About Apple Remote Desktop 3.5: version detail

What's the number or reference — in parentheses — that follows 3.5?

Not always.
I would like to know what string is seen, in parentheses, by people who have obtained version 3.5 of Apple Remote Desktop through an update (example) or through the App Store (UK example).
Sorry, I could have clearer in my original question. (I intentionally avoided the expression build.)

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  • What are the bad things about Apple Remote Desktop

    What are the bad things about Apple Remote Desktop? Need it for my assignment

    Is your assignment about managing a classroom full of Macs?
    Otherwise, Screen Sharing, or a VNC client/server, or TeameViewer.com, or LogMeIn.com might be better, and less expensive.
    ARD is intended for managing a classroom or office full of Macs. It is overkill for remotely accessing a remote Mac or two.

  • HT5170 About Apple Remote Desktop client 3.5.3, what is it, is the question

    Seeing this - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5170?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US
    Apple Remote Desktop client 3.5.3 is included in the OS X Lion v10.7.4 Update,
    and as a standalone update for Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard clients. This update provides general OS compatibility fixes.
    That's a About explanation?
    I have an update waiting - not applied of course.
    No Idea what it is - or what it's for.
    So go to link to find out - and it's Zero result.

    It's the client for this application:
    Apple bundles the client with all installations of OS X so administrators don't have to install it.

  • Apple Remote Desktop Dashboard Widget v3.6 not functioning as advertised

    Just saw there's an updated (A)RD Widget.
    I've downloaded it but seems exactly the same as previous versions.
    I can't view widget of MacMini Server. Instead has yellow triangle with exclamation point.
    Can't interact/launch ARD by clicking on widget of any individual compter, SL or Lion.
    Grey screen with or without spinning wheel for Lion clients.
    Anyone getting the 3.6 widget to funcrtion as described?
    From Apple:
    About Apple Remote Desktop Dashboard Widget v3.6
    The Apple Remote Desktop Dashboard widget* gives you an instant, at-a-glance view of the remote computers in your network.
    It’s fully integrated with the Apple Remote Desktop administrative application, so a click on a particular computer will allow you to select and start working with any computer in the system.
    * Requires a licensed copy of Apple Remote Desktop to be installed on your Mac.

    Same thing here.
    I have 3 macs.
    2 iMacs and a MacBok Pro.
    MacBook Pro and iMac 1 (the newer) works fine with the widget. But both can't see the iMac 2, only the exclamation mark

  • Apple remote desktop not working

    Just upgraded to Mavericks and can not use apple remote desktop.  I bought my copy of ARD from the store.  Anyway of getting this fixed?

    Hi ikarous79,
    If you are having issues with Apple Remote Desktop under Mavericks, you may want to make sure you have updated to ARD 3.7, which was just released recently. You may find the following article helpful:
    Apple Support: About Apple Remote Desktop 3.7
    - Brenden

  • Apple Remote Desktop version 3.5.1. to version 3.5.2

    I originally purchased Apple Remote Desktop version 3.5.1 from the App Store.  Apparently Apple Remote Desktop version 3.5.2 has been released.  Guess what???  The App Store does not have the update for version 3.5.2.  I downloaded the update from the Apple Support Downloads page and installed.  Guess what???  Apple Remote Desktop is still at version 3.5.1.
    I originally recommended to my mother to purchase a MacBook Pro and I could remote to her computer to undo anything that she has done...laugh.  At almost 70 years old, it's a challenge...  I was able to remote to her computer for a while and now can't.  I guess version 3.5.2 was supposed to fix this issue.  She has ARD version 3.5.2 on her computer.  We both have Lion version 10.7.3 installed as well. 
    How am I supposed to get the update for verson 3.5.2 installed?  Why doesn't the App Store have the update?  Am I not doing something correctly?
    Any suggestions would be helpful and I thank you in advance.

    If your mom had any kind of issue with her internert connection, Her ISP might have her reset the modem. Some times a power outage can cause a  modem to revert to default settings. And any time it a modem is reset to defaults the modem has to be re-configured for ARD. 
    ARDAgent is the OS built-in tool for remote viewing / controlling the screen. If you want to SSH in, you need enable remote Management Login on your moms computer. (it's in system prefrences, sharing) If you do SSH, ARDAgent can be access from the command line to start/stop/restart and reconfigure ARDAgent. But just like ARD, you need the right ports open on your moms firewall/router to make the connection.
    You could check to make sure the firewall is off on your moms computer.  (system prefrences, securty, firewall tab) you could have her uncheck Remote Management and recheck it to restart the ARDAgent service.  (system prefrences, sharing)
    If your moms IP address changes frequently. You could look into a subscription service like DYNdns. It requires software on your moms computer, but basicaly it report to the DYNdns server what ever your mom's current IP address is. And in turn give you a DNS address you can use to contact your moms firewall. some thing like mom.dyndns.com. Even with DYNdns, you may find you need to delete and re-add your moms computer from ARD to connect.
    logmein dosen't require DYNdns or port configuration. Because it reports into the logmein servers so there no ports need to be opened.
    If you talk to your moms ISP. They would need to open the ports 5900 for UDP and TCP. Along with 3283 for UDP and TCP. MAlong with 22 for TCP (SSH and file transfer). And of corse when they open the ports they need to route to your moms computer consistently.
    I'm surprised they would help you with this. I don't think my ISP would be as acomidating.

  • Missing "sharing" option in system preferences after installing apple remote desktop client version 2.10

    Hi All,
    I installed a wrong version of Apple remote desktop client , 2.10 and the sharing menu under system preferences vanished. I tried to uninstall the Apple remote desktop with,
    but no luck, but after restarting the macbook pro with lion 10.7.2, i see my sharing option enabled but when clicked, it says the system preference has to restart and confirming that it restarts in 32 bit mode and even after clciking the sharing option it says, "you can't open sharing preferences because it doesn't work on an intel-based mac"
    . So i strongly believe the apple remote desktop is creating the issue.
    Can someone help how to fix this please?

    Same problem here. I manage several remote Macs, but I have one MacBook which I can get no ARD access to (black icon). I can ping the IP, I can SSH into the MacBook, the ARD and Remote Login services are checked ON, the firewall is OFF. The ARD service is configured to allow my admin user full access - however, I get nothing. I have no trouble getting into the other Macs.
    Any ideas?

  • TS2832 My laptop, after updating to Apple Remote Desktop 3.7.1 , won't boot...I get a grey square box saying I have to restart my computer by holding down the start up key. I reset the pram, and it worked for about 5 days, now nothing works??

    My laptop keeps shutting down to a square box with writing that says, you must restart your computer. Use the start up key and hold it down. athen it has some writing looks like german or dutch also in the box. The first time it did this, I updated to Apple Remote Desktop 3.7.1 and I reset the pram and it worked fine for about 5 days. Then it started doing the same thing, but this time resetting the pram doesnt work for repair, and I also cant start up in safe mode now. Any ideas what happened, or suggestion on a fix for this?????
    Any help would be appreciated!!!!!!

    My laptop keeps shutting down to a square box with writing that says, you must restart your computer. Use the start up key and hold it down. athen it has some writing looks like german or dutch also in the box. The first time it did this, I updated to Apple Remote Desktop 3.7.1 and I reset the pram and it worked fine for about 5 days. Then it started doing the same thing, but this time resetting the pram doesnt work for repair, and I also cant start up in safe mode now. Any ideas what happened, or suggestion on a fix for this?????
    Any help would be appreciated!!!!!!

  • HT200213 How do I purchase Apple Remote Desktop but install a previous version for my 10.6.8 Mac?

    I need to install Apple Remote Desktop to help a client but the App store only shows that the latest version is compatible with OS X 10.7. I found where I can download the 3.5.3 version of the app (compatible with OS X 10.6.8) but when I try to install it, it says it can't install because it can't find where the app is currently installed in order to update it. I don't want to pay the $80 for the latest version only to find that it won't install on my 10.6.8 and still be unable to install an older version of the app that DOES work with 10.6.8. Any ideas what I should do? I don't have a problem paying the $80 but I just need to make sure I will be able to use the software I pay for.
    Please Help.

    Ok, maybe I have answered my own questions in doing more research. I guess if I want/need the latest version and I have OS X 10.7, I can purchase it from the app store. If I need a previous version, I can purchase a retail packaging version of Apple Remote Desktop 3 from various vendors online. Once purchased and installed, I should be able to install update 3.5.3 to be on the latest version my OS will support. Does that sound correct? I just want to make sure I do this right.

  • HT5422 Can I install an earlier version of the Apple Remote Desktop from a disc on OSX 10.7.5?

    I cannot install an earlier version of the Apple Remote Desktop from a disc on my OSX 10.7.5 It says that the installation requires an earlier OSX version.
    I cannot upgrade with the RemoteDesktopAdmin361 available on line, since no Remote Desktop application exists. Any suggestions?

    Assuming your disk is for ARD 3.x, try this:
    • Insert your ARD CD
    • Open in Finder
    • Right click on the Remote Desktop.mpkg and show contents
    • Navigate to contents/installers
    • Drag the RemoteDesktopAdmin.pkg file onto the workstation and install
    • Run Software Update
    • Upgrade to the latest version of the admin application before attempting to launch the app

  • Apple Remote Desktop and controlling over VPN

    Hi All,
    I had a question about whether something was possible and if so if someone could point me to instructions/how-to on setting it up.
    I have three Macs I am administering. One is an iMac that stays in the office on the network. Two are MBP's. One is always at a remote location, the other comes in and out of the office. I work remotely administering the server and the three systems. I have the latest version of Apple Remote Desktop and obviously can access the server fine. I was wondering though if there is any way besides having the person give me their IP address every time that through the VPN I can see their system, then access it in Remote Desktop just like we are on the network together? Basically they connect to the network via VPN if they are remote and I do the same thing and then access their machine.
    I hope that makes sense. I went through different parts of the guide for ARD but didn't come across a method like that described in there.
    Anyone with opinions? Thoughts? Chants of I'm an idiot? haha

    Yeah for some reason I cannot get this to work right. Even if I scan the 5 VPN IP's I have setup I cannot see their machines when I am connected to the VPN. I tested it the other day by connecting one of the systems to an outside internet connection, then logged it into the VPN. I then connected my own to a different source and logged into the VPN, but Remote Desktop just won't find it.
    Just not sure why it doesn't work. I can see the computers on our internal network though, just not any connected via VPN.

  • IMac at work, iMac at home. (Latest Yosemite and Apple Remote Desktop updates installed) Need to work from home at night. I don't know how to set my permissions so that I can just control my iMac at work.

    iMac at work, iMac at home. (Latest Yosemite and Apple Remote Desktop updates installed) Need to work from home at night. I don't know how to set my permissions so that I can just control my iMac at work.

         If they have set up port forwarding for you already then that is different.  In that case, then you could be experiencing the bug with the most recent release of ARD (3.7.2) and in particular ARD 3.7.2 and Yosemite ARD version 3.8 clients.  It has been reported numerous times in the forums and to Apple that since 3.7.2, clients are frequently unavailable to connect to despite there being no network issue between the remote computer and client computer.  I have not seen anyone report it who was working from outside the LAN to inside the LAN, but I have the same issue with a number of my own computers that are simply on a different subnet, so it stands rot reason that it would happen from a port forwarding location.
         I am sometimes able to resolve the issue locally by SSH connecting into the client computer using Terminal on my admin machine and restarting or relaunching the ARD agent on the remote device, then trying to connect to it again after about 30 seconds.
    The Terminal commands for this procedure are as follows, though you might need to include a port number from outside the LAN:
    ssh ipaddress -l adminusername
    (example: ssh -l macadmin)
    sudo /System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/ARDAgent.app/Contents/Resources/k ickstart -restart -agent
    After that, waiting about 30 seconds and trying to observe or control usually works, though the computer may still fail to show an online or lit-up status indicator.

  • Apple Remote Desktop 3.72 Shows Update in Store

    I have been a many year user of Apple Remote Desktop, and have updated the administrative application routinely as available, as well as updating all of the client machines which I control.
    My MacBook Pro Retina machine running OSX Yosemite with all of the current updates where I have ARD Admin installed is now showing that I need to update ARD to 3.72, in spite of the fact that ARD admin shows 3.72 as the current version installed on the machine.
    When I go to Apple Store, Updates, the only update displayed is ARD.  When I attempt to update, I get the message:
    "Remote Desktop is already installed on this computer. Choose Software Update from the Apple menu to check for available updates."
    This is not a crisis, but I would prefer not to be notified that I need to update, when I cannot, every time I go to Apple Store updates.
    Any help appreciated....

    I love it!
    Apple: "You can safely ignore these messages."
    Whew, I guess we had all been unsafely ignoring these messages till now.
    Again, Apple: "You do not need to install this update [3.7.2] if you already have Remote Desktop 3.7.2 installed."
    Thanks for clearing that up.
    I'm sure the Apple design guidelines have something to say about sending messages that should be ignored.

  • Apple Remote Desktop 3.3 versus 3.5

    What is the difference between the versions 3.3 and 3.5.1 of Apple Remote Desktop.  In terms of price, 3.3 is about $500 and 3.5 is $80.  Is it worth buying 3.5 rather than 3.3.  Does it have to do something with licensing?

    There is a feature in ARD called "task server." the idea is you have a 2nd computer, running a 2nd copy of ARD. And then instead of using your computer to say, install a program onto 500 computers, you instead have the 2nd computer install the program onto 500 computers. Witch of corse, means your primary computer free to do other things.
    Acroding to the ARD manual, to run a task server you need a 2nd copy of ARD running under a diffrent serial number. Considering the ARD in the App store has no Serial Number; I don't know how you would use it to be a task server, or if it would work as the primary computer.

  • Apple Remote Desktop - connect to computer after their password changed?

    I have a problem with Apple Remote Desktop which is driving me up the walls.
    When I observe or control a computer, Apple Remote Desktop saves the username and password so that next time I'm not prompted for a username or password.
    Problem is, when the password on the computer changes and I once again try to control it, Apple Remote Desktop simply comes up with an "authentication failed" message. There is no option to put a new username and password in. I cannot find any option to delete previously stored passwords.
    Currently I'm resorting to deleting:
    It is extremely frustrating doing the above each time a computer's password changes!
    I must be missing something. Does anyone have a better way of going about this?

    Hi Zachary!
    Have a look at RealVNC at http://www.realvnc.com/download.html. Install this on your Windows computer and be sure to configure a password for VNC connections. You should then be able to see your XP system in Apple Remote Desktop.
    Keep in mind that the VNC software is free (unless you choose to purchase a version with more features) but the Apple Remote Desktop client is a commercial product http://www.apple.com/remotedesktop/.
    If you need a different (free) client for your Mac, I suggest using the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection client found here http://www.microsoft.com/mac/otherproducts/otherproducts.aspx?pid=remotedesktopc lient. This only works with Professional version of Windows XP and not the Home version. Or you can downlod a VNC client for Mac such as Chicken of the VNC found here http://sourceforge.net/projects/cotvnc/.
    Hope this helps! bill
    1 GHz Powerbook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.4)  

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