Wired computers unable to see printer on Airport Express...help?

Hi all,
I recently set up an Airport Extreme on our office network to offer wireless network access piggybacked on our wired router. I then purchased an Airport Express which I was planning on using as a wireless print server for our Canon i9900 for all office computers connecting wired or wirelessly, which would interface with the network via the Airport Extreme Base Station.
I have configured the Express as an extension of the existing Airport network, and attached the printer to it via USB. All the computers in the office which have airport cards onboard can see and print from the printer, which is great. The problem is that all of the computers connecting to the network via wires are unable to see the printer (this is under both 10.3.x and 10.4.x, all airport software completely updated.) The Extreme base station shows up for all office computers in their Airport Admin Utility, AND if the printer is connected directly to the Extreme Base Station via USB, all computers can see the printer over Bonjour/Rendevous.
Anybody have ideas as to how I can get my wired machines to see the printer on the Airport Express?

Applications > Utilities > Airport Admin Utility
Scan and Select your Airport
Click Configure
On the Airport Tab
Base Station Options...
Check Enable Remote Printer Access

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  • Can't see my two Airport Express in the Admin Utility

    I have a 12" PB and two Airport Extreme.
    I am unable to see the two Airport Extreme stations through the Airport Admin Utility - but (here comes the strange part) - I see them both in my router's DHCP Active IP Table (freshly updated too).
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    I just tried something - in the Airport Admin Utility, instead of waiting for the base stations to show up, I clicked on 'Other' and entered the IP address. Well, I can edit/modify/reset both of them! This is driving me nuts. They seem to identify themselves fine on the network, but none seems to do the right thing! (I use one as my AirTunes, the other as my wireless printer connector).

  • Epson Aculaser CX11NF printing via Airport Express

    Well today has been an interesting day...
    Connected printer to airport express usb port - had problems printing via this in the past but since I'd moved the printer so I could plug it into the usb port on a computer and then share it that way I thought I'd give it another go.
    Macbook 10.5.2 prints perfectly first time
    Powerbook 10.4.11 can see it and connect but won't print
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    Share printer via Markbook and Markintosh and Powerbook prints fine but still won't print directly via airport express.
    Feels wrong that an xp book can print via an apple airport express easier than an apple laptop...
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    Thanks for all your replies. I tried repairs pewrmissions in disk utility again and got slightly excited when printer utility automatically selected a generic post script driver but my printer just printed jibberish.
    I've just run repair permission in pinter setup repair and this is my log:
    The file /System/Library/StartupItems/PrintingServices/PrintingServices is missing!
    The file /private/etc/cups/classes.conf is missing. This file is deleted when using the Reset Printing System option.
    The file /private/etc/cups/ppds.dat is missing. This file is deleted when using the Reset Printing System option.
    The permissions for the file /usr/libexec/cups/filter/rastertodymo are incorrect!
    They are lrwxr-xr-x, but should be -rwxr-xr-x
    Recreating symbolic links...
    Verification complete.
    2075 files examined. 1 problem was found and repaired. It is recommended that you verify the permissions again to make sure the values are correct.
    3 missing files/directories found during the verification process. They may be responsible for certain printing problems. Printer Setup Repair cannot replace these items. Please refer to the log file for a list of the missing files/directories. You may need to reinstall OS X to resolve your printing issues. Certain files and directories are deleted when using the Reset Printing System option. These files and directories, if required, will be recreated during normal printing.
    Does it mean anything to anyone?

  • I have just purchased and installed a new Airport extreme base station but now the Airport Utility cannot see my old Airport Express. Are their compatibility issues and do I need to purchase a new Express?

    I have just purchased and installed a new Airport extreme base station but now the Airport Utility cannot see my old Airport Express. Are their compatibility issues and do I need to purchase a new Express?

    When you can, take a look at the old AirPort Express and locate the model number in the faint print on the side of the device.
    If you see A1084 or A1088, this is an older Express version that is no longer supported by the current version of AirPort Utility that you are using with the new AirPort Extreme.
    If that is the case, your Express is at least 6 years old...probably older...so it is about time to treat yourself to a new version with much faster speeds and more features.

  • I have an Ipad and Iphone but I don't have an Airprint, only a WIFI printer,my question is if I connect the wifi printer to Airport express, can I print from Ipad and Iphone ?

    I have an Ipad and Iphone but I don't have an Airprint at home but only a WIFI printer, my question is if I connect the wifi printer to Airport express, can I print from Ipad and Iphone ? Please help me if anyone knows about this.

    Unfortunately, connecting a non-AirPrint-enabled printer to an AirPort base station's USB port will not make it AirPrint-ready.
    You will need to use another solution, like Printopia, to be able to print to this printer from an iOS device.

  • Can we print with a non-wifi printer via Airport Express?

    Is it possible to print with non-wifi printer via Airport Express?

    Read through this previous thread for answers: https://discussions.apple.com/message/21994667#21994667

  • I am trying to install a second airport express to extend my network. When I use the aiport utility it does not see the second airport express.

    I am trying to install a second airport express to extend my network. When I use the aiport utility it does not see the second airport express.

    Suggest that you perform a Factory Default Reset as follows:
    Pull the Express from power
    Wait a few moments
    Hold in the reset button and keep holding it an additonal 8-10 seconds while you plug the Express back in to power
    Release the reset button and allow 40-45 seconds for the Express to restart
    Apple's instructions to do what you want are here:
    It will often help to temporarily connect an Ethernet cable from your Mac to the AirPort Express for the setup. Once the Express is configured, you can disconnect the Ethernet cable and move the Express to the desired location.
    Although an AirPort Extreme is shown as the extending device in the example, the setup for an AirPort Express is exactly the same

  • TS1253 hi, i do have canon lbp2900 printer, does airport express support it ?

    is there any specific printers available for the printing on airport express basestation ?
    vishal kaushik

    Most printers are supported by the AirPort Express. There is no definitive list.

  • Printing to airport express from multiple imacs

    I have two Intel based iMacs that share a Canon ip4300 printer via Airport Express (connected to the USB port on the airport Express). One of the iMacs prints perfectly and very fast. The second (and closer unit to the AE) prints extremely slow and can take an hour to print one photo. I disconnected the AE and plugged the USB directly into the second iMac and it too prints perfectly and very fast. So it seems to be something to do with the WiFi connection between the second iMac and the AE that is causing the problem. I have downloaded new firmware for the AE and drivers for the printer. I have reconfigured that AE from scratch. What should I do?

    When you say that you installed the "drivers" for your Dell laptop, does this mean that you also installed Bonjour for Windows, which is on the CD that came with the AirPort Express?
    If you haven't installed Bonjour for Windows on the Dell, you can download it here:

  • My ipad 2 and ipod touch keeps on dropping wifi connection,  would getting an apple router or maybe airport express help?

    ipad 2 and ipod touch  keeps on dropping wifi, would upgrading to an apple router/airport express help?  all my other pc's work well with my current network.

    Have you checked for a firmware update for your current router?
    What make, model, version router do you have?

  • Airport Extreme Base Station- wireless printer- wired computers able access the printer

    Airport with a wireless printer- will wired computers be able to access the printer?

    A printer on your network is accessible to any computer on the same network. Wired or wireless makes no difference.

  • Not seeing printer through airport

    So here's my current setup. My Internet comes in to my DSL Modem..which is hooked up to a 4 port router. My router has two iMacss hardwired to the first two ports, and my airport is hooked up to the 3rd open port. My HP 1310 all in one is hooked up to one of my hardwired iMacs through USB. I've checked th Shared box for the 1310, but only the other iMac that's hardwired through the router is able to see the printer. My ibook that is connected to the internet via airport is not able to see the shared 1310. I've turned appletalk through ethernet through both of the hardwired imacs, and i've got appletalk activated through the airport for my ibook. Why can't my iBook see the shared 1310 printer. they're all connected to the same router essentially (2 hardwired and 1 via airport). If anyone has any answers PLEASE HELP...thanks in advanced.

    This problem is easily solved by disabling the router built into the Airport Express. Run the Airport Admin Utility, select your Base Station, click Configure, click the Network tab, and uncheck the setting to "Distribute IP addresses". Update settings to the Airport Express. Finally (and very important) restart all wireless computers. That's it.

  • Epson printer using airport express connect wired to PC

    I have a problem with my epson printer C41 series.
    It is connected using USB to Airport express then wired using ethernet cable to my existing router in order to share to 3 computer (2 PC, 1 PowerbookG4).
    Firstly, I used bonjour to detect the printer, and it was working perfect unfortunately under my PowerbookG4. So I unplug the powerbook, just want to use airport as printer server. I ran bonjour again, it detect the printer under my airport, but it doesn't work when printing.
    Perhaps you could help my problem.
    Thanks in advance.

    I have a cable modem (Comcast) connected (WAN) to my
    Airport Extreme Base Station. Question: Can I us an
    AirPort Express to "join" this network (plug it in in
    another room) and use the LAN port to connect an
    Ethernet cable to a computer's Ethernet port?
    If you "Join an Existing Wireless Network" the ethernet port on the AX is DISABLED. If you set up a WDS network using the AX to extend the range of your AEBS, the ethernet port will be ENABLED.
    the AE LAN port have a local IP address ( i.e. available for a wired Laptop to connect to
    the internet (or even attach a non-wireless internet
    web camera)?
    Properly configured as a WDS network, the device connected to the AX ethernet port will pull an IP address from the AEBS, just like any other connected device. You can also configure this connected device with a static IP address, outside the range of the dynamic DHCP addresses.
    I hope this is not too basic......

Maybe you are looking for