Apple TV2 airplay audio (via Airport Express) works well with music, but won't work with any video.

I have an ATV2 and Airport Express connected to speakers all connected to the same network. It all works with music, but won't work with any video audio. In my ATV's settings I've selected my AirPort Express speakers. It works for music, why not everything else? Is there a fix or work around?

Netflix is first on that list...What I mean is, if there is a feature that allows for a wireless audio connection to the Apple TV, why wouldn't the developer allow it. To keep me from enjoying a more convient connection? I can have the same listening experience on a wired connection...

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  • Apple tv audio via airport express?

    I want to play apple tv output sound from airport express attached speaker, because my led monitor don't have any speaker
    What should I do

    Sorry, but what you are trying to do would not be possible. Instead, you would need to connect the Apple TV audio output directly to an audio receiver that supports the appropriate format based on which version Apple TV that you have.

  • Can I send Apple TV 2 audio to Airport Express

    I can't seem to find an answer for this respect to the ATV2.  Everything I read talks about using Airplay to stream from iTunes on a computer to either the Apple TV or to an Airport Express.  However, what I'd like to do is have the audio from my Apple TV (whether it's Netflix, Internet Radio, rented movies, etc.) sent from the Apple TV to my home stereo.  I have no way to get a wire all the way from the TV to the stereo so I was hoping to get an Airport Express and plug it into my stereo and then hopefully the audio from the Apple TV could play through it.  I just can't confirm that it will work.  The chat guy at the Apple Store said yes but I have no confidence in that answer because he couldn't give any details on how it would be set up.
    Does anyone have an answer?  If it won't work with the Airport Express, does anyone have a solution that I could implement to get the job done?  I'd like the have better audio when watching movies or playing slideshows with music.

    Sorry, but unlike an iTunes host, the Apple TV is not a Media Server and, as far as I know, you would not be able to stream from it ... at least not yet. Interestingly, with the Apple TV 2 using iOS as its operating system (the older version used a slimmed-down version of OS X), there may be an app developer out there that will come up with the means to do so in the not too distant future.

  • Applet work well in appletviewer but do not work within browser

    hi, i created an applet that works well in appletviewer,but it does not work within a firefox browser, it issue a message: access denied ( imgDir/vsam.jpg read). What can i do to solve this issue please ?

    sign the applet, use doprivileged and trust the applet when you open it.
    Use htmlconverter in jdk/bin folder to convert you applet so it uses
    object tag instead of applet so IE won't try to run it with msjvm.
    Signing applets:
    second post and reply 18 for the java class file using doprivileged
    Still problems?
    A Full trace might help us out:

  • Bad sound quality streaming audio via Airport Express

    I am streaming audio from iPhone to Apple Airport Express (Airplay). Via optical cable the signal goes to Cambridge DacMagic and then to Stereo Amplifier. Sound is not good, there's some kind of 'chattering'.
    When using AirFoil instead of Airplay sound is much better, but then gaps appear from time to time.
    Please tell me, what can be the reason for it? And how to solve?
    Thanks in advance.

    Mr. Tessarex,
    I use the Airport Exreme as router and Airport Express (2011, direct plug-in model)
    Some facts I learned from the Airport-app on my iPhone:
    Wireless clients from Airport Extreme:
    iPhone 150Mb/s (802.11 a/n) connection: excellent
    Acer laptop 144Mb/s (802.11 b/g/n) connection: excellent
    The Airport Express:
    240Mb/s (802.11 a/n) connection: good
    I bought the song "Love Me Like You Do" (Ellie Goulding) via iTunes.
    As you adviced me I tried to play it via iTunes, and streamed it from iPhone to Airport Express.
    Especially listening to the bombastic part of the song (from 3:14). Sound was tolerable.
    Playing the song from iPhone via Spotify: sound is awfull, totally overloaded.
    Playing the song from laptop via Spotify (Airfoil): sound is good.
    Playing the song from laptop via iTunes (Airplay): sound is good.
    The song never plays 'Excellent' in any way. I Think the song was recorded 'over the top'.
    Even when you listen to it via headphone, it sounds very messy, "on the edge...".
    I am happy that most songs sound good. So far playing Spotify via laptop and Airfoil gives the best results.
    According to the figures from the Airport-app, it seems I will never get optimal bitrate with my current system.
    As amplifier I use the Luxman L505u, usually connected tot Airport Express via Cambridge Dacmagic,
    but during testing via normal analog cable (without Dacmagic). So far I think the Dagmagic is not the problem.
    What do you think, after reading my story?
    Thanks in advance

  • HT1515 How to setup laptop use both 3G internet and audio via Airport Express

    Laptop connected to internet via 3G mobile phone network, but when connected simultaneously an Airport Express to stream audio, the laptop can not connect to internet as it try to connect internet through Airport Express. So how to setup to use both.

    Thanks jakeloveslucy.
    I tried to setup the network by using Airport Utility, the problem is Airport Utility can not find Airport Express while I can use Airport Express to stream music very well. Can you suggest to fix this.
    I use windows 7 64 bit sp1 ; Airport Utility 5.6.1.
    [img] 8133759.jpg[/img]
    [img] 8135000.jpg[/img]

  • Streaming itunes audio via airport express to TV speakers

    Using imac, itunes and airport express.
    I am trying to utilize tv audio component to play music as remote speaker using itunes and airport express.
    With the tv on and approriate component selected - no sound. If I turn off TV and then back on - I get about 3 seconds of music via airport exp connection then silent.
    Any suggestions?

    I have connected airex to a sony mfm-ht205 lcd tv/display. I have used the airex monster cables stereo to dual-rca connectors to connect to tv.
    The tv has 2 video and 1 component set of jacks. Each of these has audio red/white right/left jacks for audio cords (presumably the dual end of monster cable).
    With tv off and airex connected, when I turn tv on I get music from itunes (via airex) on tv speakers for about 3 seconds then nothing.
    Thanks for response.

  • Is it possible to get regular computer audio via AirPort Express?

    Is it possible to get regular computer audio (audio from websites, MacBook, etc.) on my speakers which are connected to my AirPort Express? Or is the only audio I can hear on my connected speakers the music that is on my iTunes?
    Just obtained AirPort Express last night and was dissapointed that only the music on my iTunes plays on my connected speakers and not the normal/regular audio from websites and/or my MacBook.

    Hello Brody675. Welcome to the Apple Discussions!
    Check out Rogue Amoeba's AirFoil.

  • ITunes only mono / very poor quality audio via Airport Express

    I have a relatively old (3-4 years?) Airport Express, which had been working perfectly to play iTunes over my hifi system wirelessly. However after a year or two of not using it (and upgrading my OS X Tiger regularly in the mean time) I am having problems. Initially iTunes would not connect at all (unknown error -3256) so after reading various discussion posts I (a) downloaded AirPort Utility 5.3.2 for Tiger and (b) used it to upgrade the operating software on the AX unit (now 6.3 I think?), successfully I think.
    Following this iTunes finds the external hifi/speakers and music plays wirelessly through them BUT the audio quality is terrible, varying from treble only with no base to playing only out of one speaker.
    The audio quality is perfect if I plug my Mac / iTunes directly into the hifi using the same cable as that connecting to the AX unit, so I figure this must be a problem with the bandwidth/connection from the Mac to AX.
    Can someone please help me? Much appreciated.

    If it's bandwidth probelm I would expect to hear the music cutting in and out (as the AX trying to fill its buffer up and then the buffer becomes empty as not enough data coming in to fill it). Rather than becoming mono only or treble only.
    I think you should check your analog connections.

  • Airport Extreme appears to be ok but won't work

    I have my airport extreme hooked up to my cable modem and am using it as a router. It has worked fine for over a year I have had it but, for some reason has craped out today. Nothing has changed, no updates nothing. Internet is fine (if I plug the Ethernet cable directly into my MBP. Green light is on on the extreme. Have reset SSID and password and restored the Airport Extreme and the internet just won't work. Any ideas?

    Hello, hfred.
    If I understand correctly, you can access the internet via an Ethernet connection to the AirPort Extreme but not via a wireless connection. Is this correct?
    Connect the computer to the AirPort Extreme with an Ethernet cable. Open AirPort Utility, which can be found in the Utilities folder (located inside the Applications folder).
    Your AirPort extreme should appear in the sidebar. Click it, then press "Manual Setup." Enter the password if asked.
    Go to the Wireless tab. The wireless mode should be set to "Create a wireless network." Ensure the wireless network name is correct.
    For now, disable wireless security. This will simplify the process of diagnosing the connection, and you can (and should) re-enable it afterward. (If you have not been using any wireless security, I strongly recommend that you enable it once the problem has been solved.)
    Press +Wireless Options…+.
    +Transmit Power+ should generally be set to 100%.
    For now, don't create a closed network. If you want, you can make the network "closed" after the problem has been solved.
    Press OK.
    Go to the Access tab. Disable MAC Address Access Control.
    Press "Internet" in the toolbar.
    Set +Connect Using+ to Ethernet. Set +Configure IPv4+ to +Using DHCP+. Set +Ethernet WAN Port+ to +Automatic (Default)+. Set +Connection sharing+ to +Share a public IP address.+
    Press Update. Allow the AirPort Extreme to restart. Unplug the cable connecting your computer to the AirPort Extreme.
    After the AirPort Extreme has restarted, choose your network name from the AirPort menu. See if you have internet access.
    Does this work?

  • Application worked under Adminstrator account but won't work under standard

    I wanted to setup the Toontown Launcher application for my son under his "standard user" account. But the application only works when I log in as an administrator, it won't work when my son log in as a standard user. It said "Cannot run application from this location. Copy app to desktop." I tried to copy it to desktop but it still won't work with same error message. FYI, I did not turn on Parent Control for the standard user account. Anybody knows why? I'm new to Mac and am pulling my hair out trying to fix this!!! Thanks for reading.

    Most apps for a Mac are just drag & drop, although some require installers. Those that do usually have uninstallers. I've never used a 3rd-party uninstaller in 25 years of using Macs, so can't comment on them. However, since you're new to the Mac world, pause a moment and get up to speed before going down the road any further. See these:
    Switching from Windows to Mac OS X,
    Basic Tutorials on using a Mac,
    Mac 101: Mac Essentials,
    Anatomy of a Mac,
    MacFixIt Tutorials,
    MacTips, and
    Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, Snow Leopard Edition.
    Additionally, *Texas Mac Man* recommends:
    Quick Assist.
    Welcome to the Switch To A Mac Guides,
    Take Control E-books, and
    A guide for switching to a Mac.

  • Streaming radio works in Test Movie but won't work in browser

    Hi all,
    I've built a simple radio interface that has only Play, Stop and volume adjuster controls.
    Play button starts an online stream:
    play_btn.onRelease = function () {
         stream= new Sound();
         stream.loadSound("", true);
         stream.start(0, 50);
    When I test movie inside the Flash Pro, i see that it is fully functional.
    Running the swf on the local with Flash Player works perfect also.
    But after uploading to server, I can hear no sound at all.
    I've set "allowScriptAccess" to "always", but it didn't help: ( )
    Briefly, the local swf works but the remote one doesn't. And I'm sure this is not a path issue.
    I  guess this is a flash (and/or browser) security issue and could be  overcome by setting the appropriate parameters within the Publish  Settings.
    But how?
    Any help would greatly be appreciated.

    Hi Atul,
    I have checked my bindings but the only values the method needs, is the releasecode (which is filled) and the object BUS2012 (which is also filled). The method gives back the exception 1006  responsibility_fail. I have checked the FM BAPI_PO_RELEASE and I even have made sure that the containerelement UseExceptions is marked with X (should be done by the program itself).
    What I also see when I generate my testworkflow is the message Indicator "Results Parameter" missing in BOR method RELEASE, but I cannot find out what I need to do to make sure I have this Results Parameter.
    Hope you can help me further!
    Best regards,

  • Audio via Airport Express - other non-iTune Applications?

    I am blessed with a working wireless network right of the bat! iTunes will link to my stereo via Air Tunes. My other audio applications do not (Toast, Spin Doctor, Peak, ...). Should these other applications work? Is it an (old) version problem? Or is this an Apple-only capability?

    You would need to use Airfoil.

  • Video(Audio)  via  airport express

    Is there a way to play the audio from videos using airport,sending normal mp3's is easy but now with the new itunes all videos are filed under movies and the audio will not travel. I know i can use the earphone socket but i rather use airport.The video is using the video out exit.
    Thanks mark.

    Netflix is first on that list...What I mean is, if there is a feature that allows for a wireless audio connection to the Apple TV, why wouldn't the developer allow it. To keep me from enjoying a more convient connection? I can have the same listening experience on a wired connection...

  • HTMLResources works when tested local but won't work when the folio is uploaded

    hi there,
    creating a DPS app with on the cover, inside a popup, a button that calls a pdf in the
    Button's function
    filename.pdf sits in the folder 'cover' inside the HTMLResources folder before zipping.
    This works when I test it local, and it has worked online some days ago in a previous release of the folio.
    But since this morning I always get this error:
    "The requested url was not found an this server." (-1100)
    I've checked everything twice and the online Folio Producer tells the is uploaded
    Any ideas what could be wrong ? How to solve this ?
    Thanx in advance,
    Herman Belgy

    -> [[Troubleshooting extensions and themes]]
    Check and tell if its working.
    Not related to your problem but your plugins needs to be updated.
    -> Your Flash plugin is quite older. You need to update it.
    * Adobe Flash Player (3.59 MB)
    -> Your Java plugin is quite older. You need to update it.
    * Java Version 6 Update 29
    * [[Using the Java plugin with Firefox]]
    -> Update All your Firefox Plugins
    '''When Downloading Plugins Update setup files, Remove Checkmark from Downloading other Optional Softwares with your Plugins (e.g. Toolbars, McAfee, Google Chrome, etc.)'''

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