Adding vendor name to 0FIAP_M30_Q0003

I need your expertise as I'm fairly new to BW. Our users want to add the vendor name to the 0FIAP_M30_Q0003 BW BEx reports. Do do I go about this?

Hi Teo,
Your report name it self - Vendors: Overdue Analysis.
Means your report mush and should the vendor,
please explore your report by checking rows,free chars area and filters.
Check in rows, you may see info object 0creditor - its vendor.
So you don't need add any extra objects.its standard report.
if you maintained text data for 0CREDITOR info object then you can set display properties as key and text at bex level.

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    Our users require the vendor name to be displayed on the G/L line item layout when they execute FBL3N.  I was able to get the vendor number to display through the use of Offsetting account number.  Is there a way through standard config to also pull in the associated vendor name?
    Thanks in advance,

    Take a look at the following thread: adding a field to FBL3N
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  • Adding vendor name to Position part in report Payment List - s_p99_41000099

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    Is there any way to add vendor name to the list of columns available at detail level?
    Thanks in advance.

    Resolved by using Check Register

  • FI Report to display Profit center and Vendor name

    We are using 6.0 version.
    Can you please suggest a Standard report which can give me the Actual line items with GL line item detail with Vendor name & Profit center.
    FAGLL03, is not giving me Vendor name.
    Please advise.

    This FAGLL03 for GL account line item display.
    Here you can see all the GL account for example if you are looking Salary accout how you will expect th vendor name over there.
    Vendor display is different area right
    If you want add vendor in the FAGLL03, the go to SHD0 added vendor name there and complete the steps

  • Display Vendor name in vendinvoice Report

    hi expert i have little query , in ax 2012 R3 there is report vend-invoice Report, actually i want to display vendor name on that report,by default there is no vendor name,for this i just added vendor name(extended data type) in vendinvoice temp table,and
    then just reference that field in class of vendinvoice,rebuild the ax,and in vs2012  add that field in report design ,and depolye ,but still the vendor name not does not showed in report...plz guide me..

    Hi Munsifuv,
    Is this a question about Power Query? If not, I'd recommend directing your question to a Dynamics Ax forum.

  • Vendor name to be added in T-code FAGLL03

    HI All,
    I want the vendor name to be displayed in the reporting of FAGLL03. It is possible to get the vendor no using the BADI.
    I wanted to know how we can populate the vendor name in the report. Is there a BTE or BADI for the same.
    Let me know the steps to implement the same.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Deepak BR

    Hi Deepak,
    You have to create and activate BADI 'FAGL_ITEMS_CH_DATA' as per note no. 1034354.
    For more details you can refer this thread, it might be useful.
    Link: [vendor number in new FAGLL03 tcode (offsetting account information);

  • GR/IR:  Open receipts with vendor name

    Hello SAP Gurus-
    I am not sure if we are doing something wrong but we are currently reconciling our GR/IR account and what we noticed is that when we added the vendor name to the report with the help of an OSS note, we noticed that it gives us all transactions that make up the balance however it isn't what we wanted exactly.
    What we were looking for was once we execute MR11 and handle all differences, we want to see only open receipts with the Vendor name.  How can we achieve this?  Is there a report?  Should the GR/IR account be set up as a clearing account?
    Any help/ insight is greatly appreciated!

    figured it out

  • 'FBL3N' Vendor Name

    Hi Experts
    could u please help me regarding the report run by transaction FBL3N is there any
    sap note available just to add the vendor name to the report i jsut require that one
    one field and rather than making a copy of that program n writen a zprogram i wanted to knw if sap offers any notes to modify it.
    thanks u

    Check the structure RFPOSXEXT. The special fields you add will be prefixed by U_ in the structure. This is the structure which is used to display the line items, so check if the values are getting populated in this structure.
    Also refer to the following thread :
    adding a field to FBL3N

  • Vendor name and Vedor number in FAGLL03

    Hi All,
    My Client is running report for GR/IR, T-code FAGLL03, they want to see Vendor name and Vendor number columns in the report. I searched forums and got the answer for Vendor number but not clear
    My questions are
    1. I added field LIFNR in BSEG table in the SPRO and am able to see the vendor colum. If I transport to Test system, will I be able to see the vendor column? (in forums some one mentioned that they are not able to see the vendor column when they transport to Test system) they have been asked to run this program BALVBUFDEL, So I am concerned about this issue and want to know exactly what are the things that need to be done, what programs have to be run before transporting to Test system?
    Also we are using ECC 6.0 and the highest support package present in the system is SAPKGPAD15. So I dont think I need to install the OSS note 1034354, I checked the OSS note and the highest APPL level is 604? but just making sure about this Patch level and OSS note.
    2. Second, how to get the Vendor name cloumn in the report?
    Could someone give me solution? your help will be really appreciated.
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    Hi Sanjay,
    Thanks for the reply. I understood that we get Vendor number from the Function module ITEM_STRUC_EXTENSION and when you run that FM it updates the vendor number in the Structure FAGLPOSYEXT. I want to have Vendor name side to Vendor number field. Can I get vendor name also from the same FM?
    I have tried in BSIS table and other OSS notes that are mentioned in that forum link but none of the OSS notes mentioned about the Vendor name and the vendor name is coming from LFA1 table and that has no connection with FAGLL03 report as far as I understand (correct me if I am wrong).
    If you have any idea please throw some light.
    Thank you very much,

  • Vendor name field in FBL3N report

    Hi Experts,
    Requirement : In Fbl3n report Vendor name required for vendor code in vendor field and not in offseting account field.
    Action taken : Through spro vendor field has been added to fbl3n report.Now BTE 1650 has been activated.In function module ZF_INTERFACE_00001650 in importing parameter i_postab there is no field for getting vendor codes that are displayed in vendor field in FBL3N report.So i cannot get not get name of vendor codes.
    One option i know is i am getting PO no from i_postab,so from PO NO i can get vendor code and hence vendor name.
    Is there any other way of getting vendor codes in function module mentioned above.
    Please suggest.
    Kaustubh Kabre.

    Refer the below link
    [New fields in FBL3N report]
    Surendar Reddy.

  • To bring the Vendor name & Code in FBL3N Report

    Hi Friends,
    As we need to bring the Vendor name / Code in FBL3N report, we have given the settings in the SPRO ( SPRO>Financial Accounting>General Ledger Accounting>G/L Accounts->Line items>Line items Display-->Define special fields for finding and sorting data ) by putting of BSEG table and assigned the same with LIFNR field and transported the same to Development server for testing, but after transport, the above requirements are NOT coming while we run the FBL3N report,
    Please guide me to bring the same in FBL3N as it is important requirement for us.
    G. Jana

    If you are on ECC 6.0 you can use report FAGLL03. However, if you need to get vendor name also, you need to do refer to link
    Re: adding a field to FBL3N
    Sanil K Bhandari

  • F110 Sort by Vendor Name

    Hi all,
    I would like to sort my cheque proposal by vendor name. I have gone into FBZP>payment methods by company code>form data> and created and new variant with the field Name1.
    When I went to do a new proposal it did not work, it still sorted by vendor number. I have read most of the earlier posts is there something I am missing? It seems like it should be a pretty straight forward fix.

    The sort variant in (Correspondence or line items) under payment method by company code (Form data) controls how payment advice lines are sorted. Correspondence sorts the payment advice notes (or check) and line items sorts lines in a payment advice. This is payment media sorting.
    The default proposal is sorted by vendor number. For proposal lines sorting, try this: Financial accounting (new) -- AR/AP -- Business Transactions -- outgoing payments -- automatic outgoing payments -- payment proposal processing -- make settings for displaying line items -- select sort fields for line item display.
    But I doubt if Name1 can be added as a field to sort proposal. It has a list of standard fields to choose from.
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  • Vendor name in FBLN Report

    Hi Experts,
    How can i add the vendor name in FBLN standard reports. I have checked in hidden fields but vendor name option is not there.
    Please .....
    Thanks in Advance

    You can refer the below link
    Re: adding a field to FBL3N
    Hope this will help you

  • Vendor Name in FAGLL03

    The standard report FAGLL03 does not show Vendor Name. There is a provision for displaying the vendor number but not the vendor name. Pls suggest.

    Pls refer the link
    Re: adding a field to FBL3N
    Thanks & Best Regards
    Sanil K Bhandari

  • Supress Vendor name in std report S_ALR_87012103 - Vendors: Items

    Hi ,
    I am using report 'S_ALR_87012103 - Vendors: Items -> List of Vendor Line Items' to list the vendor open items and in the output the vendor name with address is displayed, I want to supress name and address so that when I download to excel it will easier for me to change the columns.

    Try using FBL1N instead of this report, which does not show address.

Maybe you are looking for

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