Where are my itunes videos i downloaded

where do i find my itunes videos that i downloaded from my computer onto my ipad
on my ipod they are on the "iPod" app
but the music app on the ipad doesnt have my videos

i just noticed there is a movies app
i feel stupid

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  • I have a big problem, I don't know what I touched but when I open up my iTunes I can't see all the icons. The only icons showing are "podcast, iTunes U and Downloads" so in other words I can't find the movies, music etc. Which means I can't buy/rent!

    I have a big problem, I don't know what I touched but when I open up my iTunes I can't see all the icons. The only icons showing are "podcast, iTunes U and Downloads" so in other words I can't find the movies, music etc. Which means I can't buy/rent!

    Not all content types are available in all countries - in each country Apple can only sell what they are licensed to (and in some cases what a country's laws allows them to). A list of what is available where is shown on this page : http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3599
    Do you have access to other music and film purchase download sites ?

  • Where are my songs that I downloaded from my C.Ds

    Where are my song that I downloaded onto ITunes from my c.ds?

    See Empty/corrupt iTunes library after upgrade/crash.

  • Where are the tutorial files to download?

    where are the tutorial files to download?

    Hello Steve,
    some of them you will find there: http://tv.adobe.com/ >>> http://tv.adobe.com/videos/illustrator/ and http://helpx.adobe.com/illustrator.html

  • Where are relative CS6 videos?

    Where are current CS6 videos?

    They should be on Adobe TV. CS6 is not current. It hasn't changed since it came out May 2012.
    Do a search on a particular product like "InDesign CS6"

  • Itunes 8 - where are my music videos?

    I purchased music videos & I can see them under my purchased list, but WHERE ARE THEY to get them on my ipod (new generation touch)?
    This is driving me mad!!
    Help please!

    Music Videos purchased from the store, will actually go under the "Music" library. They will be sorted under the proper artist and album if applicable. You can tell music videos from the music in a library with the little Video icon to the right of the tracks name.
    Also, newer versions of iTunes come with the "Music Video" smart playlist made for you, and they should also appear there. If not, you might want to make one yourself! Use the following condition:
    -Video Kind is: Music Video

  • Where are my iTunes libraries?

    I have an iPod Touch and my new iPad Mini. On my iPod Touch, all of the music and video files are available from the iTunes desktop, or by navigating to (User)/iTunes/iTunes Library.
    However, even though I back up my iPad Mini and have lots of music and files there, I can't locate the files when the iPad isn't in the Lightning connector. When I perform a Spotlight search on an item I know is on my iPad Mini, I can't see the files- until I back up iTunes. Where are the files located? Why can't Spotlight locate my backed-up iPad library items?

    That means that the items on my iPad Mini only appear on a search when my iPad Mini is attached via Lightning connection; when disconnected, the files only appear on my iPad Mini.
    Let's suppose that I have an mp4 video that's on my iPad Mini. If it's being backed up, that means that a copy of the video should reside in my backup drive. But when I look on the backup drive for the specific mp4 video, it doesn't appear anywhere. Where is it located?
    If the file is somehow deleted from my iPad Mini, and I need to get a copy of the file from my backup drive, where do I find it?
    Another idea comes to mind. My iPad Mini files aren't being backed up at all; only my iPod Touch files are being backed up. Each device requires a different HD device to back up the data, or a single drive partitioned in two parts. In other words, I need to back up separately for the iPod Touch and iPad Mini.

  • Where are the Auidio/ Video Settings

    Capture tells me to adjust the Audio/Video settings. Where are these settings and what do I set them to.

    Set the Easy Setup to AVCHD 1920x1080i  50 or 60 for PAL or NTSC respectively.
    Save a Project with these settings assuming your footage is AVCHD.
    File>Log and Transfer over USB should do the job.

  • Where Are My Music Videos In iTunes???

    I have gone the extra mile and I went into the "Get Info" of my music videos and I hit the VIDEO tab and placed these into the MUSIC VIDEOS category, yet, on the left hand menu, there isn't a category for MUSIC VIDEOS.
    There is a button for MOVIES & TV SHOWS, but where is the link for MUSIC VIDEOS?

    I have this same question, and I am sorry to see that no-one has answered it.
    There is still a Music Videos category on the iPod, but no way to move the files there based on iTunes 7 which no longer has a category for it.
    More user control would be nice please!

  • Where are my music videos?!

    i downloaded 3 music videos from the itunes store to use on my ipod video. i can't find them anywhere....like they are in a catagory called "purchases" but as for like where the music movies and tv show opetions are there is no music video option....i'v reinstalled itunes and everything and still nothing...plz help!

    I am currently using iTunes 7.5. I've made some music video on my own, I have converted the .dv format into .mp4 format. I first import the .mp4 files into the Movie library. But I cannot put these clips in the music video playlist the clips in the movie library. I then tried to import these clips again to the Music library. Nothing happened. I tried to copy the clips from the movie library and paste to the Music library, I could do the cut, but when I selected the music library, the paste command was gray out.
    What did I do wrong?

  • Where are my music videos stored???

    Actually, this is about my wife's iPhone...I am completely confused. She has like 60 music videos on her iPhone (from our iTunes library) and I cannot delete them. To be honest, I am not even sure how they are on there in the first place. When I plug in her iPhone, iTunes says she has 3.2 GB of videos...even if I don't select ANY music folder! If I uncheck the "Include Music Videos" box, then the videos go to 0 GB, so I know that number is from music videos (and not the small number of videos she has taken from her iPhone). I have tried to restore the OS (I upgraded her OS a couple weeks ago to iOS5, and restored it again to iOS5 yesterday), but that does nothing. Any clue where these videos are being stored so I can delete them from her iPhone? Even if I delete manually, they are reloaded the next time I plug in her iPhone to the computer. Crazy!
    For my own iPhone, using the same iTunes library, I do not have a problem at all with this.
    Thanks so much for your help!

    Actually, I did manually delete the videos from the phone, but when I plugged it back in, it re-installed them. Yes, I can avoid that by unchecking the "Include Music Videos", but the thing is...my wife does WANT music videos. But just the ones she selects, not these random ones. There must be some subfolder that it is not apparent that is holding these music videos. But for the life of me, I have no idea where this folder is. Can anyone help me with this? The last option I have will be to restore the iPhone as a new phone and reinstall everything onto it. But that's kind of a pain if I don't have to do that...
    Thanks everyone!

  • Where are my iTunes U audio items I synched?

    I downloaded several free iTunes U items subscribed to through iTunes Store podcast section. I synched some of it to my iPod Nano. I can see the video items just fine under "Movies", but I can't find the audio only items anywhere (not in Podcasts, not in Music, and I looked pretty much everywhere). When I click on my iPod in iTunes when I'm connected, I see the audio items as selected for synching (and it's not giving me any indication that they are NOT synching), but they're not showing up on my iPod screen. Are they on the Nano or not? I see from the iTunes U site that it's meant to be for Touch and iPhone, but then why am I seeing the video items with no problem??

    OK, I found them!! Believe it or not, you have to start with Music >> Playlists >> iTunes U, and there they are! Since I didn't have multiple playlists loaded in, I never looked there.

  • Where are my iTunes media files going?

    I have lost songs several times.  I go to play a song, and iTunes can't locate the file and there is a next to the title.  Sometimes it's only one or two songs from an album, sometimes the whole album.  Sometimes it's CDs I own and have ripped, sometimes music downloaded from the internet.  Many are no longer downloadable.  There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason.  I just checked and 1/4 of my extensive library is missing; that's about 500 songs!  I have not moved these files - I didn't even know where to find them in the finder until yesterday.  They don't appear to be anywhere on my hard drive.  I've checked "get info" to see where they are supposed to be, but they aren't there.  I've searched via spotlight and they can't be found anywhere.  Luckily, I do have everything backed up to my time capsule and I CAN find them there from July 29.  It's a real pain to find them there an bring them back.  I haven't figured out how to bring them all back at once, just one song or album at a time... all 500 of them:-(
    Any idea what's happening?  Was there a new version of iTunes released during August that I didn't notice?  This has happened to me quite a few times and it's really frustrating that I never know when my music is going to evaporate.  I'm ready to go back to burning CDs - especially for the ones that can't be replaced.

    I'm using a MacBook Pro with osx 10.7.4.  iTunes 10.

  • Where are the iTunes plist files

    I changed to Lion.  Because the OS I started from had corrupt files I opted to partition and create a clean instal.  Because of the corruption on the old system I do not want to use file migration.  The only two things I need to move are my .plist files for iTunes and iPhoto, which I can find on the old system but not on Lion. 
    I unlocked the hidden files but I can't find the library or the prefernce folder in which to place the old .plist files.  Where is it?  Does anyone know?

    The Library is Hidden in Lion.  Finder Menubar/Hold the Option key/Go/Library
    Files will be in ~/Library/Preferences

  • I had complete image recovery and lost everything.  Where is my itunes musics and downloads I purchased

    I just downloaded lastes version Itunes and signed in with my password.  Where is all my music?  Doesn't Itunes store items I purchased from them?

    I just downloaded lastes version Itunes and signed in with my password.  Where is all my music?  Doesn't Itunes store items I purchased from them?

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