A better way to show LARGE images?

I need to have my users click on an image, and make it big enough to read the type.
I've tried the "PHOTO" page w/ the slideshow, but there's no way to make the slideshow big enough.
I've also tried to simply "link" the image file... which comes up big in the window, but I lose all the navigation. And there's no option to have it come up in a NEW window.
Any ideas?

Ed State wrote:
I need to have my users click on an image, and make it big enough to read the type.
I've tried the "PHOTO" page w/ the slideshow, but there's no way to make the slideshow big enough.
I've also tried to simply "link" the image file... which comes up big in the window, but I lose all the navigation. And there's no option to have it come up in a NEW window.
Any ideas?
There are many third parties' AJAX slideshow/image viewer javascripts to accomplish this.
However, there are things stand in the way of iWeb:
1) PHOTO page is AJAX rendered.
2) third parties' AJAX slideshow/image effects.
3) and DOM
You need to have good understanding of the above. That said, it can be done:
All AJAX/javascript and no post editing.

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    Only with javascript and CSS and of a new template per catalog.

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    Learn to search the forums before asking. This is such a recent posting.

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    Hi there,
    I'm facing lot of problem while loading large image (25+ MB JPG/TIFF) in editor pane using ImageIO. I always get OuofMemory exception or my machine (p4 2.4ghz/512 ddr) get hangs. Is there any way to load large images within a moment in Java? I have seen one s/w (written in vc++) that do the same. I'm trying to replicate that s/w.
    Is there any 3rd party Java API to do the same? Have you guys develop similar s/w before?
    I've tried many ways: by changing heap size, using ImageMagick, spliting the image, etc. but never get satisfactory results.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

    You can use Java Advanced Image
    this will avoid the out of memory error.
    I use it to read and show 20K*20K pixel images.
    the loading is immadiate.
    If you use javax.media.jai.widget.ScrollingImagePanel (deprecated) class to visulize the image is quite quick.
    Obviouse that if you want to visualize the entire image you will need to wait an approprite time for rescaling it.

  • Show an image for incorrect click box response

    Is there a better way to show a "Please Try Again" image for a click box response?
    1.  Add click box.
    2.  Set to 1 attempt
    3.  If clicked correctly, advance to next slide.
    4.  If clicked incorrectly, continuing playing current slide
    5.  Add "Please Try Again" image in timeline to show AFTER click box Pause.
    6. If I want to allow multiple failed attampts before moving to the next slide, duplicate items 1 - 5 above, adding it later in the timeline,
    The above method works if Quiz Scoring is turned off.  If Quiz Scoring is turned on, would I have to start using variables to score the quiz?  Each click box would set a variable to TRUE once they get the question correct, whether it was the first attempt or the third attempt.

    BTW - This is Captivate CS5.
    Just thought of a better solution.
    After incorrect, redirect to the beginning of the current slide, so it plays from the beginning again.  this way, I would have to duplicate a click box and "please try again" image 3 times for 3 attempts in the same slide.
    However, this method would not let me specify the number of attempts, unless that was stored in variable.
    One second thought, it may be better to just duplicat the items to reflect the number of attempts I want on that page.  This would let me include a highlight box after the last attempt so they can learn where to click correctly.  We don't want them caught in an endless loop of ignorance! 
    As for scoring, I wouldn't have to use variables if I directed them to a "Correct" screen that as a "Click to continue" click box that gave them the point.  Though that might be a little clunky.
    Thanks for letting me think through my problem on this forum.  ;-)

  • Large images not displaying properly in Acrobat Pro 9

    When creating PDF documents from any software (Illustrator, Corel, InDesign, etc), color objects over 50% of the page size have white fill. If object has an outline, the outline will appear normally, but the fill will be white. I've searched forums everywhere and have found no answer. Most forum topics on this are issue focus on settings in the program that exported the PDF. I am 99% sure this is not an export problem, but is something in Acrobat itself (a missed setting? Corrupt program file?)  
    To provide the best information, I've done a little scientific research. Here is what I know:
    Currently running Acrobat Pro 9.5.5
    This is only happening on ONE install of Acrobat 9. Documents display correctly in Reader X and in Acrobat 9 on other machines.
    Started happening a few weeks ago, I have no idea what changed.
    "Show Large Images" in preferences dialog is checked. Unchecking it and rechecking it does nothing.
    Have installed all available updates to the software
    I experimented with different object sizes. At 50% of page size, objects appeared normal, at 51% filled object disappears.
    Does not affect photos, only affects vector objects.
    I welcome all ideas to fix this.
    ALSO - Am running this on Windows Vista 64 Bit

    Hello? Is there nobody in the Adobe universe that has an actual solution to my problem?
    Other things I've tried to solve this:
    repair the install.
    uninstall and reinstall
    cuss at the computer
    throw a tantrum.
    I will pay someone a whole dollar for a solution that works.

  • While opening specific Document "Not enough Memory" while rendering the Document with Large Image

    When Opening a PDF-File with a Large Image, the Adobe Reader and Acrobat will Crash while rendering with the Message Out of Memory.
    After some investigations this error is reproducable on Windows 2008 R2 and 2012 R2 Machines running on HP ProLiant BL460c Gen8.
    The Servers are updated with the latest Firmware from HP.
    This error does not occure on a Virtual Machine running Windows 2008 R2, so it seems like a Hardware dependent Bug.
    When disabling the Option Show large Images, the error will not Show up. But this is neither a solution nor a workarround, as we Need to Display all Information in the PDF.
    Thanks for any Help

    Hello SumitV
    Thanks for your answer.
    Indeed the Output File can be opened without any Errors. It's a good workarround, but it's not a solution.
    Why does it work (and much faster) on a Virtual Machine, but not on a very Powerful HP Machine?
    I hope Adobe will investigate in this case to solve it completely.
    We have a test machine where we could install some debug tools, are there any to get a deeper analysis of this problem?
    Thanks a lot.

  • Timeline not working - is there a better way?

    First, what I'm trying to accomplish:
    I have a div layer the explains how to navigate the ensuing
    I want this to display for about 25 seconds and then hide
    while the other two divs on the page become visible.
    I set up a timeline with three layers and made it
    automatically play back.
    I made the first layer visible for 25 seconds and then made
    it hidden.
    The other two divs started hidden and I made them visible
    after 25 seconds.
    It worked for a while but I went back to fine tune it but the
    timeline appeared to be blank. I tried to set it up again but now
    things are all screwed up.
    Is there a better way to show and hide divs for specific
    amounts of time?
    Are there tricks to using timelines that I'm missing?

    This doesn't really answer your question - but your post
    raises some
    other questions. If you have to explain to users how to
    navigate your
    site, isn't that a red flag that there are other more serious
    Like making the site usable? If you still want to display
    those DIVs,
    not all people read at the same speed. After 25 or whatever
    seconds some
    people will be bored having to stare at that so long while
    others will
    not have had enough time to read it. Best to let the user
    decide when to
    close the DIV. The last thing to note is the Timeline is
    pretty awful.
    So bad in fact that it is being removed from Dreamweaver CS4.
    You might
    consider using Flash for "Timeline animations" instead.
    Adobe Community Expert

  • Which is better way to place images ?

    I'm making huge catalog with a lot of products.
    Which way is the proper way or better way to do?
    Make individual product image paste on photoshop and bring in to InDesign and lay images (re-sizing smaller, not bigger) and text out.
    Make multiple product images paste on one photoshop document which size to catalog size already, then place into InDesign.
    My thought is, if you don't make images bigger in InDesign, it's easier to make individual images and bring to InDesign and playing around for layout.

    placing many images can go fast, select all (or a part) images you like to import, before placing the first image, hold down COMMAND-SHIFT key, now you can draw a grid for the images, when you are drawing that grid, you can use the UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT keys to increase or decrease the number of collums and/or rows. That way you can place images at high speed.

  • Cann't show large tiff image?

    I am using form6i to show a tiff image from database table's column(BLOB). when i execute query_execute from form6i,i can only show the image that size is small(FE:50kb),and cann't show the image that size is more than 100kb. what shall i do?

    It does seem a bit silly to retain the icon that implies a full sized viewing though.
    iPhoto menu -> Provide iPhoto Feedback
    If a change is an improvement, I'm all for it. If it is an arbitrary and unnecessary change, it can just be irritating. Like changing the reload button in Safari from the upper left to a variable position somewhere in the upper middle part of the window, a change that improved nothing and probably was a bad idea; changing a constantly located icon to one that roams around depending on the window width.
    Absolutely. Not sure what that has to do with iPhoto, though.
    I can cope with changes that make things more efficient or improve quality.
    Good to know.
    I don't quite understand the defense of mindless changes that merely require the user to dig around and waste time figuring out what happened to seemingly missing standard features.
    But who’s defending anything?
    I don't think that the sheep who copes by blithely accepting being herded onto the slaughterhouse truck is necessarily exercising any signs of higher intelligence.
    True. But what do you make of the one who goes ranting off about things based on incorrect information?
    This change in the software is inconvenient and makes the program worse.
    By way of explanation and not at all to defend: It’s a subtle thing, I know. But it does add a level of coherence to the OS. Quicklook in the Finder, for instance, does a similar thing with the same keystroke. Itunes starts playing a track on the same keystroke. So, I’m not sure where the failed analysis is.

  • In iPhoto, my thumbnails show but larger images do not, why?

    I am having trouble with some of my larger images not showing up in iPhoto. I click on "Faces" and go into pictures of my mom that I have tagged. I see all the thumbnail images of her, but when I click to view the images larger, it doesn't show the picture. It shouws a triangle with a !
    I am running iPhoto '11 (version 9.2.1)
    Please help me.

    The ! turns up when iPhoto loses the connection between the thumbnail in the iPhoto Window and the file it represents.
    Option 1
    Back Up and try rebuild the library: hold down the command and option (or alt) keys while launching iPhoto. Use the resulting dialogue to rebuild. Choose to Rebuild iPhoto Library Database from automatic backup.
    If that fails:
    Option 2
    Download iPhoto Library Manager and use its rebuild function. This will create a new library based on data in the albumdata.xml file. Not everything will be brought over - no slideshows, books or calendars, for instance - but it should get all your albums and keywords back.
    Because this process creates an entirely new library and leaves your old one untouched, it is non-destructive, and if you're not happy with the results you can simply return to your old one. .

  • Masking out images. Is there a better way

    Could someone help me out and maybe point me towards a better way to mask. png file is way too big. I have been using the mask layer option to create my own mask around a jpg image by drawing around it on the mask layer. There has to be a fetter and faster way to do this. Is it possible to maybe have a specific color range have an alpha value of 0.  Similar to green screening whereas If I put the item I want to clip on a green background flash will auto take out the green for me. and by auto I mean action script maybe. I think this can be done but im not finding it.
    how are these guys clipping these images http://www.cr8tiverecreation.com/home.swf
    they have the movie clips set up where the black background on the 3 layers of shoes is getting masked out. When I go into the shoe movie clips I see there is a black background but it just disappears when I go back to main timeline. Im not seeing any code for this or anything Please anyone help me out here. Thanks!

    you could but that would be more cumbersome than simply assigning the background color to be transparent using the bitmapdata class.  and even that may be problematic if the background color is used in the foreground and you don't want it to be transparent.

  • Large images show up as red boxes?

    hello all ---
    im looking for some advice/feedback
    i designed this website a while back
    apparently the images i used in a scoller
    show up as red squares on some peoples computers.
    ( they are extremely long - 20,000 px wide )
    it works fine for me - and others - but i just checked on my
    friends and am having this problem
    could it be the persons internet settings?
    would it have to do with flash player?
    i would think it has to do with the actual size of the images
    - but then why would it work on some computers and not others????
    any advice / similar problems????
    also - if you check the website and see red - could you post
    i want to test the severity of the problem

    Known issue with Flash Player that I need to get
    documented soon. I don't see a fix coming for this anytime soon
    Two workarounds:
    1. Switch to lossless compression
    2. Slice the large image into smaller images of less than
    1024 px (but keep jpeg compression)

  • Bug: All emails containing unique large images show up with the image of the first viewed email

    After deleting all messages in my inbox and rebooting my Blackberry,
    Various emails arrive in my inbox, each containing a large image.
    Whichever email I choose to open, it will show the image that it contains, but after that, every other email I view that contains a large image, displays the image of the first email, and not the actual image in the email that I'm trying to view.
    This happens constantly.

    I have the same problem. Running Windows 7. This started to happen with in the last two weeks. Even my older e-mails from a year go does the same thing. 
    Been on tech support twice and have friends of mine over to look it over. 
    Does not happen on G mail. Happens on my laptop and pc and HTC verizon phone.
    Yes, they see it the image as fine. No help from them, verizon. 
    My images will have an X or show up half grey or like there Fios TV some time all blocks.
    I been with them for a long time too. Since they were call Bell Atlantic. 
    I am at work and I use Clear.com wifi. 
    Feel very disappointed in Verizon. 

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  • N9 keyboard does not appear in messaging app

    Lately (PR1.3) , when I enter a conversation in the messaging app, I touch the area where I am to type and nothing happens. Other apps are not affected. So far I've rebooted my phone. Is there a better trick? Or better yet, a fix?!

  • On New iMac 10.8, CS4 Program quit unexpectedly when trying to print

    I can't print since I have reinstall CS4 on my new iMac with english system 10.8. Program quit unexpectedly when I want to print. Is there a solution?