Am I limited with my ibook G4?

I have a 1.33 iBook with the Tiger OS. The computer won't die, which is a good thing (sort of). I want to buy an iPhone, but I'm waiting for the one that is rumored to be coming out this summer. I know the iPhone is compatible with my computer, but my question is this: Since I have an older computer (with an older operating system), does that limit, in any way, what I can do with the iPhone?

Hi Paul,
No. The older Mac may be slower and may not have the features of a newer Mac, but the iPhone will behave the same with both devices.
You can find more details about the iPhone and its features here:

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    I recently bought a monitor to use with my iBook, but it seems that the mini-vga port means my resolution is limited to what my iBook is putting out (1024x768). am i missing a way to use the monitor to its highest resolution? if not, whats the cheapest way i can acheive that resolution? is there a way short of buying a new computer?

    I use a program called Screen Spanning Doctor to enable extended displays on my iBook. It allows you to use a vga monitor in extended mode like on a powerbook.
    iBook G4 14" 1.42 GHz 60GB 768MB - Blueberry Clamshell 300MHz 20GB 320MB- both->   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   Preforma 630CD, LCIII, Compaq laptop 266MHz 5GB 192MB (GNU/Linux, NOT windoze)

  • How do i use USB 2.0 with an iBook G3?

    I have a WD external hard drive that operates through USB 2.0 and want to use it with my iBook G3. I thought this wasn't possible since it has the old USB ports, but saw the post 28081 which I think says it is. It said you could use the old USB ports with a 2.0 drive. Should I be able to connect it directly (not mounting on my computer) or do I need some type of USB converter? Is there such a converter available? Thanks for any help!

    Hi, Kate. Welcome to Apple Discussions.
    How successful using a USB 2.0 drive with the iBook's USB 1.1 ports depends on how you are wanting to use the external drive. You can use it for storing or archiving data, but data transfer will be very slow.
    A better option with the iBook is a FireWire external drive (which connects through the FireWire port). It's much, much faster and allows you to make a complete bootable clone backup from your hard drive.

  • How can I change the password in the iBook donated to our nonprofit.  No password was given with the iBook?  We need to put in printer and other software.  Help, we can use the laptop without changing the password.

      How can we change the password in the iBook donated to our nonprofit?  No password was given with the iBook and every time we try to install items, the password window pops up.  We need to put in printer and other software.  Help! We can use the laptop without changing the password.

    If you did not get an OS X install-restore DVD with the computer you may need
    to buy one from somewhere, and you may be lucky to get a retail OS X 10.5.x
    version. The original grey-label install set of software and OS X it shipped with
    likely would be an older system than Leopard 10.5. Last versions of G4 Mac, &
    G5, shipped with a Tiger 10.4 system; so did early Intel-based Mac. Grey discs
    which accompanied other computer build models generally do not interchange.
    The last OS X version a PowerPC architecture can use, if supported, is 10.5.8.
    A PPC processor at 867MHz & faster should be able to run OS X 10.5 Leopard.
    {With the correct disc installer, you can use it to change a password and other
    things including re-install, and perform disk utility functions, etc.}
    There is a chance you may be able to get a white-label Replacement 10.4 DVD
    or Replacement 10.5 DVD from AppleCare or the online Apple Store (800myapple)
    from a Mac OS X system specialist; these have been available yet hard to get
    as not all persons involved with them seem to know if they still exist until someone
    is asking. These aren't retail stock, are special discs for computers who could use
    a system later than original old discs; these are complete install discs not for one
    specific series of Mac. Generally they'd work in supported PowerPC G4/G5; but
    do not replace specialized original install DVD, such as an early Intel mac requires.
    You'd need to have a serial number of the computer, and a method of payment
    when seeking some replacement system media from Applecare or Apple sales
    and these discs are not available in a retail store. The original Retail discs are
    labeled differently and shipped in a retail box with a big X on the front. Other
    sources for retail 10.4 Tiger or 10.5 Leopard may be online via amazon sellers
    or computer resellers who handle repaired Macs. Avoid mystery grey label ones
    that were intended to be sold and kept with their original computer kits.
    Good luck!

  • I have an HP Deskjet D4200 series printer that ised with my iBook G4.  I would like to use it with my new MacBook Pro that I just purchased.  Is there anyway to do this?  When I try to install the driver using the CD, I get the message, "can not open the

    I have a HP Deskjet D4200 series printer that I used with my iBook G4 and I recently purchased a new MacBook Pro 13.5" and I would like to use this printer with my new lap top.  When I use the disc to try to install the printer driver, I get a message that "I can't open the application HP Installer because the Power PC applications are no longer supported.  I am not sure what all that means but is there any way to use this printer with my new computer?

    It would help to post this in a more proper form. This is for the iTunes family of stores.

  • Tolerance Limits with Date and quantity

    Hi Experts,
    We would like to set the GR Tolerance Limits with Date and qty.
    how to set the Tolerance Limits for Date and quantity..??
    if we created PO 100qty and date 01-05-009.
    if we receive the goods on 20-04-2009 and 50qty...
    For GR .. Migo should be give error message..
    where can i set this Tolerance Limit Configuration.... can u please explin me..
    Thanks in Advance,
    Anthyodaya .

    Go to SPRO - Material Managemetn - LIV - Invoice Block - Set Tolerence limit.
    USe company code and maintain a value for ST
    ST: Date variance (value x days)
    The system calculates for each item the product of amount * (scheduled delivery date - date invoice entered) and compares this product with the absolute upper limit defined. This allows relatively high schedule variances for invoice items for small amounts, but only small schedule variances for invoice items for large amounts.

  • What is wrong with my iBook?

    I have a G4 1.xx ghz iBook. It's about 14 months old, and it just stopped working a few days ago.
    It no longer powers up. I can hear what sounds like the fan when I push the power button, but nothing happens. The display worked just fine right before this happened, but now the display doesn't even turn on when I click on the power. It doesn't even make the startup sound.
    I have to click on shift control alt and power to shut it down. It once started up normally since this happened, but it turned itself off after about 10 minutes.
    What is wrong with my iBook? I've been using Windows again in the past week or so at home, and I really hate it.
    Please provide me some suggestions...
    Is this the infamous logic board problem? I thought those would only occur on the G3.
    iBook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  
    iBook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

    Now it's working just fine. I am using my iBook now.
    I thought that the Apple Care was only good for 12 months. I am on my 14th or 15th month of owning it.
    iBook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

  • Upgraded to os7 and done my updates on the apps as they appear.. Any function to do with the iBook store is not working or visible.  The purchase at the end of a sample book doesn't work either.

    Upgraded to os7 and done my updates on the apps as they appear.. Any function to do with the iBook store is not working or visible.  The purchase at the end of a sample book doesn't work either. Anyone have a solution?

    Upgraded to os7 and done my updates on the apps as they appear.. Any function to do with the iBook store is not working or visible.  The purchase at the end of a sample book doesn't work either. Anyone have a solution?

  • What's wrong with this iBook?

    White iBook circa 2008. On a hard boot attempt, it makes a loud clicking noise from the right side of the unit, near the trackpad. It then fails to boot and gives the no OS symbol.
    I thought this was a hard-drive failure and was set to replace the drive.
    But... when I boot connect over Firewire from my MacMini with the iBook in target mode, the hard-drive works fine. I was able to back up all the data from the iBook.
    Any ideas on what's wrong?

    not to split hairs, but apple quit selling the ibooks in early 2006. so do you have a macbook or is it truly an ibook? I ask because the ibooks used 1 IDE bus & both drives were chained to it, so a bad cable or drive could affect the other drive.
    on macbooks, this isn't the case, as the hard drive is sata & the optical drives were still IDE then, so 2 different bus interfaces.

  • OS x 4.5.6 with a ibook w / CD only

    Is there a way to install a DVD version of OS X 4.5 with an ibook G3 800 with a CD? Like using an external Hard Drive some how? I do not want to exchange the DVDs for CDs. I used search and I am sorry if this already has been discussed a million times.
    ibook, G5 imac, FTP imac   Mac OS X (10.3.7)  

    this page tells how to put the 10.4 install DVD onto a firewire iPod, but you can use the instructions for any firewire device. Then just boot the firewire device, and install like normal. And just to let you know apple says not to boot from an iPod, but it is possible and you van also use an FW hard drive.
    iBook G4 14" 1.42 GHz 60GB 768MB   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

  • Need help choosing a display to use with 12" ibook

    I apologize in advance if this topic has been covered earlier. I'm contemplating purchasing a monitor to use with my ibook and something that could be used later with a new Mac Mini or Power Mac. I can't bank roll a Mac monitor... they're beautiful but trés expensive. So I'm looking for some other brand. The question I have is what type of monitor should I buy. I know I want a LCD (17" pref), I’d like to spend less than $400, and VGA would be nice so I don't have to purchase an additional adaptor. Is there anything else I should be aware of? What about monitors with a DCI connection? Are they difficult to connect/need expensive adaptor? Any advice or recommendations you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Keep in mind that the iBook does not support extended desktop mode. This means that you can only use an external monitor for mirroring your main display. Since the resolution of the iBook is very low (1024 x 768), virtually any display will support it.
    If you want to use an external monitor with another system later, consider getting a large CRT display, rather than an LCD. While LCDs have their attractions, such as power consumption, weight, and size, these are not the main characteristics of a good display. For another five or ten years, you'll be better off with a good CRT display. (This is my personal opinion, naturally. I was drooling over the 30" Apple Display myself, but generally, I'm not entirely satisfied with the current state of LCD technologies.)
    P.S. There's a trick to enable extended desktop mode for iMacs and iBooks: You may want to try that, too. Beware! It's highly addictive!


    Does anyone know if you can share books in ibook with other ibook users?

    No, not unless you give them access to your iTunes Store account (which would probably be a violation of the Store terms of use).

  • What Camcorder can I use with my iBook G4?

    Should I be only looking at miniDV cameras or will something like the Sanyo Xacti HD700 work with my iBook and iMovie 6?

    dannnyh wrote:
    .. So my girlfriend has a DVD Camcorder, ..
    //why not making use of the Search feature of this forum //
    DVDs are in a socalled delivery format (mpeg2), which isn't meant and made for any processing as editing...
    for using the iLife apps, you have to convert'em first, in recommended order, choose one of the following tools/workarounds:
    DVDxDV (free trial, 25$, Pro: 90$)
    Apple mpeg2 plugin (19$) + Streamclip (free)
    VisualHub (23.32$)
    Drop2DV (free, requires installation of ffmpeg parts, google for it...)
    Cinematize >60$
    Mpeg2Works >25$ + Apple plug-in
    Toast 6/7/8 allows converting to dv/insert dvd, hit apple-k
    connect a miniDV Camcorder with analogue input to a DVD-player and transfer disk to tape/use as converter
    none of these methods or tools override copy protection/DRM mechanisms.. advice on 'ripping' is a violation of the ToU of this board ..
    +be nice to copy rights ...+

  • Syncing my iPhone 5 with an iBook G4

    Hi all,
    I've just got my lovely shiny new iPhone 5 & when I connect to my laptop, it tells me I need 10.7 or higher. But I can't get that on my iBook G4!!! How do I sync my apps/music/books with my phone?
    Many thanks in advance!!!

    The iPhone 5 can't be synced with an iBook G4 or any other PowerPC Mac. Depending on the type of content and the country you're in, you may be able to freely redownload it from the iTunes Store using the iPhone itself.

  • Safari with an iBook G4 (1.33Ghz)?

    Hello Everyone, What is the best version of Safari to use with an iBook G4 (1.33Ghz)? Currently has 512mb RAM and upgrading to a total of 1.5. Many thanks in advance.

    Pommeg I'm really sorry to hear all this. Of course like everybody on these forums I'm just another Mac user albeit some are more knowledgeable technically than others. I've been using Macs since the early nineties, never used a PC. My suggestion re WebKIt was because having seen on the Nordkril pages someone say it was the way to go with PPC, the webpage where it is sited contains comments up to December 2013. So I reckoned that it was still at least unofficially  found good by some users, which is why I gave it a try and found it snappy myself. Regarding the Leopard I wouldn't have downloaded it with those caveats printed and would have warned you had I known they were there.
    There's no official version of this Webkit as it stopped being run in 2009 with the demise of the Safari 4 to which it applied. The questions you are being asked would have been something you would have been able to take up with them when it was extant; the whole point of a WebKit was it was an ongoing try-out with dialogue between the ordinary users reporting back discovered bugs, and the Safari developers. It was a stage towards the provision of a more uptodate browser. My only decision to try it out was because looking for the best browser for these old iBooks has been a recurring problem the older they get. I surmised that if this webkit was being recently still recommended by some, perhaps it therefore had reached a stage of useability when last updated that meant it could still be worth using in our circumstances now. But when things go wrong as is happening with your Leopard, there's nothing I could suggest other than try a software update.
    In truth as K Shaffer has indicated maybe it's TenFourFox is the best current browser for us, but as I have mentioned I couldn't get the Flash workaround to work in it; and on a personal quirky note I just don't like Firefox and its variants. A personal thing to do with that there's no toggle key shortcut for hiding the navigation toolbar, and that has always irritated me. Browser use is subjective.
    I'd go with iCab, that way you could use the Flash workaround and be certain of the browser being kept securely updated. There is the matter of $20 though (which gives you a registration number you can use again whenever you put iCab on another machine) but you can try it out as has been suggested, free; there's a kind of see-through advert hovers on and off occasionally to remind you to pay if you want to use it properly.
    Again my apologies for what of your hassle is down to my advice.

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