When using back button keeps saying document expired during web search

I found someone else who had this problem on here:
The solution is to "Reset Firefox" but the issue I'm having with this is that after about a week or two, it returns to the previous state. My client is upset that we don't have a permanent fix for this.

Hello Personalglitch
When you have a problem with one particular site, a good "first thing to try" is clearing your Firefox cache and deleting your saved cookies for the site.
You also can clear Firefox's cache completely using:
"3-bar" menu button (or Tools menu) > Options > Advanced
On the Network mini-tab > Cached Web Content : "Clear Now"
If you have a large hard drive, this might take a few minutes.
(2) Remove the site's cookies (save any pending work first). While viewing a page on the site, try either:
right-click and choose View Page Info > Security > "View Cookies"
(menu bar) Tools > Page Info > Security > "View Cookies"
In the dialog that opens, you can remove the site's cookies individually.
Then try reloading the page. Does that help?

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    Safari has the strange behavior of reloading pages "navigated to" using the back button or gesture.  Most other browsers I've worked with pull from cache when using the back button.  I don't think this behavior is compliant with standards - defacto as they may be. 
    An example of why this is wrong is the navigation of this forum.  I just loaded Lion and need to use the forum for support.  When navigating back from a particular post to the list of posts the page will reload.  Needless to say several hundred posts have been entered since last looking at the list and I subsequently lose the context of what I read last.  The list of posts from cache which I orginally looked at should be returned - not the latest updated one.  Let me choose when to refresh a page from the cache.
    I downloaded Google Chrome to compare behaviors.  Chrome does not reload pages navigated to using the back button - it pulls the pages from cache.
    I've looked at the configuration of Safari and see no options to configure this behavior. 

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    ok, since i do not have a trackpad, i used my magic mouse. I changed my swipe between pages from one finger to two and my pages no longer re-loaded. Changing that option back to one finger swipe then set my pages to re-load   our setting are slightly differnt, but were looking for the same outcome.   Lood for a "Swipe between pages option. Then look for a drop down triangle. now change your swipe left or right with two fingers to one.   this should re-load your pages now ;-)

  • Text Click box not working when using back button on playbar

    I have an interstesting situation.
    I have a slide that has 2 text clickboxes (Slide B)
    Each text click box has an advanced action associated that controls what is displayed on the next slide (Slide C) . The click boxes and the advanced actions work just fine except for the following situation:
    The learner is on Slide C and uses the 'back button' on the playbar to return to the slide where the two text click boxes are (Slide B), then the click boxes don't seem to work.
    However if the learner goes back one additional slide, the slide before slide B (let's call that one slide A) and the continues from Slide A to Slide B, then the click boxes on Slide B work again.
    Can't figure out why that is?
    has anyone come across this issue before?

    Not for native Captivate interactive objects that suffer with this limitation.  There are interactive widgets such as the Infosemantics Event Handler that have preference options to Reset Success/Fail Criteria After Action.
    You could download a trial version and give that a go:
    You can attach this widget to any kind of screen object to make that object interactive.

  • Why does Firefox always ask me to approve a resend when using back button?

    Almost every time I press the back button Firefox presents a pop up to ask if I want to resend. How can I stop this from happening? I just want it to go back to the previous page. It is an irritating waste of time to have to click the resend button all the time.

    It is ok that we get an alert before resending post data. But we don't want resend anything when we click on back button. We just want to see the page as was shown last time. When we want to resend data we may hit refresh on the page.

  • When using side buttons, volumes says sound effects

    Not sure what happened here.  Is it a mistake by a 3 year old or a bug issue.  Started about a month ago that when i open apps that have sound the volume goes mute, meaning sound and keyboard and lock too.  Even when i close the app down and open say a video type app, there will be no sound.  I will push the side buttons and the gray box that should say volume says sound effect.  I have already done the reset with holding home and lock buttons, can't remeber how many times.  I have also reset the iPad,  i have synced it too.  Please help

    Try this  - Reset the iPad by holding down on the Sleep and Home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider - let go of the buttons. (This is equivalent to rebooting your computer.) http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1430
    Check your settings. The iPads have a small switch on the right edge. It can be used as a rotation lock to keep the screen from automatically reorienting itself as you move around, but you need to have the tablet’s settings configured properly. That same switch, right above the volume buttons, can also be set to function instead as a mute button to silence certain types of audio.
    If the switch is set to work as a mute button, you can change its purpose to “screen-rotation lock” by tapping the Settings icon on the home screen. On the Settings screen, tap General on the left side, and on the right side of the screen flick down to “Use Side Switch to.” Tap to select Lock Rotation or Mute to set the button’s function. Even if you set the side switch for your preferred use, you can still mute the Mini or lock the screen. Just double-click the Home button, and when the panel of apps appears along the bottom edge of the screen, flick the row from left to right with your finger. Tap the icon on the far left side of the row to either lock the iPad’s screen or mute the iPad’s alerts, notifications and sound effects. Music, podcasts and video are not muted unless you turn the volume all the way down.
    iPhone: No sound or distorted sound from speaker
    iPhone: Can’t hear through the receiver or speakers
    To solve some sound problems, just follow these simple steps
    1. Go to Settings
    2. Tap on General
    3. Tap on Reset
    4. Tap on Reset All Settings
    What this effectively does is to reset some of your Settings to factory default. It’s not a complete removal of settings. It removes all of your preferences for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do No Disturb, Notifications, General, Sounds, Brightness & Wallpaper and Privacy. It doesn’t affect your data. All of your email accounts will remain intact, as well as any SMS text or iMessages.
     Cheers, Tom

  • I was not given a serial number for Photoshop Use and download keeps saying "Trial Expired," even after reinstall


    Cloud programs do not use serial numbers... you log in to your paid Cloud account to download & install & activate... you MAY need to log out of the Cloud and restart your computer and log back in to the Cloud for things to work
    Some general information for a Cloud subscription
    Log out of your Cloud account... Restart your computer... Log in to your paid Cloud account
    -Sign in help http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/account-password-sign-faq.html
    http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/help/install-apps.html to install or uninstall
    What it is http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/help/creative-cloud-desktop.html
    Cloud Getting Started https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud.html
    -Install, update or UNinstall, and launch after installing

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    Document Expired when hitting back button! Very annoying This has been ongoing intermittently for years Why cant this be fixed? Is anything being done about it?

    Locking since you have a duplicate thread at [https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/922734 https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/922734] .

  • I install Cuevana Plugin, but when i restar it keeps saying the plugin is not installed. I'm using easy peasy, similar to unguntu 10.4

    On other installations of Ubuntu it worked fine. Now it does not.
    When i try to watch a movie in cuevana I get a message that I need to install a plug in
    I just download the Plug-in, the i see at the add-ons window under extentions a "Cuevana 30" entry. Then it says i have to restart firefox. I do, but when it restarts it keeps saying the bloody plug-in is not installed.
    Thanks in advance !

    I tried powering down and re-starting the iPhone (as suggested at http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1275). This seems to have cleared the "...not connected to the Internet" problem, and iOS 6.1 is now in the process of downloading.
    Thanks very much for your feedback.

  • Reloading a Page when Browser back button is pressed

    Hi There
    We are designing a web site in which all the pages are dynamic depending on what he does with his email and addressbook system. Problem is when the uers request a change to the his email accounts or addressbook entries he is sent to editable pages .After editing he is sent back to view page .Now when he uses the back button he sees the old record that he modifed which i dont want to do that Instead i want him to show the updated version of that page
    Now how to achieve this.
    Is there any way to send a request to the server everytime the back button is pressed.
    Also i am trying to remoce the cache using the code below but it does not work i just dont know why?
    response.setHeader("Cache-Control","no-cache"); // HTTP 1.1
    response.setHeader("Pragma","no-cache"); //HTTP 1.0
    response.setHeader("Expires" , "0");
    Any help would be appreciated.

    I also have noticed that in the latest version of Explorer it ignore the no-Cache header when the back button is pressed. Is this an undocumented "feature" put in place by MS or is there a newer header tag that needs to be set. The no-cache and expires tags work fine in Netscape and ealier versions of MS with my existing code. The version I am having difficulties with is 6.00

  • Back button keeps appearing on Q slides

    I have captivate 5.0.  The back button keeps appearing on Q slides.  I believe it appears when I re-open a doc (and possibly when I save).  I delete it and it keeps reappearing.
    Any ideas on how to stop this?  I have a CBT with 12 questions and it's getting time consuming to delete it repeatedly.

    Hi micky.
    you're right, searching is ... inconsistent...
    I did have some success searching on this topic using "quiz back button site:forums.adobe.com/community/adobe_captivate/" in google.  The first result is a post from lefthook77 which I think is the one lilybiri mentions.  But even clicking the google link doesn't take you directly to the thread, but gets you in the general area.
    On the search on the adobe forum I used "quiz back button" and it shows that same thread, 2nd one down.
    I tried the terms you used and I think "back button" was probably too general to give good results.  When I added 'quiz' as a search term that helped float that recent thread closer to the top.  Having said that, I really only had the success because I knew what I was looking for.  Backing into it like this was much easier than coming at it head on.
    as with any search process, there are nuances and subtle differences to the keywords and syntax between the different systems.

  • Back button from cross-document link shows Security Settings pane

    I have a PDF with many cross-document links (links to page views in another PDF within the same folder). When users have these set to open in the same window, the expected actions occur: the source document closes (or appears to close) and the destination document opens to the chosen page view. However, once we password protect the PDFs, we notice an odd behavior. When the Back button is used to get back to the source document, it takes the user back to the appropriate spot; however, if the user had their bookmarks pane open in the source document, the Security Settings pane is open instead when Back is used.
    So, to summarize:
    - Cross-document link from source doc to destination doc, preference set for these to open in the same window.
    - Source doc and destination doc both password protected.
    - Initial view setting for both docs is Bookmarks Panel and Page.
    - User has bookmarks pane open in source doc, clicks on cross-document link.
    - Source doc closes, destination doc opens as desired.
    - User presses Back button.
    - Destination doc closes, source doc reopens to the appropriate location - but bookmarks pane is now replaced by the Security pane.
    We'd really like to find a way to avoid this; this is a pretty useless pane to have open and the structure of these docs means that users are frequently going to view them with their bookmarks open. Is this a bug? Is there a setting I can dig for? We think it's not happening in Acrobat 9 (I can't confirm, but this is what my client  has said) but is happening in 10 and 11, and also in the current version of Reader.
    Can anyone shed any light?

    Remember that here you have of community of fellow end-users. Not the Acrobat Engineering team eh.
    afaik - It is build in behavior. Similar to defaulting to display of the pages thumbnail pane in the navigation panel when an "insert" page is done.
    There is a certain logic to it so it may have been deliberate. As an end-user I'm not appreciative of such. Some "developer staged user assistance" I can do without.
    You may want to consider a submission via:
    Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form 
    Be well...

  • How do I manage Lightroom photos when using 2 computers, keeping all edits made on either one?

    Based on http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1308132?tstart=0 I decided to add each question seperately:
    Hello, I'm quite interested in buying Lightroom 5.2. I tried the RC which ran out now. Yet, I have a several questions that I can't really find good conclusive answers to, that I'd like to get answered before buying LR. Please don't write maybe like this or that (assumptions), since I don't want to start my whole workflow and then realize that I have to change everything around, so please answer, if you know for sure that something works and you are, preferably, using that method too.
    This is the biggest question, where I mainly want a conclusive answer:  How do I manage Lightroom photos when using 2 computers, keeping all edits made on either one of them, using the same photos for editing. I won't use DNG. Details: I mainly use my older MacBook Pro, but would like to be able to use my PC as it's way better (Specs: i5 2500K, 16GB RAM, SSD, USB3, nVidia GTX 560 TI etc.). I have 2 external HDs that I could use, one for Backup and one for the actual Photos/Edits. I'll probably need to use it as my internal HDs are quite full, and I can't just delete stuff or move it to an (Developer programs, Lossless music, etc.).
    Based on this, how do I back up the whole thing e.g. Photos folder (all photos and edits, and preferably presets too)?

    I believe it should be possible to work cross-platform without having to relink files each time, or without having to keep exporting/importing the catalog, by keeping the single catalog and the image library on the one external drive which is then switched between systems as needed.
    Obvious first requirement is an external drive that is formatted in such a way (e.g FAT32) that it can be used on both platforms in read/write mode. Given that, if the catalog AND the images parent folder are both established at the same level in one overall parent folder, then it should be possible to take advatage of Lightroom's ability to use relative paths rather than absolute paths to detect the images, no matter if the drive is named (Mac) or lettered (PC). This is how "export as Catalog" works, i.e. it creates a "package", aka a parent folder, containing the catalog and a replica of the exported images folder hierarchy alongside the catalog. Take that "package" to another system (same OS or not) and "it just works" even if the drive letter is different or the OS is different....because the relative path from catalog to images is still the same.
    I haven't tested this cross-platform (though I have between different PC systems with different drive letters) so for me it's still just a theory, but there may be others who have done this successfully.

  • Using back button to clear data

    I have a several JSP pages that help create a report. The first page you choose some options using check boxes. The second page you put those options in a certain order. The last page you choose the data you want to search for and it runs the report. The second and the last pages have a back button. The problem is when you use the back button and change some of your choices the old choices don't always go away. What I need to do is erase the previous choice (which are contained in an array) when the back button is clicked.
    One problem is that the array is declared in a different method than the one that determines what happens when the back button is pressed.

    You can use reset funcyion to clear data on back button.
    Varun Rathore

  • When using Foxfire I keep getting "not responding", how can I fix this?

    When using foxfire I keep getting "not responding" How can I correct this?

    If this is happening with one or two specific sites, those site may have been hacked, or they may simply be bad sites.
    If it's happening with a larger number of sites, and with sites that are legit (like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc), then it's likely that your wireless router has been hacked. See:
    How to manage a hacked wireless router
    (Fair disclosure: The Safe Mac is my site, and contains a Donate button, so I may receive compensation for providing links to The Safe Mac. Donations are not required.)

  • When using Back to my Mac can I use a local printer to print from the remote Mac?

    When using Back to my Mac to access an iMac from a MacBookPro all with the latest OS updates may I use a local printer connected to the MacBook to print a document located on the iMac?  If so, how?  It looks like if I try to print it will all happen on the iMac.  Thanks.

    PeterFazio wrote:
    The problem is that when in screen sharing mode the print command is executed on the remote computer.
    I appreciate that, but it will still list the printer in your local location if things are set up properly and if it is you can print, if it isn't you can't, but you should be able to print it as a pdf, transfer the file to your local computer and print it from their.

Maybe you are looking for

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    How is it posible to get the File name, size and type from a File out the HttpServletRequest. I want to upload a File from a client and save it on a server with the client name. I want to conrole before saving the name, type and size of the file.How

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    I was having lines trying to print in colour so I figured the ink was low. Changed cartridges with the proper HP coulour cartridge # 22 and all it does is print black? Anyone had this problem before? The old cartridge printed coulour but the new one

  • Can I reference 2 different SSL certificates in the same weblogic.properties

    Hello, Can I reference 2 different SSL certificates in the same weblogic.properties file? Reason is we have 2 groups of users for a web application: one will use a French-language DNS to access the application, and the other will use English DNS. Bot

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    Hello all, We currently run SolMan v3.1 on aged 32bit hardware and we plan to upgrade this to SolMan v4 on a new 64bit infrastructure. As part of this task, we would also like to move from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003 x64 and from Oracle 9.2 to Oracl

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    I just have a question regarding the capacity on the 30 gig video ipod. When I update it gives me the bar that shows the audio, photos, free space and other. What exactly is other? I have 15 gigs of music on my ipod. Yet, it says that I have 11 gigs