Apple LED 24" Cinema Display audio problem under 10.6.8 (with post fix)

Hi all,
I'm using an Apple LED 24" Cinema Display with a 2010 MBP 15" and had been using 10.6.8 without problem. After installing the post-fix I now get static noice on (clipping?) when music contains lots of base. If I switch the output to my MBP's built-in speakers then the audio is fine.
Is there any way to un-install the 10.6.8 post-fix?

Solved the issue. This issue coming up after installing the 10.6.8 supplemental update was just a considence. I ended up tracing the issue back to my Atlona AT-MDP21 Mini-DisplayPort KVM switch and after fiddling with cables the issue went away.

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  • Can I Use Dual Apple LED 24 Cinema Displays?

    I have a macpro(2008) and want to use two Apple LED 24 Cinema Displays.
    How can I connect my macpro and two cinema displays.
    GT120has one miniport. It's it better to buy two GT120?
    or Should I buy DVI to miniport converter?
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    Can I Use Dual Apple LED 24 Cinema Displays?
    Either another graphics card or an Atlona box;
    Either way will get your 24" LED displays connected.
    If you use FCP, the box would be better......

  • Apple 30" inch Cinema Display pixelation problems

    This is following on from a similar thread which is as yet unresolved the thread was called "30" with edge effects, green pixels?"
    My setup is Mac Pro 3GHz Dual Intel (Brand New)
    Graphics Geforce 7300 GT with a brand new 30" apple cinema display.
    The problems is that pixelation occurs at random times and is only solved by changing the screen resolution down and then back up to its native setting. Is there a away to solve this problem. Someone on the thread mention above thought that it might be a syncing problem between the monitor and the card but the thread was never resolved and it is dated October. By the way I have check whether its plugged into the correct port and it is so any suggestions or bug fixes would be helpful thanks.

    I've had my 30" display for 1 year running on an "old" G5 with an ATI Radeon 9600 Pro card (along with an "older" 20" Apple Cinema Display, the one with the plastic bezel). No problems with the 30".
    A few weeks ago I got a Mac Pro with the ATI Radeon X1900 XT card. That's when I got the green pixelation problem. I thought it must be the card (since the monitor works just fine on lesser cards...), so I took the entire Mac Pro and X1900 to the Apple Store and hooked it up to one of their 30" monitors: no pixelation problems after over an hour of test running it with Aperture, Safari, etc. ****. I began to think that Apple has made some sort of change in the more recent 30" monitors to avoid the problem; either that, or my monitor is old and tired after only 1 year.
    My 30" still runs fine when I put it back on the old 9600 card; it does ok (with only Minor intermittant pixelation lines) on the original (lesser?)card that came as base equipment on my Mac Pro; and it has the MOST pixelation problems with the BEST card (the X1900). Perhaps these 30" monitors can't handle all the data being sent by the more powerful cards? Is that possible?

  • No synchronisation between MacBook Pro 15" Retina and Apple LED Thunderbolt Cinema Display 27"

    If I start my Retina MacBook with connected Apple 27" Monitor via Thunderbolt, I can notice less a second a blue Screen on both devices and then both Displays become black, since I installed Mountain Lion (10.8.2); the time before (Lion 10.7), the synchronisation was ok and everything is okay with my 13"-Apple AirBook (Lion 10.7) also.
    Now, when this happens and I  move down the Display of my 15" MacBook Retina, I can see everthing on the 27" monitor. With an extern mouse, I can work quite well (without the MacBook-keyboard, because the Display is closed). I didn't try an extern keyboard till now. I only can move the pointer of the ext. mouse visible on both screens.
    When I connect a further monitor via HDMI to my MacBook Retina, everthing is okay and I can watch 3 Displays !!!
    When I turn off (the third still HDMI-connected Monitor), I can continue working with 2 Displays - Mac Book and 27"-Apple monitor, everthing is ok.
    If I disconnect the 27" Monitor, I can continue on the MacBook without a problem. If I connect the Apple-Monitor via Thunderbolt again, the Problem comes again.
    Why I can't  find a synchronisation between my 15" MacBook Retina (Mountain Lion 10.8.2) and my Apple 27" Monitor (baught in August 2012)????

    stevejobsfan0123 wrote:
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    True, but eBay's policies are now totally lopsided in favor of buyers. So much, that there are far more sellers getting scammed these days.
    Buyers hold all the cards with eBay.
    Here's an ebay search. The lowest completed listing prices are within 10% of Apple's... about what you can get with an educational discount anyway. After listing / final value fees and Paypal fees, at those prices sellers are losing money.
    Why? Hmm...

  • Sustained use of Cinema display audio results in noise, choppy audio, then cutting out

    When I play a sustained audio stream through my 27" LED Cinema display – for example, listening to my music collection on iTunes – for a couple hours (since I powered on my computer), the audio suddenly gets very noisy and after a few seconds really choppy (+ noisy), and waiting another few seconds it's barely audible (just repeated hints of noise). After this happens, I can press Pause in iTunes, wait a few seconds, then press Play, and the audio is perfectly fine again.
    Then, after only a half hour or less, the same thing happens, and I have to do the same thing to fix it. I am always able to fix the audio perfectly fine, but it inevitably craps out again after 5-30 minutes.
    If I power off my computer or let it sleep overnight, then come back and play iTunes again, the audio will be fine for a few hours before this inevitably happens again.
    I've followed the advice of an Apple support technician of resetting both my NVRAM and SMC, and that had no effect. The Cinema display audio continues to behave the same.
    I have the USB for the Cinema display plugged directly into my MBP's USB port (no other USB hub in the way).
    I have the latest version of OS X and thus the 27" Cinema Firmware 1.0 update has already been applied (I tried applying it by downloading the firmware update manually, but it refused, saying I do not need this update).
    This should go without saying, but this never happens when I play music through my MBP's built-in speakers, or when I play music through external speakers plugged into the line-out port. It's behaviour that happens exclusively through the 27" Cinema display's audio interface.
    Thoughts, anyone?
    I'm especially curious whether anyone else has had precisely this kind of audio problem with their 27" Cinema display. I've seen many people post audio issues relating to their 27" Cinema display, but most of those problems were remedied by the 1.0 firmware update, and besides none of the problems were described quite like mine (specifically, audio that becomes noisy, then mostly cuts out - it never completely cuts out - and that can be reliably [temporarily] fixed by pausing and playing the audio again).

    Can an MBP Sound preferences output to the display as opposed to through usb?  I use a mac pro and have those two choices for my mini-displayport 27" apple display. 
    I am not suggesting this as a fix but only testing various other paths to try to diagnose the problem.
    What first came to mind in your description was that you are having some kind of temperature problem.  And I think the temp problem lies with the MBP and not the display.  To that end you might consider adding one of the temp monitor utilities like iStat Pro, iStat Menus, Temperature Monitor, Temperature Monitor widget, Hardware Monitor, etc.  See if there some correlation with the temps shown in some of the readings and your sound problem.

  • Apple TV and Cinema Display 23"

    I was trying to connect Apple TV to Cinema Display 23" with no sucess. I am using HDMI -> DVI converter and DVI Gender Changer (Since Cinema Display comes with male DVI calble).
    With same converter without any problems I have received picture on "no name LCD 17" monitor.
    Cinema Display first showed the Apple and then nothing. Three short flashes on power led (which means "out of sync" or something).
    Please reply.
    Thank you,

    HDMI is able to protect against copying of material from one device to another. It uses HDCP to check if the device receiving the content is capable of recording it, unless it is assured that a copy of the content on the first device can't be made on the second, it won't let the content be transmitted. Although the display cannot copy the content, I wonder if it is able to tell the tv, having a DVI and not an HDMI connector.

  • I'm trying to connect my 30" Cinema Display to my new Mac Pro along with a new Apple 23'" monitor.  The new Apple monitor is fine.  On the cinema monitor everything is blown up pretty large.  Any ideas on how to solve this?

    I'm trying to connect my 30" Cinema Display to my new Mac Pro along with a new Apple 23'" monitor.  The new Apple monitor is fine.  On the cinema monitor everything is blown up pretty large.  Any ideas on how to solve this?

    The 30" display needs a DUAL-LINK adapter.
    < pter>

  • Will my LED 27 Cinema Display work with the new Mac Pro?

    Will my LED 27 Cinema Display work with the new Mac Pro?

    Mini DisplayPort (like 27" LED Cinema Display) is a direct subset of ThunderBolt (like Mac pro late 2013). It plugs right in and the display portion "just works", no adapters required.

  • Will there ever be an LED 30" cinema display ?

    Bored of my 30" LCD now, will there ever be an LED 30" cinema display ?

    On behalf of Adobe …
    Confirming that there will absolutely not be any hi DPI updates for InDesign 8 (CS6) either for Mac or Windows. As Peter indicated, this support was part of a massive code rewrite that went into InDesign 9 (CC) to support 64-bit versions of InDesign and the transition from the so-called Carbon to Cocoa programming frameworks on MacOS.
              - Dov


    Hi friends,
    I'm not getting any sound while using web-cam.
    I tried recording my voice , and played.. i can see my video but audio
    Do we have any settings where i need to cross-check to make sure that everything being turned-on ?
    My laptop details:-
    HP Pavilion dv6 laptop
    Operating system Installed - Windows 7
    Can someone help me with this?

    not sure if coincidence or the same question, but the same question got asked internally. The seeded option is required to get the OJSP filter installed. Here's the internal response
    ADF View integration with MDS not configured
    In web.xml, you need to have mds-ojsp intg enabled to load jspx base + customizations from MDS. In your web project in Jdev, go to ADFv project properties and select “Seeded customization” property. It would enable mds-jsp engine configuration in web.xml. If you want to use user personalization feature at runtime, you would need to select “User customization” property as well which would enable ADFv change persistence config in web.xml.
    Warning: Some of the metadata under ... is packaged as part of both WAR and MAR. This metadata cannot be accessed from WAR using MDS.
    For these two packages, you are including the files in both WAR & MAR. This warning conveys that since these base files are being put in MAR, at runtime they would be read from mds repository & not from WAR.

  • How can I change the displayed account name under mailboxes in my mail post iCloud merger?

    How can I change the displayed account name under mailboxes in my mail post iCloud merger?

    Hi ..
    You would have to sign out in order for your account name to not be visible.
    Click your account name then click Sign Out.

  • 27 LED Cinema Display Audio and Brightness when powering MacBook Pro

    When my 27 LED Cinema Display is powering my (or another) 2009 13" MacBook Pro, I have experienced three issues:
    1. The dropped audio problem other users have mentioned. Shutdown, then disconnect power/usb/displayport, then wait ~15s, then reconnect and reboot temporarily fixes the problem.
    2. I also have the sluggish keyboard behavior when adjusting the volume that others have mentioned.
    3. I have experienced shifts in display brightness which are obvious when the display is dimmed. I have disabled the ambient light sensor as well as any interfering power management or energy saver settings. Opening apps, scrolling and other normal activities seem to aggravate this behavior.
    This last strange behavior inspired me to try using a power adapter for the MacBook Pro instead of display's laptop power connector. *Doing so seems to have resolved all three issues.*
    It seems that this may indicate an underlying problem with the display's power supply. Can anyone confirm?

    mmayo wrote:
    I am having the same issues & with a 1 day old display. I am using a 15" MBP. The screen is killing me when it dims down when no lights are on. I didn't notice the issue when the screen is brighter with the lights on. Anyone know if this is a hardware or software issue? I'd like to utilize the ambient light sensor but not if its going to make my screen flicker when it is dim....
    (1) I have never had any deaths associated with my screen, but on rare occasions my display's brightness will flicker when I manually adjust the brightness. The fix I have found for this is to increase the brightness one more setting or decrease it one more setting. Changing the screen from full dim to full bright and then setting the brightness I want sometimes helps, too.
    (2) You can check whether this software update has been applied to your 27-inch:
    (3) Your Apple Service Provider could tell you whether your problem is related to hardware or software.
    Mac Pro Quad Core (Early 2009) 2.93Ghz Mac OS X (10.6.4); MacBook Pro (13 inch, Mid 2009) 2.26GHz (10.6.4)
    LED Cinema Display; G4 PowerBook 1.67GHz (10.4.11); iBookSE 366MHz (10.3.9); External iSight; iPod touch 4.1

  • Apple Cinema Display Shuts Down under MBP Battery Power

    Just had the logic board replaced on my early-2008 MBP. Got home, connected to my Apple Cinema display, everything's fine. However, when I disconnect the laptop power source, the cinema display goes dark. I can click the mouse, my password prompt comes up, I enter the password and the display comes back for a few seconds, then goes dark again. If I wait more than a few seconds the laptop goes into sleep mode. Only when I reconnect the power does it come back to life. Not sure what the issue is, I checked all the battery and power settings, I don't have anything set to automatically go into sleep mode. Also went to the display panel, clicked "Detect". Still having the problem. Someone once before suggested checking the option to "Mirror" the displays, but I don't even see that option in the display panel any longer.
    Any suggestions?

    FWIW this has never worked with an external display while on battery power alone either in Clamshell mode or Mirroring/Extended Desktop - I thought the MagSafe was a requirement did it works without it before the replacement ??

  • Cinema display sound problem after Mavericks update

    Since I updated to Mavericks, sound only comes from my laptop speakers, instead of from my LED Cinema display's speakers. And when I look at Sound in Preferences, there is no longer the option to change the sound source. Anyone come across this and know how to fix it? Thanks.

    Hey there Kravmafan,
    It sounds like you are not getting the sound options you are expecting when using a cinema display. I would suggest using these troubleshooting steps from the following article, named:
    Apple computers: Troubleshooting issues with video on internal or external displays
    Try unplugging the video adapter or cable and then plug it back in.
    If more than one video adapter is in use (or "daisy-chained"), troubleshoot by using only one adapter.
    Example: A mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter connected to a DVI to HDMI adapter is an unsupported configuration because there is a series of adapters in use.
    If available, try using a different display and or adapter (or use a different connector by using DVI instead of VGA, for instance).
    Reset the system
    You can reset the Mac's parameter RAM and SMC.
    Reset the resolution
    Start by resetting the Mac's parameter RAM. If the display does not come up, was previously set to an unsupported resolution, and still results in no video:
    Start up in Safe Mode.
    From the Apple () menu, choose System Preferences.
    Choose Displays from the View menu to open the preferences pane.
    Select any resolution and refresh rate that your display supports.
    Restart your computer.
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.

  • Cinema Display 30" problem

    I have a 30 inch Cinema Display from 2006-ish. I have not used it for a while and when i powered it up again a few days ago it was kind of broken.
    There is no image from my Mac, only these vertical lines (check the photos). The lines change a bit if I move a window around and using a different Mac does not help.[email protected]/15415125321/[email protected]/15231698748/
    The screen itself appears to be intact. Does anyone know of anything I can try to get it fixed? Or replace a part or two?

    If you're not yet sorted - I had similar prob with my then 1 year-old iMac - AppleCare swore blind it wasn't a hardware problem and told me to wipe my hard drive and re-install EVERYTHING...!
    Fortunately, I didn't believe them, and hunted thru various forums...and identified that, as I thought, it WAS a hardware prob - and the next AppleCare guy acknowledged it and sorted the repair, finally!
    The heat sensor was from a bad batch (that it turned out Apple knew about and could have identified immediately by the serial number, so could have saved me days of frustration and wasted time) and it was erroneously turning the Mac off as what it perceived was a safety thing. Hope that helps...

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