When I open a pdf in Adobe Acrobat xi pro it is not displaying correctly. If a file is all black with orange writing, I will see only the orange writing. Its not until i print it or open crop pages dialog box that i see the background. i am on a Windows 7

When I open a pdf in Adobe Acrobat xi pro it is not displaying correctly. If a file is all black with orange writing, I will see only the orange writing. Its not until i print it or open crop pages dialog box that i see the background.
i am on a Windows 7 professional PC, 64-bit.

If anyone is reading this still looking for what caused the issue and how to fix it here is what I discovered.
The antivirus program our company uses, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, was causing some of the PDF files not to open. After troubleshooting the different modules and settings the culprit was..
Scan SSL in Privacy Control Settings. Turning it OFF solved the problem and all the PDF files that previously would not open now open just fine. This issue has been sent to Bitdefender for them to review. If you use a different antivirus program and are having this issue try locating the Scan SSL setting and see if turning it off solves the problem.

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    I appreciate your help.  I hope to hear from you soon.

    No, Acrobat can't do that.

  • How to "flatten" a pdf in Adobe Acrobat X Pro

    Is there a feature in Adobe Acrobat X Pro similar to that in Bluebeam that allows the user to "flatten" the pdf? What this means is that images, text boxes and other additions to the pdf become seamlessly integrated into the pdf, guaranteeing they will display on other users' computers and when printed.

    I did try to open the resulting PDF to see if the fields/annotations were flattened. How would I know if they were flattened?
    The images I added get a thin blue border around them and become shaded when I click on them after flattening.
    Before flattening, they get a thin blue border with squares on each corner to drag, change size, etc.
    Does this mean they were successfully flattened?
    I do not understand this: “I just tried with Preflight (Acrobat 9) and it made all of the check boxes selected when it flattened them.” What check boxes are you referring to?
    Please see the below window. Is that where I am supposed to be? If so, am I supposed to click “Analyze and Fix” or do something else?
    Philip Jones in post 15 suggested “Selecting All then use the Flattening.” However, that makes no difference for me.

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    Hi everyone,
    I want to be able to preview the crop marks (when you click on "Document" and choose "Crop Pages" or Shift+Ctrl+T) before actually cropping all the pages of my documents. When the crop tool dialog box is showing, you can see behind it the crop marks that look like guides. In Acrobat 5, you could scroll the pages even with the crop tool box showing in front of your pages. This way, you could see the crop marks or "guides" on all the pages. But, in version 9, when the crop box is showing, you can only see the crop marks on the page(s) you're working on. You can't scroll behind the box to see what the others pages look like with the crop marks. I've uploaded print screens to make myself a bit more clear (Acrobat 5 vs Acrobat 9) :
    If someone knows a way to get the crop preview scrolling back, maybe with a plugin or Javascript, please let me know ! 
    Thank you all for your help. 
    Paul B.

    Can somebody please help me? Nothing I do seems to open up the "crop dialog box".
    I start with Edit > Edit Text & Images. Then, I click the crop symbol, and set the ranges of my desired crop. Then I want to apply this crop, but nothing works.
    I've tried:
         - Double Clicking Inside the selected crop-box
         - Double Clicking Outside the selected crop-box
         - Triple Clicking
         - Quadruple Clicking
         - CTRL-SHIFT-T
         - Hitting Enter
         - Right clicking
         - Searching endlessly for some sort of button pertaining to "apply crop", to no avail.
         - Changing to different PDF type (scanned, instead of text-to-pdf) and trying again
         - Yelling
         - Punching
         - Crying
    None of the afforementioned seems to work.
    Help please?

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    I just want to be able to read a pdf file. I have downloaded Acrobat reader 9 hoping this would solve the problem. I purchased this laptop about a  of year ago, and just started using it a couple of months ago. I tried to delete adobe acrobat 8 but it says if i delete it some programs will not work properly. All I want to do is read a pdf file, can anyone help. Thanks.

    Thank you this worked but I had to uninstall acrobat 8 and anything that had to do with adobe or acrobat because I previously tried installing adobe 5, adobe 9 and other acrobat items. I was trying anything i could to read a pdf file.

  • Opening a pdf in Adobe Acrobat from Flash exe

    I'm trying to get a btn to open a pdf in Acrobat from a published exe file.
    I have created something like this before but have used the Get URL code.
    is something like this is possible?

    hello, does it work when you go into the ''acrobat reader > edit > preferences > general ''& click on the default application option at the bottom? in there reselect adobe's application and confirm this selection...

  • Can I open a PDF using Adobe Acrobat 9 in iFrame ?Please tell me if it is possible?

    I have a PDF and I want to open it for preview in the Browser and also want to edit it ,in the same browser by using Adobe Acrobat.
    and I am using PHP for the Development.

    It won't work, they are linked to your account and can only be played via iTunes on a computer, an iOS device or Apple TV. You might be able to get a cable to link your Mac to your TV so that you can play/mirror it through your TV e.g. if it's a Macbook with an HDMI socket and your TV also has an HDMI socket then you could try an HDMI to HDMI cable (Apple do them, and electrical stores should also have them) - I've used one to play iTunes TV programmes on my TV (though I don't think that I got sound through my TV, only my Mac).
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  • Can not use scroll mouse in html tab when open pdf file in new tab with middle button but will avaliable only after switch to pdf tab and switch back to html

    When I open a "pdf" file in new tab with middle mouse click. After few second my mouse will not able to scroll in page that I read. But it will be able to scroll only after I click to any opened pdf tab and click on pdf document and click back on previous tab to continue reading. It is not only happen on my laptop also on my desktop too. (winxp 4gb/8gb ram core2 duo 2.66)

    There's a Bug filed about that issue.

  • MS publisher 2010 to PDF using Adobe Acrobat X Pro produces outlines on some of my images that are not there on the publisher file!

    I am helping a client publish a book through Createspace. We are both using Windows 8 OS. She created her document in MS Publisher 2010. I made the necessary edits to her book, (111 pages) and saved it as a pdf for commercial printing. The resulting pdf puts lines on some of the images. (All the images are jpg format, but it only happens to some.) I have tried creating the pdf in several different ways including print to PDF, Save as PDF, and Save and Send Wizard for commercial printing. I have also tried deleting and reinserting the images. I don't know what else to try. Does anyone have any ideas.
    The image below shows what I mean. On the left is the Publisher File, on the right is the PDF.

    I agree with your statement; even for a particular document, if I choose to "Print on both sides" and then print again immediately after, "Print on both sides" will be deselected.
    However, I'm not sure what you're implying by you're statement. I'm asking precisely why this setting isn't sticky. Acrobat uses a non-standard printer dialog; in the usual dialog I can easily set a defualt duplex setting. I almost always want to print duplex. Why can't I do this by default in Acrobat?

  • Open multiple PDF's in Acrobat X Pro?

    I have about 20 password protected PDF's that I would like to open in one instance of Acrobat X, instead of 20 different windows.  Is there a way to do this. 
    I've tried merging them, but they're secured with the FileOpen plugin, and even though I have my the username and password, it won't allow a merge.  Hoping to find a solution.  Thanks.

    No. Starting with Acrobat 9 it is no longer possible to open multiple PDF files in the same window.

  • Creating PDFs using Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro and can only see the first 10 pages in PDF even when the page numbers on bottom state 10 of 13 (or any number greater than 10).

    PDFs create great, unless they should be over 10 pages and then it appears the data was converted to PDF by viewing the page numbers at the bottom of the PDF but you can only view the first 10 pages in the pdf file.

    Hi stephaniec0103,
    Could you please let me know what exact dot version of Acrobat 9 and OS you are using.
    Have you tried repairing Acrobat from the Help menu?
    Acrobat 9 is an older version and incompatible with new OS versions, so I would suggest you to try using Acrobat XI (latest version) and check for the same.
    You may download a 30-day free trial version of Acrobat from the below mentioned link:
    Download Adobe Acrobat free trial | Acrobat XI Professional
    Let me know how it goes.

  • CANNOT convert to PDF for Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro

    Hi there,
    When I try to convert a word file to pdf, after completed process, it prompts out a txt file which only included the path of the pdf file located. However, there is no such pdf file in that location instead the txt file mentioned above.
    I couldn't understand it work fine when I just save file at local PC but remote network driver do not.
    Could you give me any advice? Thank you in advance.
    Best Regards,

    Hi Aandi Inston,
    It's very strange. It works again. By the way, I still want to explain my case.
    I usually select Adobe PDF printer to convert doc to pdf or just right the doc file and select "convert to pdf" from the menu.
    Actually, during converting process, there is a status bar/menu showing the process. When it is compeleted, the status bar/menu closed itself.
    Finally, a txt file prompt out. It contains the path of pdf file stored.
    However, there is no such pdf created.
    I guess there maybe a problem for not using Adobe installation login account. ????

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