ACR & Bridge Panel artifacts

I am posting here as it might get seen by Adobe engineers. It is difficult to find a bug report link for Bridge CS6 (unless I am completely missing something).
I am running the following machine:
MacBook Pro 17" (late 2011) - highest spec model that one could purchase at the Apple store in Seattle.
Intel 2.5 Ghz. i7, 8 GB RAM, Anti-Glare screen. Upgraded with OWC Electra 480 GB SSD.
Mac OS X 10.8.2 currently installed (clean install with all updates from Apple - including the Java 6 update 5 - applied).
Disk Permissions repaired and Disk verified.
Starting with OS X Mountain Lion at 10.8.0, I noticed there are artifacts in some of the panel fields of both the Bridge preferences sheet and the ACR panels at times. This does not interfere with functionality of the programs, but is just not something I have seen in previous versions of Adobe CSx or under OS X 10.6.x through 10.7.x. I am assuming this has to do with OS X 10.8.x compatibility, but wanted to post for exposure of problem and to see if anyone else has noticed this issue.
Here are images:
As you can see, there are artifacts in some of the fields.
I have been able to reproduce this in Bridge CS6 on the Labels panel by simply going to and away from the panel after relaunching Bridge CS6. The ACR issue shows up when I select the Adjustment Brush icon to view the panel, and then some of the artifacts show in other panel fields (including the Basic panel) once they have been 'activated'? It looks to me like the artifacts are coming from other panel labeling for fields, but can't be sure.
Hopefully one of the Adobe employees or engineers will see this and report it. I had sent an email to Adobe with the Bridge labels panel image attached about a month ago, but no word back on that one.
Again, this is a clean install with the defaults all in place. Other programs are running without artifacting (Office 2011, Sketchbook Pro, Apple programs, etc.).
Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

Moved thread to Bridge forum for better responses and visibility.
@CorkyO - You could use the bug report form here:
For reporting bugs with Bridge, you need to use Photoshop Feedback portal here: and it will be looked into by Adobe.

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    Thank You Curt!!!! It is hell getting old

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    Perhaps for printing.  In a PhotoPro article* last November (2011) Jeff Schewe writes "let me disclose the fact that I'm partial to and perhaps a bit biased toward the Lightroom Print functionality."
    * The Right Resolution  page 2   <>

  • Full ACR + Bridge LE = a missing product ?

    This could be the wrong subforum to ask (and Im sure someone will tell me), however, heres the story and the question:
    Two of my kids (9 and 12 years old) are currently making their first steps in digital photography. So we tested different software for image processing, including Photoshop CS3, Lightroom and PS Elements 6. Purpose was to find something simple while still getting best possible results in the given context. Following are our impressions:
    1.) ACRs ability to open Raw as well as JPG files was found to be very useful. In many cases, a separate Pixel-editor such as given with main Photoshop or PSE was not necessarily needed anymore (even though my heart is with the main Photoshop platform).
    2.) Bridge was loved. Whereas LR and PSE soon got ignored due their Organizer and this DAM import/export thing. Ive heard that Mac users are more familiar which the procedure. However, were on Windowz boxes. We (I) expect a Browser to show the files in the given file structure as it is.
    3.) ACRs functions were found to be too much reduced in PSE. Full ACR including e.g. the HSL tab etc. would be preferred.
    Anything in the pipeline (or anything missed) which could be called Full ACR + Bridge LE (light edition), while running on Windowz ?
    Please note that this is not a question about pricing and getting the best for least money. If it costs as much as (lets say LR), so be it.

    Hi Peter,
    Just a comment on your LR import/export issues. I agree and dislike the way it requires importing images, but I've got a work around that is semi-satisfactory (for me anyway).
    I've imported a single folder at the top level, under which all my own folder structure is organised. When I have added images to this structure I "synchronise" the top level folder, which basically just imports the new images into the LR database.
    It's far more time consuming than it should be (especially as the folder grows bigger), but atleast it means LR sticks to the folder structure that _I_ want, and it's not as tedious as manually importing each new folder.
    For me, the editing abilities of LR are good enough that a trial of PS (and PSE) sat idle because I never needed to edit in it.
    Hope this helps,

  • Why can't I toggle between current settings and defaults on the ACR basic panel?

    When I try to toggle between current settings and defaults, I get a blue or black screen in the "After" image so I can not compare before and after.  The toggle doesn't work when I am viewing a single image or when I am viewing before and after side-by-side.  The blue or black image looks like the image is totally clipped, but it's the same whether clipping is on or off.  Command-Option-P does not work either.  Also, the histogram totally disappears when I try to toggle.  So I think something is corrupted, and I'd like to know how to fix it.  BTW, this toggle works fine when I am in the adjustment brush panel; it's the basic panel where it doesn't work.  I use Photoshop CC (2014) and Bridge CC on a new iMac--Yosemite. All are up to date (ACR  I am not using Lightroom.  I would appreciate a suggested fix.  Confession: I am very new to the Mac environment and just returning to Photoshop after an absence so I'm finding my way; there's a good chance I'm making a rookie mistake.  Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions on where else I might post my question.

    The only fix at the moment is to hold the option key when clicking the green button.
    Send Apple your feedback and this might get fixed:

  • Image Corruption in ACR/Bridge CS 6:

    Shooting 1D mk lV, all image shot in RAW; Mac Pro Dual Core Xeon, ATI Radeon HD 5770. Downloads are via card reader.
    Bridge/ACR will randomly take the first image I open and corrupt it. It could be per set of images or just the first image of the day. This is usually not a problem as my first images are usually just test/set up shots. This morning it screwed me royally.
    I edited a shoot last night and put my highlight images into a separate folder. I then did ACR corrections and ran a batch for logo'd sample images and sent them to the client.
    This morning I start up my computer and open the highlight image folder, select the 5 highlights, click on 'open in camera raw' and they pop up and after 2 seconds the first image corrupts.
    I have tried copying the image to other drives as well as to my Mac Pro laptop and it does the same thing every time. Purging cache for selection doesn't work.
    Copying the original in finder to another drive doesn't work (this has worked in the past).
    This has happened in the past and I did find a fix of deleting a certain file in the adobe library (and it recreates it). I did save the page where I found the fix but haven't been able to find it.
    I have re-created the ACR cache as well as the Bridge caches. After recreating the caches and clicking 'purge cache for selection' it briefly pops back the original and then corrupts again.
    I've tried increasing cache size and various cache options.
    When I view the file in finder, the tiny thumbnail shows the correct image but the preview shows corrupted image.
    If I view the image in Canon's Digital Photo Professional, it pops up for a second normally and then corrupts itself.
    I'm guessing it's a deep cache issue...I have well over a million images that have passed through CS6. I regulary clean my caches but am I missing something somewhere???
    Any suggestions from anyone???

    Doubleclicking on the files in Bridge causes that quicktime or VLC or itunes (depending on the file format) will open that, but bridge does not handle anything?!
    Bridge CC and Bridge CS6 both handle my .mov files from EOS 1Dx and iPhone without any problems. The show in the preview window and can be played with sound in this same window. (MacPro with 10.8.4)
    Purging cache is what it is, it dumps the previous cache of the preview and forces Bridge to create a new one, nothing else is set to default.
    First try a reset of preferences and hold down option key while restarting Bridge and choose reset prefs. then try again.

  • PLUS attributes in a Bridge Panel with XMP SDK

    Hi all,
    I' m developing a Bridge Info Panel with Flash Builder 4 and XMP SDK.
    I have to build a panel that contains the "Model Release Status" metadata.
    This metadata belongs to the PLUS Namespace.
    This is my form item:
    <!-- Model Release Status -->
              label="$$$/xmp/sdk/custompanels/MySample/ModelRS=Model Release Status:"
              labelTooltip="$$$/xmp/sdk/custompanels/MySample/ModelRST=Summarizes the availability and scope of model releases authorizing usage of the likenesses of persons appearing in the photograph.">
              <fi:XMPComboBox xmpPath="plus:ModelReleaseStatus">
                   <fi:XMPComboBoxItem label="$$$/xmp/sdk/custompanels/MySample/ModelRST/None=None" xmpValue="">
                   <fi:XMPComboBoxItem label="$$$/xmp/sdk/custompanels/MySample/ModelRST/NAP=Not Applicable" xmpValue="">
    But I see a little difference from the original one.
    If I write metadata with Adobe Bridge original panel, I see this:
         <rdf:Description rdf:about=""
    Instead, in my custom panel, I see this.
           <rdf:Description rdf:about=""
    The Version attribute doesn't compare in my.
    I have two questions:
    1. is it mandatory this attribute?
    In they says that is only used in case of misunderstanding.
    2. If yes, how can I implement this?
    With an event on the save button?
    I believe it's more difficult and it's not so useful..
    Any idea, guys?

    to answer your questions.
    1. As far as I know, the plus:Version is not mandatory.
    2. I used the following algorithm in "FileInfo". A hidden XMPTextInput field at the end of the form contains the version.
    On the xmpWrite event, I check if the XMP packet has been modified and contains any plus:* values.
    In that case I add the version only if at least one plus property is contained in the packet, otherwise it is removed.
    Hope this helps,
    -- Stefan

  • Left side bridge panels configuration question

    The left side of bridge has panels, and one shows at a time, but it shows all the way top to bottom.
    That's more than I need, and I would like to have 2 panels open there, one above the other, each using 1/2 the length.
    How to do please?

    You can move the panels around. Switch sides. I have just the Preview panel on the left, covering the entire main monitor, then the others on the second monitor. It works like a puzzle where you move little plastic squares inside of a larger square with one missing (can't think of the name for this type of common puzzle). Just experiment.
    <br />
    <br />c
    <a href="" /></a>
    <img alt="Picture hosted by Pixentral" src="" border="0" />
    <br />c Scroll horizontally too --very wide screen shot
    <br />
    <br /> [EDIT: I understand this arrangement shown here is NOT the one you want, but the point is just to show that the panels can be moved around.]

  • ACR/Bridge deleting wrong pictures. Help please!

    Usually my workflow to post process as fast as possible around 600 - 800 pictures I shot on the same day/same subject, was to select batches of 100 pictures and open them in ACR. Then adjust brightness / contrast, cropping, etc. and deleting the undesired ones.
    After making these changes on ACR, click the done button, choose the next 100 pictures, and repeat this process 8 times and I was done.
    Now with CS3, I've found that if I do this too fast (clicking on done after working 100 images and selecting 100 more) the photos I deleted still there and what is worst, the ones I wanted to keep are being deleted. I´m not sure about this, but I think that even the changes made to one picture were applied not to that one, but to the next one (can this really be happening?) It seems that the sidecar XMP files info is being applied to the wrong photo.
    Is anyone else having the same problem?
    What can I do to prevent it?
    Running on Win XP, 1Gb RAM.
    TIA for your help.

    Have not seen that mentioned, but that does not mean you are the only one. One caveat when running Bridge is to not make any changes until the flies are loaded, as it can cause freezes, crashes and other problems. That is the spinning arrow at bottom left corner, wait until it stops. If working fast that may be a factor in your case. Worth taking a look at.
    Another thing to look at is the cache size in ACR. Go to Edit>Camera Raw Prefenences and look at cache size. Default is 1 gig, but some users have jumped this to 10 gigs to solve problems.

  • Mini Bridge panel coming up empty - CS6

    I tried opening mini bridge in InDesign today, but its showing an empty panel - see screen shot below
    it has worked in the past, but I havent used it in a while
    I tried trashing prefs already, but that didnt work
    Running InDesign CS6 on Mac OSX 10.8
    Any help on the matter will be appreciated

    @ Peter
    I tried that - help down opt key when starting bridge, chose to reset prefs and chaches.... but it didnt solve the problem
    @ Steve
    Mini Bridge DID work properly in a different user account!
    But now what? How do I go about getting it to work in my user account?

  • ACR 6 color artifacting not present in ACR 5

    Has anyone yet noticed or reported the blotchy color artifacting in 6 (ACR that was not there in 5?
    I have noticed it in clear blue skies (see link below). When doing a conversion of a scenic file using the ACR interface, the skies show to be smooth and almost free from artifacting. But when I open up the actual JPG 12 file that was output, it shows large, magenta tinted, blotchy areas. The problem even exists when I set the color noise reduction to 100.
    The texture of the clear blue skies is finer and more uniform in ACR6 (2010), there is less color bleed at sharp edges and transition, and overall resolution and definition is slightly better. ACR5 yields skies of a courser lumpier texture, and sometimes has areas where the blue bleeds into adjacent areas of a different color. But ACR 5 does not suffer from the magenta blotching that almost looks like faint magenta clouds.
    When I try outputting to 16-bit TIFF (instead of qual 12 JPG), the sky in looks much more like the ACR 5 JPG output -- courser texture but no magenta blotches. When I save the 16-bit TIFF as a JPG12, (in Photoshop CS5), I see faint large blotchy areas of magenta artifacting in the JPG that are not present in the TIFF.
    I have posted 3 files here:
    They are all in ProPhoto color space.
    DPP-5424.jpg   converted in Canon's DPP     nice smooth sky, very few artifacts
    ACR6-2003_NoBlotch-5424.jpg     using the 2003 process in ACR6 shows less clearly defined color noise that is spread more uniformly than the 2010 version
    ACR6-2010_MagentaBlotch_5424-1.jpg    using the 2010 process shows faint magenta patches or blotches.
    I just thought of something else. Here I tried setting ACR6 (2010) to the Adobe RGB color space (instead of ProPhoto). All the other settings are identical to the file above (with the magenta blotching). But this Adobe RGB file that was output by ACR6 (2010) has no obvious magenta blotching.
    Any comments/observations?
    I hope Adobe will fix this problem, as I far prefer working in and keeping all my general purpose output in ProPhoto color space.

    Thanks for your reply Doran.
    The problem happened using ACR 6.0, ProPhoto, 16 bit. But it was "solved" (or improved) by using AdobeRGB in 16 bit.
    And the problem did not happen using ProPhoto in 16 bit when using ACR 5.6.
    I don't really want a "work-around".
    I would like to be able to:
    1) Have the interface accurately represent what I will get in the final file.
    2) Be able to work in ProPhoto 16bit and get output that does not have banding and blotching.

  • Return to ACR basic panel

    After making a local adjustment in ACR, the basic panel disappears. How do I return to the basic panel? Thanks, Richard

    Ok, I guess I misunderstood what you intially said. I'm glad it's cleared up.
    I agree some things in PS are unintuitive. My newbie experience was going to a copy shop to use their scanner. Photoshop was the default editor for their computers. I had to call one of the staff over, I couldn't figure out how to get the scan started.
    I expected "File > Scan..." not "File > Import > Twain...".

  • CS5 Mini Bridge Panel

    Well Mini Bridge sorta works for me?
    When I drag the panel with the mouse it's fine, but when I let go it goes blank.
    Windows XP SP3
    Intel Core 2 CPU 6400 @ 2.13ghz
    2.00 GB RAM
    Nvidia Quadro FX 3450/4000 SDI

    A colleague has the exact same monitor as me.
    I loaded back in the original ICC profile for the monitor on my computer.
    And on my colleagues computer it works fine, you can toggle that button all you like,.
    But on my computer it makes the panels go blank.
    So probably not an Adobe bug, but a setting on my computer somewhere.

  • ACR/Bridge can handle files LR can't?

    Bridge 4.04, ACR 6.3, LR 3.3
    Bridge/ACR can see and process Leaf Volare HDR files, LR can't see them to import them (No Photos Found).
    Why one and not the other?

    I know Leaf Volare files aren't officially supoorted by ACR/LR, however, it is working in Bridge/ACR.
    Would prefer LR though. Is there a way?

  • Lightroom / ACR / Bridge?

    Where can I get an overview on the functions / purposes and overlap, if any, in regards to these programs? I am currently using CS4 and Thumbs Plus.
    Thanks,  Airpix

    airpix wrote:
    Thanks John, I've been Googling all morning without much luck
    I just put in lightroom versus photoshop. .mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a

Maybe you are looking for

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  • Latency(ASIO Buffer)Issues, Share Your Support! On Behalf of newbies......!!

    I think most of us here gone through these problems. Especially a newbie who just started with his or her home Studio or Composition. What we face most is a Delay on real time recording of the instruments or if you creating music through MIDInterface

  • Crystal Reports 2008 - CR Runtime 12 issue

    We are developing our applications using VS 2008 and I also install the Crystal Reports 2008 developer edition. My project references all DLL's from Crystal Reports 2008 runtime (BusinessObjects\Common\4.0\Managed\dotnet2) to display CR reports in ou

  • E-business Suite RMAN cloning without connecting source

    Hi, I've RMAN backup with catalog and nocatalog. I want to use my nocatalog RMAN backup to clone e-business suite R12/11i Application without connecting source. Please advice/sugegst any doc. thanks

  • ITunes crashes just _importing_ videos!

    It has actually been doing this for a little bit now, but before it was only for a few random times, and has gotten much worse: now I can't add my .m4v / .mp4 videos at all!! I already have alot of videos already (50+ episodes of shows), but I hope t