Why doesn't iTunes photo sharing automatically pick up new iPhoto playlists?

I have set up photo sharing in iTunes to share my entire iPhoto library.
I create a new playlist in iPhoto and try to view it on my Apple TV 2.
The problem is it won't show up until i go into iTunes and deselect photo sharing and put it back on again.
Sure this should be automatic. Does anyone have this issue or know a way to kick iTunes up the ***?

I am having same issue, did you find a fix for it?, I am closing and reopening iTunes to show up new albums.

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    I dragged a picture I received via email into iphoto. There I was able to correct the red eye. But, when I tried to upload it into a web page, it did not appear in the library folder. It appears in the photo library, but not in the folder. Why? I had to drag it on the desktop and then upload.

    Hi Rebecca,
    the title of this Apple doc lights a different aspect, but maybe it helps with your problem:

  • HT4890 why doesn't a photo stream icon appear on iCloud although it's enabled

    why doesn't a photo stream icon appear on icloud.  It's been enabled in settings and iphoto?

    Because it isn't supposed to.
    Photostream is for sharing photos across your devices.

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    After downloading via iTunes, I move MP3 files from the default iTunes podcast folder to another folder (on an a external disk), I also change the name of the file and I change some MP3-tags.
    You download from the iTunes store, delete the podcast, mess with it, move it around, rename it, change the tags then try to add it back to iTunes?
    I want all my files in one index, the iTunes Music Library
    In iTunes, right click - get info, click the Options tab and set *Media Kind:* to Music.

  • Why don't my photos appear as they do in iPhoto on my Apple Computer. Even though I specify to sync all Events, Faces, etc. the iPad 2 is missing Faces categories and the Events are in a different order.

    Why don't my photos appear as they do in iPhoto on my Apple Computer. Even though I specify to sync all Events, Faces, etc. the iPad 2 is missing Faces categories and the Events are in a different order.

    1) The best way to relocate the iTunes library folder is to move the entire iTunes folder with all subfolders to the new path, then press and hold down shift as start iTunes and keep holding until prompted to choose a library, then browse to the relocated folder and open the file iTunes Library.itl inside it.
    If you've done something different then provide some more details about what is where and I should be able to help.
    2) Purchases on the device should automatically transfer to a Purchased on <DeviceName> playlist, but it my depend a bit on whether automatic iCloud downloads are enabled. If there is a cloudy link then the transfer might not happen. You can use File > Devices > Transfer Purchases. In iTunes you should also check out iTunes Store > Quick Links > Purchased > Music > Not on this computer.
    3) Backup the device, then immediately restore it. In some cases you need to add a restore as new device into that equation. Obbviously not to be attempted until you're sure all your media is in your library. See Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device should it be needed.
    4) I believe there is complimentary 1 incident 90-day support with hardware purchases, but no free software support for iTunes itself. AppleCare gets you a different level of support.

  • Does ipod nano automatically pick up new purchases when I plug it in to the computer?

    When I bring new music into my itunes library the song is checked.  will the nano automatically pick up new purchases when I plug it in again?  Or do I have to start over?  I hit sync again but not sure whether I have to do that every time I charge it.

    Depends on how you have your iPod set up to Sync.  For example if your iPod is configured to sync only checked songs and videos, make sure each new track you add to iTunes has a tick mark next to it.  The next time you sync your iPod (assuming it set up to automatically sync), the new tracks will be added.

  • Now that the photo gallery in MobileMe is ending, is there another photo sharing site to which existing iPhoto albums can be transferred as is, with photos in the same order and with titles, and with minimal problems?

    Now that the photo gallery in MobileMe is ending, is there another photo sharing site to which existing iPhoto albums can be transferred as is, with photos in the same order and with titles, and with minimal problems?

    No. If you don't have the album you originally used to create the galleries you can do so by dragging the photos from each gallery to a new, empty album. Then when you find the photo sharing site/option you have decided on  you can easily upload each album to the site.
    Another option is to obtain a hosting service and create iWeb photo pages for each album and future albums similar to this photo page in one of my demo sites: iPhoto Book as an iWeb Slideshow.  Or you can use the iWeb album page and have an album for each  iPhoto album on it like on this demo page: Page-7 .

  • Why are my icloud photo sharing albums taking up storage on my phone?

    I am confused why if icloud photo sharing albums are supposed to have unlimited cloud storage why my icloud photo sharing albums are taking up storage on my iphone?

    iCloud is syncing your Shared albums with your devices. All photos you share to iCloud are synced to the devices that subscribe to the  shared album.
    If you want to save storage on your device, store your photos in iCloud Photo Library (Beta) and activate the option "Optimize Storage".
    See: iCloud Photo Library beta FAQ - Apple Support
    How does iCloud Photo Library save space on my device?
    If you turn on Optimize [device] Storage, iCloud Photo Library will automatically manage the size of your library on your iOS device, so you can make the most of your device's storage and access more photos than ever. iCloud Photo Library stores the original, high-resolution photos and videos in iCloud and can keep lightweight, device-optimized versions on each of your devices. As long as you have enough storage, recent photos and videos that you access the most will stay on your device at full resolution.
    To turn on Optimize [device] Storage on your device, tap Settings > iCloud > Photos or Settings > Photos & Camera, then select Optimize [device] Storage. You

  • ITunes photo sharing lets AppleTV show non-shared photos !!

    In Itunes, I said "Share Photos From", "Selected Events", and I only selected two events.
    On my Apple TV, I said "Computers". [my computer], "Photos", "Slide Show".
    Before I click anything else ("Events" is highlighted), photos start scrolling past in the left side of the screen.  Some of these photos are NOT in the two events I selected.  (And were quite inappropriate for the crowd at my party.  Embarrassing! )
    The photos that scroll by when you highlight events should honor the iTunes preferences about which photos will be shared.  This seems like abug to me.  I reported it to Apple - mostly posting here as a warning to other users.
    FYI, the other (inappropriate)  photos that scrolled by WERE  selected to be shared by Itunes a few days before.  MAybe they were in some buffer somewhere?
    Anybody have ideas about fixing this issue?

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    That's never been my experience with photo sharing, perhaps you simply didn't update once you removed the photos a few days earlier.

  • Why doesn't iTunes 11 show the playlist file size?

    Why wont itunes 11 show the file size of my playlist anymore!?
    Ive created a playlist but have no idea how much the size of the playlist is in MB to be burned onto a MP3 cd?
    It used to show it on the old version of itunes 10.1
    Please help!!

    Hi. Just go to View > Show Status Bar or use the keyboard shortcut "⌘/".

  • Shared photo streams not working in new iPhoto?

    I upgraded to Mavericks and the new iPhoto to be able to work with the shared photo streams I'd created on my iPhone, but they seem to be nonfunctional in iPhoto 11. I'll select photos, create a stream, and add the photos; the pictures will say "added to shared photo stream", but the stream itself will be entirely empty.
    Quite simply, iPhoto says it's creating and adding pix to photo streams, but it isn't. How do I fix this? It's sort of a major omission to have a prominent new feature not actually function at all.

    iCloud photo sharing, which allows subscribers to add photos and videos to a shared stream created by you, will not be supported until OS X Mavericks is released.  OS X Mountain Lion only supports shared photo streams, which does not allow subscribers to add photos.
    Notice that is says "(iPhoto and Aperture users will not see photos and videos added by iCloud Photo Sharing contributors at this time.)" under "What do I need to be able to like photos and videos in a shared stream" in this article: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS4379.  Also note that is says "Coming with OS X Mavericks" under "iCloud Photo Sharing" in this article: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4759.

  • HT1386 Why doesn't the songs in the cloud play in my playlist

    Why doesn't the songs in my playlist with the cloud icon next to them, play. it just skips over them.

    CC desktop lists applications as "Up to Date" when they are not

  • Why won't iTunes finish "checking my library" for new purchases?

    On my iMac (27" late 2009) and MB Air  (13" i7 mid 2011) both running Mountain Lion, iTunes match will never finish updating. No matter how many times I start/stop iTunes match or restart iTunes etc. I cannot get iTunes match to finish "checking for new purchase."
    Luckily everything seems seem to be streaming from the cloud and downloading as it should, but it is annoying and I cannot add any new content from my devices.
    Any ideas?

    Try a different browser.

  • Why doesn't iWeb photo post to iTunes

    Haven't seen any answer on this. I followed the instructions and placed my photo and when it posts to iTunes I get a generic podcast logo. Any insight here?

    Hey.. got this back to another email I had sent itunes support about artwork...
    looks like it's getting fixed.
    Dear Jim,
    Thank you for contacting the iTunes Music Store regarding your podcast's artwork. I appreciate your patience in this matter.
    There was an issue with the Music Store which affected several podcasts, including your own. Our engineers have identified the issue and it has now been resolved. Your podcast's artwork should appear on the Music Store within 24 hours.
    In the meantime, please continue to ping the iTunes server using one of the methods described in our technical specifications:
    I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and your podcast's subscribers. Thank you for using the iTunes Music Store.
    iTunes Music Store Support

  • Why doesn't iTunes use track names on burned cd's instead of querying Gracenote?

    I run a recording studio and burn cd's of original music for clients. Sometimes when those clients open their cd in itunes, titles and artist names with no connection whatsoever to their music are displayed. Why does itunes not just use the titles burned with the cd instead of automatically querying Gracenote and arbitrarily assigning incorrect titles and artists to the disc? I have even imported such a disc into itunes, changed the titles and artist name, created a new playlist with those songs, and burned a disc from that corrected playlist, only to have it come up wrong again when the new disc is opened in itunes. This needs to be fixed. Some of those clients use the burned discs as booking demos, and having another artist's name and song titles come up causes confusion and embarassment.

    No need for you to be an a-hole.
    Fair enough, although you are better off getting that feedback from me than from one of your clients who puts 2 and 2 together. 
    I clearly stated that quite often these were unfinished projects, often with working titles that may or may not be the final title.
    What you "clearly stated" is that your clients are having "confusion and embarassment."  Is that not sufficient for you to get those discs into the database?
    ....if the names haven't changed will Gracenote accept a submission of the same titles but different running times from the same artist and delete the old one?
    If the running times are different, it will look like a different CD to Gracenote.  If the CD is not the final version, you should append its title with "Demo" or "Work in Progress" or a similar indication that will distinguish it from the final "real" version.
    You may have a misimpression about Gracenote.  Yes, they are authoritative about commercial CDs, but they have also opened their DB for submissions to any hobbyist with iTunes and a burner.  They have tons of such things in their database.  There is absolutely no need for you to avoid putting your stuff in there.  In fact, since iTunes cannot read CD Text, there is currently no way other than Gracenote to solve the iTunes problem which brought you to this Forum.

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