Anonymous authentication requests via SOAP Sender adapter?

Can someone please tell me whether it is possible to call the SOAP Sender adapter anonymously?
We can set user credentials for the receiver system adapter but looking at the options in the SOAP Sender communication channel I can't see how it is possible to send messages though SAP PI without a user who has authorisations to process messages.
Any advice greatly appreciated.

can't see how it is possible to send messages though SAP PI without a user who has authorisations to process messages.
The source system needs to use a user-id to send message to XI/ PI via SOAP.
If you do not want to use any authorization there is a way to switch off the authentication for the entire SOAP adapter (i.e. for all the SOAP scenarios)....not advisable.
This method was actually described in a discussion ages back

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  • WS Addressing elements in a SOAP request sent via SOAP sender adapter

    Hi guys,
    I have a requirement (Proxy->PI->SOAP) for sending a soap request using the WS addressing elements in the request header. As I went through a documentation to SOAP sender adpter there is no option for this. WS-A is supported in the WS adapter, but the target web service does not support WS-RM, so this is not an option.
    Do you have any hint?

    You can create your own SOAP header in mapping or use Axis framework for this.

  • Handling Multiple requests in SOAP Sender Adapter

    Hi All,
    We are working on scenario SOAP-IDOC.
    We receive multiple requests from Source, PI should process them and deliver it to SAP system.
    Now the issue is :
    The messages are in separate SOAP requests i.e. 5 messages = 5 SOAP requests.
    If sending a single message there is no issue.
    If sending multiple messages at once then a time-out occurs.(HTTP 408 Timeout) If sending
    5 SOAP requests in the same transmission then the first message will process ok but the other 4 will report an error. If the 5 SOAP requests are transmitted individually then they process ok.
    Can any one throw some pointers on this? What are the settings I have to do in PI so that sender can avoid getting HTTP 408 timeout error?

    Hi Srinivasa,
    Set icm/server_port_X parameter . You can change this in RZ10 .Goto tcode RZ10 select the instance profile and select the extended maintenance and click on Change Now click on Create Parameter Tab and write the profile parameter icm/server_port_X and press enter it will show you the default value if any and then put the new value and click on save and F3 and then again save.System needs to be restarted to reflect these changes.
    Also check out the SOAP adapter FAQ on service market place. This would surely solve your problem(time out).

  • Disabling SOAP sender adapter authentication

    How can I disable user/password authentication in a SOAP sender adapter?

    The question was answered by Sam Raju / Hans Dumbrajs in thread Exposing anonymous WS.
    Hereafter is an even more radical method that I used with a Netweaver 2004 SP12.
    But BEWARE! this is VERY bad practice, because authentication becomes disabled for ALL web services. It must only be used on a development system. Moreover, from SP14, there are many more options that would allow to turn this on/off per web service. I used it once, just to sort out service design issues from authentication burdens and then I quickly restored a proper config as we fought with WS-security settings in a remote system that had to call a service hosted on XI.
    Here is: locate the web.xml deployment descriptor for the server at stake. You should find it on a path like:
    Then SAVE A COPY of the web.xml file.
    Edit the web.xml and remove the three sections:
    <security-constraint>, <login-config>, and <security-role>
    Login to the J2EE visual Admin console go to cluster tab, Server 0... and right-click REBOOT.
    There you are.
    Strongly recommended: learn about WS-security and upgrade to SP14 or above to get back in control of security issues.
    (the truth is that integration systems are ever-ever-ever more complex year after year...)

  • SOAP Sender adapter - how to turn off authentication? PI 7.1

    I wolud like to turn off the user authentication in the Soap Sender Adapter PI 7.1. What is the easiest way to do so?
    Elling Skjetlein

    If you mean about using Single Sign-On (SSO) for automatic login, then
    you can refer to the following links:
    Hope that help.
    Caio Cagnani

  • SOAP sender adapter and several interfaces

    I have several interfaces and want to connect them via SOAP sender adapter. How can I use 1 communication channel for this interfaces? or do i need to create communicaton channel for each interface?

    you can't use one communication channel, cause you got different WS.
    As you have a WS individual parameter (
    SOAP action) in the communication channel you need individual communication channels.
    A workaround would be to develop a >wrapper WebService< and deploy it on the backend. This Wrapper is able to call the different other WSs.In this case you need only one CC. Additionaly you need a parameter, which tells the wrapper-WS which individual WS he has to call.
    Regards Mario
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            Mario Müller

  • Request Response Bean for SOAP Sender Adapter

    Hi Friends,
    Is it possible to use  Request Response Bean Module described (FIle to RFC to File here) for SOAP(sender) and JDBC(receiver) adapter?
    I want to configure SOAP to JDBC to JDBC scenario.
    I will do SOAP adapter call Asynchronously and JDBC receiver adapter will select data from database. This response will go back to SOAP adapter and then SOAP will divert this response to another JDBC adapter. This JDBC adapter will insert data into another database.
    I do not want to use ccBPM. Is there any design approach to implement this scenario?
    Sandeep Maurya

    Hi Sandeep,
    SAP says SOAP sender adapter does not support Modules. You can serch (for SOAP sender channel) to find the same.
    I would suggest to use AXIS adapter (provides all the functionality of SOAP) and supports the Modules as well.
    I have used the Module beans that you mentioned in the past... but it is not consistent with its processing.. sometimes it stucks with Message ID issue... I have seen same issue faced some other friends as well .. search on SDN you will find the issue with these modules...
    Using BPM would be another option...
    Sunil Singh

  • Another SOAP Sender adapter "" erro

    I am working on a synchronous scenario SOAP <-> XI <-> RFC.
    This worked fine, when I run it without SOAP adapter, direct via XI Pipeline.
    Now I want to use the SOAP sender adapter, but get the error as described below this post.
    As this is a real new XI installation, some patches or updates might be required to make it work. Or some adapter modules ?
    Any suggestions on how to solve this problem will be rewarded.
    What worries me a bit is the line "  " in the error description.
    Extra info: I use SoapSonar as a test webservice client. The error is the message as received in te test client.
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <!-- see the documentation -->
    <SOAP:Envelope xmlns:SOAP="">
          <faultstring>Server Error</faultstring>
            <s:SystemError xmlns:s="">
              <text><![CDATA[ either no channelID specified or no channel found for the specified party, service, and channel name, MessageServlet(Version $Id: //tc/xi/645_VAL_REL/src/_adapters/_soap/java/com/sap/aii/af/mp/soap/web/ $)
         at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
         at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
         at Method)

    Hi Chandravadhana,
    The colon should be there :
    The inbound address for SOAP messages is: http://host:port/XISOAPAdapter/MessageServlet?channel=party:service:channel
    Under party:service:channel enter the party name, the service name, and the name of the communication channel. If no party has been created, enter the following: channel=:service:channel

  • SOAP Sender Adapter gets error '(401) Unauthorized.'

    Hi all,
    we are using XI 3.0 and have a scenario with a SOAP Sender Adapter, which is using "HTTPS with Client Authentication". I have configured everything I have found on the forum at Visual Admin and Integration Directory:
    Set the UME property ume.logon.allow_cert to TRUE in 'Service-->UME Provider'
    Imported client certificate and root CA certificate to 'Service-->Keystore'
    Created user with role role SAP_XI_APPL_SERV_USER
    Assigned this user to the client certificate in 'Security Provider-->UserManagement'
    Added the user to xi_adapter_soap_message and xi_adapter_soap_help in 'Security Provider'
    Added the root CA in 'SSL Provider>Dispatcher>Client Authentication' and marked 'Request client certificate.
    Added the user to BusinessSystem at tab 'Assigned Users'
    Added the user to Sender Agreement at tab 'Assigned Users'.
    Our business partner got a certificate of our server and the according PrivateKey is added to 'SSL Provider>Dispatcher>Server Identity'
    Unfortunately, our server certificate is not verified by an root CA!!
    When the business partner now browse the URL 'https://url:port/XISOAPAdapter/MessageServlet?channel=:BS_3RD_PARTNER:SOAP_SENDER&nosoap=true' on his system, he will get a 'Message Servlet is in Status OK'.
    But when he tries to process the URL directly in his messaging system, he gets an error '(401) Unauthorized.' 
    Any hints what could be the problem between browing the URL in InternetExplorer and sending from the messaging system?
    Does it really mean that authorization was successful, when getting  'Message Servlet is in Status OK' in the Browser?
    How can I assign an user when not using ClientAuthentication?
    I would be very thankful for every help...
    Grtz, Juergen

    Hi Satish,
    could the user or password also be wrong, even if you get 'Message Servlet is in Status OK' when browsing the URL in the Internet Explorer? I would have seen this as a sign, that the user authentication works basically...
    Is there a special place to store the password in the Visual Admin, or will the password be used, which is available in the SU01 ?

  • Use of variable header XHeaderName1 in SOAP sender adapter

    Hi all,
    I have a doubt regarding the use of adapter-specific attributes in SOAP sender adapter. In specific:
    the SOAP client should be able to pass a variable with the SOAP request (XHeaderName1 header variable) and this should be available in mapping (Dynamic configuration)
    I've already checked the [help page|] but it seems I'm doing something wrong.
    I tried with those settings in SOAP adapter configuration:
    Keep headers checked
    XHeaderName1 = Test
    I try to call the SOAP adapters in the following 2 ways, but none works (the value is not available in message mapping with Dynamic configuration)
    1. Pass "Test" value xxxx in SOAP Header as a tag
    <SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV=""
    2. Pass "Test" value xxxx in SOAP URL
    Could anyone give me a hint about how to pass those values in the SOAP call and eventually the correct config. of SOAP sender ?
    Thanks a lot,

    Hi Manuel,
    Could you give a bit more detail on how you handled the SOAP message yourself.
    I have a similar issue. I am consuming a non SAP Web Service which requires a non-standard token element to be passed back. I have created a an RFC sender to SOAP reciever scenario which works fine for the inital logon and returns the token it expects in the follow up messages.
    At present I'm at a loss so your help would be much appreciated. We have got round the immediate issue by creating and sending the SOAP message directly from SAP WAS.
    Could we use the XI Adapter and ABAP proxy in a similar way?
    Tim J.

  • Using SOAP Sender adapter in PI 7.1

    Hi Guys,
    I've created a sync scenario with SOAP sender adapter, but I have troubles with calling it.
    I use following URL: http://<host>:50000/XISOAPAdapter/MessageServlet?channel=:BS_Bus_Sys:CC_SOAP_Test as I did in XI 3.0, but I'm getting error HTTP 400 Bad Request. I'm using the request generated from the IR Configuration.
    Has something changed in 7.1 for this type of scenario?
    Thanks guys,

    Hi! Olian,
    I think u r going in a wrong way. The above given URL is wrong and incomplete one.
    The above url comes only after generating the WSDL. You ill gives that URL to ur source team to post their data at which this URL itselfs acts as an Gateway to enter into SAP XI/PI.
    The generated WSDL contains URL like this>>
    "http:// Host:Port/XISOAPAdapter/MessageServlet?senderParty=&amp;senderService=Business Service&amp;receiverParty=&amp;receiverService=&amp;interface=SenderInterfaceI&amp;interfaceNamespace=http://XXXXXXXX" />
    Also follow the below procedure for generating the WSDL.
    Except generating WSDL remaining all development steps are same as creating File to Proxy Scenario.
    1) In Integration Directory, go to Tools tab --> Define Web Services.
    2) Now one Wizard window will opens and follow the below steps:
    Here donu2019t go for the u2018 Proposed URLu2019, instead specify the URL as::
    If there is party then ::
    3) Specify the Source Messageu2019s Message Interface.and remaining other input parameters.
    4) Specify the Sender Business Serviceu2019s details:
    5) Here, Cross check the details displayed and then click on u2018Finishu2019 button to create the Web Service
    6) Now Save the WSDL code to the local system. At the bottom u ill get URL based on the above input
    Note: Here in XI there is no XML Testing tool or SOAP client tool to test SOAP messages. That is why most of the people prefer either ALTOVA XML SPY Tool or SOAP CLIENT TOOL or INFO PATH.
    If your working on PI 7.1 means::
    1) Simply after creating Sender Agreement go to options above to that sender agreement instead of tools menu... and there you can observe 2 options at the bottom side.
    a) PUBLISH in SR
    b) Generate WSDL.
    2) Once after activating your ID componenets just Press or go for option Publish in SR. Then automatically it will generate WSDL and publish that WSDL in the SERVICE REGISTRY. which is latest concept in PI 7.1.
    3) Now by entering authentification details you can able to enter into service registry.
    There are 4 tabs::
    a) Service definitions
    b) Publish
    c) classifications
    d) Manage.
    Go for Service definitions::
    4) Enter your sender SOAP interface and press GO or enter.
    5) Select your interface and then at the bottom u can observe again 4 tabs:
    a) General b) End Points c) classifications d) System Details.
    6) In the general you can able to see your WSDL URL by again entering Authentification details.
    7) Now Click End Points>Test Button>Enter Authentification details-->Seelct your Interface
    Note:: Now you can test your scenario in this WEB SERVICE NAVIGATOR.
    8) There you can enter you can pass your Input data parameters in your SOAP interface and execute or test your scenario here itself without any using of external tool like Altova XML or SOAP client tool.
    I hope the above information will give you a detailed information in generating and testing webservice right.
    Amar Srinivas Eli

  • 'Keep Header' Option in SOAP sender adapter not working

    Hi all
    I have exposed  a webservice using a SOAP sender adapter in XI. A SOAP client is sending request to this service.
    The SOAP request has some elements in the header like wssecurity and ws addressing tags.
    When I remove the header elements and send the request my scenario works as expected but when I include the header fields I get a time out in my soap client application and cannot see any message, any where on  XI. Can somebody help me understand why this is happening.

    Hi Stefan
    In my scenario it is ok if XI ignores the soap header tags it does not understand. I want the system to ignore the header tags and go ahead and process only the payload.
    But unfortunately I keep getting a time out whenever I send a request with the header tags. When I remove the header I can sucessfully post documents.
    I tried increased the time out to 5 min but still continue to get the problem.  So am sure the problem is not exactly related to timeout, but due to the header tags.
    What do you suggest?

  • How to use SOAP sender adapter

    Hi all
    i have configured the SOAP sender adapter. Now my 3rd party needs to send me a soap message. 
    I have checked that the status at the following URL is OK:
    This is fine, however
    I am unsure of the following:
    1. Does XI make a wsdl available to the 3rd party?
    2. Where does my 3rd party send the soap message to?
    3. Is the SOAP message sent via a query string?
    4. Do I need to create a web service?
    Thanks for all your help in advance

    Hi Moorthy
    Thanks for your answer.
    The problem was solved, we used .Net to write a webservice to our wsdl.
    I have now another problem.... When the message comes into XI it shows that no receiver found(RCVR_DETERMINATION">NO_RECEIVER_CASE_ASYNC). If I just test the scenario with a file adpter as Sender, and Receiver it is fine, but when using the SOAP adapter as Sender, it gives me the no receiver found message.
    Any help with this issue will be appreciated.
    Thanks again

  • Invocation of SOAP Sender Adapter using Apache SOAP

    I'm trying to invoke the XI SOAP Sender Adapter using the Apache SOAP API. It seems that my message header is missing a few parameters (see exception below). Does anybody know which to set?
    <?xml version='1.0'?>
    <!-- see the documentation -->
    <SOAP:Envelope xmlns:SOAP=''>
          <faultstring>Server Error</faultstring>
            <s:SystemError xmlns:s=''>
         at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
         at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
         at Method)
    Caused by: java.lang.Exception: Bubble configuration error: parameter 'XI.InterfaceNamespace' is missing
         ... 22 more

    Hi Heiko,
    You are missing the Namespace Parameter in the sender soap adapter configuration in XI3.0

  • Set up https SOAP Sender adapter

    Hello, I am doing the Webservice -- XI --   RFC
    I have successfully configured the whole scenerio and it works when the SOAP Sender adapter is set to HTTP security
    But when I set it to HTTPS without client auth or with I can not get it to work, I redid the wsdl entering in a url of https and get the following error
    Wed Feb 27 11:02:56 PST Remote host closed connection during handshake Remote host closed connection during handshake
            at Source)
            at Source)
            at Source)
            at Source)
            at Source)
    via soapui
    Does anyone have any suggestions or documentation or success in successfully setting up the SOAP adapter to use https?
    I also always reward points

    have you checked that:
    * Q: Can I use SSL for my sender adapter?
               A: Yes. Normally, the SOAP adapter servlet runs on the engines HTTP port. But you can activate the engine's HTTPS port so that this servlet can receive messages sent to the HTTPS port. See the documentation about the J2EE engine's security configuration.

Maybe you are looking for

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