12 Month Old iPad 2 Running Rather Slowly?

I own an iPad 2, and I have done so for about 12 months now. Now, when I bought it, it was running iOS 4.3, I believe, and it worked like a dream. Everything was smooth, apps ran perfectly - everything was great. However, when I upgraded to iOS 5, I noticed a substantial decrease in speed. I thought it might get quicker with iOS 5.1 - no such luck. I thought maybe it would get quicker with iOS 5.1.1 - again, no such luck. Is there any reason as to why this is? It seems like it is just me though, as I always hear people (such as tech reviewers) saying their iPad 2s still run fine, and they also have 32GB iPads. But mine... mine just seems slow, for basic things.
Safari can be really slow sometimes. Even closing a tab can take up to 5 seconds, same with tapping in the search or URL bars. And that's always how it's been. I've tried taking off loads of videos/apps - no such luck. The four/five finger gestures can also be unresponsive - I'll pinch to go to the home screen, and quite often it'll lag (probably about twice a day on average). Sometimes, when you have done this, all the icons on the home screen will have disappeared, and you'll just get the app names - they come back after a second, but it is weird. Sometimes I have even seen the bar at the top disappear, which is rather weird. Same with the multitasking gestures. Occasionally these gestures won't even work, after two or three times of trying, or the animation won't happen - this just happened as I tried pinching out of Game Center. Tapping into/out of a folder - even that lags! You'll see the folder stop halfway through opening, then fully open. You tap out of the folder, and sometimes it'll do similar to tapping into a folder. In fact, I just tested it then, and it stuttered slightly as it closed the folder. It's really irritating, and I don't understand why it does it. Sliding between home screens! Lags. Even tapping on an app causes it to lag. You'll tap on an app, and see its darkened, tapped version for a few seconds, and then it'll open - this isn't supposed to happen! This is the sort of quality I expect from Android, not "the world's most advanced mobile OS"!
The Music app. Don't get me started. It's terrible! Scrolling is a pain. Trying to listen to a song is a pain. Viewing the album art is a pain. It's just not what I expect. And iTunes Match has messed up my Library. Before Match and iTunes in the Cloud, I could see all the album artwork, and my library looked great. Now, I see a few albums with artwork, and others with horrible stave artwork. This even happens for music on my iPad sometimes, which is extremely annoying. The stores are also rather laggy - iTunes, Apps and iBooks - but I can almost let them off, as they are having to go over the internet. But tapping in the search bar can take quite a while to load, which is frustrating.
Right, well I'm sure you get the picture by now. I just wanted to show you how widespread these errors are, and I'm wondering what solutions/options there are available to me as to how they can be fixed. I'll eliminate two for you now:
- Getting a new iPad - can't afford it as I'm saving up for a Mac
- Going to a Genius Bar - possible, but I live 50 miles away from the three closest Apple Stores to me, and I don't really want to spend the whole day sat at a 'bar' trying to solve my iPad's issues.
I could try resetting my iPad, I suppose, but I have done this before, and it hasn't really helped - it's just be an inconvenience. So what would you recommend? I don't want to be forced to move to a Microsoft Surface or anything like that just yet, as I still like my iPad - it's just that it's always been a little weary and sluggish on iOS 5. I hope you can help, I apologise for the length of this topic, and I look forward to hearing your answers/suggestions.

The symptom you describe is what happens when you plug an iPad into a PC/Mac USB port.  It's not enough wattage to charge the iPad.  When the screen shuts off it can then trickle charge the iPad albeit very slowly.  I concur with "imanog", sounds like you have the wrong charger.
Make sure the charger says 10W USB Power Adapter printed in small light grey print on the edge of the charger. Try borrowing some elses iPad charger and cable.  Check the cable for any visible damage.  Try a different AC outlet or power strip.  Take flashlight and inspect the dock connector.  If there is a piece of lint in there, that could be interferring in the dock cable from making a good connection.  Take an old dry toothbrush and gently clean any debris from the dock connector port on the iPad, this is more an issue with iPhones because people stuff them in their pockets and pick up lint in the dock port.
If all else fails, call Apple or schedule a Genius bar visit to have it checked out.  It is possible that the power circuit inside the iPad cannot properly detect the power adaptor.  There is some smarts involved where the iPad will sense the type of power it's connected to. It should be under warranty from any defects. 

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    Hi there, hoping someone can help. Our 2 month old ipad is suddenly not charging, all that appears is a battery with a red bolt on it and nothing more. Any ideas on what might be happening?

    Hello there, AimeeORourke.
    The following Knowledge Base article provides some instruction to follow to troubleshoot your particular issue:
    iPhone: Hardware troubleshooting
    Specifically, you might try the following:
    iPhone displays the low-battery image and is unresponsive
    If you see the image below, charge the phone with an iPhone USB power adapter for at least 15 minutes.
    You should see this image when iPhone begins to charge:
    If the screen still displays the low-battery icon, try turning iPhone off and then on again.
    If the issue persists, try resetting the iPhone while connected to the iPhone charger.
    Thanks for reaching out to Apple Support Communities.
    Pedro D.

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    i have a 7 months old ipad 2 there is still screenbleeding , i did not bring it back yet because there was a long time out of stock etc...
    so if i bring it now ca i get a replacment/refubrished one ?
    what is refubrished like ? have they new bb covers ?
    sorry my englisch i am from thailand :-)

    This is a question best asked at your local apple store or to Apple themselves. We're just fellow users and we can't know for sure what they'll do or not do. Sorry.

  • Hi Apple! I am having a few problems with my 6 month old iPad mini (ios 7.1.1). I am using my iPad and then some time later it just restars! Don't know why and it just keeps doing it! Please fix or if I restore my iPad will it do any good? Thank you

    Hi Apple! I am having a few problems with my 6 month old iPad mini (ios 7.1.1). I am using my iPad and then some time later it just restars! Don't know why and it just keeps doing it! Please fix or if I restore my iPad will it do any good? Thank you

    Plug your iPad into your computer, open iTunes, and click Restore. This will reset your iPad to factory settings, so make sure everything important is stored safely. Once the restore is complete, do NOT restore from your backup.
    If you still have problems, take the iPad to the Apple Store or another AASP (Apple Authorised Service Provider). If you're still within warranty, any service will be of no cost. Check your serial number here or find your receipt.
    Hope I've helped!
    PS: This is a peer-to-peer forum. Apple generally doesn't pay attention here.

  • My 2 months old ipad mini's lightning cable had some corrosion

    I got my brand new ipad mini from my cousin, he bought it in singapore and i actually live in indonesia. My 2 months old ipad mini is working properly, but in these days i got some problem with the lightning cable. Sometimes it wont charge my ipad and when i take a look closely there are some black spots like corrosions in both sides. I read some same complaints in the apple discussion forum and there are some people that couldn't get the new cable because the apple retailer didnt believe that they didnt spilled any liquid on the cable. AND MINE TOO. Ive never spilled anything on my cable and barely even touched the gold plated with my hand. HOW COME THE CORROSION COME? And how do i could get the new one since i live in indonesia where ipad mini hasnt release yet. :(

    See this discussion for some very specific analysis of the lightning corrosion problem, although no solution yet offered.

  • I plug my 1 month old iPad mini retina into a uk plug socket using the out of the box charger, it charged from 0-27% in 3 hours and now refuses to charge at all. Any ideas are more than welcome!!!

    I plugged my iPad Mini Retina in to charge this morning in a UK plug socket using the official out of the box charger.
    It charged from 0-27% in roughly 3 hours.
    I have come home to find it is not charging at all, when turned off when I plug the powered cable in it does turn on as if it is receiving power but it does not charge.
    It is 1 month old and hasn't experienced heavy usage as such.

    Thanks Sig. The information is here: Anything useful stand out?
    Battery Information:
      Model Information:
      Serial Number:    9G1130CJVD3MA
      Manufacturer:    DP
      Device Name:    bq20z451
      Pack Lot Code:    0000
      PCB Lot Code:    0000
      Firmware Version:    0201
      Hardware Revision:    0002
      Cell Revision:    0158
      Charge Information:
      Charge Remaining (mAh):    5663
      Fully Charged:    Yes
      Charging:    No
      Full Charge Capacity (mAh):    5663
      Health Information:
      Cycle Count:    59
      Condition:    Normal
      Battery Installed:    Yes
      Amperage (mA):    261
      Voltage (mV):    12574
    System Power Settings:
      AC Power:
      System Sleep Timer (Minutes):    10
      Disk Sleep Timer (Minutes):    10
      Display Sleep Timer (Minutes):    10
      Wake on AC Change:    No
      Wake on Clamshell Open:    Yes
      Wake on LAN:    Yes
      Current Power Source:    Yes
      Display Sleep Uses Dim:    Yes
      Battery Power:
      System Sleep Timer (Minutes):    10
      Disk Sleep Timer (Minutes):    10
      Display Sleep Timer (Minutes):    2
      Wake on AC Change:    No
      Wake on Clamshell Open:    Yes
      Display Sleep Uses Dim:    Yes
      Reduce Brightness:    Yes
    Hardware Configuration:
      UPS Installed:    No
    AC Charger Information:
      Connected:    Yes
      ID:    0x0100
      Wattage (W):    60
      Revision:    0x0000
      Family:    0x00ba
      Serial Number:    0x00262704
      Charging:    No

  • Month old iPad mini died after charging.

    My iPad mini is just over a month old. I charged it this evening and it became very warm and will not turn on. I tried to reset it to no avail. I am pretty ticked off about it.

    Your iPad has a one year limited warranty.
    Did you try restoring ?  >  iTunes: Restoring iOS software

  • The battery of my two months old iPad is not charging anymore. Somebody knows what is going on?

    The battery of my two months old iPad2 is not charging anymore. Somebody knows what is going on?

    Hi there Dan Laven,
    You may find the information in the article below helpful.
    iPhone and iPod touch: Charging the battery
    About battery life and the battery
    Battery life and number of charge cycles vary by use and settings. Find more information about batteries for iPhone and iPod.
    Find information on how long the battery is expected to last between charges.
    Rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles and may eventually need to be replaced.
    -Griff W. 

  • My ipad is running very slowly on iOS 7, which I got yesterday.

    My ipad is running about two to three times slower now that zi have ipS7. What should I do?

    Try a Restart. 
    Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until the red "slide to power off" slider appears, and then slide the slider. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.
     Resetting your settings
    You can also try resetting all settings. Settings>General>Reset>Reset All Settings. You will have to enter all of your device settings again.... All of the settings in the settings app will have to be re-entered. You won't lose any data, but it takes time to enter all of the settings again.
    Resetting your device
    Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button together for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears. Apple recommends this only if you are unable to restart it.
    Or if this doesn't work and nobody else on the blog doesn't have a better idea you can contact Apple. 
    Here is a link to their contacts with most of the information below. 

  • Lightning connector  charges only one way on 1 month old IPAD.

    lightning connector  charges only one way on 1month old IPAD . Any idea what could be the issue ....?

    Hey George,
    Have you done a wireless scan of the network to see what the wireless network looks like?
    I would use the program INSSIDER on a wireless laptop and scan the network for all the 2.4ghz networks.
    This will allow you to select a channel that is not being used and should stabilize your wireless.
    If someone is within range of your wireless signal and their signal is strong enough they can disrupt your signal.
    I would try that and let us know how it goes.

  • I seem to have a virus in my mac book pro as it is running rather slowly at times.  Also a Mac keeper small window comes up

    Virus in my macbook pro - how do I sort it?

    There are no viruses affecting OS X. See:
    Helpful Links Regarding Virus Protection
    An excellent link to read is Tom Reed's Mac Malware Guide.
    Also, visit The XLab FAQs and read Detecting and avoiding malware and spyware.
    If you require anti-virus protection I recommend using ClamXav.
    I would first get rid of Mac Keeper: How to Remove MacKeeper. Next look for other things that may cause your computer to run slower:
    Things You Can Do To Resolve Slow Downs
    If your computer seems to be running slower here are some things you can do:
    Start with a visit to: OS X Maintenance - MacAttorney.
    Boot into Safe Mode then repair your hard drive and permissions:
    Repair the Hard Drive and Permissions Pre-Lion
    Boot from your OS X Installer disc. After the installer loads select your language and click on the Continue button. When the menu bar appears select Disk Utility from the Utilities menu. After DU loads select your hard drive entry (mfgr.'s ID and drive size) from the the left side list.  In the DU status area you will see an entry for the S.M.A.R.T. status of the hard drive.  If it does not say "Verified" then the hard drive is failing or failed. (SMART status is not reported on external Firewire or USB drives.) If the drive is "Verified" then select your OS X volume from the list on the left (sub-entry below the drive entry,) click on the First Aid tab, then click on the Repair Disk button. If DU reports any errors that have been fixed, then re-run Repair Disk until no errors are reported. If no errors are reported click on the Repair Permissions button. Wait until the operation completes, then quit DU and return to the installer.
    If DU reports errors it cannot fix, then you will need Disk Warrior and/or Tech Tool Pro to repair the drive. If you don't have either of them or if neither of them can fix the drive, then you will need to reformat the drive and reinstall OS X.
    Repair the Hard Drive - Lion
    Boot from your Lion Recovery HD. When the recovery menu appears select Disk Utility. After DU loads select your hard drive entry (mfgr.'s ID and drive size) from the the left side list.  In the DU status area you will see an entry for the S.M.A.R.T. status of the hard drive.  If it does not say "Verified" then the hard drive is failing or failed. (SMART status is not reported on external Firewire or USB drives.) If the drive is "Verified" then select your OS X volume from the list on the left (sub-entry below the drive entry,) click on the First Aid tab, then click on the Repair Disk button. If DU reports any errors that have been fixed, then re-run Repair Disk until no errors are reported. If no errors are reported, then click on the Repair Permissions button. Wait until the operation completes, then quit DU and return to the main menu. Select Restart from the Apple menu.
    Boot to the Recovery HD:
    Restart the computer and after the chime press and hold down the COMMAND and R keys until the menu screen appears. Alternatively, restart the computer and after the chime press and hold down the OPTION key until the boot manager screen appears. Select the Recovery HD and click on the downward pointing arrow button.
    Restart your computer normally and see if this has helped any. Next do some maintenance:
    Suggestions for OS X Maintenance
    For situations Disk Utility cannot handle the best third-party utility is Disk Warrior;  DW only fixes problems with the disk directory, but most disk problems are caused by directory corruption; Disk Warrior 4.x is now Intel Mac compatible.
    OS X performs certain maintenance functions that are scheduled to occur on a daily, weekly, or monthly period. The maintenance scripts run in the early AM only if the computer is turned on 24/7 (no sleep.) If this isn't the case, then an excellent solution is to download and install a shareware utility such as Macaroni, JAW PseudoAnacron, or Anacron that will automate the maintenance activity regardless of whether the computer is turned off or asleep.  Dependence upon third-party utilities to run the periodic maintenance scripts was significantly reduced since Tiger.  These utilities have limited or no functionality with Snow Leopard or Lion and should not be installed.
    OS X automatically defragments files less than 20 MBs in size, so unless you have a disk full of very large files there's little need for defragmenting the hard drive. As for virus protection there are few if any such animals affecting OS X. You can protect the computer easily using the freeware Open Source virus protection software ClamXAV. Personally I would avoid most commercial anti-virus software because of their potential for causing problems. For more about malware see Macintosh Virus Guide.
    I would also recommend downloading a utility such as TinkerTool System, OnyX 2.4.3, or Cocktail 5.1.1 that you can use for periodic maintenance such as removing old log files and archives, clearing caches, etc.
    For emergency repairs install the freeware utility Applejack.  If you cannot start up in OS X, you may be able to start in single-user mode from which you can run Applejack to do a whole set of repair and maintenance routines from the command line.  Note that AppleJack 1.5 is required for Leopard. AppleJack 1.6 is compatible with Snow Leopard. There is no confirmation that this version also works with Lion.
    When you install any new system software or updates be sure to repair the hard drive and permissions beforehand.
    Get an external Firewire drive at least equal in size to the internal hard drive and make (and maintain) a bootable clone/backup. You can make a bootable clone using the Restore option of Disk Utility. You can also make and maintain clones with good backup software. My personal recommendations are (order is not significant):
      1. Carbon Copy Cloner
      2. Data Backup
      3. Deja Vu
      4. SuperDuper!
      5. SyncTwoFolders
      6. Synk Pro
      7. Synk Standard
      8. Tri-Backup
    Visit The XLab FAQs and read the FAQs on maintenance, optimization, virus protection, and backup and restore.
    Additional suggestions will be found in Mac maintenance Quick Assist.
    Referenced software can be found at CNet Downloads or MacUpdate.
    Additional Hints
    Be sure you have an adequate amount of RAM installed for the number of applications you run concurrently. Be sure you leave a minimum of 10% of the hard drive's capacity as free space.
    Add more RAM. If your computer has less than 2 GBs of RAM and you are using OS X Leopard or later, then you can do with more RAM. Snow Leopard and Lion work much better with 4 GBs of RAM than their system minimums. The more concurrent applications you tend to use the more RAM you should have.
    Always maintain at least 15 GBs or 10% of your hard drive's capacity as free space, whichever is greater. OS X is frequently accessing your hard drive, so providing adequate free space will keep things from slowing down.
    Check for applications that may be hogging the CPU:
    Open Activity Monitor in the Utilities folder.  Select All Processes from the Processes dropdown menu.  Click twice on the CPU% column header to display in descending order.  If you find a process using a large amount of CPU time, then select the process and click on the Quit icon in the toolbar.  Click on the Force Quit button to kill the process.  See if that helps.  Be sure to note the name of the runaway process so you can track down the cause of the problem.
    Often this problem occurs because of a corrupted cache or preferences file or an attempt to write to a corrupted log file.

  • My MacBook Pro is running rather slowly. How do I fix this?

    Hi everyone,
    Over the past one month or so, my MacBook Pro has been running a little slow; in fact, it even freezes sometimes and certain application shut down by themselves. This is the very reason why I switched from Windows to Mac. How can I deal with ths issue and fix my computer's performance. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a nice day.
    Talha Shahbaz

    You can restore your mac to facotry default and reload all your imformation by backing it up before hand.

  • Why does my 5 month old iPad not hold a charge anymore

    I have had this iPad for 5 months and it now only work if it is plugged to the charger in the wall socket.  When I plug it to the computer to sync the computer cannot download the driver or power it on.  I changed the charge card to see if it had a short or something, but iPad does the same thing with new charge card.  It will not come on at all if it is not plugged. And when it is plugged to the charger in the wall socket it will recharge and then come on.  What is the problem? How do I fix it?

    take it into your local apple store and have them look at it. the 30 pin port on the iPad can go bad.

  • My 3 month old iPad is suddenly not charging with the adapter

    Hi, this feels like a dumb question but when i plug my iPad into the 10W adapter directly into a wall outlet, the message 'not charging' appears next to the battery percentage. What am I doing wrong? It's charged with the adapter before but now all i get is that message. thanks for any help you can provide! Jeannie

    Thanks everyone! I decided to leave it plugged in and it seems to be charging but it still says 'not charging' in the top right corner next to the battery percentage. It seems to be charging slower than usual though. It was at 44% around 10am and at 2 pm it's at 66%. I don't see the lightning bolt through the battery icon like I normally would. what would cause that? I really appreciate all of your help! Jeannie

  • I can't get video attachments in gmail to play on my macbook pro.  2 month old macbook pro running lion. says format not supported

    I can't get video attachments in gmail to play on my macbook pro.  Says format not supported. 

    What kind of video?  There are dozens of formats, some don't play on a Mac unless you have the right plug-ins for Quicktime.  There are some things you should download to help you out. 
    These should cover EVERYTHING you'd ever encounter (though maybe not).  Frankly, if it's not H.264 or w4v (or both), it doesn't belong on your mac. 

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