Where are all the Video FX and Audio FX from iMovie HD?

Exactly! I tried looking for them, but all I found were: Music and Sound Effects, Photos, Titles, and Transitions.
iMovie HD had things (under "Editing") such as: Video FX and Audio FX, and also had waaay more choices of Titles, and a couple extra Transitions.
Is there a way that I can find all the stuff iMovie HD had on iMovie '08 without using iMovie HD?

Many reviews of iMovie 08 recommend using both iMovie 08 and iMovie 06 (I do).
When iLife 08 is installed, all of the old applications are automatically deleted EXCEPT iMovie 06, because Apple WANTS you to have it.
The Web site below has a good comparison of iMovie 08 and iMovie 06.
Apple includes iMovie 06 as a free download to iLife 08 owners. (THEY WANT YOU TO HAVE IT!)

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    "Unlike".  iOS 7 doesnt display well on my 4S. iOS 6.1.3 should still be supported for older hardware.  I think I shall me moving to Samsung Galaxy now.  Was really hoping hte new iphone would get a bit larger.

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    When you enable photo stream on your Mac, in imports photos currently in your photo stream.  However, photo stream only keeps photos for 30 days, even though up to 1000 photos will remain on your device until you delete them.  When you enable photo stream on your Mac, you will only receive photos added in the last 30 days, as the others are no longer in your photo stream.
    If you want to get all your old photos on your Mac, save them to your camera roll (if they aren't already there) by opening your photo stream album, tapping Edit, tap the photos, tap Share, tap Save to Camera Roll.  Once they are in your camera roll, import them to your Mac as explained here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4083.
    Another option would be to create a shared photo stream containing the older photos and invite yourself (as explained here: http://help.apple.com/icloud/#mmc0cd7e99).  Then check Shared Photo Streams in iPhoto>Preferences>Photo Stream and you will see this shared photo stream on your Mac.

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    Your purchases won't automatically show in your new Mac's iTunes library. If you go into iTunes > Preferences and on the Store tab tick the 'show iTunes in the cloud purchases' then what you can redownload should show in the Music part of your library with a cloud icon against them - click on the cloud to download them. Or click on your name towards the top right of iTunes and then click Purchased on the popup, and you can redownload them from there.
    If you've moved countries since buying the music, or if the rights-holders have removed them from the store, then you won't be able to redownload them. In that case if you still have your old computer then you could copy them over from that (e.g. via an external drive : How to move your iTunes library to a new computer - Apple Support or via home sharing), or copy them from your backup of your downloads/library and add them via File > Add Too Library

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    Where are all the apps I have purchased from the app store stored, on my PC? They do not appear in the Itunes folder where all the TV programs and music are.

    They are in a subfolder named Mobile Applications. It will be a subfolder wherever you are running your itunes library database ITL file from.
    On XP, the default path for that is
    C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\
    (this is where the default ITL file is stored)
    So your apps would be in this folder
    C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\Mobile Applications

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    Where are all the movies to rent? The lineup is horrendous. I keep hoping that one day there will be a ton of content. So far it’s severely limited. I thought a bunch of movie studios signed up for this.

    I'm with you I am a Si Fi junkie and the SiFi channel is not even on their list of stations, but the main flux is there are a whole bunch of really great shows that I would love to see. I figure Apple is charging a premium for TV and Movie content, why than is the Apple offerings so small, I would think it would be to there interest to offer a huge library as its maturing you would think they would be more fulfilling in supply. I love they way I can watch shows and don't have to fast forward through them, But am missing a whole lot of shows that could be offered. Must be a big process for them to put there restrictions of use making it harder and a longer process to add content, Come on Apple give Apple TV more resources, before the competition matures and people are renting from other sources.I really enjoy the Apple TV quality and ease of use, but there will be a time when PC comes out with an easer and as good of quality UI with a larger library. So where is all the content?

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    I don't know about those devs. Seems to me like Apple is less concerned with niceties for the Apple community these days and dumped the free downloadable games 'cause they are more interested in making more money. Oh well. Thanks Dahveed.

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    In the Develop Preset folder (Vista: C:\Users\Howie\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Develop Presets) there are only a few presets listed instead of all the creative and sharpening presets as seen in the Quick Develop "saved preset" drop down. Where are all the other presets located?
    Note: my goal is to look at each creative preset to see just what settings are being applied.

    Don - that is not what he is asking.
    Howie - I have no idea where they are stored on Windows - from a quick exploration I guess they are in the Application .exe file. On the Mac you can get into this, but I'm not sure you can on a PC
    However the simplest thing to do is Apply a Preset and Note what is does in the Develop Module. That will be what the Preset is trying to do.
    Alternatively Apply the Preset and Create a New Preset with a Different Name, it will have the same settings.
    Richard Earney

  • Where are all the plug-ins?

    There seem to be quite a few very experienced InDesign SDK programmers that hang around the forum.  Which leads me to my question, where are all the plug-ins you guys have been creating. Looking around, there only seems to be about 50 commercially available plug-ins, so where are the rest of them. Do companies hire programmers for in-house plug-ins is that not overkill.
    Besides all this, I understand that nobody (including myself) would want to give away secrets about what type of project they are involved in currently, but maybe some of the guys here could tell us who they worked for in the past, how long involved with InDesign SDK, and what type of plug-in they've created.
    I realize in this forum, its basically professionals and not just hobbyists, making it harder sometimes to get replies, but maybe some of you will share a little something in this faceless screen-named  avatar world.
    P.S. self-employed creator of idrtl plugin @ http://idrtl.scriptui.com

    Hi Steven
    Many plug-ins are distributed as a part of bigger systems, i.e. CMS.  Maybe thats why you've heard only about 50 commercial plugins.

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    Sorry to put a non-interesting post up here, but where are
    all the old posts. I am looking for the post in regards to saving
    computation time with passing byte arrays back and forth between AS
    and C. This was in a previous post, but I notice that posts have a
    short shelf life here. Am I missing something???

    Yes, this is particularly frustrating. Google still indexes
    old posts so doing a search there may turn up a few results.
    As for passing byte arrays, I think this is probably the
    thread you're looking for:
    http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?forumid=72&catid=755&threadid =1407542&enterthread=y
    And an associated blog post:

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    Sitter doesnt explain GB3 to LE7
    1. where are all the GB instruments i have created
    all i see is a list of 15 or so but not the ones i actually added?
    i lost an AU, Virtual guitarist 2
    reinstalled it and is not seen in LE 7

    I've found the answer.
    In the Logic Pro menu drop down there is a Download Additional Content option. 
    Got to download these things, apparently.   
    Thanks here anyway. 

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    Im just wondering where are all the techs? One was suppose to come out the 19th. Then the 21st. Both times no one showed up! I still dont have a dial tone. Verizon ran a line test and said it was an outside problem. I have no phone to call them and there online chat is always down. Im pretty p'd,off! Why doesnt this company care at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

    trish13011, Sorry for the headache!! Let me see what I can do. Can you private message me your info & if its for copper voice or Fios Voice. Thanks Brett 
    Verizon Telecom
    Fiber Solution Center
    Notice: Content posted by Verizon employees is meant to be informational and does not supercede or change the Verizon Forums User Guidelines or Terms or Service, or your Customer Agreement Terms and Conditions or Plan.

  • Where are all the topics in this forum?

    Where are all the topics in this forum? there should be like
    1762 topics in the forum. But there are only 4 topic pages in this

    As an HPCI I found the old ITRC forum very useful.
    Most of the useful topics and content do not seem to
    be included in this new forum.
    Will this be rectified...?

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