Any way start over from scratch to fix iCloud calendar issues in Outlook 2010?

I'm suddenly having perplexing iCloud calendar issues in Outlook.  Forget the hundreds and hundreds of duplicate entries for birthdays and holidays, and the thousands of duplicate contacts - I've just been manually deleting them from Outlook.  I also tried manually deleted iCloud files from iCloud on outlook, but this does not seem to affect what is on iCloud itself.  I've now got an issue where if I add an appointment on my iPhone, it appears on Icloud but not in Outlook 2010 even though the iPhone calendar is displayed in Outlook. iPad appointments show up on iPhone, iCloud and Outlook.  iCloud entered appointments show up on iPhone, and iPad and Outlook.  Of course it is maddening that there is a separate calendar for each (there is only one of me, so why a separate calendar in Outlook  for every source is beyond me).  How can I get my iPhone to start showing up again in Outlook?  Another issue is that now every time I click on calendar in Outlook, it takes 2-3 minutes to display the calendar because iCloud seems to be syncing. I'm assuming this is because there a so many duplicates.  I've removed Icloud from Outlook. Ran a repair on Outlook.  Uninstalled iCloud. Reinstalled.  Re-added to outlook., but the issue is never fixed.  I'm considering make a brand new Apple ID and abandoning my current one, but that means I have to change my iPad, iCloud, iPhone, family iPhones, Outlook, readd credit card, reload all of the data.  That's a pain.  I sure would be nice to have a simple way of editing the iCloud data and adding devices (and having a more descriptive source name would be even better).

I found sync options under "info"
I was looking to sync the information from the phone back into outlook, It looks like these options will sync what is on outlook into the phone.. 
I wanted to export from the phone (which has all of the old appointments and updated contacts) , back into outlook
Any other thoughts?

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  • How can I delete all of my calendars and start over from scratch?

    I am sure this is an easy question because it seems that others before me have probably been in this situation. I wish to delete my calendars (and todo lists, etc) in iCal. In essence I want to start over from scratch as if I had not yet used iCal.
    Do you have any advice on how I can go about doing so?

    Select the calendar(s) you want to delete in the Calendars list on the left side of the iCal window. Then hit the delete key or select Delete from the Edit menu.

  • HT204053 How do I delete my existing iCloud account (on ALL my apple devices), and start over from scratch??

    How do I delete my existing iCloud account (across ALL my apple devices), and start over from scratch??
    (cant seem to get calendars to ever sync right, on my devices, and across to my wifes' want to start with a "clean installation")

    Settings>icloud, scroll to bottom of screen and tap Delete Account (this disconnects the device from icloud but doesn't delete any data on icloud or on other devices).
    If you then want to sign back in using a different ID, do so on the same screen.
    I also strongly suggest that you and your wife use different icloud accounts, otherwise all your devices will have the same data on them, same emails, reminders, etc.  Most likely not what you want.

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    You might have better luck using a clone.
    Clone  - Carbon Copy Cloner          (Often recommended as it has more features than some others)
    Clone – Data Backup
    Clone – Deja Vu
    Clone  - SuperDuper
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  • I follow all the instructions to change my "short" name, but when I log back in to my account, it's like starting over from scratch, help?

    I follow all the instructions to change my "short" name, but when I log back in to my account, it's like starting over from scratch, help?

  • Coding with Vector file, Convert from PSD to AI or Start over from Scratch?

    I have an App developer that is requesting an .AI file for developing an App that can be utilized on all the following Apple hardware (iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPod touch, iPad, iPad mini). He is insisting on it, because of the vector file. I have a design file that was completed in a layerd PSD. I want to know what, if any, quality is lost from converting from PSD to .AI vector file? Would it be better to have the Designers strach over from Scratch? Please Advise!
    Thanks for your help

    Depends on what type of layers are in the .psd. Certain layers type can convert to vector quality (shape layers, type layers, smart objects).
    You also should ask the devloper about bitmnapped effects (eg: drop shadow) and placed images, if they are ok to use.

  • If you could start over from scratch...

    Or in my case I just now got tired of antique scribing utensils and paper and want to take more control of the downstream process as well. I do some pop but my focus is classical/symphonic.
    I'm buying ProLogic, and am thinking of building on it with the East/West Gold Symphonic sound library, and M-Audio Firewire 410 Audio Interface, but don't have a clue if these are good choices. I also need a weighted keyboard - don't need the bells/whistles, just the best traditional 88 key keyboard action (someone recommended the Casio PX-110 or the Yamaha DGX520 or the M-Audio midi keyboard). And do I need Sibelius or does LogicPro have good notation capabilities?
    I'm on a MacBook Pro Core Duo 2, 2.33ghz and 2G SDRAM and will have two mirrored 250G external hard drives for storage.
    Is this a good setup to dive in? Time to unload all that latent experience on the new guy.
    Macbook Pro Core Duo 2   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   2 gig SDRAM 2.33 GHZ Core Duo 2

    You're off to a pretty good start. I have some suggestions to consider, let me take them in the order you mention:
    1. EWQLSO Gold is a good library; personal tastes can dictate one brand over another. I have the Silver Edition myself and even with that, the strings are lovely. I'm also actually quite impressed with the Garritan Personal Orchestra for everything BUT strings. I use GPO along with the EWQLSO strings in some instances. The East/West is recorded in a hall and that's the only ambience you get (maybe the Gold has more than one ambience), whereas GPO is recorded fairly dry, so you have to add the appropriate ambience to make it blend. Some people don't always want the recorded ambience with East/West, but it's just something to consider.
    2. The 410 should do the job nicely. For the money, you probably won't find anything much better. A couple of the MOTU interfaces in that same price range would also be worth considering.
    3. For a controller, also try out a few Fatars. This is also often personal taste as to the feel.
    4. Logic Pro has a quite respectable scoring program built in. You MAY not need Sibelious or Finale unless you are producing scores for the L.A. Philharmonic.
    5. Depending on the RAM requirements for the Gold version, you may need more than 2GB of RAM. However, you can always add RAM later. Mirrored drives will be slower than two separate drives or striped drives, but do add a level of redundancy. If disk performance becomes an issue, then break the mirror and just do more frequent backups.
    Now for something quite different:
    Both Finale and Sibelius have something that you can't do in Logic and may be worth considering based on your needs. If you write only from a score (vs recording live musicians or importing loops and sounds and editing midi), then you really should consider a scoring program. They both also include the GPO sound library that works seamlessly with the scoring side. Logic and Digital Performer (both have scoring capabilities) typically take midi notes and put them on a score. It's a different approach and I can't say I'm very familiar with Logic's scoring approach compared to the specialized products.
    Logic focuses on midi and audio recording/editing and can translate midi parts into a score. Scoring programs start from a score and live around that concept, but have specialized features that save a lot of time in scoring as you grow.
    I don't know if you'll be able to use EWQLSO sounds with these programs. They have their own sounds with GPO. You'll have to get that info from someone else or call the companies and find out how it might be possible.
    Fortunately, there are also free demos available of Sibelius and Finale. You can try them and see it that's a better approach for your working method.
    Hope that helps!
    Dual 2.5Ghz 2004; 2.5GB RAM   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

  • I have a new iPhone 4S that is 2 days old. I got it because my old one (6 months Old) starting loosing it's charge 5 days ago. the new one is now acting like the old one. I want to dump everything and start over from scratch but don't want to loose contac

    I have backed up all my photos which was important to me. I dont mind loosing everything except my contacts.
    I did a restore yesterday but that didn't help.

    Contacts are designed to be synced with a supported address book app on your computer where your contacts should be available with or without an iPhone or any cell phone which can be lost or stolen or damaged beyond repair.
    In addition, there are a number of free email accounts that support syncing contacts over the air not involving your computer or involving it in addition to such as with an Apple iCloud account, Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail.

  • Starting over from scratch

    OK, iCal and Entourage are not playing along nicely in the least. I had to rebuild Entourage's database, and it started working fine again. But as soon as I turned on the Syncing Services with iCal, Entourage beachballs again.
    So I think I should do a clean install of iCal. I've searched in this forum for a way to revert iCal, but haven't seen anything.
    Is it a matter if deleting preferences? Can anyone point me in the right direction? I just want iCal to be a blank slate.

    Hey Pascal -
    That does help, but i have one concern. When I go to delete my calendars, it says it will send out a cancellation notice to all my attendees I've invited for events. I'd like to avoid that, as I call a lot of meetings to a lot of people.
    Is there a backdoor to delete them without sending notification that you know of?
    Thanks again for your time.

  • Upon completion of module, is it possible to start over from scratch

    I will do my best to explain what I am attempting to do with my Captivate 5.5 created game.
    There are four options which the learner will be able to choose from. As soon as one learner is done the next learner will step up to the game and begin. It is possible for learner number 2 to pick the same challenge in the game as learner number 1.
    Right now, learner number 1 can pick any one of the four options however, when learner 2 picks the same game that learner 1 chose (without closing and reopening the file) learner number 2 is unable to do anything in that game. Additionally, once all 4 options have been attempted in a single session then the next learner is unable to do anything in any of the 4 options.
    My questions:
    Is is possible to refresh the game each time a learner goes through an option? (I do have the Loop Project option selected)
    This game is going to be played by potentially 500 people in a 2 day span and we do not want to have to close and reopen the game each time a learner has gone through it.
    Thanks in advance for amy assistance you are able to provide.

    Thanks! Below I tried to answer your questions:
    1. Game consists of interactive widgets (timer widget set at 30 seconds and to count down, basically for show), advanced actions, objects which are being dragged into target areas (Interactive widget), no animations, many variables to guide the user through the various scenarios.
    2. Let's say that learner 1 randomly selects option number 2 from the main game screen (no TOC just 4 arrows on a screen which point in 4 different directions and based on which one the learner clicks on they get a different 1 time game). When learner number 1 is done the game goes back to the main screen with the arrows on it (Advanced actions and variables are all reset so they see the same screen which learner 1 saw) however, if learner 2 chooses option number 2 (same as learner 1) they are unable to click or move anything on that slide  and the timer widget is at 0:00 (like that game has been completed. Additionally, if 4 learners play the game and each of them chooses a different option (1,2,3, and 4) when learner 5 comes and they choose an option, they are unable to move or click anything and the timer widget is diplaying 0:00.
    3. I think that I have answered this however, here is another try at it. Slide 1 picture slide, no actions, slide 2 instructions slide with image and text boxes, slide 3 has a soccer ball in the middle with 4 arrows each pointing to one of the corners of the slide. Click boxes have variables attached to them which will take the user to the game for that arrows word match slide. Each word match slide (4 in total have 8 words with 2 possible matching options. 8 words are soccer balls and the 2 possible matching options are soccer goals. Drag and drop interactive widget). 1 scoreboard slide which shows the score from the slide chosen and the time spent on that slide. 4 Answer slides corresponding to each of the games which are accessed after the scoreboard slide based on a variable from slide 3. These slides show the correct answer and have a click button on them to return to slide 1 and reset all game variables back to 0.
    I hope that this helps and I am sorry that it is so wordy!

  • Updating to FF 4 yesterday completely wiped out my entire browsing history -- and started again from scratch as of yesterday. This is an extremely alarming, disappointing, upsetting discovery!!! Is there any way to restore / recover what was lost?

    I went to "History" & found EVERYTHING wiped out & started again from scratch after d/loading new FF version. Most people are rabid about CLEARING History, but I use mine extensively. Finding it gone was not welcome. Any way to fix / recover this?

    I had this problem but when downgrading from FF4 to FF3.6. I was able to recover everything, so maybe the solution is the same.
    [[Profiles|Find your profile folder...]]<br/>
    Close FF
    If there is a file called places.sqlite.corrupt:<br/>
    Rename places.sqlite to places.sqlite.old<br/>
    Rename places.sqlite.corrupt to places.sqlite<br/>
    Restart FF
    And if there isn't well...sorry =/. You might want to save these files elsewhere too just in case before renaming them so they can be replaced.

  • A way of wiping the iPod on my iPhone so I can start again from scratch?

    I would like to take advantage of this free time over Easter to spring clean my iPod library on my iPhone - completely clear it out and start again from scratch. Is there any way I can just clear it all off without labouring through hours of control-clicking?

    If the music was transferred via the iTunes sync process, deselect Sync Music under the Music tab for your iPhone sync preferences with iTunes followed by selecting Apply. The same under the Podcasts, Movies, and TV Shows tabs.
    If you are manually managing music and videos, try deselecting manually manage music and videos under the Summary tab for your iPhone sync preferences followed by selecting Apply.

  • My daughter is locked out of her ipad...has been for months. we want to start using it now and are trying to disable it and start all over from scratch. what should we do?

    my daughter is locked out of her ipad. has been for months. we want to disable it and start all over from scratch.what do we do?

    Will the iPad power up by holding down on the power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen? If it does, try restoring using recovery mode.
    Recovery mode - Support - Apple

  • I have used firefox for 3 or 4 years, today it would not open. I had to reinstall and start over from the beginning. I lost a lot of bookmarks and preferences.

    Adobe installed an update, which restarted my desktop pc. After restarting I was unable to open Firefox browser. So, I clicked on Firefox, and then run as... first I tried running as... and chose my name. Firefox browser still would not open. Then I chose administrator which opened Firefox browser, but, as a new Firefox installation. It did contain add-ons, but not book marks, history, downloads or preferences. Now i have started over from the beginning. Is there any way I can restore lost bookmarks and preferences? Do you think system restore would help?

    Are there still JSON backups in the bookmarkbackups folder?
    You can use this button to go to the Firefox profile folder:
    *Help > Troubleshooting Information > Profile Directory: Show Folder

  • Is their any way to downgrade from ios 6 back to ios 5.1.1

    is their any way to downgrade from ios 6 back to 5.1.1
    i am not happy with ios6 its annyoing and so buggy i cant transfure music to my ipod and it laggs like ****!
    is their any way i can get it back to 5.1.1
    i have a Ipod 4G (8Gb) i recently only got it after my other one stopped working so im not happy with apple at the moment

    iv tryed that but its laggy i researched on youtube and aload of over people are having same trouble and people are saying the IOS6 is **** and wish they never knew upgraded and it wasnt worth the wait
    their was a way to downgrade but now apple has blocked that from happen
    i was going to get an ipad soon and im not going to now
    i wish i never got a iProduct
    their crap

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