just not with eachother!
    Any help would be great appreciated. If anyone wants to call me up on i chat, you can reach me at AIM ndrkk1
    Thanks and I look forward to any ideas,
    And finally, Apple, if you are reading this, please come up with a way to fix this problem, or at least develop the software so it can tell us what our error is, instead of just saying "failed to initiate conference because so and so did not respond....
    MacBook   Mac OS X (10.4.6)   2 Ghz, 1 GB RAM

    Hi ndrkk,
    Welcome To The Apple Discussion Pages.
    I take it you mean you are wireless to the modem and do not have a Airport Express device with you ?
    If you do then Jan's advice is sound.
    IS your wife on Quicktime 6 or 7 ?
    Has she set the Connection Speed (6) or Streaming speed (7) ?
    System Preferences > Quicktime > Connection Speed tab (6) or Streaming Speed tab (7) and set the drop down to match her download speed or to a max of 1.5meg (T1/LAN etc.)
    12:36 PM Monday; June 5, 2006

  • Another one with the "did not respond" error

    Hi all,
    We've been successfully video chatting with my parents using iChat AV for years on our old machine - an 800 MHz G4 iMac. We just upgraded to a new iMac with the Intel Core Duo processor, and now are getting the "did not respond" error that others are describing. Because nothing else has changed in the setup at either end other than our new machine, the problem must lie in the new iMac. After perusing this forum and Ralph's site, I tried setting the QuickTime streaming speed to 1.5 Mbps rather than "automatic," and turned off IPv6, but to no avail.
    Any other suggestions?
    Thanks in advance!
    The Rosses

    Hi rossma,
    If you go to System Preferences > Network and then
    Select the Connection method in the second drop
    Then the TCP/IP tab
    Does this say Using DHCP ?
    Does it give you an IP of something close to ?
    Does it list the "router" IP as being ?
    If you connect the computer to the Toshiba what IP do
    you get then ?
    Does it match the same IP as when you go here
    Well, I didn't try disconnecting the iMac from the Linksys and hooking it up directly to the cable modem (would require wrestling with a nest of cables), but I can see the IP address that the Outside World sees in the Linksys configuration page, and that matches what the webpage you mentioned says. if you need me to connect it directly, let me know and I'll try that.
    If it does then the Toshiba is in Bridge mode and the
    Linksys may be doing the ISP login
    I can not see the Toshiba in this list which is why I
    think it is not routing and is in Bridge mode. (this
    will mean all the ports are open in it).
    If all ports are open, then the cable modem shouldn't be the problem, right?
    As far as Quicktime is concerned it might pay to
    check the Font Book and see if Helvetica is active.
    Huh? This is the first I've heard of Helvetica being problematic! It's active at the moment - should I disable it?
    Thanks for all your patience and effort on my behalf!

  • Persistent Acrobat Reader (not responding) error

    Good evening, my name is Tom and I'm new to this forum so please bear with me.
    Since we took delivery of this Dell PC and I first loaded Adobe Acrobat Reader 10 it has never worked.  I'm running Windows 7 and Norton 360.  I estimate I have uninstalled and reloaded this program six or more times
    Every time I try to use Acrobat Reader I have to go through the "Do you want to allow this program........." step to get past the firewall.  Then a Reader window pops up and a small asterik-like icon in the gray space to the right of the document pane begins filling in from the 12 o-clock position.  It usually stops filling in by  the 6 O-clock position and then the "(Not Responding)" message shows up in the Acrobat Title Bar.  Here is an example from earlier today, about 1830 hours UTC on Wednesday, 11 December 2013.
    Meanwhile Task Manager is singing a different tune.
    So, this begs the question, what is AcroRd32.exe*32 doing with two sessions, one with 348K of memory and 25% of my CPU and the other session using 00% of my CPU and 5,228K memory?This is the status since 1900 Hours UTC this date. It's now 0222 hours UTC on 12 December 2013 and I've run out of ideas.
    I'd appreciate any helpful suggestions from the forum community.
    Thank you and good night (EST),

    Pat, thanks again. 
    Please remember I'm using Adobe Reader 11.0 not 10.
    I unzipped your registry file and loaded it into this PC.  Then I restarted this computer and launched Adobe Reader.  This time the asterik-like icon completed 3/4 of a rotation before I saw the "(not responding)" error message.  Also, I have two entries in Windows Task Manager, Processes tab.  The first AcroRd32.exe *32 uses 00% CPU and 41,752K Memory.  The second AcroRd32.exe *32 entry uses 25% of the CPU and 6,924K memory.
    Thanks for providing me some progress toward solving this issue.


    I just downloaded Reader XI and now I can not open up ANY pdf documents!  I keep getting the "Not Responding" Error Message!  Please help!!!

    I thought your problem (crash, not "Not Responding") was fixed in by disabling Protected Mode?

  • After update to mavericks my epson 420sw scanner is not responding error w-61

    after update to mavericks. my epson all in one sx 420 sw the scanner is not responding error message w-61

    I'm having the same issue. The scanning software doesn't launch, the scanner appears in system preferences after a few unplugs and plugins, and software update doesn't give me the recommended ICA update.
    Also the Epson scan utilities aren't updated either and will be "released soon" according to here: 139863&prodoid=63084673&infoType=Downloads&detected=yes&platform=OSF_M_X9
    They recommend to use image capture (which is a joke) in the mean time or you could buy vuescan but thats not much better for some things.

  • I use google with firefox, everytime i open firefox and begin browsing or go to check my mail i get a firefox not responding error message on top left of screen. How do i get rid of this?

    I use google with firefox, everytime i open firefox and begin browsing or go to check my mail i get a firefox not responding error message on top left of screen. How do i get rid of this?

    Please check if this happens in [ Safe Mode.]
    [ Problematic Extensions]
    [ Troubleshooting Extensions and Themes]
    [ Uninstalling Add-ons]
    [ Uninstalling Toolbars]

  • Equium 1000-337 not responding error

    Since Day 1 I have suffered with regular "not responding" errors with this machine, which usually means the PC freezes and has to be turned off.
    It seems any program or event will trigger it, even trying to open something weedy like notepad.
    Vista Home Premium, 1024 Mb RAM.
    Has anyone else found this? I nearly smashed the thing to pieces this morning so now I'm looking for a more moderate approach...
    Any help/suggestions appreciated.

    Usually the not responding" errors happens due to the busy and stressed CPU.
    I dont know how many applications and programs run on your OS simultaneously but if the CPU is busy it could happens that the running program has to wait and therefore it does not response.
    I see you have installed the Vista on this computer. You should know that this OS needs much more resources as an early MS OS and I really dont wonder that such not responding" errors appears on the notebook with only 1024MB of memory.
    In my opinion you shouldnt run many applications simultaneously and if possible try to upgrade the memory if you want to run Vista smoothly.

  • I-chat 2.1 not responding error

    When contacting my buddy it gives a "did not respond" error. The connection doctor shows this:
    2006-06-23 16:14:38 +0200: ***** did not respond.
    Tried to send UDP SIP "invite" to the following IP addresses and ports:,
    It used to work. The strange thing is we are still able to text chat.

    Hi Tony,
    I see it is a SIP device.
    Do we know if the person is actually using that side of things ?
    If not is it something that the ISP charge extra for ?
    As it seems to be SIP aware it might pay to see if it can be Unbound from port 5060.
    See this section at the white text box
    The IP will be the one for the Gigaset. The info Tony posted says it will do Telnet.
    Do we have any links to a CLI (Command Line Interface) code list or manual ?
    11:16 PM Friday; June 23, 2006

  • HT4972 Cannot Get Mail Gmail IMAP Not Responding Error on iPhone, iPad or Mac

    I need help My iphoen and Ipad gives the following message
    Cannot Get Mail Gmail IMAP Not Responding Error on iPhone, iPad or Mac\
    Pls guide

    I have The same problem on my iPhone and iPad without me doing anything. It happened sometime doing the night (+1 GMT)
    I've tried it before. Without doing anything to help the problem it went away. This time it just seems like its not going away :/

  • Not Responding Error Message

    Good Afternoon,
    I am currently editing text to match timing of auido in my Captivate 6 slides.  I am continually running into a "Not Responding" error message.  Please inquire with sugeestions on how to stop this.
    Already tried:
    - Rebooting Captivate
    - Rebooting System
    - Working just out of Captivate with no other programs running
    Thank you!

    Thank you for your continued help.
    I had not yet tried clearing the cache - after I did (twice) the end result was still the same.
    Refreshing the preferences folder sounds like something we are willing to try, but I was wondering if there were step by step directions for this process in Captivate 6? This link does not allude to any direction within Captivate 6. .

Maybe you are looking for

  • Status 51 material document data and po data do not match(vendor)

    i am using we19 to try an inbound idoc mbgmcr(receipt for po) i put in gm_code 01 movement indicator B(goods receipt for po) vendor 3815 PO 4500015241 PO Order Item 00030 Movement type 101 qty in unit of entry  1 iso code unit of measurement pc on th

  • Iconize in the task bar tray

    Hello, Is there anyone that know how I can put an icon in my task bar tray (or quick launch) in windows 2000 that refers to my running java application? Thank you for your help !!

  • Central person for vendors replicated from R/3

    Hi All, I have replicated the vendors from R/3 to EBP system through PPOMV_BBP to Vendor root organisation.Alll the vendors got Business partenr ID only. If I want to send the bid invitation to the one of the vendor from the vendor root organisation 

  • Store big5 characters in database using JDBC

    The key point is the character set of database. Try character set 'WE8ISO8859P1' Good Luck. null

  • Only internal emails with Outlook

    Having an issue with one mailbox on an Exchange 2013 server. When logging in with OWA we can see emails sent to the user from both internal and external sources. When we configure an Outlook client (we have done this is the most recent version of Out