When I update a recurring event on my iPhone, it does not make changes to the calendar in ical or icloud.  Is anyone else having this issue?

Updating a recurring event on my iPhone does not update the event in either ical or icloud.  If I add a new event on the iPhone it updates right away.  Is this a known problem?  Should I get rid of the recurring event and just make changes day to day manually?  I like having the recurring event set for my work schedule because it rarely changes, but when it does, I'd like to use my iPhone for the updates instead of carrying around my MAC Book all the time.
Thank you!

After connecting to iTunes, I noticed that "Back up to iCloud" was selected (in the middle of the screen on the "Summary" tab, under "Backup"), and "Last backed up to iCloud" reflected the time that I attempted to back up from my phone. Even now, the phone still says "Last Backup: Never," so there is clearly a disconnect. Hopefully Apple will fix this soon.

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