When closing Firefox after upgrading to Ver. 4 it no longer prompts to save tabs. Advice given was: "Settings may be set incorrectly If your Firefox settings are configured differently, the prompt will not occur. " What settings do I need to change?

Every time I close Firefox I lose all the tabs and have to re-establish them when re-starting Firefox. I cannot find any provision in the options to change that.

A slow boot time can be caused by login items.
User Login Items:
    Canon IJ Network Scanner Selector2
    Gmail Notifr
Open System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items
Remove one login item noted above then restart your Mac to test. It may be one or multiple items causing the slow boot.

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  • Tabs are not saved on closing. Settings may be set incorrectly gives no information

    Not asked to save tabs on closing. tried safe mode and checking for corrupt files as in the instructions. Under "Settings may be set incorrectly" no information is given.

    You can use "Firefox > History > Restore Previous Session" to get back the previous session.
    There is also a "Restore Previous Session" button on the default about:home Home page.

  • HT1843 hi my bluetooth cannot see the other bluetooth devices. When it is picked up by a different device tries to pair with it but the pairing does not occur. what can I do apart from throwing this **** thing in the bin?

    hi my bluetooth cannot see the other bluetooth devices. When it is picked up by a different device tries to pair with it but the pairing does not occur. what can I do apart from throwing this **** thing in the bin?

    It isn't supposed to pair with the MacBook.  You can use WiFi to connect but not Bluetooth.  You can setup a personal HotSpot on the iPhone and connect the MacBook, or setup the MacBook AirPort to create a network and attach the iPhone, and use the USB cable to connect the iPhone to the MacBook for syncing and backup purposes.
    The communications are rather limited.

  • I used to be able to watch net flux and hulu on my macbook pro not it the sites will not open, what is wrong?

    I used to be able to watch net flux and hulu on my macbook pro not it the sites will not open, what is wrong?

    What happens when you try?
    Try a restart.
    Do a backup, using either Time Machine or a cloning program, to ensure files/data can be recovered. Two backups are better than one.
    Try setting up another admin user account to see if the same problem continues. If Back-to-My Mac is selected in System Preferences, the Guest account will not work. The intent is to see if it is specific to one account or a system wide problem. This account can be deleted later.
    Isolating an issue by using another user account
    Try booting into the Safe Mode using your normal account.  Disconnect all peripherals except those needed for the test. Shut down the computer and then power it back up after waiting 10 seconds. Immediately after hearing the startup chime, hold down the shift key and continue to hold it until the gray Apple icon and a progress bar appear and again when you log in. The boot up is significantly slower than normal. This will reset some caches, forces a directory check, and disables all startup and login items, among other things. When you reboot normally, the initial reboot may be slower than normal. If the system operates normally, there may be 3rd party applications which are causing a problem. Try deleting/disabling the third party applications after a restart by using the application un-installer. For each disable/delete, you will need to restart if you don’t do them all at once.
    Safe Mode - Mavericks   also Yosemite
    Safe Mode - About

  • I dropped my phone in a toilet, the sound and vibrate are working but the screen will not turn on, what should I do?

    I dropped my phone in a toilet, the sound and vibrate are working but the screen will not turn on, what should I do? do I just need a new screen or what? I'm freaking out here

    Don't freak out, just get over it. It's probably done.
    What should I do if I drop my phone in the toilet?
    Apple may offer you an refurbished iPhone in exchange for yours, for about half the cost of a new one.
    I wouldn't be too specific about just how it got wet

  • HT1414 my daughter has iphone 3gs and it required an update , so i connected the iphone to itunes for update and the iphone locked up, I had to reset back to factory settings and now the iphone will not activate , what can i do

    My daughter has an iphone 3gs and it required an update. So i connected the iphone to itunes for the update and the iphone locked up . I had to reset the iphone back to factory settings and now the iphone will not activate , Please advise what i can do to get this working for her ?

    Generally this is a sign that the iPhone had previously been
    hacked/modified/jailbroken and the update relocked it to the
    original wireless carrier. If this is the case, only that wireless
    carrier can unlock your iPhone. You must contact them to see
    if they offer unlocking and if you qualify.
    Where did you acquire this iPhone?
    What wireless carrier did you use before this problem?
    Does the app Cydia appear on your iPhone?
    What does it say when you look at Settings=>General=>About=>Carrier?
    Unauthorized modification of iOS

  • HT1491 I purchased a song on iTunes on my iPhone and the song will not download what do I need to do?

    I purchased A song off of iTunes from my iPhone and it will not load the song it has been a day and the song will not load. The load bar starts loading and them it goes back to nothing and re starts the download. After a few minutes an icon will pop up and say this song can not be downloaded at this time and has two options retry and done. I don't know what to do, I restarted my phone and it does the same thing.

    I'm on iOS 8.1 by the way. I forgot to update my phone information before posting.

  • My firefox installation is complete on my PC with Win XP, the icons are up, but the program will not start... no process or anything in task manager... any idea what is going on?

    bought a second hand laptop running Windows xp. When I go to download firefox, the installation goes seemingly smooth, but the program will not open. There are no firefox processes showing in task manager when I do this. I just downloaded chrome instead, but it sucks and I want firefox but my computer rejects it. This computer runs every other program I use without a hitch
    == This happened ==
    Every time Firefox opened
    == after installation ==
    == User Agent ==
    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US) AppleWebKit/533.4 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/5.0.375.99 Safari/533.4

    thanks chris for the reply back,i have solved the massive problem i have had with MF 3.6.3 it ws COMODO FREE FIREWALL i had a sneaking suspicion all a long it could have been that but was not sure?,my pc had slowed down since installing comodo i am pretty sure of that,there were lags and pauses ect ect on general usage of the pc even though cpu usage was ok?,so maybe if many pc users that have comodo firewall installed they might like to try a change to another firewall and see if it helps,i went back to OUTPOST FREE FIREWALL which i had for ages without ANY problems whatsoever.
    mozilla firefox build 3.6.3

  • HT1752 I.downloaded.a.game.sims.3.and.the.game.will.not.install.what.is.the.problem?

    When.i.download.the.game.it.works.fine.but.as.soon.as.i.try.to.install.it.it.doe s.nothing.it.acts.like.its.about.to.do.something.but.then.nothing..I.talked.to.t he         
    people.who.i.bought.the.game.from.and.im.pretty.sure.its.not.the.game.but.the.co mputer.its.self.please.tell.me.what.i.need.to.do!

    Why are there periods between each word in your post?
    As for Sims 3, it will not run on your Mac. You should have checked the system requirements:
    Mac OS X 10.5.7 Leopard or higher
    Intel Core Duo Processor
    2 GB RAM
    ATI X1600 or Nvidia 7300 GT with 128 MB of Video RAM, or Intel Integrated GMA X3100.
    At least 6.1 GB of hard drive space with at least 1 GB of additional space for custom content and saved games
    This game will not run on PowerPC (G3/G4/G5) based Mac systems, or the GMA 950 class of integrated video cards.

  • Only when Firefox AND Thunderbird are active/open, the desktop will NOT go to sleep

    I have analysed all services, startup programs and none of these causes a NON sleep issue. Only opening Firefox: it still works (slepp modus). Only opening Thunderbird: sleep modus okay. ONLY when both are open, sleep modus will not be activated. This occurs on any 2 of my Vista, HP desktops!

    Are one of them configured to not sleep?

  • HT201413 I recently was sold a Iphone 4 (Via Ebay), but the phone was shipped to me with a standing pass-code on it, and now the seller will not return any forms of contact to me. What can I do, I have tried recovery mode - restore, but I get same error m

    The Iphone "Iphone" could not be restored. This device isn't eligible for the requested build. Then I am given the option to click "More Information", or Ok. I have followed all of the necessary steps, but I haven't had in suecessful trials. Will someone PLEASE help, I am REALLY ready to use my fricken 280 Dollar Iphone! Lol. Thanks.

    Bad news: It sounds as if you were sold a jailbroken iPhone.
    Good news: File a SNAD with eBay. Make sure all your correspondence has been through eBay Messaging. The fact that the seller has been ignoring you will not sit well with them.
    You will get 100% of your money back, including shipping. Paypal will simply seize his funds and return what is yours.
    Lesson: Don't buy a used iPhone.
    It's much worse for the seller. His PayPal and eBay accounts will be frozen. Until he squares up with both you and eBay, he's out of money and out of business.

  • Isync will not login with new mobile me, need to change from .mac

    I have been trying to sync but my old .mac user name and password are not working now with mobile me. Shows that login is valid but I get an error message - There was a problem with the sync operation. .Mac login failed. I assume that I need to change the login address from .mac to a mobile me address. Any ideas out there? Apple has nothing on this problem.

    Patience. MobileMe is a mess.
    When Apple substantially modified .Mac Sync to support extended attributes available with the introduction of Mac OS X 10.5, and simultaneously dropped support for for the most part for Mac OS X 10.3.9, it was three weeks until normal service was restored. And even then, most of the issues individual users had with .Mac sync prior to the transition were still present.
    If you value your data, back it up and wait for an announcement from Apple that it works as expected.

  • Created  apple album.Will not allow me to complete purchase.Need to change the Country to Canada from USA but cannot locate the pathway . Tried everything  I am aware  to do ?

    Mac Desktop.processor 2.7 , intel core 17 . 16gh . Created  apple album .Tried to purchase  but will not me  complete as  do not have  a zip code as  my country is Canada.Tried to change country but unable to do .Everthing else seems to have correct Country  (itunes/photos/apple store  ) .What is the  correct pathway to change Country  for the Apple Album ? 

    Thank you .Now  I have  created  album , Changed to correct Country mode  , through checkout  and  started upload to apple store  ! Will  NOT  complete this very last  task .Called service provider for wireless internet (only service available  in rural NS  . Eastlink .ca ) . Service  teck says they cannot make it faster  .Tried  twice again . Is their some way I could  load  the Apple Album on  a transport/ USB stick to take to  town where  a friend has   "real " high speed  .? Thank u in advance .

  • HT4759 Help, I can not get my iphone to change my email. I changed it on icloud and itunes and it comes up correctly there. I have synced my phone hooked to computer. all updates are done. The phone will not come up with the new email soI cant use icloud

    phone says Photo Stream.   photos for the icloud account "icloud" cannot be accessed. Review your account information in Settings. When I got to settings a pop up says Apple ID password and under that is my email. BUT it is the INCORRECT email. When i try to put in the password for the OLD email it won't work. It wont work if I put the password in for the NEW email either. In Settings -> my Account says the OLD email, when I click on that email it takes me to the icloud Account Information. Says Apple ID is the Old email. BUT I changed my email on icoud and verified it I also change my email in itunes and am able to access the Apple App store on my phone and itunes. It is correct everywhere except on my iphone. It came over correctly to my iPAD but won't on my phone.  I also can't use the icloud push or load my icloud storage plan to my phone. Please help...

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    In order to change your Apple ID or password for your iCloud account on your iOS device, you need to delete the account from your iOS device first, then add it back using your updated details. (Settings > iCloud, scroll down and hit "Delete Account")
    Providing you are simply updating your existing details and not changing to another account, when you delete your account, all the data that is synced with iCloud will also be deleted from the device (but not from iCloud), but will be synced back to your device when you login again.
    In order to change your Apple ID or password for your iCloud account on your computer, you need to sign out of the account from your computer first, then sign back in using your updated details. (System Preferences > iCloud, click the sign out button)
    In order to change your Apple ID or password for your iTunes account on your iOS device, you need to sign out from your iOS device first, then sign back in using your updated details. (Settings > store, scroll down and tap your ID)
    If you are using iMessages or FaceTime, you will also need to log out and into your ID there too.

  • I rented to movies, was charged by apple but the movies will not play, what should i do?

    i downloaded the movie from itunes and then when i went into to my purchased on my ipod, i clicked the movie to strat playing and the screen went blank and then quit and went to the desktop.  so i plugged my ipad into my computer and now the choice of clicking on the rented movie is gone.  i paid for this movie, now what do i do?

    Hi Corinne,
    In iTunes, log into your acount and goto Purchase history. Loocate the movie and to the right should be a link to report a problem. A rep from the iTunes store will hopefully resolve the problem.

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  • Issue connecting ios 7 devices to WPA2 wifi networks

    I am using Cisco Wireless in our corporate environment.  We are using Enterprise WPA2 security which requires the user to accept the certificate.  I am no longer able to connect to these networks after installing ios 7 except for a newtork that I alr

  • How do i get itunes to scan my computer for music-multiple user accts

    I want to add music from another user account to Itunes under my userlogin. I can add files one folder/album at a time but that is very time consuming. Is there a way using one command for Itunes to scan the entire harddrive searching through multipl

  • "Roll over to try, click to apply" does nothing

    I just did the latest Firefox update - no problems - but once again, after the last 2 or 3 or more updates, the "Roll over to try, click to apply" option to try out the new 'personas" does nothing. I remember when they first came out and I could roll

  • Possible problem calling java from Windows DLL

    I'm am developing on Windows NT 4.0 using JDK 1.3.1. What I want to do is to create a DLL that calls into java using the Invocation APIs. I am able to successfully create a JVM inside my DLL and find the java classes that i need. The problem is if on

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