Adobe Form Translation error Omitted Objects (Could not be Converted)

I am new to this forum. I have an issue with Adobe form Translation. Through SE63 (or through the form translation itself) , whenever I try to translate into any language it gives me an error "  Omitted Objects (Could not be Converted)". And the translation doesnt get saved. I tested with other forms and the translation works perfectly fine. Its the problem only with this particular form. In fact any change gives error. For e.g. I copy the English the translation to the Greek or the Hungarian one, and if I delete a character and save it it gives me an error.
Please help me if you have faced similar issues have any knowledge about it.
Thanks in advance

Hi David,
Thanks for answering my query. I had installed a new patch and even that did not work. However I managed to make it work. I dont know if its the correct way but it worked for me. On furthur analyses I found out that the problem was with XML tags. This was throwing an error. Also, on looking at the translations I Observed that there were few close tags "</trans-unit> " which had no open "<trans-unit>" for them. I simply deleted the extra close tags and the translation worked fine after that.
Point to be noted is that the extra tags were not there in the original english translation. They only appeared when I tried to change the Greek or Hungarian translation and saved them.
Hope it helps anybody.

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    Hi Experts,
    I have developed an invoice(adobe forms) in my development server and translated this invoice for FRENCH(F) and moved this request to Quality server and now i am trying to translate the same form for GERMANY(DE) in dev server, i am getting a message when i am saving the object "Omitted Objects (Could not be Converted):" and the text are not changed (which means english text remains not changed while translating into DE)
    i hope it is not related to SAP Logon GUI problem, because i developed a sample form and i tested it for some languages(while translating, it has not pgiven any error message like "Omitted Objects (Could not be Converted):". am using SAP 710 release and patch 14)
    Please help me to solve this problem
    Thanks and regards

    HI Priya,
    Thank you, i ahve implemented the same..
    it is working fine..
    Thanks & Regards

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    Plz do the needful. Points rewarded

    Dear Sathish
    Go to material master, select "Additional Data" tab.  There select "Units of measure" and maintain the alternative unit of measure and save.  Now retry.
    G. Lakshmipathi

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    I assume that this is due to the system Copy.
    Since there is always an export DataSOurce generetad to ODS or DSO, the myself-System needs to be setup properly.
    Check if the Sourcesystem connection to the MYSELF-System (your BI) is maintained properly after system-copy.
    If not, contact your admin.
    If your'e not working with sap-all/sap-new, you should also check authorisation.

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    I might have accidently discontinue. Can any body help me????

    It  looks like you do not have access to the registry key mentioned i.e.  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current  Version\Run\Optional Components\IMAIL.
    This might be due to  the fact that you may not be added to the Administrators group or the  registry key has been denied access explicitly to a group that you may  be part of.
    People in my network setup were facing the same issue,  and we fixed the same using Microsoft's "subinacl" tool. You can follow  the below mentioned steps to rectify your issue as well:
    1. Download Microsoft's SubinACL tool from -4a91-93cf-ed6985e3927b&displaylang=en
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    4. In the Command Prompt window, type in the following commands:
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       ii. subinacl  /subkeyreg  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\Opti  onalComponents /grant=administrators=f /grant=SYSTEM=f /grant=USERS=f  /grant="Creator Owner"=f (Hit Enter)
    You  should see some processes happening on your screen. After the process  ends, retry the update operation you were originally trying to perform.  Hopefully, it should succeed now.

  • Adobe form translations

    I have translated adobe form from English to French, however when i execute function module by passing language as 'FR' it is still showing in English only. what could be the reason??
    and also when i open the same form in DE language i don't see any layout it is almost empty, do i need to anything here.

    Hi - Same EN to FR translation not working.
    I am creating froms in 100 client and then testing in 200 client.
    Initially I was seeing English texts when I executed in client 200 with logon language as FR.
    I observed I had the below error in SE63 long text Translation screen "Omitted Objects (Could not be Converted):" with Yellow warning.
    SE63 -> Long Texts -> Objname = form name -> EN to US -> EDIT -> CHange the english texts to French texts -> and save ->
    Omitted Objects (Could not be Converted):"  is seen and you will remain in the same screen how many times we save.
    This happens when I save after making the Translations and save.
    Then I implemented notes 1488663 & 1552974 Notes.( Kranthi - you may check these forms )
    Sometimes now translation works and sometimes it does not.
    Repeating the changing the texts to FR and saving - When luckily Translations got saved one time - I logged into FR language and displayed the form in SFP  and checked the layout - all texts seen in FR . but when I executed the form from the same screen ( SFP ) - surprisingly I see english texts.
    after repeated executions - Suddenly I say French texts appearing.
    Then I found one Text still in english,
    When I goto SE63 and change it - surprisingly now I see the same error again "Omitted Objects (Could not be Converted):".
    I am not sure the note 1552974 really works removing the additional </trans-unit> - becuase I see so many of them even now.
    I also tried executing a standard form from SFP in FR login language.It works displays all texts in FR.
    Not sure why this is not working for Cusotm developed forms.

  • Adobe Form Translation with SE63

    Hi all,
    I need to translate some fixed text that I've in my AdobeForm Layout. I followed word by word what is suggested in the official guide ( ) but when I save my modifications in the SE63 editor I get this warning message:
         "Omitted Objects (Could not be Converted):"
    and my translation is not saved. Can anyone help me?

    Hello forumers,
    I am now creating an adobe form (billing document) in English and I will be needing to have the same form in the Russian language. I have already followed the steps in Link:[]
    and saved the object already. My question is that when will this Russian form be displayed? when the program is run in an environment where language = 'RU'?
    What if I have to display the russian form if VBRK-WAERK(currency) = 'KZT' ?
    Thanks a lot.

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    Hello PW, I am having this problem and all suggestions haven't worked yet. Where is the Preferences|Documents you are referring to? I am on a PC and using Windows.
    EDIT: I found it and did, but still not working.

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    System Type: 64-bit Operating System
    Office: MS Office Professional Plus 2013
    I am getting "The attempted operation failed. An object could not be found" error when I double click on an .ics file to an appointment to my calender. My account's data file is set as default and this error only occurs if
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    1-) Open up the Control Panel and go to Mail section
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    3-) Click "Add" and give a name to your profile.
    4-) Configure your account (with Auto Account setup, not manual steps)
    5-) Finally, set that profile to be used always.
    Then, I opened up the Outlook 2013 and clicked on the .ics file to add that appointment but got the same error.
    Is this a known issue or specific to me?

    yes, I have the same problem.
    The workaround of saving the ICS file and then importing it into the current calendar
    but the ICS calendar
     displays in other section, NOT in the section of my old events.
    why  ??

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro XI 11.0.06 when I reduce file size or try to optimize, I get this error: The document could not be saved. A number is out of range. I do the exact same thing every month and it works. I did it a few days ago and it worked. I receated the

    Adobe Acrobat Pro XI 11.0.06 when I reduce file size or try to optimize, I get this error: The document could not be saved. A number is out of range. I do the exact same thing every month and it works. I did it a few days ago and it worked. I receated the pdf, I renamed it. tried to do it before I imported more pages. no go. the 16 mg pdf will normally reduce to 5 or 6

    Are you facing the issue with any pdf file?
    Please try updating Acrobat to 11.0.7 and check.
    You might also want to repair Acrobat and see.

  • When you try to send or to receive email in Outlook 2010, you may receive one of these error messages: 0x8004010F: Outlook data file cannot be accessed. or 0x8004010F: The operation failed. An object could not be found.

    0x8004010F: The operation failed. An object could not be found.
    1. reviewed Profile instructions
    2. Ran SytTools thinking it would fix the error. NO although I could send received I ended up with a giant pst 
    3. Back to Profile Instructions.
    4. Set up new profile with my email address. email address tested well. Run Outlook. loads as outlook data PST
    and  gmail address PST.  Deleted all the Gmail subscriptions to improve speed. Original error was gone but have two GIGANIC PST FILES.
    5. Set up another new profile with my email address and a named pst.  Run Outlook under that Profile -
    comes up with newly named pst and the gmail addrress pst (although I can't figure out where that pst is located. Will not let me use email address as default Profile.  Tried different approaches and still ended up always with the gmail address pst.  Deleted
    all profiles but email address and comes   up.
    6. Should I just go ahead and use the gmail address pst  I need to import data or download data from gmail
    to get last years correspondence.e
    7. Outlook is my lifeblood, I am in communications and every submitted email gets moved to a file with an update.
    8. One option is to merge psts but might make worse mess.
    Thanks.  Beautiful Beach weather here!

    To resolve error 0x8004010F , identify the current location of your default Outlook data file, and then create a new Outlook profile.
    Step 1- Locate the default Outlook data file
    Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
    In Control Panel, click Mail.
    In the Mail Setup - Outlook dialog box, click Show Profiles.
    Select your current Outlook profile, and then click Properties.
    In the Mail Setup - Outlook dialog box, click Data Files.
    Select the Data Files tab in the Account Settings dialog box, and then note the name and location of the default data file for your profile (a check mark will denote the default data file).
    Click Close.
    Step 2 - Create a new Outlook profile
    Step 3 - Configure your new Outlook profile as the default profile
    More detailed steps you can refer to this KB article:

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    How to resolve Error  "Adobe Acrobat (AcroExch.App rc=-2147221005) could not be loaded"

    What is your operating system?  Reader version?
    You get this error when doing what?

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    - Mohamed Sathakathllah
    Message was edited by: uamsathak

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