Where Are My Music Videos In iTunes???

I have gone the extra mile and I went into the "Get Info" of my music videos and I hit the VIDEO tab and placed these into the MUSIC VIDEOS category, yet, on the left hand menu, there isn't a category for MUSIC VIDEOS.
There is a button for MOVIES & TV SHOWS, but where is the link for MUSIC VIDEOS?

I have this same question, and I am sorry to see that no-one has answered it.
There is still a Music Videos category on the iPod, but no way to move the files there based on iTunes 7 which no longer has a category for it.
More user control would be nice please!

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  • Itunes 8 - where are my music videos?

    I purchased music videos & I can see them under my purchased list, but WHERE ARE THEY to get them on my ipod (new generation touch)?
    This is driving me mad!!
    Help please!

    Music Videos purchased from the store, will actually go under the "Music" library. They will be sorted under the proper artist and album if applicable. You can tell music videos from the music in a library with the little Video icon to the right of the tracks name.
    Also, newer versions of iTunes come with the "Music Video" smart playlist made for you, and they should also appear there. If not, you might want to make one yourself! Use the following condition:
    -Video Kind is: Music Video

  • Where are my music videos stored???

    Actually, this is about my wife's iPhone...I am completely confused. She has like 60 music videos on her iPhone (from our iTunes library) and I cannot delete them. To be honest, I am not even sure how they are on there in the first place. When I plug in her iPhone, iTunes says she has 3.2 GB of videos...even if I don't select ANY music folder! If I uncheck the "Include Music Videos" box, then the videos go to 0 GB, so I know that number is from music videos (and not the small number of videos she has taken from her iPhone). I have tried to restore the OS (I upgraded her OS a couple weeks ago to iOS5, and restored it again to iOS5 yesterday), but that does nothing. Any clue where these videos are being stored so I can delete them from her iPhone? Even if I delete manually, they are reloaded the next time I plug in her iPhone to the computer. Crazy!
    For my own iPhone, using the same iTunes library, I do not have a problem at all with this.
    Thanks so much for your help!

    Actually, I did manually delete the videos from the phone, but when I plugged it back in, it re-installed them. Yes, I can avoid that by unchecking the "Include Music Videos", but the thing is...my wife does WANT music videos. But just the ones she selects, not these random ones. There must be some subfolder that it is not apparent that is holding these music videos. But for the life of me, I have no idea where this folder is. Can anyone help me with this? The last option I have will be to restore the iPhone as a new phone and reinstall everything onto it. But that's kind of a pain if I don't have to do that...
    Thanks everyone!

  • Where are my music videos?!

    i downloaded 3 music videos from the itunes store to use on my ipod video. i can't find them anywhere....like they are in a catagory called "purchases" but as for like where the music movies and tv show opetions are there is no music video option....i'v reinstalled itunes and everything and still nothing...plz help!

    I am currently using iTunes 7.5. I've made some music video on my own, I have converted the .dv format into .mp4 format. I first import the .mp4 files into the Movie library. But I cannot put these clips in the music video playlist the clips in the movie library. I then tried to import these clips again to the Music library. Nothing happened. I tried to copy the clips from the movie library and paste to the Music library, I could do the cut, but when I selected the music library, the paste command was gray out.
    What did I do wrong?

  • Hi, Is it possible to download music videos from iTunes and then load them onto my classic iPod?

    Is it possible to download music videos from iTunes and then load them onto my classic iPod?

    Hey GJBY!
    I have an article for you that can help answer that question:
    iTunes: Frequently asked questions about viewing and syncing videos
    What are the requirements for playing video on mobile devices?
    Mobile Device Family
    Generations that can play video
    iPod/iPod classic
    5th or later
    iPod nano*
    3rd or later
    iPod touch
    * iPod Nano (6th generation) does not support video playback.
    To view technical specifications for your device, you can look them up by serial number or browse the Apple Tech Specs.
    Note: Updates to your device may change the iTunes requirements for syncing.
    For additional information about iPod models, refer to Identifying iPod models.
    For additional information about iPhone models, refer to Identifying iPhone models.
    For an overview of where your purchases can be synced, see iTunes Store: Where can I download and sync my purchases?
    Thanks for coming to the Apple Support Communities!

  • I cant add music videos to itunes library of itunes version 10.7

    I am using itunes version 10.7. I am unable to add music videos into Itunes library. The Movies section remains blank when i select a music video and add it to library.

    Why you open a new thread for questions which where answered already 100 times...and do nou use the search option???
    But quickly:
    1. The IPOD Video needs the right video format
    2. There a dozends of 3rd party SW solutions available to convert almost every format into the IPOD Video compatible format - some of them are freeware - use e.g. Google to find some.
    One could be here: http://www.videora.com/en-us/Converter/iPod/
    Regards from Germany

  • Converting flv to music video for iTunes

    Not sure where to ask this... There are some music videos iTunes store does not carry but I found on youtube and have been able to d/l the flv to my computer... I was able to convert the flv to m4v with WinFF but they show up in the movie section of iTunes and not where the other music videos are... I'm obviously using the wrong conversion but don't know what would be correct - does anyone here know?

    Are you sure you're not looking in the wrong place? Things have been moved around quite a bit.

  • Where are my purchased movies through iTunes stored on my PC?  I need to back-them up on a hard drive and then I want to play them on my iPad

    where are my purchased movies through iTunes stored on my PC?  I need to back-them up on a hard drive and then I want to play them on my iPad

    They're in the iTunes folder, in iTunes Media or iTunes Music depending on when your iTunes was first installed. The iTunes folder by default is in My Documents/Music.

  • Hi.. I'm new to mac, I've got a mac book air and time capsule is it possible to save music,video from iTunes Store directly to time capsule leaving my 128GB Mac free? If so  please help..

    Hi.. I'm new to mac, I've got a mac book air and time capsule is it possible to save music,video from iTunes Store directly to time capsule leaving my 128GB Mac free? If so  please help..

    You can move your iTunes library.. Apple have explicit instructions to do it. If the library is moved to the TC and accessed over wireless, the efficiency of the whole system will drop dramatically..
    A file you download goes.. Modem---TC--Laptop--Back to TC--Store on disk. Double looping the wireless slows it dramatically..
    As far as using TC for your iTunes.. you CAN.. but SHOULD YOU?
    Store files on the TC.
    This is asked several times a day.. obviously people are struggling with their latest SSD being too small.
    The TC is not suitable for network file server.. but many people having no choice press it into service as such.
    It cannot be partitioned. It was and is and ever shall be a backup device for Time Machine.
    Major issues.
    1. No backup.. no way Time Machine can backup a network drive. No place to backup to.. So all your files will be at risk. And you will need to buy a third party like CCC to do backup.
    2. The TC cannot be partitioned and mixing TM backups and data is not great.
    3. The drive is slow to spin up and quick to spin down.. there is no controls.
    4. iPhoto in particular can easily corrupt its entire library with wireless networking causing a disconnection to one photo. Even if you do this;;; do not move your photo library... you have been warned!!
    5. iTunes will constantly lose connection to the library. The disk is too slow to respond.. itunes on the computer will constantly spit out errors. Even in the midst of streaming the TC can spin down the disk due to caching.
    6. Do not use any live files on the TC no matter what else you do.. if you edit files in whatever program the file must be on the local hard disk.
    7. The only suitable location for most libraries is a computer. You can plug in an external hard disk.
    Read pondini for some work arounds.
    Q3 here. http://pondini.org/TM/Time_Capsule.html

  • I just bought a music video in itunes...

    I just bought a music video in itunes and it doesn't show up in movies, it shows up in music, and then I synced my ipod and it is not on my ipod. How do I get it on there? Thanks!

    Hi Gamer,
    The real thing is music videos are not characterized as a movie file in iTunes system, instead they are known as audio video files, which is why it's added to the music list.
    If you still like the videos to be listed in the 'Movies' section, than you need to do it manually:
    Select the file>>>right click & press "Get Info"....'Options'...."Media Kind"....Check "Movie".

  • Very Confused about iTunes-purchsed Music Videos in iTunes and on iPod

    I've searched and searched but can't seem to find previous discussions that address my questions about iTunes-purchased music videos.
    I would call myself an experienced iTunes and iPod user. I have no problems working with music, movies, TV shows...
    Here are my music video comments and questions:
    Why don't I have a Music Video playlist on iTunes but there is one on my iPod.
    How can I create a music video playlist?
    Why does my iPod Classic show multiple copies of the same music video in the music video playlist and in the general music list?
    That seems like a good start. Any and all comments, suggestions, etc...GREATLY appreciated.

    *How can I create a music video playlist?*
    In iTunes go to File>New Smart Playlist. Match the rule "Video Kind">"Is">"Music Video"
    Check the box "Live Updating"

  • How to watch music video in itunes all ready purchased ?

    How to watch music video in itunes all ready purchased ?
    please help me leave me a reply okay:)?????!!

    Hi dantheman302,
    I'm sorry, I'm a bit unclear on your exact question. If you are talking about watching something that you have previously purchased but is no longer in your iTunes Library for whatever reason, you should be able to redownload it from the iTunes Store in most instances. You may find the steps outlined in the following article helpful:
    Download past purchases - Apple Support
    - Brenden

  • HT4623 I've updated my iphone4 with iOS 6, but now i am unable to transfer my music videos to iphone.I cant add a music video to itunes using 'add file to library' and then transfer it to my iphone.

    I have updated my iphone 4 with iOS 6, but now i am unable to transfer my music videos to iphone.I cant add a music video to itunes using 'add file to library' and then transfer it to my iphone. Am using itunes 10.7.

    You need to update iTunes to 11.1 on your PC

  • Add my own music videos to iTunes

    When i add a music video or an episode of TV show to iTunes, it will always file it under the "Movies" tab. The music videos i buy on iTunes will always be filed under "Music Videos"...i have tried playing around to tag my own music videos as "music Videos" in iTunes with no success..Does anyone know what i have to do to get it to work?!!

    You can set the kind to "Movie" or "Music Video" as follows:
    In the iTunes library find the video and then Right click it / Get Info / Options tab / Video kind and choose.
    It would be nice if there were more choices but this may be enough for you.

  • Can't dowload music video from iTunes

    Hoping someone can help me.
    I tried downloading a music video from iTunes. I purchased the video, it started downloading and right at the end I got the following message and iTunes just shut down.
    "iTunes has encountered a problem and needs to close...Please tell Microsoft about this problem..."
    An option to send an error report was also given.
    There is no record that I purchased the video, but yet when I tried to buy the music video again, i got a message saying that had I already purchased it, but i can't find it anywhere in iTunes or in any of my folders in my computer.
    Hope someone can help me out!

    Hmm. It should.
    Here's the main Download support page. There is a form at the bottom if nothing there helps. It may take a while to get a response. Some weeks they get absolutely swamped.

Maybe you are looking for

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