After Restore from Time Machine Final Cut is Sluggish

I recently had to restore my iMac from a Time Machine backup. After that, Final Cut Pro 6 is acting sluggish... taking a long time to render... completely different than the speed it used to process at. I tried reinstalling but it's still sluggish. Anyone know why this may be happening and what I could do to resolve it?

Time Machine does not play well with Pro Apps like FCS. You said that you re-installed FCS. How did you do this? Was it with FCS Remover?
If you didn't uninstall correctly, then maybe the re-install did not take properly.
As previously stated you might need to start building your machine from the ground up. I believe Nick Holmes has guidelines for doing this. (If it's not Nick then my apologies to whomever created the guide). You can search this forum for it or maybe Nick may come along.

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  • I'm having a problem with logging into a FileVault-protected user account after restoring from Time Machine backup.

    Hi all,
    My computer had been running really slowly for a while, so I decided to erase the whole hard drive and reinstall the operating system, and then I was going to restore the files I cared about from Time Machine. The main account, which had all my documents and photos, was FileVault-protected. The last thing I did before erasing the hard drive was to run one last Time Machine backup. As far as I remember, I always ran Time Machine backups with the FileVaulted user logged in.
    I don't remember whether I was using FileVault 1 or 2. I had been using FileVault 1, but I installed Lion as soon as it came out and I thought I had migrated to FileVault 2 at that point.
    Once I erased the hard drive and reinstalled the operating system, I browsed the Time Machine disk and, within the Users folder, there was no folder for the main user account. When I tried to reinstall everything by restoring from Time Machine backup, I'd get the option for all the user accounts, but when I tried to log in with the main one I'd get the dreaded "You are unable to log in to the FileVault user account "User" at this time. Log in failed because an error occurred." Finally, when attempting to restore from the Time Machine backup again, I noticed something strange: After the computer got to about 10% done restoring, it declared itself completed successfully and rebooted.
    I've tried a number of tips that came up from questions about similar issues on the Apple support forum, but had no luck. Is there any way to get these files back? Did they ever even get backed up?

    Hroodbwai wrote:
    I can't find it! not sure what's going on but the only folder shown is the " Shared" folder.
    Did you have only the one user account? If there were others, they should also be in the "Users" folder. You probably won't have access to the files inside them, but they should be there.
    From what can make out, it looks like it's not backed up any of the files for the filevault account. Can't see user folder when looking through previous backups in Time Machine galaxy view.
    Are you doing that from a Finder window set to your internal HD, or your computer name? It should look something like this (with the Finder in List view):
    I'd been logging out and backing up manually on a regular basis.
    Scheduled backups should run normally; but they won't back up the File Vault sparse bundle, nor will any run manually.
    The only time it's backed-up is when you actually log out.
    You should have seen this window on logout:
    followed by this one:
    If you didn't see the second one, or cancelled it, the account wasn't backed-up.

  • After restoring from Time Machine to new Hard drive, system will not boot

    I replaced my hard drive on my Macbook (2008 model) with a larger drive. I then put in my Snow Leopard disk, and followed the steps to restore from Time Machine backup. a few hours later it said it was restored, but when trying to boot up, I just get a blue screen with an occasional flicker to the Leopard screen. I tried an earlier back up as well but with the same results. Any suggestions??

    Same exact problem here just yesterday, folks.
    Got a bigger hard drive on my MacBook Pro (15-inch Core 2 Duo) and installed it. Followed the restore procedures from Gizmodo ( p). Then got the blue screen immediately after the chimes.
    I only managed to transfer my old disk content by using CarbonCopyCloner.
    Having said that, your solution looks uselful, Portland Mac! :
    Portland Mac wrote:
    ... But when I decided to try and just do a fresh install and work my way back through all my software, I started by installing Snow Leopard and suddenly it boots and everything from my Time Machine backup is there...
    But I would not say the following:
    Portland Mac wrote:
    ... On a new drive apparently you have to install Snow Leopard before you do a time machine restore.
    Am I mistaken, or did you do a fresh install after restoring your TimeMachine backup?
    In any case, I found an interesting Apple article that might confirm that there is a problem: [Mac OS X v10.6: Issues after restoring a Mac from a Time Machine backup made with a different Mac ("Restore System From Backup…")|]. Or is it a completely different thing?
    And another discussion that might give some good advice: []. Personally, I will now do as the man says: two backups, on two different external hard drives, using different apps, the other one being CarbonCopyCloner...
    For info, and I don't know whether that matters, my backup disk had been full and some past content had been erased automatically by Time Machine. But I don't think this should have mattered...

  • IMac won't startup after restore from time machine

    After I restore my backup from time machine ( twice ) mi iMac halt at startup and won't startup. It stuck at the apple logo forever.  I also restarted holding down command R safe mode and install OS X and it will startup okay but can't see my buck up files and applications here. Then I restore from time machine again using an earlier backup and it won't startup again. Please any help I will appreciate.

    There could be a few reasons for this.
    First what version of OS X do you have installed?
    What version of OS X is the Time Machine Backup file from?
    Did Reinstalling OS X from Recovery install the same version you had before reinstalling?
    If you have not changed OS X versions then:
    It sounds like there may be a bad file in the backup that is causing the computer to not startup after restoring it. This is especailly true if the computer boots just fine after a fresh installation of OS X, but without the Migrated Data being restored.
    If that is the case, then the solution is not a quick one. You have to hunt down the bad file.
    Moving Files Manually (Not in Migration Assistant)
    Manually access your Time Machine backup folder from within Finder (you should see the backup drive in a Finder Window or on your Desktop). Once open, manually move data from the User folder (documents, music, movies, photos etc.) into their respective folders on the Mac. Reboot after each folder you move to see which folder contains the corrupted file then delete the affected folder/file after reinstalling OS X from Recovery.
    If none of the files cause the computer to hang at startup after moving all your User data, then the issue is from within the System or Library folders.
    NOTE: DO NOT manually move Applications, System, or System Library files over to the Mac. You can cause major issues with the current installation by doing so. It is safer to just reinstall all the Apps from wherever you got them so they can recreate their support files and such themselves.
    2- Using Migration Assistant
    Basically, if you have discovered the affected file. You can just simply delete it from the backup folder.
    Reinstall OS X after you have done that, and use Migration Assistant to automatically migrate the data over minus the affected file/folder.
    Its a pain in the rear, but it will at least let you salvage most of your data.
    Let me know what happens riorec!
    - Captain

  • User account to available after restore from time machine

    After havi g to erase my hard drive and reinstall Mountain Lion I could not aces my time machine backup during the installation process. Have been able to access The drive and perform restores from Time Machine however I cannot access my User account. If I try and add the account inSystem Preferences it states that the account with that name already exists but it is not available to log in to.

    Hi, and welcome to the forums.
    There are a few possibilities. You've posted in the Leopard Time Machine forum, but your signature says you're running Snow Leopard. If you used a Leopard Install disc to restore a +*Snow Leopard+* backup, that's the problem. Try again with a Snow Leopard Install disc (you can use either disc to restore a Leopard backup).
    If not, why did you restore? If you were having, say, internal HD troubles, it's possible that they corrupted your installation of OSX, those changes were backed-up by Time Machine, and restored. If that's a possibility, try the restore from an earlier backup.
    If nothing seems to work, do an +*Erase and Install+* of Leopard, if that's what you're running; or start up from your SL Install disc, select +Disk Utility+ from the +Utilities Menu,+ erase your internal HD, quit Disk Utility and install OSX.
    When your Mac restarts with only a fresh copy of OSX, +Setup Assistant+ will ask if you want to transfer your data from another Mac or Time Machine backups. Do so -- see #19 in Time Machine - Frequently Asked Questions (or use the link in *User Tips* at the top of this forum), for details.

  • Web services problem after restoring from time machine!

    I am getting this message every time i reload or log in to the wiki pages created on the snow leopard server after i have restored from time machine due to hard drive problems.
    *The versions of the server and UI don’t match.*
    *Try clicking Reload; if that doesn't work,*
    *please make sure both server components are up-to-date.*
    *Client: WikiServerUI-200*
    *Server: WikiServerUI-198*
    Anyone have a clue how to fix this issue?
    I tried to restore/restart/update/....
    Nothing worked....
    Please elaborate as much as possible if you have any idea how to get rid of this nasty pop up every time you browse between pages or different wikis.
    Million thanks in advance

    I've the problem as well. When visiting my wiki-server I always get this popup message:
    The versions of the server and UI don’t match. Try clicking Reload; if that doesn't work, please make sure both server components are up-to-date.
    Client: WikiServerUI-198
    Server: WikiServerUI-200
    After a harddisk replacement I restored the server installation from TimeMachine back to the harddisk. From thereon I have the problem.
    What is the problem exactly and how can I get rid off that message?
    Thanx, Harold

  • IPhoto 09 - some recent events lost after restoring from Time Machine

    recently my early-2009 iMac hanged during boot up on the white screen. so i a restore from Time Machine and it works. this freezing occurred twice of the last one week, which i did 2 restore to last backup. then i notice there's an issue with iPhoto 09. i notice some latest events which supposedly been backup during the restore point, appears 'blank'. when i enter Time Machine, i see all previous events but the recent day or two, it just turn out to be black squares, and when i enter the events there weren't any photos but just files with names.
    i tested again but loading in a couple of new photos into iPhoto yesterday night, back it up and double check in Time Machine, it is (the new photos) there. about 6-hours later i make a check again (on Time Machine), the photos event became the black square again. this is really a pain for me as i have lost enough photos
    i desperately need help on this. anyone?
    here a couple of the screenshot from my Time Machine: png png

    Hello mook,
    So if I understand:
    1.) The goal is to restore the iPhoto Library from a point before the issues started happening
    2.) When you try to go backwards in Time Machine while inside the iPhoto window you get a blank Library when you get to the date range you want.
    What to do:
    - As you cannot seem to access the iPhoto contents using the iPhoto window I would suggest the following:
    1.) Navigate using the Finder to ~/Pictures (or whatever folder you are currently housing your iPhoto Library in)
    2.) Rename the current iPhoto Library to something else (Like iPhoto Library Old etc)
    3.) While looking at this Pictures window, activate Time Machine and go back in time to a date when YOU ARE SURE iPhoto was working fine and had the images you want
    4.) Click on the iPhoto Library in the Time Machine window and click on Restore
    -- This will restore the Library from the date in question
    -- You will have 2 libraries once the restore is complete. The freshly restored library and the old library. Keep the old library just for safe keeping until such time as you determine you have all the pictures you want. Then you can do whatever you want with it (trash it, etc)
    Hope that helps.

  • IPhoto: Photos appear as "exclamation" after restore from Time Machine

    My hard drive was recently having issues so Apple replaced it for free. I have a 2TB Time Capsule and restored the new hard drive using Time Machine. It seemed to go without issue. However, when going into iPhoto, with some of the Events (seems to be the more recent ones), I get a big exclamation icon instead of the image. The thumbnails seem fine for I can browse the Events just fine. It is when I click a thumbnail that I get the big exclamation. Does this mean that my master image is somehow gone. Mind you, I could see the images just fine before getting the new hard drive. I was have some sort of seek issues on the old one so Apple decided to replace it however the seek issues didn't affect iPhoto as I could use it and see all the images just fine. But now on the new hard drive with the restore from Time Machine, I can't see the images.
    Any ideas?

    Ah, yes, that is a PITA. Unfortunately, you're not the first.
    All I can think is, iPhoto may have been open at the wrong time during a backup.
    The iPhoto library is a rather unusual critter. It's actually a "package" (a special folder that's treated like a single file for most purposes), with all sorts of cross-linking and indexing and there's no telling what all (at least by us mere mortals). When iPhoto is open, apparently there can be some things updated on disk, but others still in memory, so a backup of what's on disk would be out of sync and not usable if you restored it. Time Machine usually seems to handle this ok, but I'm not convinced it always does.
    Time Machine really ought to send a message if it can't back it up. I don't have a problem with it continuing, and backing-up everything else, since you might not be around, but it sure ought to tell you so you can be sure to close iPhoto and run another backup to be sure. But it doesn't.
    Please feel free to provide your opinion here:

  • 4.1 does not work with 10.6.1 after restore from time machine

    After I restored my complete system from time machine backup using the original snow leopard install disc. My won't start up anymore. It shows me the message:
    "You can't use this version of Mail with this version of Mac OS X"
    "You have Mail version 4.1 (1076/1075.2). It can't be used Mac OS X Version 10.6.1 (Build 10B504). For more information, click the Help button"
    I don't understand the error message as mail 4.1 was installed as part of Mac OS X 10.6.1?
    Detailed event log:
    2009-11-03 06:00 AM: Backup succeeded successfully via time machine on my time capsule
    2009-11-03 11:00 AM: Original laptop was broken. (Screen didn't work anymore)
    2009-11-03 03:00 PM: Got a temporary new Macbook Pro from my System Administrator.
    2009-11-03 09:00 PM: Successfully restored complete system on new temporary macbook using time machine with data of my time capsule. Everything looked the same (login image, installed applications, etc...). But when I tried to start it gave me the above message.
    Can someone help me with this???
    Kind Regards,

    I've seen two possible solutions to this:
    1. Easier, but less likely to work - try to start mail from the Finder, rather than the Dock. If it works, replace the Dock Mail with the Finder one.
    2. More probably the solution: download and reinstall the 10.6.1 combo update. I know you shouldn't need to after a TM restore but ...

  • After restore from Time Machine Software Upgrade is not working.....

    After I restored my complete system from Time Machine, some parts of it is not working and announcing problem to start, e.g. Software Update, My Day from Office 2008....what should I do?

    Hi, and welcome to the forums.
    First, are you running Leopard or Snow Leopard? Your settings at the bottom of your post say Snow Leopard, but this is the +Leopard > Time Machine+ forum, so I'm not sure which is right.
    Did you do the full system restore, starting by booting from your OSX disc? If not, what exactly did you do?
    Exactly what is wrong with Software Update? What happens, or doesn't happen?

  • After restore from Time Machine

    After I restore my system from time machine, it tells me to restart the computer, and so I do, then it continues to ask me to do so and thats all I get unless I press the option key, then I can only use the installation disk. What is the problem?

    Hi, and welcome to the forums.
    There are a few possibilities. You've posted in the Leopard Time Machine forum, but your signature says you're running Snow Leopard. If you used a Leopard Install disc to restore a +*Snow Leopard+* backup, that's the problem. Try again with a Snow Leopard Install disc (you can use either disc to restore a Leopard backup).
    If not, why did you restore? If you were having, say, internal HD troubles, it's possible that they corrupted your installation of OSX, those changes were backed-up by Time Machine, and restored. If that's a possibility, try the restore from an earlier backup.
    If nothing seems to work, do an +*Erase and Install+* of Leopard, if that's what you're running; or start up from your SL Install disc, select +Disk Utility+ from the +Utilities Menu,+ erase your internal HD, quit Disk Utility and install OSX.
    When your Mac restarts with only a fresh copy of OSX, +Setup Assistant+ will ask if you want to transfer your data from another Mac or Time Machine backups. Do so -- see #19 in Time Machine - Frequently Asked Questions (or use the link in *User Tips* at the top of this forum), for details.

  • Lost space after restoring from time machine

    Yesterday, I reinstalled mac os, so i backup my mac with time machine. After a new hard disk relace, the installation and mac os update, i restore my pervious mac file from time machine. However, I can't find any files in the mac after restore. And the mac lost many space that it is 223.74 free out of 479.24GB (it is 252.88GB in "other", but i don't know what is "other" and where i can find it.) What is problem?

    About kernel panics,
    Technical Note TN2063: Understanding and Debugging Kernel Panics,
    Mac OS X Kernel Panic FAQ,
    Resolving Kernel Panics,
    How to troubleshoot a kernel panic, and
    Tutorial: Avoiding and eliminating Kernel panics for more details.

  • Blue screen after restore from time machine

    last week I needed to restore my whole OS on my Mini from Time Machine (USB HD). After the restore my Mini only shows a blue screen with a circling sun. I tried to use an older backup (2 days earlier) from time machine with the same problem. From my Macbook I connect via ssh to the mini and can view the running processes but I don not get the login window or the usual GUI. How can I solve the problem?

    Hello a:
    Here is the Apple knowledge base article on that issue:

  • Super drive is not working after Restoring from Time Machine

    well its pretty much the Subject actually, my imac giving me BlueScreen problem so i searched and posted question and the only Solution i got was to Re-install Leopard and i did that by using Leopard DVD and Restored my imac from Time Machine backup, But i got into new problem and now the TIME after restoring from the "Time Machine" my DVD ejecting EVERY CD,DVD etc. even the Leopard DVD which he reads happily.
    I dont think its a hardware fault at all, but i'm not a "Genious". Any suggestion!

    Issue solved with visit to Genius Bar.
    As I understand it here are the steps the Genius did. Attempt to create the account (system preferences->users) with the same information. It will say it already exists. Very carefully read the options. One will say use the existing account. BE CAREFUL because one option will wipe your data.
    If you need to do this it might be worth the trip to the Genius Bar as you could wipe your data. One precaution I took was to bring a full copy of that user account onto my desktop (from the backup immediately before the wipe) in addition to the one in the user folder. Once we verified that the account was working I moved the desktop copy to the trash and again verified the account (just to be safe).
    Hope this helps someone else.

  • WIKI etc. lost after restoring from time machine

    Here's what happened I restored the full server from Time Machine and everything works a treat except  the web, blogs and the calendar, I cannot be activated from the Web services tab. Webmail works though but only if I go directly to the webmail www.server-name/webmail
    I had nothing in the wiki or the blog, so the content is not my concern, but of course now that it isn't working I want to use it.
    Any ideas? Can I reinstall just the webservices in anyway?

    Time Machine is a limited tool for data backup and restoration of Mac OS X Server v10.6. It can back up some server configuration settings and service state. Time Machine does not back up service data.
    Direct from Apple, that is:
    I read that to be Apple's way of saying, "Don't trust your server data to this user-level backup program."
    That said, if I understand the problem you're having, it may not be related to Time Machine, but instead may be a corrupt config file or a misconfiguration in the configs. I might check the various logs to see if there are any errors reported. Apache logs, in particular the error.log files, may be of some benefit and possibly point in the direction to show why you can't start the services. Also, don't forget to double-check that you have the right DNS entries in place for your server and the right entries in the Web config for your sites. On my systems, Apache will start, but won't serve any wiki or blog pages unless forward and reverse DNS resolves properly for every site.

Maybe you are looking for

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