Access lotus notes and retrive emails

After lots of searching, I haven't been able to find an answer to this question. I'm try to retrive emails from lotus note and filter the mails by date. any help or suggestions will be great. thank you

You should be able to access Lotus Notes using IMAP, have you got that working?
What exactly do you mean "filter by date"? You only want to retrieve messages
before/after a certain date? Use

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  • Lotus Notes and Network access slow

    I'm new to this environment and when I arrived I notices that all switches are trunk to one 6509 core switch, which is fine. The 6513 switch is the server farm switch and also the aggregation switch. the issue is sometimes sme users Lotus Notes and Network access is really slow, uer need spend to 5 min to log in Lotus Notes. this problem is not always happen. lots of times whne i arrive users office, everytinh is fine. i check my network, i found the root of spanning tree is not 6509 core switch. is this the reason for network slow ?
    please help me

    You will need to ensure that spanning-tree is not
    re-converging. You can do this by monitoring the logging on your switches and or syslogging. You could make the 6509 root bridge by giving it a
    lower bridge value.
    Spanning tree should converge and be stable, if it isn't then you need to make sure links are not coming up and down and that there are not deeper problems like loops etc. Make sure all your server links are switchport mode access and bpduguard. Things like that.
    Check the links to the notes server for errors, ensure that they are the correct speed and duplex.
    Use tools like ping to check round trip times to your notes server from the switch, then from an end
    Use a traffic sniffer like ethereal to ensure that the tcp conversations on port 1352 are timely)
    A badly written view can cause big delays for your notes users.

  • Adobe/MS Access/Lotus Notes Integration

    Not sure if I'm in the right place, please feel free to let me know if not.  Have searched in Access and Lotus Notes forums but no answers yet. I am using MS Access to automatically send email from Lotus Notes and attach a PDF file that is located on the server.  Next step is I would like to be able to create a PDF portfolio out of that sent email and save/name it according to key data in the record.  Am also using batch file to create the network folder but am hoping to be able to merge all these processes into one so that when the email is sent, the folder will be created and the PDF portfolio created from the sent email.  So far, have not been able to find any answers, am hoping at a minimum someone might be able to point me in the right direction.
    Am using this method to batch create folders based on new records in the Access database:
    Here is the code I'm using to create the email - anyone know of any way to take that email that just got sent in Lotus Notes and create a PDF Binder/Portfolio?  Thank you so much!
    Private Sub cmdSendEmail_Click()
    MsgBox "Prequal Request Complete!"
    End Sub
    Sub SendPrequal()
    Dim oEmail As clsEmailMessage
    Dim strSubject As String, strAttach As String, strAttachIns As String, strBody As String, strSave As String, strMsg As String, Saveit As Boolean
    Dim rtItem As Object
    Dim rtStyle As Object
    Dim sFormattedText As String
    If Me.MsgFreeFlow.Value = "" Then
    strFF = Me.MsgFreeFlow.Value & vbCrLf & vbCrLf
    End If
    sFormattedText = strFF
    strSubject = "Information Request for " & StripString([RQContractor])
    strAttach = "d:\MyDocs\Forms\pdf\FormName.pdf"
    strMsg = "Message Here" & vbNullString & vbCrLf & vbCrLf
    strBody = strMsg
    If Me.PF.Value = 0 Then
    strAttachIns = "d:\MyDocs\MyAttach_a.pdf"
    strAttachIns = ":\MyDocs\MyAttach_b.pdf"
    End If
    Set oEmail = New clsEmailMessage
    oEmail.AddRecipient Me.ContractorEmail, recipTo
    oEmail.AddAttachment strAttach
    Select Case Me.frmINS
    Case -1
    oEmail.AddAttachment strAttachIns
    Case 0
    End Select
    oEmail.SendEmail strSubject, strMsg, False
    'doc.ReturnReceipt = "1"
    'save draft
    'Saveit = True
    Set oEmail = Nothing
    End Sub
    clsEmailMessage Module:
    '**************************CLASS CODE **************
    Option Compare Database
    Option Explicit
    'creates and sends email using lotus notes.
    'does not require notes to be running (it will start a session if needed).
    'does not require references in the project
    'uses OLE not com, so objects are declared as simple objects
    'the declares below are for using COM, but this may require some
    'additional configuration to work.
    'Dim mobjNotesDB As NotesDatabase
    'Dim mobjNotesMessage As NotesDocument
    'Dim mobjNotesRTItem As NotesRichTextItem
    'Dim mobjNotesSession As notessession
    Dim mobjNotesSession As Object 'lotus notes session
    Dim mobjNotesMessage As Object 'a notesdocument object (the email message)
    Dim mobjNotesDB As Object 'a notes db object
    Dim mobjNotesRTItem As Object 'a notes tich text object
    'notes constant for attaching file
    Const EMBED_ATTACHMENT = 1454
    Public Enum RecipTypes
    recipTo = 1
    recipCc = 2
    End Enum
    Private Sub Class_Initialize()
    Set mobjNotesSession = CreateObject("Notes.Notessession")
    Set mobjNotesDB = mobjNotesSession.GetDatabase("", "")
    Call mobjNotesDB.OPENMAIL
    ' make new mail message
    Set mobjNotesMessage = mobjNotesDB.CreateDocument
    'create the body
    Set mobjNotesRTItem = mobjNotesMessage.CreateRichTextItem("Body")
    End Sub
    Private Sub Class_Terminate()
    Set mobjNotesSession = Nothing
    Set mobjNotesMessage = Nothing
    Set mobjNotesDB = Nothing
    Set mobjNotesRTItem = Nothing
    End Sub
    Public Sub AddRecipient(strName As String, intType As RecipTypes)
    Dim intNextSemiColon As Integer
    Dim intLastSemiColon As Integer
    Dim strOneAddress As String
    Dim j As Integer
    Dim blnLastAddress As Boolean
    'If the passed contact has a semi-colon, split into multipe contacts
    If InStr(1, strName, ";") > 0 Then
    intLastSemiColon = 1
    intNextSemiColon = 0
    blnLastAddress = False
    For j = 1 To Len(strName)
    intNextSemiColon = InStr(intLastSemiColon, strName, ";")
    If intNextSemiColon = 0 Then
    blnLastAddress = True
    strOneAddress = Mid(strName, intLastSemiColon, Len(strName))
    strOneAddress = Mid(strName, intLastSemiColon, intNextSemiColon - 1)
    intLastSemiColon = intNextSemiColon + 1
    End If
    If intType = recipTo Then
    If mobjNotesMessage.HasItem("SendTo") Then
    Call mobjNotesMessage.AppendItemValue("Sendto", strOneAddress)
    Call mobjNotesMessage.ReplaceItemValue("Sendto", strOneAddress)
    End If
    ElseIf intType = recipCc Then
    If mobjNotesMessage.HasItem("Copyto") Then
    Call mobjNotesMessage.AppendItemValue("Copyto", strOneAddress)
    Call mobjNotesMessage.ReplaceItemValue("Copyto", strOneAddress)
    End If
    End If
    If blnLastAddress = True Then Exit For
    Next j
    'Otherwise, just add one name
    If intType = recipTo Then
    If mobjNotesMessage.HasItem("SendTo") Then
    Call mobjNotesMessage.AppendItemValue("Sendto", strName)
    Call mobjNotesMessage.ReplaceItemValue("Sendto", strName)
    End If
    ElseIf intType = recipCc Then
    If mobjNotesMessage.HasItem("Copyto") Then
    Call mobjNotesMessage.AppendItemValue("Copyto", strName)
    Call mobjNotesMessage.ReplaceItemValue("Copyto", strName)
    End If
    End If
    End If
    End Sub
    Public Sub AddAttachment(strFilePath As String, Optional vName As Variant)
    Dim strName As String
    If IsNull(vName) Or IsMissing(vName) Then
    strName = strFilePath
    strName = vName & ""
    End If
    mobjNotesRTItem.EMBEDOBJECT EMBED_ATTACHMENT, "", strFilePath, strName
    End Sub
    Public Sub SendEmail(strSubject As String, strText As String, blnPreview As Boolean)
    Call mobjNotesMessage.ReplaceItemValue("Subject", strSubject)
    Call mobjNotesRTItem.AddNewLine(2)
    Call mobjNotesRTItem.AppendText(strText)
    mobjNotesMessage.SAVEMESSAGEONSEND = True
    If blnPreview = False Then
    Call mobjNotesMessage.Send(False)
    Call mobjNotesMessage.Save(True, False)
    End If
    End Sub
    '***************END CLASS CODE ***************************

    Found this link,, that states:
    Acrobat 9 and later supports creation of a PDF Portfolio (the newer form of packages) via JavaScript, which can be called from VBA using the JSObject bridge.
    Have been looking along those lines, but not sure what I'm looking for, if there is a way to create the PDF portfolio using code, I would greatly appreciate any information, thank you.

  • Accessing Lotus Notes from Crystal Reports in AIX

    Hi BO world
    We've installed the BO Enterprise Server  on an AIX 5.3 platform and we want to connect this BO server to a Lotus Domino Server (version 8 on a Windows Server Platform ) to show the data on Crystal Reports. The problem is that we can't find any information about how to make this connection to use the Crystal Report INSIDE the InfoView (of course we can export the RPT file and use it with the Crystal Report Viewer but the idea is run the report inside the InfoView).
      In our PC's we have installed the Lotus Notes Client and the corresponding ODBC client (Lotus Notes SQL) and the crystal reports work correctly (accessing to the LNotes Server) BUT, when we start looking for any ODBC for AIX to connect to the Lotus Notes and we can't find any tool to do this.
    Could you give any idea o "something" to solve this problem? Let's say
       - Which is the version of ODBC/JDBC driver we have to install in the AIX server to access the L.Notes on the Windows Platform?
       - Should we install the Crystal Report Server in another server (let's say a Windows Server with the corresponding ODBC)
       - Others?
    Any help will be great  !
    Kindly Regards, gdmon.

    Moved this to the BOE forum.
    If AIX and Lotus do not have an ODBC driver then I suspect your only option would be to have a Windows BOE install to process those reports so you can use the Windows ODBC driver.
    This is a requirement for Crystal reports to connect. If Lotus doesn't support AIX connectivity then we can't either.
    Possibly the BOE forum has some configuration options for you...
    Thank you

  • "Read" status of e-mail will not sync wirelessly between Lotus Notes and 8520??

    This is my first post and I realize that this might not be the right area to post this question but my question did not seem to fit anywhere else.
    I was recently issued a BB 8520 at my new company and we work in a Lotus Notes environment and I believe it is version 7.
    This is not happening to anyone else that I know of in our company but when I read an e-mail in Lotus Notes from my desktop, wireless sync will not mark it read on my Blackberry. Also when I read an e-mail on my BB, it will not mark it read in Lotus Notes. However if I delete an e-mail in Lotus Notes, it will delete it from my BB via wireless sync. Finally, when my BB is attached to my desktop via USB, and I do a manual sync from Blackberry Desktop Manager, it will sync the "read" status of my e-mails between Lotus Notes and my BB.
    So I guess my question is why are most sync functions working via wireless sync between my e-mail in Lotus Notes and my BB, but not the "read" status of an e-mail? And I know that it works for other users in our company so it's really bothering as it is a whipping to have check e-mails that are still marked as unread (in both Lotus Notes and my BB) when I have already read them.
    Thank you and I would really appreciate any help or information that I could provide to our IT Admin at work to help him solve my problem.
    Thank you,

    Hi and welcome to the forums!
    Looks like you posted in the right device forum and your post is very clear!
    First open the main message queue, menu key options, email reconciliation, is wireless reconcile on?
    Some "light reading" that may address the issue as well is attached below.
    Let us know how it goes!
    Unread marks synchronization is inconsistent between BlackBerry smartphone and IBM Lotus Notes
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  • Trouble accessing Lotus Notes DB Via ODBC NotesSQL 8 driver.

    I am using Crystal Reports version XI and am trying to access lotus notes database via an ODBC connection. My reports have been running sucessfully but we recently upgraded to Lotus Notes 8.  I was receiving error messages stating that the ODBC driver was not compatible so I upgraded to Lotus Notes 8 SQL driver.  Now I am receiving the following errors.
    Crystal Reports
    Database Connector Error: 'IM005:[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver's SQLAllocHandle on SQL_HANDLE_DBC failed'
    Crystal Reports
    Logon failed.
    Details: 01000:[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] The driver doesn't support the version of ODBC behavior that the application requested (see SQLSetEnvAttr).
    I am now using NotesSQL 8 and Lotus Notes 8, is there something that I need for crystal to recognize them.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Stacy

    Hi Stacy,
    I would appear Lotus changed the way their ODBC driver works from version 6. According to our [platforms |] for CR XI we only support Lotus Notes 6.
    We can't fix this now but you may want to ask Lotus if they know of any work arounds or updates to make it backward compatable.
    You may want to try donwloading CR XI R2 SP4 and use your XI keycode to see if that works.
    Thank you

  • Accessing lotus notes database

    I am new to Lotus notes..can anyone help me out in accessing lotus notes database from a java application..also can anyone tell me which is the best driver for the would be very helpful if someone can give me the link where i can find such drivers.

    I am new to Lotus notes..can anyone help me out in
    accessing lotus notes database from a java
    application..also can anyone tell me which is the
    best driver for the would be very helpful if
    someone can give me the link where i can find such
    h drivers.this message is for abd_deb
    i m also having the same problem as stated above
    so if u hve a solution for that problem plz mail me at
    [email protected]
    thank you

  • Lotus notes and SSIS ODBC connection not working

    I have created an ODBC source.  I tried using this in SSIS workflow ODBC, when I test the connection, it crashes my Visual Studio 2010

    Hi Kathy,
    Thank you for posting in MSDN forum.
    Based on your issue, could you please tell me if you connect the
    Lotus notes and SSIS ODBC with ADO.NET like this following link.
    If possible, please share me more detailed steps about how to connect the
    Lotus notes and SSIS ODBC in the VS2010.
    In addition, could you please share me some crash error message in this VS2010 when test this connection?
    To check if this issue is related to this VS IDE, I suggest you could try to connect
    Lotus notes and SSIS ODBC on other machine and then check if you still get this issue.
    (1) If you still get this crash issue, I assume that this issue is related to this connection
    Lotus notes and SSIS ODBC.
    (2) If you did not get same error message, I suggest you could try to restart your machine and then open this VS2010 as Admin on your local machine and then connect it check this issue again.
    Please try to close the firewall software on some other progress from this Task Manager and then check this issue.
    In addition, I suggest you could try to use this process monitor tool to check which process running when you test this connect.
    Best Regards,
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  • Connection Lotus Notes and ERP 2005

    Hello experts!
    I have some simple questions:
    - What is the procedure to connect Lotus Notes and ERP 2005 (Do we need RFC-connects or RFC/BAPI?)
    - Has the SAP Business connector still any supports?

    There are couple Lotus integration products available from IBM (both pretty old but still will do the job):
    <a href="">Pretty detailed blog</a>
    <a href="">IBM Documentation</a>
    <a href="">IBM Documentation on LEI</a>
    They use RFC connectivity - check with IBM on support, from SAP perspective both should work.
    SAP Business connector is being replaced with PI, but either are nothing to do with Lotus connectivity I think

  • Pushing BO inbox item to Lotus Notes and SAP Inbox.

    Hi ,
       Can we  Push BO inbox item to Lotus Notes and SAP Inbox. if we do it then how to do it.
      Thanks in Advance.

    well you should ask your Lotus Notes administrator to setup an SMTP gateway on the LotusNotes side for you. I know that this is possible but I have not done it myself before. And since this is an SAP BusinessObjects forum I am not sure you will get an answer about this here.
    PS: I found the following link in the internet
    Not sure if this applies to your version though.

  • Lotus Notes and SAP Business Workflow

    Hi Experts!
    If you have an experience or if you have SPECIFIC notes on Lotus Notes/SAP Workflow integration, please share some views on these following questions:
    1. The SAP version we are using is ECC6.  The client wants to upgrade their Lotus Notes client to V7.0.1 which caters Workflow integration. <b>Do we need to have the Lotus Connector for this</b>? (Workitem should be processed using the Lotus Notes client and there is a link where the apporover can process the workitem.)
    2. What are the essential technical specifications for this this integration?
        a. Domino Server Platform
        b. Client Platform
        c. Domino Release
        d. Lotus Notes Client version
        e. Product/connector for the link.
    3. What should I use for configuring the notification scenario?
        a. Extended Notifications
        b. RSWUWFML2
        c. SWN_SELSEN
    Please provide answers on these.
    Thank you very much.  I'm generous in giving points.

    Hi Akshay!
    Am I right to affirm that according to what you've said, <b>there is no Lotus Notes Connector needed</b>  for Lotus Notes and SAP Workflow integration?
    I actually haven't tested yet the Extended Notification, but from your reply, I think you are confident enough to tell me that it is possible to have a link in the Lotus Notes mail and then this link could bring you to the Document and process it using,of course, the Extended Notification.
    I'm very thankful. Have a nice day. And also, please share some notes on how too use the Extended Notification. (--,)
    Best Regards,

  • Can I access my notes and other things without having to use my Ipod touch/

    Is it possible for me to be able to lock or access my notes and other information just using my computer?

    no but you can use icloud for some stuff if you have ios5

  • My company uses Lotus Notes and I need the internet brower path for Firefox so that I can enter than into Lotus Notes for it to make Firefox my borwer of choice.

    My company uses Lotus Notes and I want to set Firefox as my browser in LN. It ask for internet browser path...where do I find that?

    Blackboard tends to update their software once a year, before the start of the fall term, and most of the time they seem to be a year behind the current versions of Firefox. Another problem that crops up with Blackboard is that not all schools use the latest version of the Blackboard software, many schools since 2008 have been postponing updates for the software that they use due to the economy.
    Quite honestly, until Mozilla comes up with a Long Term Support version ''(if they do that)'' this situation of company's like Blackboard falling behind the curve of Firefox updates is only going to get worse.
    As far as Lotus Notes goes, I wonder if your school is behind on updating that software? IIRC, I have seem mention of updates for Lotus Notes to handle remote XUL problems in 4.0+ versions, brought about by security fixes in 4.0. <br /> <br />
    Or you could try this extension.<br />
    Bottom line - install Firefox Portable 3.6.22 to your hard drive to use at websites that can't handle the newer versions of Firefox. <br /> <br />
    And use Firefox 6.0.2 ''(and upcoming versions)'' at the more modern websites which are embracing the web technology being developed for the 2nd decade of this century.

  • Secure Search Lotus Notes and NTFS?

    How can I do secure search with Lotus Notes and NTFS sources? When configuring Identity Management, I have to choose between Lotus and MSAD. And user names are different between both directories. Any chance to secure both sources with one query?

    If user names are different on the two systems, you can't combine them in a single SES instance. You only log on once to SES, so the system wouldn't be able to tell which username to use for each system.
    However, this can be done via the federation architecture. You need two SES instances, one connected to AD and one connected to the Lotus Notes native identity plugin.
    You will then need to have an attribute in your AD which contains the Notes username. Let's call it LNNAME.
    You would then create a federated source on the instance connected to AD, which collects results from the instance connected to the Notes plugin.
    When you define your federated source, there is a field called "Search User Attribute". This is the name of the AD attribute which contains the Notes username - LNNAME in our example.
    SES then authenticates the user against AD. It then runs federated queries against the Notes system, asserting that the logged in user is a valid Notes user with a certain username, which it gets from the LNNAME attribute.
    Naturally this requires trust between the systems. The Notes system has to trust the AD to correctly authenticate and identify the user - even though the Notes password will never be given.

  • Problems with Lotus Notes and AcroPro9.1 collaboration - tracker, email,etc

    Hello all -
    I have been trying to resolve this for a few days, and it's gotten worse, not better. I've searched forums and blogs - no luck so far.
    I am in a corporate Lotus Notes environment, Win XP sp2, AcrobatPro 9.1, reader or pro 9.1 deployed at users in question. With Lotus Notes 8.x open and running, cannot get the collaboration features to work. I get "Lotus notes is not responding. Please make sure it is not offline and try again" when Notes is up and running. Other issues are the good old duplicate email addresses in the to: area, email address and a lot of other text that should actually be in the body of the email appearing in the to: area, etc.
    I am trying to push for more automation using Acrobat in my environments, and this is rapidly becoming a serious show-stopper.
    Adobe Team, ideas please?

    Over a year later... Did you ever resolve this issue? I'm having the same problem since our upgrade to
    Acrobat 9.
    Please let me know if you have a solution!

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  • Input language in YouTube search

    I just find out there is no international keyboard available in Apple TV 2 for search in YouTube or other iTunes content. Any clue or workaround?