A question about page properties

I am new to dreamweaver going through tutorial.
In the book it tells me to modify page properties. The pop up window on my computer shows up differently than in the book. see attachment of screen shot from my computer
In the book it is different.
1. Category - Appearance has controls for typography, that is not on mine
2  Category also shows access to Links and Headings between Appearance and Title/Encoding
I am working in dreamweaver 8 but have also opened up dreamweaver CS3 and it comes up the same way.
I use a Macbook Pro OS X.4.11.
Help !

I'm wondering if somehow toggling the HTML/CSS preferences might get your dialog box to match the one you see in the book. See this Help page for more info, make the switch, and then open the dialog box again to see if that works.

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  • Question about page margins

    Hello all. I am trying to get started with my first document that will later be part of a book. My question is what to do about page margins. I imported my text, and then after that I tried to change my page margins, to make them larger. But when I did that, it created purple lines at the new margins, but the text is still filling out the old margins, going over the new margins.
    Not sure what to do here.

    Before changing the page margins, go to Layout > Layout Adjustment and select enable and the applicable options. Then make margin changes.

  • Question about Page Builder behavior - how to get a "please wait message" ?

    Hi all together,
    I got a question about Portal Framework / Page Buider handling iView Integration.
    We are working with a lot of App Integrator iViews and often the pages includes with app integrator are loading longer than the rest of the portal. So there is the idea to put in a "please wait while loading message" for the enduser.
    I analysed the html code, the page builder is generating and foud out 3 diffrent approaches how the page buider is rendering the IFRAME with the integrated application configured with an app integrator iView.
    My question is how can I influence this behavior to put a "please wait while loading message"?
    Different types of iView integration in the client I have seen:
    a) direct loading of the content in the IFRAME (<iframe id="" ... scr="/mysource">)
    b) Filling the iframe with 'about:blank' and loading the content later by filling a form with JS
         ( <iframe id="" .... scr="about:blank">and after the iframe  <form id="" action="mysource" ...>
    c) Filling the iframe with a html file from the portal layout and loading the content later by filling a form with JS (similar to b)
         ( <iframe id=""" ....scr="/irj/portalapps/com.sap.test.mylayout/html/blank.html>
    I checked that variant b) is getting generated when loading a page with different components on the side (not only the app integrator iview) and variant c) is generated when just one app integrator iView is positioned (no portal page).
    Goal: To get the "please wait picture" I want to know how to get variant c) in cases of different elements on one page
    So I would be able to put this picture on the HTML-Page in the Portal layout (blank.html)
    Hope, someone with a deep portal / page builder know-how can help me out!
    Another way: Does anybody knows another way how to put a "please wait message" while app integrator application is not loaded yet?
    Thanks in Advance and kind regards,
    Edited by: Jens Kohne on Nov 24, 2010 9:08 AM

    Hi Jens,
    there are several reasons why you don't get the loading animation:
    Web Dynpro ABAP: https://service.sap.com/sap/support/notes/1432358 -> missing configuration
    Wrong height size for iView: https://service.sap.com/sap/support/notes/1358494 -> alter configuration of the iFrame height (loading animation gets displayed, but is hidden)
    FPN, BSP, BEx: https://service.sap.com/sap/support/notes/1290995 -> AI isn't showing the animation because of performance considerations. I guess that is your case. Depending on your portal version this is a simple service configuration or involves some customization.

  • Question about Page WIdth

    Hi. I know this is probably a stupid question but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere.
    I am using iWeb 08 and have built a site using the "Main Event" theme. I would like to make the pages bigger than the default 700 px width; however, if I increase the width in Inspector, it doesn't look right because the Page Background-Image Fill-Tile leaves a gap on the right hand side. Basically the Browser Background image shows a long strip from the top of the page to the bottom about 20 px long (my guess).
    In addition, the page doesn't look right because the Navigation Bar at the top of the page uses an image as a background (which also serves to make the text readable. When I make the page wider in Inspector, I can then drag the Navigation Bar box wider but can't seem to get a hold of the image behind it to make it bigger.
    I hope I explained my problem.

    Send a feature request to Apple via http://www.apple.com/feedback/iweb.html

  • 5 Questions about Pages 5

    Does Pages 5 currently support finding paragraph returns?
    Does Pages 5 currently support finding dumb quotes and turning them into smart quotes?
    Does Page 5 currently support Comments in the way that Pages 4.3 does?
    What happens to Pages 4.3 Comments when Pages 5 opens the file?
    Is Pages 5 able to interpret RTF commands properly when opening RTF files?
    When Pages 5 was introduced about a year ago, I balked. I’m intensive user of Pages 4.3 and was stunned at the extensive list of rescinded functionality in Pages 5. I’m aware Apple has been adding some of 4.3 functions back in. But is it going to be enough?

    1. Yes, in a clumsy round about way
    2. You'd have to search on space quote, quote space and do the substitution
    3. No. They are all individual pop-ups and you can only see them one at a time. And can't print them.
    4. I assume it converts them to the new format.
    5. Pages 5 will not open .rtf files, you need to open them in TextEdit or similar and copy paste the text across.
    No. If anything the number of missing features we have discovered has grown and is currently over 110 missing.
    Also the bugs have grown and there is a good likelihood at some stage of not being able to open your files nor accessing any of the content.
    If you are an experienced Pages '09 user then Pages 5 will be a severe disappointment and handicap. The only people who seem to like it are newbies and users who never knew how to use Pages in the first place. We've had some even declaring features which are in Pages '09 and better implemented, are the reason they "upgraded" to Pages 5. Dangerous to themselves and everyone around them.
    As long as you make sure not to irrevocably convert your existing files to the new format, there is no harm in installing Pages 5.2.2 and trying it for yourself.
    iWork '09 will simply be moved to an iWork folder inside the Applications folder.

  • Question about static properties in implementation (.m) file

    I've been using some static properties in my implementation files so they can be accessed by class methods like so for example:
    #import etc
    static Class foo; // <-- Here is where I've been defining static properties
    @implementation Bar
    - init {
    foo = [Class new]; // initialize property
    + getObject { // now any where else in my code I can use [Foo getObject]
    return foo;
    - dealloc {
    [foo release];
    I've been doing this so that in other classes, I can simply go like:
    [Foo getObject]
    Can someone give me some more details about what's going on here though? It's been working but I'm nervous because I don't know much about it.
    ie. What kind of property is it? (nonatomic, retain)? Is this bad practice?
    Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this.

    First off, it's not a property. It's a static variable. And the code you have isn't a good idea. Static variables should NOT be set via instance methods.
    Think about the following code:
    // In some other class
    Bar x = [[Bar alloc] init];
    Bar y = [[Bar alloc] init];
    Think about what just happened. In the 'foo' class you have now created two 'foo' objects and the first one is now leaked.
    The proper way to initialize static variables is with the 'initialize' class method. This is only ever called once, the first time the class is referenced.
    static Class foo;
    @implementation Bar
    + (void)initialize {
    foo = [[Bar alloc] init];
    - init {
    // Do nothing with 'foo'
    + (Bar)getObject {
    return foo;
    - (void)dealloc {
    // Do nothing with 'foo'
    The only downside, sort of, is that 'foo' is never dealloc'ed except when the app exits. But this isn't typically a problem.

  • DW CS5 question about page layout viewed in different browsers

    I am still very new to Dreamweaver CS5 and I need help with the appearance of a new website that I have been creating. We are mac based and I'm currently using Mac OS10. The layout I have created should appear centered on the page and it contains a solid background image. When I view it on our macs using Safari, everything looks exactly as it should, but when viewing it on a PC using the Internet Explorer 8, the text, spry menu bar and image of a doctor on the right hand side (that is set to change every time the page is refreshed), all shift to the right. Any advise on fixing this issue would be extremely helpful. The index page and the pages under the obstetrics menu are the only ones that I have completed so far. Here is a link to the web page: http://www.advertools.net/COBGYN/index.html
    Thank you for your assistance.

    Yes, I am referring to the fact you are using absolute positioning for the divs, and that this is causing your problems.
    If you change the top, left/right values you are using to position them to % values this will alleviate the problem, (not completely though). Instead of say -
    top: 500px;
    left: 450px
    top 70%;
    left: 40%;
    The values are only examples and you will have to adjust these to suite your needs.

  • Question about page sizes

    I received a PDF file that should have letter sized pages 8.5 inches by 11 inches. The page size in the lower left hand corner says that the pages are 35.42 inches by 45.69 inches or approximately 4 times the normal size. The file is readable at 31%, but I cannot print it out. Only the center portion of the page prints. Is there a way to reduce the page back down to 8.5 by 11? The sender and I are both using adobe accrobat 8.

    Thank you so much for your prompt response. I found this out by chance late last night.
    Thank you again,
    Joe Osterfeld
    Joe Osterfeld CPA

  • A question about log4j.properties

    Normally I put the log4j.properties inside my web-application such as under WEB-INF. So it will be packaged into the WAR.
    But now I want to take it outside of the WAR and put it under a dir and furthermore I change its name to "myLog4j.log4j.properties". This has two advantages:
    One can change the contents without opent the WAR.
    Under this dir the other projects can put their xxx.log4j.properties so they can be managed easily.
    But I don't know where should I put this file and how to configure the server sothat the server can find this file and my program can write all the log infos into the log-file defined in the "myLog4j.log4j.properties".
    Can someone help?

    Actually file log4j.properties should be in the classpath, that classloader could see it. Add the path to file into CLASSPATH.

  • Question about page Orientation

    Hey guys,
    I have a couple of questions,
    I Know there are issues between Safari and acrobat's browswer plugins, without having to resort to unsinstalling adobe.
    Also If I do continue to use adobe reader, is there way to reverse or mirror image the pdf and save that preset to that printer so it happens everytime.
    I am trying to print out tickets using pdf's online, and have to rotate the image twice so that it appears upside down, before the ticket will match the paper, and print correctly.
    We have staff, that don`t necessarily work all the time, and keeping this process to a single "just hit print" type of scenario (simpliest way possible), is what were trying to do.
    So I would like to adjust, the pdf reader to automaticly rotate the pdf the minute the pdf is loaded online.
    Any help is greatly apreciated,

    I apalogize for that, it wasen`t that I was trying to ask the same question because I didn`t get a respnse, it was more that I was trying to better explain myself, and clairfy the question. The earlier post I admit was a bit confusing, and I have since narrowed the problem a bit.

  • Question about System Properties?

    Can anyone shed some light apon this, if i have my midlet running in the background
    i.e. display set to null.... can j2me read the state of the phone system?
    Can j2me read any 'system property' like active/idle/keylocked??

    Well generically the answer is NO.
    There is always a chance that some device manufacturer have supplied (if at all) some API to do this. But I am yet to heard about any device in the market to have this. Only what I heard that Nokia is in its way to supply some API like this with there Series 40 3'rd edition phones (ref. http://developers.sun.com/learning/javaoneonline/sessions/2006/TS-4447/index.html?). But they haven't yet announced anything on the release of it.

  • About to go to College have a few questions about pages....

    How do i turn auto complete or w/e its called. When i use word it automatically fixes the spelling of a word i slightly spelled wrong, is there anyway to do that on pages. i already found the auto capitalization and all that stuff but still no solution to that. also, is there really no need to buy anti virus for my macbook. i know that mac os is supposed to be impenetrable but i wanna make sure this lasts. thanks

    There is not an auto-complete in Pages as there is in Word. You have found the Auto-correction preferences which is not the same thing.
    There are some third-party programs you can use such as Typinator, TypeIt4Me & TextExpander. Do a search on MacUpdate or VersionTracker. I use Typinator because I got it with a MacUpdate Promo bundle. These have the advantage of working in any program with text input.

  • Question about page

    I downloaded a template and it seems to work but I cant
    figure out where the code is coming from on the index.html or
    index_dream.html.(Dreamweaver) I can see the generic latin text in
    the code view but I can't see or edit it in design view. I have put
    a link to the entire template ZIP file on my website.Please click
    on the button for web design. It is named template with flash.Here
    is the link. Thank you!
    If anyone could take a look at it and try to explain it to me
    I would greatly appreciate it.I registered the domain name of my
    site, bought web hosting and uploaded the files I created in
    dreamweaver to it so I'm not exactly a newbie, I guess, but I am
    still just learning dreamweaver and web applications. Thanks again.
    P.S. The website is my first attempt so it has not been
    tweaked to the way I want it.Mostly just for testing. Any comments
    or suggestions would be welcome.

    Thanks, Jaime
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  • A question about iwork and microsoft office

    what's the different between I download iwork on app stores and buy iwork software?
    and one more question about Pages in iwork is that  can Microsoft office word open the document create by Pages ?

    Sandy.zuoxy wrote:
    what's the different between I download iwork on app stores and buy iwork software?
    They're the same.
    Sandy.zuoxy wrote:
    and one more question about Pages in iwork is that  can Microsoft office word open the document create by Pages ?
    Yes, especially if you save the document in Word format.
    You can also save it in PDF and a simple text file (but the layout could be modified if you open it in Office).

  • I have a question about extracting pages.  When I do the function, adobe saves the individual files as " file name space page number ", so the files look like this "filename 1.pdf", "filename 2.pdf", "filename 3.pdf".  Without too many gory details, I a

    I have a question about extracting pages.  When I do the function, adobe saves the individual files as "<file name><space><page number>", so the files look like this "filename 1.pdf", "filename 2.pdf", "filename 3.pdf".  Without too many gory details, I am using excel to concatenate some data to dynamically build a hyperlink to these extraced files.  It casues me problems, however, for the space to be the the file name.  Is there any way to change the default behavoir of this function to perhaps use a dash or underscore instead of a space?

    No, you can't change the default naming scheme. You can do it yourself if you extract the pages using a script instead of using the built-in command.

Maybe you are looking for

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  • Physical tables

    Hi, please give me the physical table names which can hold the following: 1. Transfer structure routines 2. Code for Virtual KF and Characteristics. Thanks, Vijaya

  • [SOLVED] Firefox 28 stopped using hardware acceleration

    Up to Firefox 27, one could start Firefox with MOZ_ACCELERATED=1 MOZ_GLX_IGNORE_BLACKLIST=1 firefox or you could set layers.acceleration.force-enabled=true in about:config. Then you could check, whether Firefox uses hw-acceleration in about:support.

  • Is there a way to sort iBooks library folders alphabetically?

    I have created collections in iBooks and they are not organized alphabetically, but in the order I set them up. Is there a way to organize them alphabetically?