ABAP Query in iView

How do I display an ABAP query in a portal iView?

Hello Amit,
I have a question regarding the SAP QUERY Iview.
First, about the system Identifier: How do you create this in portal? is it created the way you create any other SAP system in system configuration? The reason I ask is, when I look at the properties for system identifier, it says JCO destination xml identifier. Can you please explain how to set this up.
We just want to create an Iview in portal which can display a query coming from our SAP R/3 system.
Also, When you are creating an Iview from PAR file, do we have to deploy any extar PAR files before we can use this functionality. Please let me know.

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  • How to publish ABAP query to MSS/Portal

    Can someone please guide me on how can I publish a ABAP query to web using MSS.

    You can display the reports in the portal directly or through creating the iviews in the PCD content.
    Directly Displaying the query in the portal options:-
    Option 1. Go to the query designer >Open any Query>Select Execute.
    The report will be displayed in the portal.
    Option 2. Go to the query Designer> open any Query>In tool select Query.select Publish>To Portal.
    Creating the Iviews:-
    1. In your portal PCD content create the iview for the xisting query and assing the iview to page anf page to workset .
    Assign th page to any role in the portal , through tis roles you can directly log in  to the portal and access the query in the portal.

  • How to create an ABAP Query with OR logical expression in the select-where

    In trying to create an ABAP query with parameters. So it will select data where fields are equal to the parameters entered. The default logical expression is SELECT.. WHERE... AND.. However I want to have an OR logical expression instead of AND.. how can I attain this??
    Please help me on this.. Points will be rewarded.
    Thanks a lot.
    Question Man

    Hi Bhupal, Shanthi, and Saipriya,
    Thanks for your replies. But that didn't answer my question.
    You cannot just replace AND with OR in an ABAP QUERY. ABAP QUERY is a self generated SAP code. You'll just declare the tables, input parameters and output fields to be displayed and it will create a SAP standard code. If you'll try to change the code and replace the AND with OR in the SAP standard code, the system will require you to enter access key/object key for that particular query.
    Yes, that is exactly what need to have. I need to retireve DATA whenever one of the conditions was satisfied.
    Like what I have said, this is a standard SAP code so we can't do your suggestion.
    I have already tried to insert a code in the ABAP query (there's a part there wherein you can have extra code) but that didn't work. Can anybody help me on this.
    Thanks a lot.
    Points will be rewarded.
    Question Man

  • Logical database of ABAP query

    Can anybody please let me know what is the Logical database for ETXDCI, ETXDCH & ETXDCJ (Tax tables) with any sales document tables? I need to develop one ABAP query for the users.
    I am a Functional person so I would like to know Can anybody please let me know how I can find out the Logical database?
    Your time and help will be really appreciate.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Niki Shah.

    Try the BRF logical database.
    I found it by searching in which programs the tables were used.
    It show program SAPDBBRF which is the program for logical database BRF.
    Kind regards,
    Arthur Parisius

  • Pnp- logical db in abap query

    i need to create an ABAP/sap query. when i created the InfoSet i used logical db-pnp.
    if i want to get only the employees which entered my organization during the last month where should i add the ABAP code,  under which section => extras -> code. i have there several options - data, initialization, at selection-screen output etc, what to choose??????????

    Welcome to SDN forum
    query has got some limitatins compared to Reports which we write using SE38
    these queries are user specific and client specific and can't be transportable and you can't write your own code as you wish like reports
    see the doc
    Step-by-step guide for creating ABAP query
    ABAP query is mostly used by functional consultants.
    SAP Query
    The SAP Query application is used to create lists not already contained in the SAP standard system. It has been designed for users with little or no knowledge of the SAP programming language ABAP. SAP Query offers users a broad range of ways to define reporting programs and create different types of reports such as basic lists, statistics, and ranked lists.
    SAP Query's range of functions corresponds to the classical reporting functions available in the system. Requirements in this area such as list, statistic, or ranked list creation can be met using queries.
    All the data required by users for their lists can be selected from any SAP table created by the customer.
    To define a report, you first have to enter individual texts, such as titles, and select the fields and options which determine the report layout. Then you can edit list display in WYSIWYG mode whenever you want using drag and drop and the other toolbox functions available.
    ABAP Query, as far as I Believe, is the use of select statements in the ABAP Programming. This needs a knowledge of Open SQL commands like Select,UPdtae, Modify etc. This has to be done only by someone who has a little bit of ABAP experience.
    To sum up, SAP queries are readymade programs given by SAP, which the user can use making slight modification like the slection texts, the tables from which the data is to be retrieved and the format in which the data is to be displayed.ABAP queries become imperative when there is no such SAP query existing and also when there is a lot of customizing involved to use a SAP Query directly
    use either SQ02 ans SQ01
    or SQVI tr code
    for more information please go thru this url:
    Please check this PDF document (starting page 352) perhaps it will help u.
    check the below link will be helpful for u
    Tutorial on SQVI
    once you create query system generates a report starting with AQZZ/SAPQUERY/ABAGENCY2======= assing this report to tr code for the same

  • Wrong sequence in selection screen generated by ABAP Query

    I am developing a query to display the data in the view.
    My query has 8 selection fields totally.
    As part of my requirement I have added selection parameter in the
    selections tab of the infoset and maintained the sequence as 9.
    Inspite of maintaining the sequence number as 9 in the infoset, It is
    appearing first in the selection screen of the query.
    I tried putting different numbers in the sequence number, but even it
    is appearing first in the selection screen.
    Can you please let me know how to display the selections declared in
    the infoset as per the sequence required.

    Actually what happen when you declare your own fields in ABAP query . you have to care about the sequence . As an example if you’re selecting lets say state name , you have two variables
    2- land</b>
    for state you have to select land first , if your state is first and land is 2nd it gave you the error of sequence .
    Because you have to get data in land first in order to get state specific to the land .
    it should be
    Just see the your fields , I’m sure you’re missing that .
    <b>You can also see the NO ( field ) in Query ( Sq03 ) . where you can define the seqence on selection.</b>
    hope this’ll help you .
    Pl...Award the points .
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  • Performance tuning for ABAP Query (created from t-cd SQ01)

    Hello all,
    We created ABAP Query report from transaction SQ01.
    But the generated report has an appropriate SQL statement which causes performance problem.
    To solve this issue, I guess the easiest way is;
    0. Give up to use it.
    1. Copy it to another object in the customer namespace.
    2. Ajust SQL statement.
    But I'm wondering if there're appropriate ways to adjust SQL statement of Query.
    Could anybody give me any better idea?
    Thank you

    You can try this: Create 2 ranges, for objnr and cdtcode and fill like:
    ra_objnr-sign = 'I'.
    ra_objnr-option = 'CP'.
    ra_objnr-low = 'OR*'.
    append ra_objnr.
    ra_code-sign = 'I'.
    ra_code-option = 'CP'.
    ra_code-low = 'CO*'.
    append ra_code.
    SELECT objnr udate utime
    FROM jcds
    INTO TABLE it_jcds
    WHERE objnr IN ra_objnr
    AND stat = l_tj02t
    AND cdtcode IN ra_code
    AND inact = space

  • How to hide some fields in ABAP Query

    My ABAP Query has a long list of extracted fields. I wanted to set some of these output to "HIDE".
    This allow User the flexibility to decide what fields to show.
    How can I set the field to "HIDE" in my query?

    Hi Tim,
    You can do this by setting the Report layout variant in following steps:
    1. First define the parameter on selection screent for report variant.
    2. Data decelaration for variant.
    3. Value request to get already present variants on report:
    4. If doesn't choose the layout take out the default report layout.
    5. Initialize the report variant.
    6. Apply the variant to the REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY funtion module.
             Here to generate report variant first to open report output and then as per according to user set the layout of report using the layout icon of ALV with summation on value fields (as required) and create layout name.
    *Data Deceleration as below:
    Data :g_save(1) TYPE c,
    **      g_default(1) TYPE c,
    g_exit(1) TYPE c,
    gx_variant TYPE disvariant,
    g_variant TYPE disvariant.
    *First Define the parameter to give layout of Report variant.
    PARAMETERS: p_vari TYPE disvariant-variant.
    * Process on value request
    PERFORM f4_for_variant.
    * Selection-Screen Checking
    PERFORM pai_of_selection_screen.
    w_repid = sy-repid.
    PERFORM variant_init.
    * Get default variant
    gx_variant = g_variant.
    i_save     = g_save
    cs_variant = gx_variant
    not_found  = 2.
    IF sy-subrc = 0.
    p_vari = gx_variant-variant.
    FORM f4_for_variant .
    is_variant = g_variant
    i_save     = g_save
    e_exit     = g_exit
    es_variant = gx_variant
    not_found  = 2.
    IF sy-subrc = 2.
    MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE 'S'      NUMBER sy-msgno
    WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
    **  ELSE.
    **    IF g_exit = space.
    **    ENDIF.
    ENDFORM.                    " f4_for_variant
    FORM pai_of_selection_screen .
    IF NOT p_vari IS INITIAL.
    MOVE g_variant TO gx_variant.
    MOVE p_vari TO gx_variant-variant.
    i_save     = g_save
    cs_variant = gx_variant.
    g_variant = gx_variant.
    PERFORM variant_init.
    ENDFORM.                    " pai_of_selection_screen
    FORM variant_init .
    CLEAR g_variant.
    g_variant-report = w_repid.
    ENDFORM.                    " variant_init
    **While Showing report pass the variant :::
    g_save = 'A'.
    i_callback_program = w_repid
    i_structure_name   = 'IT_MAIN'
    is_layout          = i_layout
    is_print           = i_print
    it_fieldcat        = i_fieldcat[]
    it_events          = i_events[]
    i_save             = g_save
    is_variant         = g_variant
    t_outtab           = it_main
    program_error      = 1
    OTHERS             = 2.
    IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
    WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
    Many Thanks / Himanshu Gupta

  • A few Questions on ABAP Query

    Hi Guru's
    I would like to ask some questions on ABAP query.
    1. Can you transport abab queries? Should it only be Global or you can also transport Standard Areas?
    2. Once transported, am i able to change query?

    you can transport a quary but for that the quary should be an object itself or attached to some object
    if once transported to production....you cannot change it there and for changing you have to get it in developement sysytem and then make any change.

  • How to set default value in select option for ABAP query

    Hi experts,
    What is the way to set up default values for select-options in ABAP query.
    I have one field 'Year' in my ABAP query selection screen.
    I want value of current year to be appeared here whenever user execute report
    Thanks in Advance

    Hi Harkamal,
    execute your Query via SQ01. On Selection-Screen
    goto save Variant. Mark your field
    as selection variable an press Button election variable.
    Take variable from TVARV and use it.
    Than save the Variant.
    Look at TVARV if the 'Year' is updated to the actualYear!
    regards, Dieter

  • Short Dump While selecting Variant for ABAP query

    ABAP query is going to short dump (CONNE_IMPORT_WRONG_COMP_LENG) while selecting a Variant. If i create and use variant then i am able to see Output of Variant.But not able to use Earlier created variants .
    I think some mismatch between variant values and selection screen fields.Can anyone tell me how to rectify this ?
    I am not able to debug the code as dump is coming in a System program(RSDBSPVD).Can anyone tell me which database table i can use to get values of the Variant.
    Thanks in Advance.
    Nirmala K

    Hi nirmala,
    chk the links:

  • Getting error while assigning ABAP Query to Tr.Code

    Hi Guys,
    There is a problem iam facing with ABAP query while transporting which need to solved asap. It will very greatfull if u guys can resolve this problem.
    My problem is, I created one ABAP Query with Name ASSETOVERVIEW. I had transported this even, now when iam going to assign it to one transaction code with se93 lets say ZAOR. I need to give its description and program name in se93 right. now my question is what is program name i need to give in se93. Bcoz in SQ01 where i created the query, there is no name as 'program name' rather there is 'Name' in that we will create the query name i.e, ASSETOVERVIEW. In se93 u give tr.code and when u see down there will be radiobuttons in 'start object',in that i had checked program and selection screen (report transaction) is this right button i had checked or any other i need to check?. I had assigned this name i.e,ASSETOVERVIEW and development class and then when i check the name for syntax check its giving "'ASSETOVERVIEW' does not exist". I don't understand what program name i need to give.
    If u guys can help me out with this problem it will be very much appreciable and definetly can get the reward points.
    Thanks for as usual help in advance.

    Hi omer,
    1. Just run the query.
    2. one selection screen will come
    3. then using SYSTEM---->STATUS, (from menu)
       look for the program name
    4. the program name will be something wired foramt.
    /asdfasdf/asdfdas etc.
    5. Give that name in se93.
    amit m.

  • ABAP Web Dynpro iView error

    My ABAP Web Dynpro iView encouters errors:
    The URL http://sp06:8004/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/z_jgo_demo// was not called due to an error.
    The following error text was processed in the system SB2 : WebDynpro Exception: Error in UCF Template POPUP_PAGE ($).
    The error occurred on the application server sw06_SB2_04 and in the work process 0 .
    The termination type was: RABAX_STATE
    The ABAP call stack was:
    Method: RAISE of program CX_WD_GENERAL=================CP
    Method: RENDER_TEMPLATE of program CL_WDR_UCF====================CP
    Method: HANDLE_TEMPLATE of program CL_WDR_UCF====================CP
    Method: IF_HTTP_EXTENSION~HANDLE_REQUEST of program CL_WDR_MAIN_TASK==============CP
    Method: EXECUTE_REQUEST of program CL_HTTP_SERVER================CP
    Module: %_HTTP_START of program SAPMHTTP
    I was able to run the ABAP web dynpro application outside of portal by using the url: http://sp06:8004/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/z_jgo_demo/. But with the extra / at the end, I get the same error.
    Can anyone point me to how to remove that extra / at the end?

    Hi Gurus ,
    We have upgraded the SAP HR system from ECC6.3 to ECC6.4 and netweaver from 7.0 to 7.1 .
    Following are the list of error in EHP4 system ,
    1) Layout of ABAP Webdynpro Component are not displayed .
    2) Any ABAP WEBDYNPRO Application is not displayed by tesing in SAP-R3 and also in ESS .
    error are as follows while trying to view layout in abap webdynpro application :
    If any one have information for this kindly let me know .
    Thanks :

  • IView not found error when excuting ABAP Web Dynpro iView

    Hi Experts,
    I have created one ABAP Web Dynpro iView for an existing Application.
    Parameters I have passed for iView creation.
    Namespace : sap
    Application Name: SampleApp
    System Name: R3_SYS.
    Can any one please pass on me the details what are the mandatory parameters need to be passed.
    Thanks in Advance,

    Hi Chinna,
    You need to check the following parameters like
    Namespace - should be 'sap' as this is root node in SICF
    Application Name: - check name of WD application in se80
    Please refer to below thread for creating WD ABAP iview.
    Re: Webdynpro ABAP iView Blank Page
    Web Dynpro for ABAP iVIew's Namespace parameter
    how to create iview from webdynpro application  abap
    Hope it helps

  • Can´t find Taxonomy Query Builder iView

    Reading this documentation from help http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw2004s/helpdata/en/77/49523ec744d947e10000000a114084/frameset.htm
    They mention "You are in the Taxonomy Query Builder iView"....
    Wich authorization do I need?? Where is the iView??...
    Thanks in advance.

    Search for ContentManager role in the user admin  and assign that role to your user id or the group you are in.
    Once it is added, Content Manager role will come in Top level navigation.
    Then navigate to Content Manager -> Classification-> Taxonnomy Query Builder.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Last date in report

    Hi All, I have a requirement where in i need to show the last transaction date that took place at sales org level. following is my data in the cube Sales org------plant---------transaction date S001...........P100...........01.02.2014 S001...........

  • I have installed latest update and checked all preferences are correct in my MAC but still cannot download PDFs from some websites

    When I am on a website and need to download a PDF it tells me I need to get latest update of Adobe Reader. So I get latest update (God knows how many times now) but still cannot open the PDFs - any suggestions?

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  • Simple arithmetic

    Hi abapers, I'm confused on what has been doing wrong in my codes. The situation is i have variables v1 type p decimals 2. v2 type p decimals 2. i passed the value from ekpo-menge to v1 and same with v2. i have a variable of v3 with type p decimals 2