Write Off Asset below 5000

I want to write off the asset value where WDV is below 5000 at certain perod end automatically.
how it is possible in system ? Or Pls let us know  Which is the standard process recomended ?
Nilesh R
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Hi All,
When I try to post write-off asset useing ABZU error will be coming You cannot post write-ups
We are using the Transaction Type - 700
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  • Write-off asset below or after certain Value of Asset.

    Hi All,
    I am try to write-off asset value from using ABZU - Write-Up But i am confused is it wright tcode or any other process please help me.

    Hi All,
    When I try to post write-off asset useing ABZU error will be coming You cannot post write-ups
    We are using the Transaction Type - 700
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  • Write off assets

    What is the best method to write off assets to 0, This means I want to accelerate depreciation so that the asset net value reaches 0. But I <b>do not</b> wat to retire the asset.

    Post unplanned depreciation in the amount of the current net book value.  Keep in mind that this will take affect after depreciation is run (it is not an FI document) and will therefore show the asset as being fully depreciated.
    There are some other ways (using special depreciation transactions) but this is the one most widely used.

  • Write off asset under construction

    we have one AUC, we have create a PO for this AUC, the AUC has amount of 200K USD, we haven't transfer it to fixed assets, how to write off the AUC, (we want to completely write off  this AUC, because the company code which creates this AUC going bankruptcy), I tried ABAON, ABAVN, but this is specific to asset, asset under construction can't be used. any idea? thanks

    1)  AIAB - Distribute  (update a rule with G/L settlement with a GL account for 100%)
         AIBU - Settle (Execute settlement)
    Posting direct FI entry.
    Debit 40 posting key GL expenses to which you write off,
    Credit 75 posting key Asset #
    Best Regards,

  • Asset write-off in prior month.

    Is it possible to write off assets from an earlier month end date e.g the NBV of assets with a month end date of 31/05/09 or can you only write off within the current month?
    If this is possible, how will SAP deal with the depreciation and how will it charge any depreciation posted after that date?

    Hi Jeremy Lumb
    Yes you can retire an asset in prior period where depreciation has already been posted. The system will recalculate the total depreciation for year in the retirement year and make adjustments (positive value) in the next period. You can then run depreciation again so the adjusted value will be posted .
    Hope this helps.

  • Asset write off in the current fiscal year.

    Hi Experts,
    I want to write off an asset in next 4 periods of the current fiscal year 2007. For example:
    Asset 11000
    APC value: 10000
    APC Date: 01.01.2005
    The useful life will end in fiscal year 2008.
    The book value left at the begining of the current fiscal year 2007 Rs. 4000.00
    In the current fiscal year this asset has already been depreciated for previuos 3 periods.
    Now Business wants to write off ( fully depreciated ) this asset in next 4 periods equally and then if the book value and tax value is nil, they want to scap the asset.
    Now can you please tell me how to make this happened. Its very urgent. If you need any more information, most welcome.

        You would have to set the asset to manual depreciation(Depr.Key MANU)
    and generate a posting via ABMA for each of the periods.
    Kind regards

  • Tables for additions/write-off/transfer of assets

    What are the tables for getting values reg asset additions/write-off/transfer during year/period.

    Goto SE11 - give in database table- ANLA---click on display tab -
    click on contents Icon which is befire Technical settings
    Goto Menu bar-settingsFormat lst-choose Fields
    P J Anil kumar

  • Asset Write-off after retirement

    Dear Masters in Asset Accounting,
    I have a situation where I have to write off the asset in secondary ledger (Ledger A2). The problem is that the asset retirement (ABAVN) was done in the past so I can't write-off the same by using T-code ABSO. Also, we are posting the depreciation to that asset since last 5 months, so I can't write-off by using FB01 / FB01L.
    Is there any other way I can write off the asset after retirement only in secondary ledger?
    Thank you for reading this and your help.

    Hi Bernhard,
    Why you can't make a write-off?
    A: Because it gives me an error message. When I try to use ABSO, it gives me an error message saying Asset retirement has alredy been posted so transaction not possible. I am using ABSO because I want to make changes only in ledger A2 (secondary ledger / US GAAP). I can't ABAVN again because it will affect both the ledgers which I want to change only US GAAP.
    Is the asset deactivated after ABAVN?
    A: No, the asset is not deactivated. It is still active and in use.
    Thank You,

  • Asset Write Off Process

    Hi SAP Gurus,
    I have one asset under construction created in 2008 which is not yet capitalised. Now requirement is to  write off the same in current year.
    Need the soultion to this step by step..
    Thanks in Advance!!
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    transaction ABAVN?

  • Asset Write-off in Advance..

    Hi All,
    Can anybody explain me about an asset write-off procedure before the End-of-Date of that asset value date.
    For example Asset having the End-of-date as 31.12.2008. For this, we want to write-off this asset on 31.10.2007.
    Thanks in Advance...

    Hi Pal,
    Thanks for your reply..
    Here, we are having around 70 assets. For that we can do like this??
    If we will do 100% dep. now itself, the remaining amount  will post to the depreciation account na?? With this no problem??
    Please reply me...
    Thanks & Regards..

  • Process of Asset Write off.

    Can any one tell me the process of Assest Write off. Is there any transction for writing off the assets.
    Please advise.
    Thank you.

    You can use Transaction Code ABSO for Write off of the asset.
    Then system increased the Value of asset as under
    Accumulated depreciation ac...........Dr
                Asset ac............................Cr
    Let me know if you need any other information on this.
    Venkata Raju

  • Write off the asset

    Please can someone advice me how do we write off the asset.

    You can call up the asset history sheet as a totals list, or as a detail list showing individual assets. The detail list shows the capitalization date for each asset, and, if applicable, the deactivation date and any transactions in the year being reported.
    There is a special history sheet version defined for showing special reserves for special depreciation. This version shows the
    ·        Initial balance
    ·        Allocation to special reserves
    ·        Write-off (depreciation) of special reserves
    ·        Write-off of special reserves due to asset retirements
    ·        Write-off of special reserves due to transfers
    ·        Closing balance
           1.      Call up the report for creating the asset history sheet (Info system ® Report selection ® Balance sheet explanations).
           2.      Enter the start parameters for the report. Make the following particularly important entries
    –         Company code for the report
    –         Report date
    –         Sort version that you want to use
    –         Asset history sheet version that you want to use
    –         Use the “current book value” indicator to specify if you wish to show planned annual depreciation, or the depreciation already posted.
           3.      If you have not posted the actual retirement of low value assets, you can use the asset history sheet to simulate their retirement (in order to minimize the transactions necessary for their retirement). In this case, enter the asset class for low value assets.
    You also need to specify a time period for the retirement simulation. Please note that the simulation time period must begin on the same date every year so that LVAs can be shown continuously and correctly in the history sheet. This fixed start date should lie in the distant past (for example 1900). Using the same start date each year ensures that LVAs, for which retirement has already been simulated, do not appear in the history sheet with their APC in subsequent years. In addition, the end date for the simulation time period has to be in a fiscal year that is still open.
    The same procedure applies for intangible assets.
    Graphic: Simulation Time Period
           4.      Limit the report as needed. If needed, make additional entries for lists created using batch input.
    for furthur notes

  • Asset Value which are below 5000

    I have one requirement for the Assets which are below 5000 Value, Asset should be depreciated 100% as on booking date. They are not OK with creating
    either "Low values asset class or 100 % Depreciation Key". kindly let me know is there any other possible ways to achieve this?

    Hi SV,
    I understood the requirement but my question is what is the issue in creating a new depreciation key because that is the most appropriate way? If I use any other depreciation key which is not depreciating the asset to 100% then for audit purpose it will be very difficult to justify it.
    The only way of doing it without depreciation key is mass scrapping of asset using ABAVN. So either identify all those assets and mass scrap them or better create a new asset class for assets value less than 5000 currency units and mass scrap them.
    Pankaj Pareek

  • Park Asset Write Off Posting

    Dear SAP Gurus,
    Can anyone help me with one of the Asset scenarios, whereby the user wants to have the option to park the asset write off first before making the actual posting. I can't seems to find any function available for this. If not, can anyone suggest if there's other way to resolve this.
    Thank you very much. Your advice is much appreciated.
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    Welcome to SDN
    I dont think its possble... You can Simulate the entry before posting, check and then Post... there is no option to Park as far as I know
    br, Ajay M

  • IS-Telecommunication RMCA - FI-CA Write offs

    Dear All,
    This is related to IS-Telecommunication. FI-CA
    Scenario: Invoice has been posted with 1121 $ including tax of 121. It means..
    Customer account    1121  Dr
    Revenue Account 1000 Cr
    VAT on sales 121 Cr.
    When I am trying to do the write off(FP04 by using reason codes). System is posting the document as below:
    VAT on sales account 121 Dr
    Expense account   1000 Dr
       To Customer Account 1121.
    I would like to transfer the total amount to the expense account instead of transfer to VAT account, if I use some specific reason codes (Like Bankruptcy).
    Expected account entry:
    Expense account 1121
    to Customer account 1121.
    I found there is a event 5070 (Write-off: Tax Special Features ) in order to meet the above requirement.
    If any one knows about the requirement and solution. Please advise.
    Thanks in advance

    HI Ravi,
    path is
    SPRO > Financial Accounting > contract A/R A/P > Basic functions > particular aspects of taxation procedure > tax adjustment for write offs
    FQC0 and type the posting area .

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