ADF Application and Oracle Portal Login Page

We have developed ADF application and deployed it in Oracle AS 10.1.2 along with the custom JAAS module, which is working fine with the application custom login page. As a next page, I want to use Oracle Portal login page for the authentication and authorization.
How can I accomplished it? Any idea?

1. I created blank ADF project
2. I copied myreport.jsp file (this one was generated by Oracle Report Builder) under ..ViewController/public_html directory
3. Created directory 'lib' under ViewController/public_html/WEB-INF/lib
4. Copied reports_tld.jar file under the directory created in 3.
5. Created simple jspx page with the af:link (btw af:goLink does not exists in JDev 12c), set 'destination' to myreport.jsp
After the steps above I could not even compile the application, many problems too many to list here, Basically JDev is trying to build the project with .jsp file generated in Report Builder and is unable to.
So to be sure we are on the same page: I am trying to embed JSP report files generated by Report Builder into ADF project, then create EAR file and deploy on standalone WLS. Finally execute JSP web only report.

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    hello, i hv registered oracle cloud service for java and database. i hv created simple adf application in which there are 2 jsf pages only linked together. I m using oracle jdeveloper 11gr2. so i hv created ear file for deployment on cloud. i deployed adf application on cloud using java console. But, after uploading application, deployment was failed. I tried 3 times this, but the result was same. I checked log, where i got 3 warnings in whitelist log and error in deploy log. Those are as follows:
    Warnings in   whitelist log:
    2013-04-14 06:57:11 CDT: Starting action "API Whitelist"
    2013-04-14 06:57:11 CDT: API Whitelist started
    2013-04-14 06:57:12 CDT: WARNING - There are 3 warnings(s) found for Testapp.ear.
    2013-04-14 06:57:12 CDT: WARNING - Path:Testapp.ear (3 Warnings)
    2013-04-14 06:57:12 CDT: WARNING - Path:Testapp.ear (3 Warnings)
    2013-04-14 06:57:12 CDT: WARNING - Path:Test_ViewController_webapp.war (3 Warnings)
    2013-04-14 06:57:12 CDT: WARNING - Path:WEB-INF**** (1 Warning)
    2013-04-14 06:57:12 CDT: WARNING - 1:Recommended child element "login-config" missing under element /
    If you want to make your application public, you can have empty
    <login-config/> in your web.xml. If you need authentication then you must
    have <login-config> and its child <auth-method> element in web.xml.
    Without this element(<login-config>), users may be challenged by SSO, but
    the application code will be executed as anonymous user only. Line No:4.
    2013-04-14 06:57:12 CDT: WARNING - Path:WEB-INF**** (2 Warnings)
    2013-04-14 06:57:12 CDT: WARNING - 1:Recommended child element "jsp-descriptor" missing under element /
    If you have a JSP file that is not pre-compiled, The compilation errors
    could be shown on the browser. It is recommended to include
    <jsp-descriptor><verbose>false<****><****-descriptor> in weblogic.xml.
    Line No:2.
    2013-04-14 06:57:12 CDT: WARNING - 2:Recommended child element "session-descriptor" missing under element /
    You will be required to have distinct cookie-path, if multiple
    applications are accessed with in the same SSO session or if you have
    multiple applications with different auth-method(CLIENT-CERT, FORM, BASIC)
    in the same service instance.
    Line No:2.
    2013-04-14 06:57:12 CDT: WARNING - Testapp.ear had 3 warning(s).
    2013-04-14 06:57:12 CDT: INFO - Whitelist validation has completed with 0 error(s) and 3 warning(s).
    2013-04-14 06:57:12 CDT: Whitelist validation passed.
    2013-04-14 06:57:12 CDT: "API Whitelist" complete: status SUCCESS
    and Error in deploy log:
    2013-04-14 06:57:12 CDT: Starting action "Deploy Application"
    2013-04-14 06:57:12 CDT: Deploy Application started
    2013-04-14 06:57:15 CDT: weblogic.application.ModuleException: Failed to load webapp: Test-ViewController-context-root because of DeploymentException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
    2013-04-14 06:57:15 CDT: WL action state: failed
    2013-04-14 06:57:15 CDT: Action FAILED with WL action state: failed
    2013-04-14 06:57:15 CDT: Check the server log of your Java cloud service for more info about the failure.
    2013-04-14 06:57:16 CDT: Application deployment failed.
    2013-04-14 06:57:16 CDT: "Deploy Application" complete: status FAILED
    I am using jdeveloper 11gr2, so pls dont tell me to use jdeveloper 11gr1. because, i hv already developed an application for my final year B.Tech and i cant migrate to previous release. So there is only one way for me by generating ear file and deploying from console.
    I m not getting what is the problem and what will be solution for this?
    What should i do?
    What changes should required?
    pls, help me to get out from this problem !!!!!

    Well, I guess you have a problem here. Check and from this
    Note: In its current stage Oracle Java Cloud Service runs WebLogic Server 10.3.6 with the appropriate Runtime ADF Deployment of ADF 11gR2 Applications is currently not supported. Beside this limitation some ADF Features are not supported on the Oracle Cloud. According to the Oracle Cloud Documentation it is not supported to use the following ADF features
    ADF Desktop Integration
    ADF mBean
    ADF MDS (Seeded customizations or cross-session personalization)
    ADF Mobile
    ADF Active Data Services (=> No real-time ADF Web Apps in Oracles Cloud)
    ADF Business Components services interfaces (web services) or events
    ADF Data Controls for BI, Essbase, BAM, and JMX
    Further there are some restrictions which are good to know I think
    No Java Mail API (=>Sending Mails is prohibited)
    No File system access by deployed applications (=>Writing files is prohibited)
    No Direct use of Oracle JDBC Driver APIs
    No Java Message Service (JMS)
    Max Size for deployment archive 95MB
    I hope for you that the information from the blog has changes in the meantime (blog is from end of last year). Check the current doc for the cloud ...

  • [Problem]Registering "External Applications" in Oracle Portal

    We want to register an external application (simple HTML based login application) with Oracle Portal 10.1.4. We followed the steps documented and registered the external application. We did provide the necessary credentials and checked the remember credentials check box.
    We added the External Application Portlet which provides a link to the added application. However, everytime we click the link , instead of automatically logging into external application , we are shown the external application login screen.
    Our environment: Oracle 10.1.4 Portal ; Oracle 10.1.2 Appserver
    Appreciate any help to solve the problem.

    Hey 619948:
    These can be tricky to track down. Typically, there are 1 or more form fields missing from the external application that the actual application needs to log you in. Here's the flow I use to setup external apps.
    1) Go to login page of the external app and view the page source
    2) Find the URL in the action address of the <FORM tag or in the JavaScript used for submitting the form
    3) Find every form input including <INPUT, <SELECT, etc and note their names and their values (if any). This includes hidden ones
    4) The tricky part -- try to make an educated guess as to which fields are required and which ones are optional. This is not always obvious
    5) Setup your external application with the Action URL as the URL, the username and password fields where indicated and adding in any extra fields identified in step 4
    If that still doesn't do the trick, I use the Web Developer plugin for Firefox to change the POST (if that is what is used for logging in) to a GET so I can see the exact fields being submitted on the application's login page. Sometimes, it may be an obscure button like submit=submit.
    Finally, some applications just don't play well with externally logging in. This is one of the cases where it really isn't Oracle Portal's doing. Some apps just have so much coding and scripts etc. on their login page that you just can't login except through thier page.
    Rgds/Mark M.

  • Inegration between an ADF application and OAM

    my question here is how to integrate my ADF application with Oracle access manager (which build his own SSO login page ) and take the user from it.
    please provide me wit any link that may help
    appreciate any help

    JAZN has a OAM LoginModule that you can configure for authentication. This then enables container managed J2EE authentication to work with OAM

  • Redirect to Portal Login page from portlet

    We have lots of applications on the portal and many of them need the logged in user information to provide the right display context. For example, "My Notes" where notes are stamped with the user's login id. Our portlet applications show exception messages when the user id is unavailable. Pressing a refresh button takes them to the portal login page.
    Does anyone know how to redirect to the portal login page? Here is how I would like it to work: A user has the application up beyond the session timeout period and does something that causes the page to submit. At the application server we look for the logged in user ID which is missing due to session timeout and we send them to the portal login page.
    Thanks! Mike

    Hi James,
    <br />
    <br />I fear this isn´t possible to do with ADDT, as it will - when using its Restrict Access To Page behaviour - always redirect to the page you specified in the Control Panel.
    <br />
    <br />However you can help yourself with a simple custom PHP redirect script
    <i>(place it @ @ line 1 of your document)</i> which checks whether the "kt_login_id" Session Variable is set, and if it´s not set, redirect to a different login page:
    <br />
    <br /><?php<br />if (!isset($_SESSION['kt_login_id'])) {<br />header('Location:') ;<br />}<br />?>
    <br />
    <br />Hint: users who login via a different login page will still be redirected to ADDT´s default login page when logging out
    <br />
    <br />Cheers,
    <br />Günter Schenk
    <br />Adobe Community Expert, Dreamweaver

  • How to deploy ADF applications in Oracle apps

    I just gone thru demos on ADF rich client applications using jdeveloper 11g.My doubt is how to deploy and use these from oracle apps.Is ADF supported in R12.If yes then could anybody provide me steps to deploy code at unix file system and how to create form functions for accessing jspx pages?
    I know that in OAF, we can deploy server components at $OA_java and PG.xml files using xml importer and we can create form functions for PG.xml files.Similarly what are the steps to deploy and access ADF applications thru oracle apps.

    ADF Rich Client Components need a newer server than the one that comes with Apps R12.
    So what you'll need to do is have a separate WebLogic 10.3 server where you deploy the ADF Rich Client Applications.
    You can call them from your Apps by customizing your current apps and adding a button or link that just calls the URL where your ADF apps are.

  • Oracle Portal Dynamic Pages?

    I grabbed this from the Primer on Portlets "<b>By simply cutting and pasting the HTML provided by affiliates into Oracle Portal dynamic pages, you can create a portlet specifically for that affiliate program and embed it into your portal.</b>"
    How is this Oracle Portal Dynamic Page created?

    The dynamic page is a portal application component. You can create one within any portal application that you have been granted edit privileges (for a sample, go to the Navigator, click on the Applications tab and open EXAMPLE APP). For additional information, check out the on-line help (search for dynamic) or glance at the components section of the product features whitepaper:

  • CE 7.11 Portal login page issue after SPS4 Update

    Hi Guys,
    Has anyone worked on SP stack 4 update of SAP Netweaver CE 7.11 system?
    I ask this because I did this sometime back and immediately after the update, I realized that the text size, alignment, etc. of the text (Username, Password) on logon page of CE portal (http://host:port/irj) changed a lot. The text size became different and even the alignment of the text on this page changed.
    But nothing else got affected inside the portal and even the login pages for NWA, Useradmin, etc. were unchanged.
    It seems there was an issue with the stylesheet for that page only.
    This issue is dealt with in SAP Note no. 1397747, as per which the solution is to apply the latest J2EE Apps patch on the system. But even after applying the correct patch, the issue is not yet resolved.
    Has anyone who has done SPS4 update in CE 7.11 faced this issue as well?

    Well, after raising an OSS message with SAP, they worked on a new patch file for J2EE Applications (J2EEAPPS SPS4 patch 3) and after deploying this patch, the issue was resolved.
    So if anyone else faces the same problem, please deploy the latest J2EE APPS patch file by downloading it from service marketplace.
    Closing the thread now.

  • Not able to pass portal login page with valid credentials using WebDispatch

    We are implementing SAP BillerDirect Portal. To make BillerDirect Portal available over the internet, we Configured SAP WebDispatcher with SSL termination.  We followed the steps mentioned in SAP Help Documentaion for SAP WebDispatcher with SSL termination.
    We created certificate  and send it to CA (TrustCenter CA). We received the CA response and we imported the certificate.
    AS mentioned in the help document, we configured the SAP Web Dispatcher profile to support SSL termination
    We tried to access our BillerDirect Portal over the internet using below link
    We are getting login page, once we enter correct user ID and Password, portal is not loading (not going to next page) portal remains on same login page.
    If we enter invalid credentials portal login page is giving u201CUser Authentication Failedu201D error.
    If we try to access any portal login pages which brings a pop-up for login, login gets succeeded and we are able to see next pages
    All pages which bring up portal login page without pop-up, not able to pass through portal login screen.
    We Tried the ProxyMapping option on Dispatcher using Visual admin. This option also didnu2019t work for us.
    Here is the WebDispatcher Profile
    SAPSYSTEM = 00
    Accesssability of Message Server
    rdisp/mshost = hostnameofportalserver with FQDN
    ms/http_port = 8101
    Configuration for medium scenario
    icm/max_conn = 500
    icm/max_sockets = 1024
    icm/req_queue_len = 500
    icm/min_threads = 10
    icm/max_threads = 50
    mpi/total_size_MB = 80
    SAP Web Dispatcher Ports
    icm/server_port_0 = PROT=HTTPS,PORT=443
    icm/server_port_1 = PROT=HTTP,PORT=80
    icm/HTTPS/verify_client = 0
    SAP Web Dispatcher Web Administration
    icm/HTTP/admin_0 = PREFIX=/sap/wdisp/admin,DOCROOT=D:\usr\sap\xxx\W00\data\icmanroot\admin,AUTHFILE= D:\usr\sap\xxx\SYS\global\security\data\icmauth.txt
    Parameters for the SAP Cryptographic Library
    ssl/ssl_lib = D:\usr\sap\xxxW00\sapcrypto.dll
    ssl/server_pse = D:\usr\sap\xxx\W00\sec\SAPSSLS.pse
    ssf/name = D:\usr\sap\xxx\W00\sec\SAPSSLS.pse
    ssf/ssfapi_lib =  D:\usr\sap\xxx\W00\sapcrypto.dll
    sec/libsapsecu =  D:\usr\sap\xxx\W00\sapcrypto.dll
    wdisp/ssl_cred = D:\usr\sap\xxx\W00\sec\SAPSSLC.pse
    Parameters for Using SSL to the backend server
    wdisp/ssl_encrypt = 1
    wdisp/ssl_auth = 1
    wdisp/ssl_cred = D:\usr\sap\xxxW00\sec\SAPSSLC.pse
    wdisp/ssl_certhost = hostnameofportalserver with FQDN
    wdisp/ssl_ignore_host_mismatch = true
    #ICM Parameters
    icm/HTTP/j2ee_0 = PREFIX=/, HOST =hostnameofportalserver with FQDN PORT=50000,SPORT=50001, SSLENC=1,TYPE=1, CRED =D:\usr\sap\xxx\W00\sec\SAPSSLC.pse
    We also tried below options in WebDispatcher profile but we are getting same problem.
    wdisp/add_client_protocol_header = true
    wdisp/add_clientprotocol_header = 1
    wdisp/ssl_ignore_host_mismatch = true
    #ICM Parameters
    icm/HTTPS/forward_ccert_as_header = true
    icm/HTTPS/trust_client_with_issuer = *
    icm/HTTPS/trust_client_with_subject = *
    we also tried
    wdisp/ssl_encrypt = 0
    wdisp/ssl_auth = 0
    we also tried
    wdisp/ssl_encrypt = 2
    wdisp/ssl_auth = 2
    We are not able to resolve issue. Please help us on resolving this issue.

    ' in Host Names is not allowed. Our hosname has '_'.

  • How to install Oracle9iAS and Oracle Portal

    Can anyone help me to install Oracle9iAS and Oracle Portal?
    In which order must they be installed?
    Are there important things to do before the isntalling?
    Or does anyone know where to find clear documentation for the installation?

    Portal is installed as part of the 9iAS install.
    You can find the Installation Guide online at Choose the Documentation tab. Select your platform (Solaris, NT, etc.), and click HTML or PDF and you'll have the docs you need for installing 9lAS and Portal with default configuration.
    For more info on custom configuring portal, go to There is a section on the page called Configure 9iAS Portal that has links to all the available configuration documentation.

  • How to disable right click on SAP portal login page

    How to disable right click on SAP portal login page. Our requirement is one should not be able to right click -
    >view source. on the portal login page.
    Best Regars,

    Hi Tchanvan,
    If you search google with "javascript disable right click" you will get loads of javascript code. This will also help you to gain knowledge.
    @Explanation to last post : You need to import standard logon par file in NWDS. Create javascript file to disable right click and then include this file in your logon page. i think login page name is portalLogin.jsp and then deploy this new PAR file.
    Jigar Oza

  • Windows 7-8.1 Can not change the MAC Address on wifi and cannot load login page in public HotSpot.

    Windows 7-8.1 Can not change the MAC Address on wifi and cannot load login page in public HotSpot.
    Adapter: Ralink RT3070 Chipset wifi adapter
    Tested: os Windows 8.1 Professional
    Hot Spot: 802.11b
    The first problem windows 7-8.1 got IP adress and connect he public HotSpot  but  cannot load login page or any other page. It does not work with it.
    The second problem Wifi canrd/configure/Advandes (No network adress change function).Tested with the default windows driver and the ralink rt 3070 driver the same problem.On windows XP the same function the same driver works perfectly.
    multiple users to have expressed interest in the problem But Microsoft not corrected the problem window7-8.1 10?
    On windows XP or linux have a MAC adress Change function  allow 00 mac adress and another normal mac adress range.On windows 8.1 all Mac changer program dont work.This 2,6,A,E on second adress are not vaild Mac adress. You simply can not use normal MAC
    addresses on windows 8.1.When i connect the usb the Pc windows 8.1 recognizes the adapter but the default  driver and the downloaded ralink driver the same problem.On windows xp the current driver works perfectly have (Local Mac Network Adress) funktion
    and works with the 802.11b hot spot.I got the internet my PC and laptop too public HotSpots and another wifi HotSpots if wont work correctly i can not use neither the windows 7,8,8.1 or 10. Many users have expressed interest in the problem more forums.
    The 3. problem im tested in virtualbox the windows 7 and 8.1 on 8.1 (on the blue wifi platform) not show correctly the signal strengh. On windows 7 show this correctly.The windows 7-8.1 Configure/advanced the advanced options on Ralink 3070 the default (windows
    driver) somehow downgraded function is less than for Xp. Configure/advanced the advanced options (needs to be upgraded in the future) because it does not advance but rather regressed.
    Today it is very common these wi-fi technology increasingly used (hotels,Public Hots Spots,Internet coffe,) growing free bublic wifi projects. The wifi funktions on windows  need debugging and modernize.The quality of Wi-Fi is now the operating system
    is now a thing order which is not good then the operating system is unusable.

    For changing the MAC address for Windows 7 is designed with some limitation, we cannot get over it. Thanks for your understanding.
    Under Windows 7, the possible range of spoofed addresses for wireless adapters that can be set is limited.  To be used by Windows 7, a spoofed MAC address should have 0 as a least significant bit (unicast) and 1 as a second least significant
    bit (locally administered) in the second nibble.  Thus possible values for the second nibble are limited to 2, 6, A and E.
    In other words 
    MAC address:  “XY-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX” “X” can be anything hexadecimal.  The hexadecimal “Y”, written in binary format, is  Y:  “kmnp”,  where “p” is the least significant bit; 
    p=0 --> unicast;
    p=1 --> multicast;
    n=0 --> globally assigned MAC;
    n=1 --> locally administered;
    So, actually MAC can be changed  to any combination in which p=0 and n=1;
    “Y” can be 2, 6, A or E.
    So the possible MAC addresses in Windows 7 for wireless adapters:
    For the wifi hotspot issue, please check this blog to see if it can be helpful.
    Windows 7 Connectivity Problems in Public Hotspots
    Kate Li
    TechNet Community Support

  • Change labels on Portal Login page

    Hi community,
    We are running Portal 7.00 SP21 version and on Portal Logon page we have enabled Get Support link. Now we want to cutomize labels on page wich is shown through the Get Support Link (not welcome page).
    If we unzip the file umelogonbase.jar, we can find under dist\PORTAL-INF\lib - we can find the file "logonLabels_" which contains the language we are using. Also we find the key which is used in the tag (for us it is LAST_NAME) and change the text after the equal sign. Then we save the changed file and create a updated JAR file using a zip program but named umelogonbase.jar, not or - Put again the JAR file back to dist\PORTAL-INF\lib. Restart server, Portal cache and temp files, we don't get applied this change.
    This works ok for Welcome page, where by the same way, we can change labes and after restar/clear, we get applied those changes.
    So, how can I change the labels on Get Suppot page??
    We can not use NWDS....
    Thanks !

    Thanks a lot for your answers.
    First, on umResetPasswordPage.jsp I have found the code where "LAST_NAME" must take a value from other file (Could be from umelogonbase.jar?) so, maybe it is not the right place to change it, isn't it? or did you suggest by other way?? This is the code on the umResetPasswordPage.jsp file:
    <td width="161" height="20">
            <label class=urLblStd for="logonlastnamefield">
              <span class=urLblReq> *</span>
    Second, On Portal Content there is not any Page/Iview wich manage this Support (LogonHelpApp) page openned by "get Support" link on Welcome Portal Page. At this time, I could not find if is it a webdynpro or other component Portal....

  • Dynamic Text in SAP portal login page

    Hi All,
    I want to display some text information in the SAP Portal login page.Is it possible to display dynamic text in the login page?
    Can anybody help in this?
    V Karthi

    Check the following links as well.
    [Customizing Portal Login Page;
    [Portal Login Page Customization;
    Check all 3 weblogs.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Runtime engine can't load vi with lvdatetimerec.ctl

    Hello everybody, i have trouble with TS 3.5 / LV 11.0 I programmed a small vi that calculates the time difference between now and a time stamp. To pass the timestamp from Teststand i use a Control (lvdatetimerec.ctl) and the matching VIs to do the ta

  • Control key doesn't work

    I had my late 2008 MacBook Pro's motherboard replaced by AppleCare after I messed up the USB ports, and when I got the computer back, the control key didn't work. I know it was working right before I took the computer in, and I think I noticed pretty

  • Stack JAVA as Add-in installation

    Hello This is my first time on forum. We are installing a Java Add-in on our Development System Abap only.The response of prerequisite checker is the necessity to install Manteinance Level 5 and our Aix 5.3 is on ML 4 at OS level. <i>Prerequisite Che

  • RAC DB/Application Test

    I configured RAC DB/Application on RHEL4,, I want to test Application/DB test , Need suggestions what thing i should test? On Application side and DB side?

  • Migrating from sql2000 database to Oracle 9i

    I have Oracle 9i running on Win2000 ...and I have installed Oracle Migration Workbench on same machine. On other machine I have sql2000 SERVER and I have 5 databases running there. As test migration now I want to migrate to Oracle 9i .. sql server da