Adobe Reader XI is not working. I have used the cleanup tool and reinstalled it. I try to open a .pdf file in the program the window will open and load all the tabs but I am never able to actually interact with them.

I am unable to use adobe reader xi. I have tried to use the clean up tool and re install the reader. That doesn't seem to help. I go to open the pdf file in the reader and the window will load but I am not able to do anything past that point. Almost as if the program freezes once loaded I never get a not responding error until I open the task manager on the computer.

Can you open Reader by itself?  If so, try disabling Protected Mode [Edit | Preferences | Security (Enhanced)].

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    Hi connally25,
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    Operating System?
    Any error messages?
    Any other relevant info?

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  • I'm having problems opening my pdf files. I'm running windows XP and have adobe reader XI (11.0.06)

    I'm having problems opening my pdf files. I'm running wiondows Xp and have adobe reader XI(11.0.06) installed.

    What kind of problems? What happens when you try? Any error messages?

  • I opened a PDFs file that was attached to an email message and now it will not close when I press "Done" as it usually does. Does anyone have a solution to suggest? Thanks.

    I opened a pdf file that was attached to an email message I received and now it will not close when I press "Done" as files usually do. Does anyone have a solution to suggest please? Thanks.

    Try double clicking your home button then force close the stuck PDF by swiping upward. Once you've done that just click the home button again to exit.

  • Adobe reader x does not work while in firefox but works with internet explorer

    while in firefox 6.0 i cannot open pdf files with adobe reader x. how do configure firefox correctly as i have no problem with internet explorer opening pdf files? os is win7 ultimate.

    See [ Opening PDF files within Firefox]
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  • Adobe Reader Installer does not work

    I am trying to install Adobe reader on Windows 8. I downloaded Adobe Reader the Clicked the downloaded file and gave the permission. Then the Adobe Reader Installer window will show up but it's empty and has nothing on it. When I close it won't close either. I have to use windows task manger to close it. I tried to download it with another browser but still getting the same problem. I made sure that flash plug-in is working too. I used the direct link. Still can not install it.

    Use the offline installer from

  • Windows 7 64bit adobe reader xi printer not working

    I have a Win7 64bit and installed Reader XI from Adobe.
    The reader does work, BUT the Adobe Printer hangs and eventually causes browser (both IE11 and Firefox) to stop responding.
    Googled fixes but none worked.
    Is there a way to JUST reinstall the Adobe Printer?
    Any other fixes that worked for you may help, just remember this is Win7 with all its restrictions.

    What Adobe printer do you mean? Adobe Reader does not install a printer.

  • The email feature in adobe reader XI does not work with windows 7

    When I try to attach a PDF directly to an email from within Reader, my gmail login screen flashes briefly and then disappears without allowing me to enter my password (and therefore will not connect to my webmail/gmail)

    Hmmm - I do not even get to the Gmail page; all I get is
    ...and I do not know where to specify a password for my Gmail account.
    I will do some more testing later, but for now I have to go out for a while.
    P.S. someone else had the same problem one month ago, but it remains unsolved:

  • Adobe Reader XI 11.0.3 Help Adobe Reader XI Help not working!!

    Dear All,
    I've got the below error when click on : Help>Adobe Reader XI Help
    Please suggest the solution how to fix my reader help.
    Also followed following link to trouble shoot but no luck!!
    Your help is very much appreciated.

    Hi Pat,
    Here is the solution worked but not sure we can implement this or not.
    Installed Adobe AIR
    Installed Adobe Help Manager
    - Downloaded offline PDF
    Changed Adobe Reader EXE AcroRd32.exe compatibility settings to Windows XP SP3
    Launched Adobe Reader > Prompts "protected mode" windows to disable> Disabled Protected mode>Help working fine now
    Would you mind tell me the importance of Protected mode in New version of Adobe reader.
    Srinivas N

  • Adobe Reader highlight does not work in IPAD app

    For some reason the highlighter tool in my Adobe Reader IPAD app does not work, any one have advice on this?

    Are the pdf files in which you are trying to highlight are scanned copies?
    Also are the pdf files password protected?
    In password protected files user is not allowed to add any comments.

  • What can I try next?  Adobe Reader on Mac not working. Repair installation/"shut down running..."

    I am trying to fill out a form online which will not open and it says that I should install the latest version of Adobe Reader. 
    I have downloaded and tried to install Adobe Reader 9.4 on my Mac Book Pro.  (computer software including Safari have been updated)
    The form still does not appear on the screen, so I tried have been looking into what is wrong with Reader.  One issue is when I select "about Adobe Plug-Ins" it seems that most of them have not been loaded.  i.e. "Acrobat Accessibility"
    Not sure what to do so I selected to "Repair Adobe Reader Installation" and this is what comes up:
    "Select the optional components you would like to repair..."
    This is what comes up:
    "Adobe PDFViewer Safari Plugin View, fill-in and collaborate on Adobe PDFs within Safari"
    I select that and then this message appears:
    "Please shut down running applications
    Adobe Reader requires Safari to be closed before it can install or remove the selected components. If you are running Safari, please close the application and then click OK to install selected components or remove unselected components. You may also press Cancel to install the selected components at a later time."
    I have closed all running applications that I can think of and the message will not go away after I press "ok".
    What can I try next?

    I tried this:
    Manually uninstalling a plugin
    If you can't use an uninstaller program to remove a plugin, you can remove it manually:
    In the Location bar, type about:config and press Return.
    The about:config "This might void your warranty!" warning page may appear. Click I'll be careful, I promise!, to continue to the about:config page.
    Search for the preference: plugin.expose_full_path.
    Double-click on the plugin.expose_full_path preference in the list to change the value to true.
    ''''''''''' '''''Enter about:plugins into the Location bar to display the About Plugins page.
    Each entry in the About Plugins page will have "File name:" followed by a path. Navigate to the folder shown for the plugin you want to remove.
    Rename the file to something other than its normal name - e.g. npswf32 becomes Xnpswf32''''''''''''''''
    Double-click on the plugin.expose_full_path preference in the list on the about:config page to change the value back to false to avoid exposing the plugin path to websites.
    The plugin will be removed.
    I can't select the file name to change it. It's just a list.

  • Adobe Reader 8.2 not working on Adobe Customization Wizard 8

    I tried creating a transform file from Adobe Reader 8.2 using Adobe Customization Wizard 8. However, the tool won't generate the transform and is looking for Setup.ini.
    I looked again at the installer that I got and it is now a single msi file unlike the previous releases which is a compressed Setup.exe that I used to decompress and get the msi, cab file and the setup.ini.
    Anyone know how to get the compressed Setup.exe version of Adobe Reader 8.2 or how will it work with the Adobe Customization Wizard 8?

    Thanks for the reply.
    Since I have previous deployment of the application, I just edited the old Setup.ini that I have. here's what I edited:
    msi=AdbeRdr820_en_US.msi  --> this is the part that that customization wizard is looking for and should be the same name as the msi installer.
    We are using Marimba for deployment, The Customization Wizard helps a lot in generating the transforms that I need for Adobe Reader.

  • Need phone number to get authorization count reset. adobe reader on nook not working right

    Need phone number to get authorization count reset. Adobe reader on nook freezes up. Only fix is to send to cloud and then redownload. Keeps happening even after got replacement nook! Unfortunately this is ONLY program to get library books on my nook. Help

    Sorry, that was a mistake. I did first one and nothing happened, thought I did it wrong and that it had not gone through. This is the first time I tried this.
    Sent from my NOOK

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